Pressotherapy: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

The routines, activities and tasks of the day to day can leave us exhausted, with a lot of discomfort, muscle aches, tired legs. Although we could also be victims of various ailments (caused by problems of any kind) such as: circulatory disorders, spider veins, cellulite, edema, even excessively accumulated fat, fortunately there is Pressotherapy.

All these situations tend to generate concern and more stress than you already have . For this reason, it is necessary to find a treatment that allows us to solve these types of problems. A technique that has been implemented in the aesthetic industry to solve this kind of ailments, is a massage performed using a machine, we refer to Pressotherapy.

An innovative, ingenious, simple, functional and effective idea, by using it you can obtain great results, which is why it is vital that you know all the information that revolves around this relaxation method that has become so popular today. In this article we will provide you with all the data that will drive you to try this new and beneficial technique.

What is Pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is a treatment that is applied by means of a machine, which bears the same name . The treatment is totally medicinal and aesthetic, it is also called ” professional massage “. It consists of the application of air under positive pressure to certain tissues on a particular area of ​​the body, which generates a sensation very similar to that of a massage.

It aims to improve venous circulation and drainage of the lymphatic system . Let us remember that this system is in charge of defending and cleaning our body, by eliminating toxins, fats, intestinal content, it deals with germs, infections and harmful substances, thus helping our body against various conditions.

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It is a treatment or method that has had a great reception, and acceptance in recent years. Very conducive to improving problems that prevent full blood circulation in different areas of the body, comfortable and natural. Ideal to alleviate those small (or large) discomforts , used for both health and aesthetic problems.

Does Pressotherapy really work?

Its popularity, recommendation and implementation is due to the fact that the treatment really works , pressotherapy has been shown to greatly alleviate problems such as cellulite, muscle aches and reduction of body fat. Serving not only for aesthetic purposes, but also solves health problems such as the reactivation of the circulatory system.

How does the treatment used in Pressotherapy work?

The machine in charge of the treatment or pressotherapy has certain characteristics, mainly it consists of a cover or wrap where the patient is entered, with exactitude, a certain area of ​​his body (generally the legs, abdomen or buttocks). In addition, it has a compression system that is used to control air pressure .

The function of the wrap (or cover) is to alternately exert a compressive and relaxing effect, or to apply a kind of massage to activate the lymphatic system. Which is achieved due to the circulation and pressure of the air that is applied in a personalized way for each part of the body, depending on the patient being treated.

The applied air pressure is usually upward, creating a type of waves, which are what give the blood stream an impulse to return to the heart. Generally, the packaging of the pressotherapy machine is classified as a set of three : “ boots ”, which only cover the lower part of the body, the legs and the buttocks.

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In addition, it has the ” sash “, which is responsible for securing the part of the waist and abdomen. As well as ” gloves “, which are responsible for covering the arms of the patient. The latter are the least used when using this relaxation method.

Benefits obtained from Pressotherapy

Like all aesthetic and health treatment, pressotherapy provides a large and incredible number of advantageous contributions that will allow you to obtain pleasant benefits (one could say that endless and innumerable) and are at our disposal just by applying it. It can be used by both men and women, there is no gender distinction to do it.

Its ability to stimulate the lymphatic system and generate a drainage in it, will allow us to benefit from qualities such as the elimination of liquids, toxins and accumulated fats throughout the body. In addition, you can obtain other benefits as we have reflected them below.

  • It is a purely therapeutic treatment between health and beauty, influenced by medicine and aesthetics, perfect for solving problems of both kinds.
  • Improved oxygenation in all areas of the body, not just those treated.
  • The skin : it will be greatly benefited by pressotherapy. It will give you an improved appearance in terms of tone, firmness, lift and palpation; It is due to the increase in oxygen in the blood, which generates greater nutrition in the tissues and greatly facilitates cell regeneration.
  • It benefits people who have problems of stress, fatigue and heaviness in the limbs, as it acts as a relaxant and reduces stress.
  • Ideal for treating conditions such as cellulite to whatever degree it occurs or just to prevent its appearance, it is one of the benefits for which pressotherapy treatment is highly sought after.
  • Prevent the appearance of varicose veins in various areas of the body.

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  • It helps you lose weight, losing that fat and extra kilos, while toning the figure to give it a beautiful and healthy appearance, especially in the body of women.
  • It is excellent for treating and improving edema.
  • It works as a very beneficial and relaxing treatment , as well as a healthy one to use post-operatively after liposuction.
  • Other benefits : it stimulates the immune system, greatly improves lymphatic and blood circulation in the body, helps to lower blood pressure in patients with high levels and in the elimination of certain metabolic wastes.

Types of Presotherapies, the best options available

Pressotherapy is simply a massage that is performed using a pneumatic suit, which is inflated with compressed air and exerts pressure (like a massage without hands) and specializes in activating certain parts or areas of the body through compression. However, there are several types of presotherapies, here we leave you the most common.

Pressotherapy applied with bandages

It is a type of pressotherapy that you can use and has different forms of presentation, which will depend on the bandages you decide to use. At your disposal, in clinics or health-beauty centers you can find three, of which you can choose the one that has the characteristics that best suits your case, personal taste and needs.


These are elastic bandages that can be very extensible , since they expand and contract, capable of adapting to changes in shape. As in the arms when flexing or the legs when walking, pressure is always applied (usually for long periods of time), even when the patient is at rest.

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In this case, the bandages are inelastic with minimal extension, that is, if they are applied with force, they cannot adapt to changes so that they occur. Generally, they are made of cotton and have consequences such as the increased pressure of these when walking, it is due to the calf muscle trying to expand in front of the inextensible covering.

This kind of bandage presents residual or resting pressures , lower than elastic bandages, which is why patients in an immobile state should not use them. In turn, this characteristic makes them very appropriate to deal with various moderate alterations in the arterial supply.


They consist of bandages that are made up of three to four layers , they can be both compressive, elastic and inelastic bandages. Each layer present has its own respective components. The pressure that is applied with them is in layers, it manages to obtain an accumulation of said pressure. .

Pressure therapy applied with compressive sleeves

This type of pressotherapy consists of garments on the upper limb that are very tight, acting by causing a positive pressure on it. They are used primarily to treat everything from secondary upper extremity lymphedema to bursitis.

Currently, it is a method widely used by NBA players in order to reduce pain , keep warm, improve blood circulation and help in the recovery of areas with conditions. However, most of them wear it more as a fad, rather than a treatment. The first to impose it was Allen Iverson in 2000 due to his bursitis.

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Pressure therapy applied with elastic-compression boots

Elasto-compression boots are compression devices , worth the redundancy, used in pressotherapy treatments for lymphedema of the lower extremities. Two types of boots can be found available to perform the application of this type of method.

The first is a sequential one, which consists of between 2 and 24 chambers, to exert a different and changing pressure each of them. And the second non-sequential, which consists of a single camera, which is responsible for providing compression (single and uniform).

Pneumatic pressure therapy

It is one of the techniques that pressotherapy uses, it consists of inducing the affected area or zone in an inflatable chamber (machine or device) . Where the pneumatic structure is controlled by a system, so that it adapts to the body of the patients.

While causing an increase in pressure (with air) from the so-called central peripheral region, for example: from the foot to the thigh. Emphasizing that it is the standard form for pressotherapy treatment .

Pregnant women and Pressotherapy

Future mothers do not have to deprive themselves of the incredible benefits that a pressotherapy session brings, especially in their condition. But in theory, this treatment does affect the little one, which will only happen when it is not known to treat in this state.

However, in the case of having someone who can apply it, a woman who is on the treadmill can perform, not just one, but several sessions. As long as it is under the supervision of a specialist, preferably the person who is going to apply it and the gynecologist. Here are the benefits that can be obtained in this wonderful stage and certain restrictions .

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Benefits of Pressotherapy for pregnant women

Even with the risks to which you can expose yourself, pressotherapy is highly recommended because it helps to avoid some of the most common problems that pregnant women suffer. There are several benefits that can be obtained if necessary, among which we highlight.

  • With the operation of the device : the main thing is that the pressotherapy machine has personalized programs that can be adapted or simply regulate the air pressure, to carry out a treatment that meets the needs.
  • Ideal for treating swollen legs or arms : it is very common to use this method in people with swollen legs and arms, a very particular symptom in pregnancies, to be able to drain these extremities and feel comfort in each session, in addition, the volume will be reduced considerably.
  • To prevent the formation of varicose veins : the risk of varicose veins appearing at this stage is very high, thanks to pressotherapy treatments it will be reduced, since among its functions is to prevent the appearance of this horrible consequence or condition.
  • Perfect for improving the symptom of fluid retention : this therapy allows future mothers to reduce the risk derived from or associated with fluid retention, which is a very common symptom in this state.

Restrictions or provisions on Pressotherapy for pregnant women

However, after presenting all the benefits, we could not fail to mention the other side of the coin for women on tape, that is, the adverse effects that they can suffer and give you some restrictions when trying to try this great method.

In the case of the mother, she can suffer any of the contradictions and adverse effects that are established to any other person. Reason why it is necessary to study your clinical report and not only that of the pregnancy. To avoid these risks, we give you a list of restrictions.

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  • Consult in advance with the obstetrician, gynecologist or specialist in the treatment, it should be done strictly under medical supervision and not at home.
  • It is not recommended to use during the first trimester (first three months) of pregnancy.
  • Mothers should only undergo treatment through pneumatic boots.
  • The application of the method with the sash, that is, on the belly, is completely prohibited.
  • Pressotherapy can be performed with gloves, especially for the arms.
  • When practiced only on the legs and arms, the risks are non-existent for the little one.
  • Choose an available and personalized program, adapted to the state that the pregnancy represents.
  • It must be applied at low air pressure, at exactly 20 mm Hg and with a duration of 20 minutes. Several sessions of pressotherapy can be performed if desired , as long as the restrictions or provisions are met.

Frequently asked questions about Pressotherapy

As it is a relatively new, innovative and popular method, it is common that doubts arise among potential patients. Perhaps they are the basic ones or not, but it is necessary to solve them because they open the doors to treatment. Here we leave you the most frequent questions that people ask about pressure therapy and our thoughtful answer.

Is the pressure therapy treatment painful?

The pressotherapy treatment is quite simple, effective, healthy and even inexpensive, but it is not painful , it is a simply painless method. It should be noted that complications will always depend on the patient, in certain cases they can be complicated because any information has not been duly reported to the specialist who applies it.

Can the treatment with the Pressotherapy machine be done at home?

It can be done, there are several devices on the market to perform pressure therapy from the same home and they can be acquired quickly and with little complexity. However, experts advise that these sessions should not be carried out at home, since improper use (such as any function) could have serious consequences for the health of the patient.

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The recommendation is to go to a clinic or specialized center with this treatment, where they know how to use the pressure therapy device correctly and the safety risks . In addition, the teams in these places will be able to provide you with the quality, safety and necessary guarantee, against possible health contraindications.

Despite all this, in theory it can be done from home, as long as you have knowledge about the indications for use and probable risks. Ideally, and our advice, would be to do only one session a week. The Fitpress is one of the most recommended equipment, since it has a specific program for home treatments without obvious risk and guarantee.

What is the price of a Pressotherapy session or the same machine?

Pressotherapy is considered to be a very easy technique to apply, which is why the price of this treatment is affordable in a certain way. You can go to clinics, beauty-health or therapy centers, spas, gyms or any other space that offers this method. The price of a pressotherapy session ranges between € 35 and € 50, which has a specific duration.

Another option is to acquire the very machine that is responsible for performing the pressotherapy by renting, yes, you can do it this way. There are places that can facilitate it, such as the same beauty-health centers, spas or gyms. The prices to rent this device are between € 150 and € 250 for a month with the active loan service.

Our third and last option for you is to buy the machine, you can apply the treatment wherever you want. You can find this product in commercial stores, specialized in exercise equipment, aesthetics or health. The price of a state-of-the-art pressotherapy machine ranges from € 1600 to € 2100, up to more.

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How long does a single session of Pressotherapy last?

A single session (or massage) on the pressotherapy machine should last approximately half an hour, that is, 30 minutes to 45 minutes. However, this will depend on the needs and desired objectives of each patient , to reach the goal and obtain the exact results will require a certain number of sessions.

An advantage of this pressotherapy machine is that it comes with several pre-designed personalized programs, allowing the doctor or patient to choose which one to use, as long as it adapts to the need and morphology of the case to be solved.

How long does it take and how many sessions are needed to witness positive effects of Pressotherapy?

The positive results of pressotherapy are usually seen practically from the first session , since these are immediate, together with the feeling of rest and relief. But to achieve the objective and obtain the expected results, it is recommended to carry out sessions between 7 and 15 treatments. It will always depend on the individual needs presented by the patient.

The standard procedure for a pressotherapy treatment consists of an exact amount of 20 sessions, which are recommended to be carried out interspersed, the ideal is to be distributed at the rate of 2 sessions per week. However, we recommend you consult your family doctor or specialist who treats the case and is he who determines the amount.

Since in order to calculate the time that the treatment will last, it will depend both on this amount and on the way in which it is distributed between each intervention. With each session you will see more positive effects, with 3 or 4 you can differentiate several changes, but applying the treatment completely you will be able to obtain and witness ideal (and desired) results.

What is the recommended air pressure to perform Pressotherapy treatments?

Studies carried out on aesthetic processes (treatments or massages) with pressotherapy have shown that most of them (which are usually simply the prevention of varicose veins, edema or lympho-edema), should be treated with a pressure that does not exceed 50 mm Hg .

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While for patients with very fibrous edema or cellulite treatments (avoiding those who suffer from conditions such as varicose veins or muscle problems) the pressure that is reserved should be between 60 mm Hg and 120 mm Hg.

Who can undergo the Pressotherapy method?

Without a doubt, most people can freely undergo the aesthetic process of pressotherapy, it is a method that is designed for individuals who are in good health, in terms of health and want to improve some small conditions. Ideal for people who have a routine or deserve to be standing constant hours of the day .

Each case should be studied specifically, especially those of pregnant women, by a doctor or specialist. If you suffer from any disease, it is necessary to communicate this information in advance. However, there are certain cases about those who cannot undergo Pressotherapy, but the rest can be applied by both men and women, if they wish .

Currently, pressotherapy is widely used by athletes (especially basketball players), the elderly, some women on tape, men and the vast majority by women. The most used and used part of the machine is the one that is responsible for reaffirming the legs, as well as the abdomen with the sash.

Who cannot undergo the Pressotherapy method?

Although it is a treatment that most people can undergo, there are certain restrictions that must be carried out as a precautionary measure, to avoid possible adverse effects or contradictions. Starting with the people who after the first session, already had a malfunction in the circulatory system.

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These could be very affected, since the cases that are usually treated with this method are closely related to conditions in the blood circulation system and the heart, so the side effect for them would be a possible increase in pathologies , that is, worsening existing problems or decreased system performance.

It is also not recommended to apply this method in patients who suffer from an infection or have wounds (closed or open) in the area to be treated, deep vein thrombosis, superficial thrombophlebitis, peripheral arterial insufficiency, if there is body numbness or constant pain, if necessary. It deals with a case where the patient is called an oncologist.

Before undergoing this treatment, individuals who suffer from conditions such as cellulitis, atherosclerosis, which are heart diseases or have problems associated with the heart, are pregnant or breastfeeding, have any liver disease, liver disease and even thrombosis; They must go to the doctor beforehand to be treated.

Contradictions and adverse effects of Pressotherapy

Although it is a highly recommended treatment with endless benefits, pressotherapy is not free from generating contradictions and adverse effects to patients who receive it. You must take into account what they are, before undergoing this procedure and if you react in any of these ways, immediately consult a trusted doctor or doctor.

  • The most obvious and common contradictions are in patients who previously suffer from circulatory or heart problems or who have pacemakers.
  • Pregnancy is not a contradiction, as long as you have consent and medical attention.
  • It is not recommended for older people with deep vein thrombosis.
  • This treatment is also not recommended in people with varicose veins in the body.
  • It is also not a suitable method for individuals with problems such as arteriosclerosis.

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  • For women who are breastfeeding, that is, in the lactation period, it is not recommended to be treated with pressotherapy.
  • Patients suffering from any liver disease should completely forget about this treatment.

We recommend you go to the doctor before applying this pressotherapy treatment on any area of ​​your body, either to solve a problem (generated by stress or natural causes) or because you want to try something new without suffering from any condition.

Some alternatives to Pressotherapy

There is no doubt that pressotherapy is one of our best alternatives to improve these health or aesthetic conditions (such as cellulite, edema or spider veins). However, in the market (that is, in clinics or health-beauty centers) you can find some alternatives to this method, which are also recommended.


It is the first option of the three aesthetic treatments that are recommended when pressotherapy is not recommended for the patient. It is an aesthetic method that consists of the direct application of a compound, which is carried out through the skin by means of injections.

These usually gather vitamins, some fat burners (which are of natural origin) and 1-carnitine. In addition, it should be noted that the substance used is previously designed by the specialist who applies it and he adjusts it to the characteristics, needs and personal wishes of the patient. Reason why, it is considered that the risks of this method are little .


It is our second alternative option to pressotherapy, but one of the best. It is an aesthetic treatment based on an ultrasound , which affects the elimination of the annoying love handles or the (known and feared) cartridge belts . Ideal for completely eradicating fat from our body in certain areas and solving problems with orange skin.

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It is our third and last alternative option for you against the pressotherapy method. It is an aesthetic and very healthy procedure that uses the application of cold to eliminate (eradicate, remove or get rid of) the accumulations of adipose tissues.

Especially those who most resist good habits that are healthy. It consists of a great option, a method that is efficient, simple, effective and functional, capable of shaping the figure of the body without fear of taking the risks that pressure therapy implies.

In summary, if you cannot undergo a pressotherapy treatment because you fall into contradictions or restrictions, it is clear that they exist and you can use alternatives , which become just as powerful and effective in shaping the body figure. All these, aimed at the elimination of localized fat in those specific areas (such as the abdomen).

Frequent opinions about Pressotherapy

Like any method or treatment available on the market, pressotherapy has multiple opinions, both negative and positive . Many people consider it a pleasant and relaxing process, with satisfactory and even absolute results. Ideal for anyone, where a great experience and obvious benefits can be obtained.

They classify it as a feasible option (in the pocket and on the market), simple, effective, that does not mistreat the skin and generates a pleasant sensation; making it possible to meet the desired goal (or be close) , in a couple of cases exceeding expectations and being recommended by patients who have used it, professionals and internists. With many good opinions.

However, it is still the object of criticism or negative opinions, there are those who allege that it is a scam of the aesthetic and medicinal industry . Hosting comments such as ” I did not get any results “, “I spent my money on something useless “, “The experience was horrible and uncomfortable “, among others. Everyone has their own experience.

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You should not trust any other people’s opinion so lightly, what we recommend is to try this treatment, although for pleasure we also advise it, so you will be the one who experiences the pressotherapy. You will be able to give or share an honest opinion.

In short, pressotherapy is an aesthetic treatment or method, applied mainly by a device that can be adapted to each case and need. It is an excellent option for the body, since it will receive a large amount of blood and the areas of the body that were affected by the lack of oxygen, will begin their regeneration process (cellular tissues).

In addition, it is considered a type of therapeutic massage , with proven functionality, innumerable benefits, different types of application, an accessible price, alternative options, available in various spaces such as spas and clinics, easy to use, comfortable, effective and although it has certain Disadvantages is highly recommended by doctors in all parts of the world.

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