Types Of Products To Avoid During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there are many habits that we have to avoid, such as alcohol, tobacco, taking care of our diet but there are also some aesthetic treatments or products that you will have to temporarily stop using, do you know what they are?


Anti acne treatments

These types of treatments usually have chemical components and a very harmful element that causes birth defects in the baby: it is Accutane . These products should always be avoided without exception.

Retinol creams

They can affect your baby, since if they are abundant in the body they can become toxic. In any case, if you are careful to buy a cream formulated specifically for pregnant women, there is no reason to be dangerous, since they are currently manufactured with very small amounts of this substance.

Lotions with Parabens

This component is used in many products as it protects bacterial, fungal and mold growth in creams, shampoos and lotions, but during pregnancy it can affect estrogen levels, causing health complications during pregnancy.

Soy-based products

Soy-based products can cause spots on the baby’s skin.


Pregnant you should be careful with manicures and pedicures; Many nail polish removers contain acetone and ethanol and the vapors released when used, when inhaled by the mother, can affect fetal development.


Some dyes have ammonia or aggressive components; try to choose them based on natural components.

Grape rays

you should avoid it during pregnancy as they penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. If you want to be brown during pregnancy, we recommend sunbathing with protection.

What kinds of habits do you avoid? Let us know!

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