Propolis For Pregnant Women: Benefits And Uses In Lactation

The properties of propolis have spread throughout history and the world, more and more people have decided to include it in their beauty and health routine. Its characteristic antioxidant function boosted by the bioflavonoids found in it allow it to be a reliable and safe product for many people.

But … How much is known about the benefits offered by this substance during pregnancy and lactation, are there propolis preparations for pregnant women , is it safe to take it during that stage? We’ll answer those and other questions below, so read on.

What is propolis and what makes it so coveted and recommended by many?

Propolis is a natural substance that is the product of the work of bees. That is to say, it is a resinous product that is obtained from the mixture produced by the resin present in some types of trees and plants such as poplar and conifers and that later, when mixed with the saliva of the bees, forms a dark mass and sticky that serves to coat the edges of the hive and provide protection to the population of bees.

It contains many properties that make this work worthwhile, thanks to this the hive has a sterile and safe environment from the bacterial and viral threats present on the outside of the honeycomb. It is practically a safety barrier that keeps the bees healthy and safe.

What benefits does propolis bring to people’s health?

Basically there are many benefits that can be acquired from this natural substance. We start first with its antioxidant action that prevents premature aging of the body’s organic tissues, in turn strengthening the immune system and making us stronger and more resistant to certain pathologies existing around us.

This antioxidant action is motivated by the set of bioflavonoids present in the propolis mixture and that according to its preparation can serve to improve our health, hygiene and personal care. In other words, we can include, regardless of the state in which we find ourselves, products made from propolis to our beauty routine.

On this side we can ensure an effective and safe use of propolis during pregnancy. Later in this publication we will discuss this point in detail.

Antibiotic, bacterial and microbial function of propolis

Let’s say that this is one of the reasons why the use and consumption of propolis has spread the most. As we mentioned at the beginning, propolis acts as a protective barrier that serves to keep the bee population safe and healthy from the threats posed by the environment.

Its bacterial and antimicrobial action effectively and safely fights bacterial diseases , such as H. Pylori and microbial diseases derived from the consumption of contaminated food or water. Propolis preparations or solutions have a radius of action regulated by the concentration of the propolis solute present in the mixture.

However, it is not possible to alter the compassion of the propolis solution in order to ensure better results without posing a considerable risk of intoxication to human health.

It can be used against a sore throat, you can read more about this in the following article .

Using propolis for skin care during pregnancy

At this point we approach the general benefits that propolis offers to all people regardless of their condition. For this particular we will focus from now on the functions and benefits it has in pregnant women.

As long as no allergy caused by pollen, bee stings or honey itself is reported, propolis is totally safe in cutaneous applications.

That is, it can be used to combat skin diseases (since it also acts as an excellent fungicide), as complements to our beauty routine (various beauty products on the market use propolis as the main ingredient due to the important number of bioflavonoids that it contains), even in our personal care and hygiene since there are a wide variety of soaps, shampoos and hair treatment products made from propolis.

On each of these points, pregnant women can take action and include propolis products as part of their shopping list. Also, under certain conditions and vigilance you can resort to homemade propolis preparations, but all this under the supervision of someone experienced in the use and handling of the substance.

And in lactation, is it safe to use it?

Unless it does not represent an allergic reaction for both the mother and the baby, the use of propolis in beauty, hygiene and personal care products is totally safe.

Benefits of propolis during pregnancy and lactation

Beyond those described above, in which we recommend the use of propolis in areas related to beauty treatment, bathing routine and skin care, there is not enough evidence to allow the extension of its use during pregnancy or lactation.

In other words, it is possible that the consumption of propolis, through preparations such as propolis tincture and propolis capsules as a vitamin supplement, may or may not generate favorable health reactions in pregnant or lactating women.

With which, only under medical supervision and special conditions the consumption of this substance can be allowed.

In summary, can you take propolis tinctures or preparations in pregnancy and lactation?

The consumption of propolis preparations is not entirely recommended due to the little information that is available on the subsequent effects caused during this stage. It is possible that it does not represent any risk for the mother and the fetus or the baby if she is breastfeeding, but since there is not enough evidence or reports on the positive or negative consequences of consumption, it has been decided to leave it at the discretion of the treating physician or Mother.

By putting the mother on alert, obviously, about her possible adverse reactions.

Propolis is a wonderful substance that we can use in different ways and at any time. If you want to consume it during pregnancy or lactation to improve your immune system but you have certain fears about its possible reactions, it is best to wait a little and cover that need with other types of medications or better still by changing some habits in the diet that allow you obtain a higher nutritional quality.

However, you can include some propolis products in your bath or personal care routine , this will help you to know its benefits first-hand and you will also have a much clearer idea about its use in other presentations.

You may also be interested in the following article on propolis and its consumption in children.

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