Propolis: Contraindications, Benefits, Antibiotic And Recipes

It is a substance that is produced when bees collect resins and sages from trees , then mix them with their saliva, it has been investigated in farms dedicated to breeding bees that they produce propolis in order to make them stronger and more resistant the hives built naturally by them.

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Is it known by other names?

The use of propolis in alternative medicine is a relatively recent process, there are still opinions on its effectiveness, around the world it is also known as bees glue, beeswax, propolis resin or synthetic beeswax , it will depend exclusively on the advertising campaigns of the brand that wants to publicize the benefits of this product.

Where are you from?

Research on the use of this substance dates back centuries, the Mayans from Mexico used the infusion of propolis to alleviate inflammatory processes and febrile syndromes that were considered deadly at that time.

The oldest data regarding the use of propolis originated in Egypt, this substance was used to embalm the dead, it kept them in perfect condition for more than a century. Today it is being used almost than in all modalities of alternative medicine and has been shown to be 4 times more effective than morphine in relieving certain painful crises.

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How much can be consumed per day?

The level of propolis consumption will depend on the medical use that is intended to be given to said substance, for example if the doctor indicates a syrup for respiratory conditions, 3 tablespoons a day can be administered, currently thanks to advances in medical research Botany or alternative it has been discovered that cold sores can be treated with a 3% propolis cream and should be applied to the affected area 5 times a day, in the same way it can be used as an antiseptic mouthwash after some dental surgical treatment.

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Composition of propolis

It is formed thanks to the interaction of bees with the environment, since they leave the hive and recycle 50% resin and balsams from trees, 30% wax, 10% essential oils, 5% of organic materials and minerals, and 5% of flower pollen. Very recent research shows that propolis is rich in amino acids and flavonoids, which in turn contain vitamins A, B and C.

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Properties and benefits of propolis

This substance stimulates the immune system , provides the defenses that the body needs to overcome delicate health conditions, when properly administered it can help to:

  • Maintain the throat and mouth in good condition: It has been identified as a great help in patients with tuberculosis since it has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties in the same way it helps stabilize people with chronic pharyngitis, laryngitis, and gum problems.
  • Preserve the stomach and colon: Doctors have shown that propolis is one of the drugs of natural origin that totally eradicates the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria that is the cause of painful gastric ulcers, as well as being a powerful activator of the defenses indicated in cases of acute diarrhea, it can be taken in infusions for greater effectiveness.
  • Relieve gynecological discomfort: Most of the women have suffered at least once from a fungal or bacterial infection in the vaginal area, it can be of great help to dilute propolis in water and do vaginal washes, it reduces inflammation and at the same time eliminates what causes the infection.
  • Stimulates skin rejuvenation: It is an excellent option to combat mycosis that may occur in any part of the body, which prevents the skin from suffering lesions that in turn generate unwanted spots, people who suffer from chronic cases of acne have achieved observe an improvement by washing the affected area daily with propolis diluted in warm water.

It is important to note that propolis has an innumerable amount of medicinal properties for our body, the most notable of which are:

  1. It is a natural antioxidant that favors the elimination of free radicals, which favors cell renewal.
  2. It is a powerful antibacterial, it directly attacks any microorganism that can cause damage once it enters our body.
  3. It is a very effective analgesic or anesthetic, it has been determined that propolis is almost 5 times more effective than a dose of morphine, making it a natural option for those who are going through diseases that cause intense pain and unbearable.

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Benefits for the skin

Propolis has been used in recent times to control diseases that originate in the skin and that are infectious are the appearance of boils ; manifested due to an infection in the sebaceous gland, can be seen in areas such as the armpits, anal or vaginal margins, groin or chin.

It begins as a pimple that progressively gets bigger and more painful, this is due to the bacterial infection that is generally caused by staphylococci, pimples, abscesses and boils can appear from one moment to another and in a very long period of time. short fill with pus; To treat them effectively, it is recommended to apply hot compresses with an infusion of propolis, this will expel all the retained pus and achieve healing of the affected area.

Similarly, the regular use of any form of propolis, in creams, infusions or compresses can alleviate the lesions that may appear on the face of people with severe acne , psoriasis and fungus on the feet or hands.

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Benefits to relieve cough, asthma and hoarseness

This substance considered as miraculous has the ability to promote healing processes in people who are suffering from flu, cough, asthma, laryngitis and bronchitis, the common flu is produced by a virus, this is the most studied by the various variations that have been identified, the main problem of a simple flu is that it can generate a superinfection due to other microorganisms that could lead to pneumonia.

Propolis is a very effective anti-flu can be consumed at night before going to sleep in the form of tea, place in a fire-resistant container, drops of propolis, lemon ginger and honey, let it rest and take when it is still hot, they help the body to recover the defenses and overcome the flu.

Laryngitis is a condition in the lower part of the throat, the larynx that is made up of a mucous membrane and a muscle that is the vocal cords, it usually occurs when people suffer sudden changes in temperature, stress, sing or speak for many hours .

Laryngitis can be acute or chronic and can cause dysphonia or loss of voice, it can be treated by gargling with propolis diluted in warm water several times a day.

Pharyngitis is an inflammation in the pharynx that manifests itself with pain or discomfort when swallowing, and causes the lymph nodes located under the jaw to be sensitive to the touch, it also produces a dry cough, it can also appear due to an allergic reaction, if you wish. To use propolis to alleviate this type of condition, you must prepare a hot tizana, adding 30 grams of fennel in a pot with water, propolis in drops and sweeten with honey, it is taken very hot to achieve a better effect.

Another very common respiratory disease is bronchitis, which is nothing more than an inflammation in the bronchial tubes that conduct the air we breathe from the inside out, manifested with a high fever, respiratory distress, pain when breathing, mucus and cough.

Natural medicine currently indicates a wide variety of treatments with propolis to combat bronchitis, from a syrup containing honey, eucalyptus, ginger and propolis, to steam inhalations, for this you will need a container with boiling water, you must add the propolis In drops and essential oils of eucalyptus, you are going to stand in front of the container and place a sheet that covers your face and the container, you are going to breathe and inhale for 15 minutes those vapors are very effective.

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Can it be consumed during pregnancy?

At present there is not enough reliable evidence of the possible side effects that the use of propolis could cause in any of its presentations during pregnancy, that is why the first thing you should do is consult with your specialist doctor, to avoid any complications .


It is a substance of natural origin, if for example you are taking an expectorant that contains propolis and you have a nursing baby, you can consume it with peace of mind since your body will absorb the properties of propolis almost immediately and it will not cause side effects in the infant.

If, on the other hand, you use it as a body cream, you should avoid that the baby’s skin has contact with that product because generally babies have very sensitive skin layers.

It is also an antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory

To eliminate parasites in children it is recommended to administer one drop per kilo of pure propolis syrup, on an empty stomach this will allow the child to naturally expel all the parasites that may be developing in the intestinal area and that are responsible for the children at night blow their teeth, cry, or smile at each other while asleep.

In the same way, it is a very effective anti-inflammatory that fights almost any infection that could affect a human being.

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Relieves digestive discomfort

Due to its anti-inflammatory benefits and act as relievers of aches and pains, when for example a person feels a prick or strong pain in the abdominal area, it is spoken of a very common symptom, which can be due to multiple causes, although in general it is due to a spasm in the intestinal area, produced by an excess of neurovegetative energy.

It is important to determine if it is a habitual annoyance or if the person has a nervous character or if it increases with the intake of stimulating foods such as coffee or highly seasoned foods.

In either case, it is convenient to take an infusion that has calming effects, such as a warm tea with chamomile flowers and propolis. It can also be used to heal gastric ulcers that could affect the rhythm of life of a person.

Helps with urinary infections

Propolis has had an enormous growth in terms of its use in recent times, such is the case of urinary diseases such as cystitis, yeast infections, itching in the vaginal area , currently women who are seen Those affected by any of these diseases can use the alternative medicine that offers propolis as an effective solution at a very low price, apply sitz baths, take infusions that contain it, vaginal washings, are some of the options that I present to you to consume propolis for the benefit of health.

Did you know that it helps with fertility?

Prevents the appearance of endometriosis, which is when the cells of the uterus are implanted within their own cavities, generating a kind of barrier that prevents the passage of sperm and consequently the fertilization of the ovum.

Studies have shown that women suffering from endometriosis can improve the chances of conceiving by taking propolis syrups regularly, this is rich in antioxidants which helps cell regeneration and the elimination of free radicals, it is also said to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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Contraindications and side effects

Although propolis is presented as the latest wonder of natural medicine, you must take into account that all organisms are not the same or respond in the same way, it may be that the use of pure propolis causes dry mouth, burning, a sensation of numbness. and stomach upset and in severe cases a very strong diarrhea, in the same way if you suffer from allergic bronchial asthma you cannot consume anything that contains propolis because it would worsen your health condition.

Is it safe for children to consume?

It is very easy for children to ingest it since it has a pleasant sweet taste, currently there are no documented side effects in children who could consume propolis in any of its presentations, on the contrary, in syrup it has become an ally for mothers who want their children to overcome severe flu symptoms.

Propolis and diabetes

It is beneficial for people who are diagnosed with diabetes since once the propolis extract is consumed, it will fulfill the function of controlling the metabolism of sugar in the body, this is of great help for diabetic patients since they would achieve a considerable reduction of glucose levels in the blood, in the same way propolis acts as a mechanism that allows the elimination of bad cholesterol in the blood, which favors the cardiovascular system.

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Cancer and propolis

It is a powerful anticancer that prevents the formation of tumors in any part of the body , it is responsible for the production of cytokines who is responsible for the harmonious production of cells, preventing the reproduction of cancer cells.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the consumption of water-soluble propolis is indicated, it can contribute to considerably increase the production of leukocytes, which combined with the chemotherapy sessions that the patient must follow can minimize the risk that the cancer makes a metastasis.

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Does propolis cause allergies?

If you suffer from allergic bronchial asthma you cannot consume propolis or its derivatives because it would worsen your health condition , this appears as a choking sensation accompanied by a convulsive cough, generally a cough that does not subside for several minutes or even hours.

It is sufficiently proven that asthma is an allergic disease, then you must understand that allergy occurs as a mechanism for eliminating those substances or materials that the body considers foreign.

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Differences between propolis and royal jelly

Royal jelly Propolis
It is produced only by worker bees, it is a whitish cream rich in proteins secreted by a hormone that bees have in the pharynx, they serve as food for the larvae that are inside the hive, it contains a high percentage of water, proteins and carbohydrates.

It has toning properties on the skin when ingested regularly, it also provides amino acids to the body.

It is a resinous substance, a product of the collection that all bees make in the environment and that they produce by mixing it with their saliva, the main function is that it is a stimulant of the immune system.

It is also a very effective antibiotic to treat infections almost anywhere in our body, it has many phenolic compounds such as flavonoids.

Honey vs propolis

Honey from bees is a very valuable product today, it is used both in the production of natural medicines and in the gastronomic area, it is made by bees from the nectar they collect from flowers, they provide the body with vitamins and Minerals, in the same way, supply the body with the enzymes it needs to revitalize it.

It is used as a way to refresh the throat area and relieve coughs caused by flu, colds or bronchial inflammations. In addition, honey is not contaminated with any external agent because it has a high sugar content that no pathogen can survive in it.

Honey is also convenient to use as dressings in those cases in which a moist cure is desired, it has been proven that the application of honey on wounds reduces inflammation, prevents bacterial or fungal infection. In the same way, propolis provides the body with a large number of benefits, which is why it is considered that both honey and propolis have a fundamental role in modern alternative medicine.

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Propolis presentations

Capsules and pills

Propolis in capsules or tablets, eta accessible worldwide, is generally composed of vegetable oil, beeswax or propolis, soy lecithin, glycerin and purified water, it is a universal formula that can vary according to the brand that makes the product, it is recommended to consume one capsule twice a day , as for contraindications this presentation cannot be administered in children under 8 years of age, among the properties it has, it stands out that it can eliminate halitosis or bad breath, provides flavonoids and has effects fungicides and healing.

  • fairvital – 60 vegetarian capsules of bee propolis (500 mg) – Rich in polyphenols
  • Propolis Plus 90 capsules from Obire
  • Propolis with Echinacea 30 capsules of 1000 mg of Marny’s
  • Real Herbs Bee Propolis Extract – 2,800mg Bee Propolis Derivatives with 4: 1 Extract Strength – Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Support Improves Immune Function – 50 Vegetarian Capsules


It is presented as a hydroalcoholic solution , in adults it is recommended to consume ten drops a day, it can be consumed directly in the mouth or mixed with juices or infusions, it is used as a disinfectant for the oral area, swishing for a maximum of one minute, It also favors the absorption of the nutrients that food gives us.

It is also a very effective dewormer in children, you can mix 5 drops with the infusion of garlic cooked in water and administer on an empty stomach.

  • Mel I Salut – Propolis Ear Drops, 20Ml.
  • Biover Propolis Liquid – 50 ml
  • Otalin (otic drops with propolis) 15 ml of Soria Natural
  • Total supplement propolis food extract Drops 30ml
  • Herbalgem Propolis Broad Spectrum Bio drop 15 ml


It is used to improve the condition of the throat and gums , in addition to combating breath ml, it also stimulates the production of the membrane that protects tooth enamel, currently there are no contraindications to the use of propolis Spray. It can be used by adults as well as children. It is a very effective bactericide.

  • Biover Propolis Oral Spray – 23 ml
  • Comvita 20ml Extra Strength Propolis Oral Spray
  • Ynsadiet Echinapropos Oral Spray – 40 ml


It is presented as a very pleasant option to the taste, it has a sweet taste and allows serious symptoms of respiratory diseases to be overcome in both children and adults, adults should consume 3 large tablespoons per day while children 3 smaller teaspoons 3 times a day. It is not recommended in people with diabetes, or in children under 3 years of age.


Propolis Cream / Ointment

It is used in the treatment of dermatological problems , such as dermatitis, sunburns, psoriasis, ulcers, and any type of mycosis that can cause considerable wear of the skin, it is necessary to apply it to the affected areas one or more times. a day until the desired objective is achieved, it does not have an unpleasant smell or texture, it is quickly absorbed by the skin.

  • Propolis ointment 30ml
  • ARGITAL Propolis Cream – 50 ml
  • Bifemme Propolis cream without parabens – 50 ml
  • Propolis Cream Jar 50 ml of Intersa


They are a very effective option when the throat hurts or when we have a very dry cough with a choking sensation, it is very common to find them in health food stores, it is recommended to eat 1 or 2 of these a day until the condition improves, people with diabetes They should not consume propolis in this presentation as it could raise their glucose and trigger other serious situations.

  • Propolmel – Propolis Sugar Free Candies, 75G.
  • Marny’s Propolis with Honey Candies 1 kg
  • Apropolis. Propolis and cinnamon sprinkles
  • Apropolis Propolis Tablets (Blackberry)

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Homemade recipes with propolis

There are many preparations that can be made based on the use of propolis, to treat a mouth ulcer , which generally hurts and does not prevent eating calmly, gargles with 3 drops of propolis tincture dissolved in boiled water, if it is the case of that very late at night you wake up with a severe pain in your teeth, you just have to moisten a cotton ball with drops of propolis and place it on the tooth that hurts you will feel relief almost immediately.

To soothe a sore throat you just have to gargle with the content of 3 ampoules of propolis dissolved in half a glass of water. Propolis can also reduce nasal congestion , you only need to cook eucalyptus leaves with drops of propolis, take when it is very hot, the affected airways are usually uncovered. If you are suffering from stomach pains that are due to the presence of the helicobacter pylori bacteria, you have to dilute 15 drops of propolis tincture and take it every day at the time that seems best to you.

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Propolis, honey and eucalyptus

From these 3 ingredients a syrup is made that is a natural antibiotic, it is recommended for people who are diagnosed with diabetes since it does not contain any type of sugar, it is used to cure oral, gynecological and dermatological infections as well as they can also achieve for a person to overcome asthmatic attacks without the need for nebulisations with strong medications.

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Propolis and royal jelly

syrup or tonic is made that has royal jelly, propolis and also contains add vitamin C, it is aimed at considerably raising the body’s defenses and overcoming pictures of seasonal flu or preventing infection. In addition, these products are high impact expectorants, and are very useful in simple bronchial processes with a dry cough. This medicine or preparation can be sweetened with honey and thus increase its effectiveness.

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