How to Protect My Children From the Internet and Social Networks

Surely if you are reading this post it is because you have children, and as such you are concerned about the safety of your children on the Internet. The Internet has brought good things to our society but it has also brought bad things, we can find anything and if we have children we would like to control what they do online.

As parents we spend our lives protecting our children : that they do not choke, that they look before crossing, what companies they walk with, in short, a father cares about the well-being and safety of his children.

It is all very well to protect our children in the situations mentioned above, but:

  • Who protects our children from the network?
  • Who protects our children from possible bullying that they may be suffering on social networks or through WhatsApp?
  • How do we know if our children have fallen into a dangerous suicide game like the blue whale (Here is a link to understand what the blue whale game is about )?
  • If we have daughters, how do we know if an adult is taking advantage of them by posing as someone younger?
  • If your daughter doesn’t come home, how can we find out where she is?

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have children who open up and tell you their problems openly, but the reality is quite different.

A large percentage of children do not count their problems.

It is for all this that I believe that companies like YouPy have to exist. I have recently acquired two plans in this company (one for each child) and now I am going to tell you what YouPY is about and why you should hire one of their plans.

YouPY is a monitoring software for Android devices, if you and your children have Android devices you are in luck as you will be able to enjoy this application that I assure you will restore your peace of mind.

What is YouPY?

YouPy is an Android device monitoring software , what does this mean? Basically that with YouPY you will be able to see everything that happens on your child’s phone, with whom he talks, that WhatsApp sends him, locate your child, see the call, message and contact log and a host of other things that we will detail later. .

Is YouPY legal?

Totally legal and safe. Parental control tools are fully allowed.

Am I not violating my children’s privacy?

Clearly you are observing with a magnifying glass what your son does with his mobile, in my case I made a deal with my children. My children wanted a mobile and when that moment came I started to tremble since I am a good connoisseur of the risks that the Internet has.

That is why when they asked me for a phone, the first thing I did was look for tools that would allow me to control the use of mobile phones that I was going to give to my children.

And then I found YouPY, and what did I do?

Let’s say we enter into a negotiation with my children ( I have to tell you that before installing a monitoring software the owners of the devices have to accept that said software be installed ), the negotiation is very clear, I bought the phone from them but YouPy had to be installed on the phone if they did not accept my conditions there was no phone, after all I was going to pay for the phone and they are minors. In a personal way, I promised them that I would only use YouPy in cases of need and not purely to observe what they do on a daily basis.

Screenshot of what I can do when I am on my mobile to monitor my children

For example, if I gave my children an hour back home and they did not do it, I would be worried because they did not know where they were, if I called them and they did not answer me directly, I would open YouPY and know where they were.

If any of my children changed their behavior at home I would take a quick look at the WhatsApp I received.

There are honestly endless situations in which using YouPY would be more than justified, but here we would go into whether it is ethical or not to monitor what your children do on the networks.

It is clear to me, FOR MY CHILDREN I DO ANYTHING and if you can imagine that I kill for my children, imagine if I see justification for monitoring their phones.

Things I like about YouPY

The installation was quick and easy , you receive documentation that if you follow it step by step you will have YouPY up and running in less than 10 minutes .

It is cheap , in my case I chose the Advanced Plan that annually costs me € 89.99 / year, which is about € 7.50 / month, for € 7.50 a month I am not going to protect my children? I think we all know the answer.

The company is Spanish, which means a customer service of 10 and in our language.

You have many functions from reading the messages you receive from WhatsApp, Instagram, Line, Telegram and Line, to the possibility of seeing the entire contact book, SMS, call log, photos, videos …

Remote control, exactly what you think, you can control the device remotely. You can take photos, record videos, record the screen, take screenshots of the screen, and record audio, all remotely. As a curiosity I will tell you a practical case in which this function could enter the scene. Imagine that you are in the living room of your house and your daughter or son is with the mobile in his hand, you notice him nervous, sad or melancholic if we ask our people in a situation like this what happens to him, his answer in 99% of The case would be – Nothing – and we as parents would logically be concerned,With YouPY it would be as easy as launching the screen recording remotely and in a minute from our device we would see what is happening on the screen of our son’s mobile and all this without our son noticing anything on his device. If when we receive the video of the recording we see something dangerous, we can find the right moment to face the problem. As you can see, YouPY can solve the ballot in many situations.

All the information you receive in an app. This is an advantage since I do not need to be sitting in front of the PC to see what happens on my children’s device, all the information is always at your fingertips.

Things I DON’T like about YouPY

Pricing plans are per device and not per family. It would have been good if YouPY had a plan for families, in my case, I prefer to pay for example € 12 / month and cover all my children than to pay € 7.50 / month per child (always talking about monthly plans).

I have missed some functions such as being able to block my children’s device for X time as a punishment. Or to be able to block certain applications for X time.

If you liked the review about YouPy and you are interested in acquiring any of their plans, you can do so through this link YouPY Plans

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