How To Protect Children From The Sun In Summer?

During the summer the sun shines with greater intensity, so it is important to take care of the skin of babies and children with specific sunscreens. We tell you how to protect your skin.

If we as adults take care of our skin with all the care in the world and even more so when we are going to expose it to the sun, how can we not take care of the little ones in the house? Throughout the article we will tell you what you can do to enjoy the summer without the dangers of the sun.

Studies show how caring for your skin, whether with sunscreens that you buy as natural protectants, reduces the likelihood of skin conditions such as burns or cancer. On the other hand, the effect of the sun also causes the early appearance of wrinkles, spots and its elasticity is lost due to premature aging of the skin.

How to choose a suitable sunscreen for children?

The first thing we have to take into account, and of course, is that any protector is not valid . There are so many options and varieties on the market that many times we go crazy looking for the right one, but one looks at the brands and the different models, what each one offers and they all seem so attractive that how to choose the right one?

Let’s start with the basics. The first thing is to look for a sunscreen that protects both from UVA radiation and UVB radiation and this will be indicated together with the Sun Protection Factor (SPF).

The SPF will vary depending on the type of skin, it is not the same to have a very white skin than a darker one, with which perhaps the factor number can be reduced although it is always necessary to apply it when it is expose to the sun. Because children have more sensitive skin than adults, many professionals recommend the use of a high protection factor (such as 50 or 50+) when caring for their skin from the sun.

In addition to these characteristics, look for a sunscreen that is hypoallergenic and free of fragrances or perfumes.

Tips for greater protection from the sun

Sometimes what seems simpler to some has gone completely unnoticed by others. The advice that we are going to give you below may surprise you or we simply remind you of something you already knew but, pay attention just in case, a reminder is better than a mistake:

The ideal is to apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before they are going to be exposed to the sun, after this time it is when you can think that the skin is well protected from its incidence. Bring an umbrella and games to keep them entertained.

Sunscreen has to be applied to both the face and the body . On many occasions, it happens that, since children are so restless and want to go to play now, a cream is applied quickly but there are areas that escape them, it is logical! But, we are going to try to pay attention to the typical burn areas (such as the shoulders) and add special attention to the ears, the popliteum (hollow behind the knee) and the feet.

The cream or sunscreen must be applied more than once a day , a single application serves as protection for a while but not all the hours that they are exposed to the sun. As an approximation, the cream must be applied every two hours or a little less, also depending on what time it is (the sun does not affect the same way at all times) and must be applied after bathing.

Do you put sunscreen on them even when it’s cloudy ? If it’s a yes, well done. The sun comes out every day of the year and on cloudy days too. If you have been misled by the fact that you do not feel it with all its intensity, do not be fooled. One can also get burned when it is cloudy, indeed, it happens more frequently because one trusts.

In addition to sun creams, do not forget to include accessories such as a hat or cap in your beach or pool bag so that you can protect yourself from the sun. You can include sunglasses and a mini store, which is used a lot for smaller babies and you can find it for quite interesting prices, being very easy to assemble and move.

Remember, there are hours a day when it is better not to be sunbathing as it is at noon. From 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. the sun hits with its greatest force, you have to be very careful at this time.
Based on your experience with your little ones, do you want to share any more recommendations with the rest of the mothers?

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