Raspberry Oil: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Raspberry oil is known for the favorable actions it offers in organs such as the skin, since it contains fatty acids such as omega 3 6 and 9 , helping to prevent premature aging, fighting dryness, while improving its smooth appearance , softly moisturized, protecting it from environmental factors and ultraviolet rays.

The seeds of which have among their anti-inflammatory components that can help to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, rashes, skin lesions, among its properties it is known that an excellent antimicrobial , fights skin irritation and is also used to maintain health Adding it to toothpaste on a regular basis prevents diseases such as gingivitis, strengthening the gums.

What is raspberry oil?

The vegetable oil of raspberry or seed oil as it is also called is rich in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 present between 50-60%, of virgin and organic origin these seeds are capable of provide in its consumption vitamin E, which regenerates the structure of the skin from the inside out, rebuilding the epidermal lipids, in a natural way, giving moisture and elasticity in its tissues.

It also has a high content of vitamin A and antioxidants such as carotenoids, tocopherol and tocotrienol, also skin repairers, thanks to this it is positioned among the oils of vegetable origin that are most in demand.

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Origin of raspberry oil

Raspberry is native to Europe, as well as North Asia, and North America where its cultivation has spread.

Raspberry oil history

Since the 18th century there is a record that the rich raspberry already existed in Europe , in places with an Atlantic climate and scrubland, there is a possibility that it was brought by the Romans to Italy, varieties of red and yellow raspberries are known .

Due to its excellent properties it has been used as a medicinal plant since then, in the form of tea, extracting the oil from the seeds, it is known that its consumption was frequent by the inhabitants of Paleolithic caves, and it is believed that its varieties such as fallgold, amber and goldie  were initially cultivated by the ROMANS at various sites.

Raspberry oil characteristics

Among the characteristics of raspberry oil we have that it has a soft and exquisite sweet aroma very similar to that of strawberries, its color is dark green and of light or not very thick consistency. Contains minerals such as fluorine, potassium, cobalt, phosphorus, boron, sulfur, calcium, and magnesium; folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B. contains carotenoids, gallic acid among these we have cryptoxanthins, beta-carotenes and lutein responsible for rebuilding skin tissues, maintaining moisture in them and preventing oxidation early of it.

Its use is becoming more and more frequent due to its ideal components to maintain the skin and hair mainly, for example you can add a few drops of raspberry essential oil in your moisturizer and apply twice a day to the face or any area of ​​the body For its hydration and regeneration or to clarify the skin of blemishes, as for the hair, add a few drops to the shampoo and you can use it as you always do, giving hydration to the scalp and each strand of hair leaving it soft, shiny and manageable.

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Scientific name of raspberry oil

Raspberry oil or Rubus Idaeus , scientific name is a plant with a height between 1.5 and 2.5 m. It is normal to see it in forests or in deep lands that have gone through logging or burning, it is easy to extend if desired or it can be kept in one place.

The fruit is small similar to the blackberry; It can be harvested at the end of summer or early autumn, its flavor is strong and sweet at the same time, with a soft consistency. Its color ranges from red to yellow depending on the variety.

Bioactives found in Raspberry Seed Oil

1. Essential fatty acids

The essential fatty acids present in the raspberry seed contain a level between 30 and 40% of moga3, omega 6 and omega 9, which play a leading role with respect to the care and maintenance of the skin , there are also alpha-acids. about 33% lionoleen, being an excellent anti-inflammatory

All these essential fatty acids provide a better quality to the largest organ of the body such as the skin, since it provides nutrients and minerals that help its moisture, avoiding dryness, irritation, premature oxidation.

2. Ellagic acid

The oil raspberries contains anti – aging properties , nourishing, toning, free free radicals, strengthening the flexibility of the skin and acting as a shield against ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun as the oil is easily absorbed into the skin.

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3.Vitamin E

Due to its high content of vitamin E, it stands out as an excellent natural antioxidant, which keeps the skin smooth, fresh, free of wrinkles, spots and diseases since it is found in its natural origin and is easily absorbed by our body to greater protection.

4. Carotenoids (Vitamin A)

Raspberry oil is one of the oils present in the market with the most demand because it contains the highest concentration of beta-carotenes, which is of great incidence in the care of the skin and the prevention of diseases such as melanoma , since it provides protection Continuous against oxidation, dehydration and irritation, avoiding burns or redness caused by sun exposure, that is, it provides general protection against UV-B and UB-C rays, becoming a sunscreen.


The polyphenols present in raspberry oil promote protection from the sun’s rays since it encourages the production of cells , exerting more protection for the skin.

Chemical composition of raspberry oil

There are multiple components that raspberry oil has that make it widely used for the protection of hair and skin mainly, among these we have the presence of carotenoids or vitamin A, tocopherols or vitamin E, linoleic acids, essential fatty acids, acid linolenic, folic acid, among others that act as skin regenerators and sunscreens , their use is directly related to the cosmetic industry . Among the most prominent components of raspberry oil are the following:

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It is a component present in brightly colored vegetables and fruits, this component is very important since it allows stabilizing and regulating cardiac functions while maintaining its optimal state, combating diseases related to overweight and carcinogenic types .

Ellagic acid

Ellagic acid destroys collagen that encourages skin oxidation or premature aging, it is also known to help fight cancer cells and their growth or expansion in the body.


It is called as the Radical Oxygen Absorption Capacity , it is a component that is within raspberries, this is not an ingredient of raspberries, however, it balances the intake of some food, that is, it indicates whether a food is suitable or not for consumption, especially if what you want is to maintain an optimal state of health and it is considered that raspberries have a high percentage of this component, which is very useful because it allows us to be more selective when eating a food.

Salicylic acid

This component called salicylic acid is responsible for the prevention of skin conditions such as acne that many people have presented but thanks to raspberry oil they have been able to prevent or combat it through the elimination of impurities in the skin and frequent exfoliation, and subsequent application of the oil drops in the usual moisturizing cream.

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Quercetin produces anti-inflammatory properties , it is of plant origin, it is also a powerful antioxidant, which, as we have already highlighted, prevents premature aging , it is ideal to combat skin problems, asthma, cariac-type conditions, and carcinogenic origin .

All this and more thanks to the fact that it contains alpha linolenic acid, vitamin A, omega 3, omega 6 fatty acids, and with a higher index of alpha tocopherols and gamma that are nothing more than vitamin E in a more natural way, thus repairing the damage caused to the skin by dryness, sun exposure or environmental factors that often cause diseases such as psoriasis, irritation, redness.

It has elagitannin and polyphenols , all this to maintain a youthful appearance from the inside out of the skin, remarkably visible, the delay of wrinkles and the constant softness, shine and elasticity of the skin.

How is raspberry oil extracted?

The extraction of the raspberry oil is carried out through the seed that is cold pressed , for this the pulp of the fruit is extracted and dried, then they are crushed or crushed together in order to disintegrate them or turn them into a powder. , they are pressed and from there a dark green liquid with a not very thick consistency will come out, which is filtered and stored, from there a rich and pleasant aroma similar to that of strawberries emerges.

It should be noted that the collection of fruits should be done at the end of the summer or just beginning of the fall, its cultivation is carried out according to the place. In general, for the plant to be of greatest benefit, it must be grown in hot climates or low temperatures depending on its adaptation. After being stored, the oil can vary in color from green to light yellow, with a pleasant and fresh smell that many traps if it is mixed with other components.

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Active ingredients of raspberry oil

As we have already mentioned, it contains components such as gamma linolenic acid that we already mentioned is vitamin E in its natural state that are responsible for the healing process of skin irritation, deflaming, linoleic acid , responsible for rebuilding the skin, keeping the moisture of same between its tissues this allows it to maintain elasticity and nutrition in it.

Lutein and cryptoxanthin are active principles with anti-radical functions that optimize skin cells and, like gallic acid, prevent it from aging prematurely.

Raspberry Oil Uses and Benefits

The advantages of using raspberry oil are many, mainly on the skin for all that we have already described, they nourish your skin inside and out, it does not cause irritation, on the contrary, it prevents it, it is easily absorbed, it acts as a protective shield. against ultraviolet rays , strengthens the skin, can be mixed with creams or shampoos, oxygenates the skin, prevents premature aging, provides vitamins A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Omegas 3, Omega6, Omega 9, fatty essential oils, beta-carotene, combat the dryness, maintains the flexibility of the skin, strengthens the scalp, adds shine and softness to your hair, it is a reliable natural product easy to apply, and with no number of benefits from the first day of use.

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The Vitamin A contribution of raspberry oil

Thanks to its high incidence of vitamin A or beta-carotene , raspberry oil is one of the most favored to have it, and it is also one of the oils of vegetable origin with the most demand in the market, it is increasingly common for people to go to receive without great benefits and contributions for the stability and strengthening of health, especially of the skin and hair

Likewise, it favors the expulsion of dead cells, exfoliating the skin and hydrating it, we can improve or eliminate annoying acne at once, in an easy way since its application through creams is very practical, you have to be constant and use it frequently, to provide natural shine , regeneration, cleaning, nutrition, humidity, vitamins, all this without forgetting that it is also very good for blood circulation, of vital importance due to the stress to which these people are subjected every day.

What are the benefits for the skin and face?

An ideal ingredient for facial skin care is raspberry oil, which can effectively combat environmental and climatic factors with the sole objective of keeping your skin plump, plump, with its natural glow. Among its many benefits we will show you the following:

  • It is incredibly regenerative of the skin, especially in the finest or most vulnerable areas such as the lip area and the eye contour.
  • It is an excellent sunscreen, it protects the skin from the inclement rays of the sun, especially ultraviolet rays.
  • It is easily absorbed , so when applied almost immediately it will begin to protect you from the inside out.
  • It contains vitamin A , a nutrient capable of hydrating the driest tissues of the skin while you are exposed to cold or heat, in addition to allowing your skin to be visibly clean.
  • It can be applied anywhere on the body, remember to be constant to notice greater results.
  • It contains vitamin E, rich in antioxidants to prevent premature aging of the skin and allows it to remain supple and firm.
  • Helps strengthen bone health.
  • Raspberry oil is light in consistency, it can also be applied after waxing your skin, to avoid redness or irritation.
  • Its light texture makes it very suitable for refreshing the skin after sunbathing or waxing.
  • Maintains the youthful and smooth appearance of the skin.
  • Relieves premenstrual syndrome.
  • It is capable of healing burns, due to its moisturizing property , it helps you refresh the skin and heal conditions such as acne, psoriasis.
  • It is very useful in reducing mold and bacteria in the body.
  • Minimizes aches and pains caused by arthritis

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Reduce the signs of aging

One of the biggest concerns of people is premature aging of the skin, which is why raspberry oil offers you a number of properties that counteract these effects. We present you ellagic acid which is an active component of raspberry oil that, due to its properties, delays the appearance of wrinkles or what is commonly called withered skin.

Wrinkles appear due to the passage of time, to external factors present in the environment that deteriorate the natural collagen of our skin, ellagic acid gives firmness to the skin. Raspberry oil contains a lot of vitamin E and antioxidants, which help to keep the skin fresh, plump, firm and continuously hydrated.

Lots of carotenoids to aid in healing

Beta-carotenes or carotenoids are cellular repairers , which protect the skin from UV-B and UV-C rays , they are one of the most important components present in raspberry oil, they are antioxidants, and have strong healing power, and tissue healing, in addition to other components that help to keep moisture trapped within the tissue, others that allow to maintain the elasticity of this vital organ of the body, it is important to be constant in its applicatin twice a day to observe the wonders that it can do on our skin.

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Brilliant source of vitamin E

Vitamin E is a natural component present in raspberry oil as gamma, alpha and tocopherol responsible for slowing down the oxidation of the skin , thanks to its antioxidant benefits your skin will not look withered but on the contrary it will be soft, without wrinkles clean of free radicals, elastic and hydrated.

Keeps your skin hydrated

For people who suffer from dry or dehydrated skin , this raspberry oil is a miraculous wonder, therefore it naturally keeps the skin hydrated, protected from external environmental agents such as the sun, the cold, you should only apply it by in the morning and at night, to revitalize the tissues of your skin and with frequent use you will notice a better texture, a better appearance of the skin, which will gradually maintain the moisture levels it needs, all this naturally, Unlike many moisturizers created by the cosmetic industry, it could be said that none resembles the benefits of this miraculous oil.


When the body goes through a condition that is not usual in it, it can give way to inflammation , which part of what is needed to get back to its normal state, therefore it should not be prolonged, sometimes this stage can cause discomfort , irritation, pain, itching, however it will not be for long we present raspberry oil with anti-inflammatory properties, miraculously it is able to eliminate all these annoying symptoms .

The above is applicable especially when there is eczema, burning or rashes on the skin, as you can do it, increasing the consumption of raspberry fruit or applying a few drops of raspberry oil several times a day in the affected area or all over the body. Depending on how you want and in a short time the inflammatory process will be eliminated giving way to the normal health of your skin, from the inside out.

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Protection against sun damage

The ellagic acid is the active component acting as a sunscreen , because that is present in the raspberry oil is very effective for skin, it is absorbed more rapidly and immediately begins its effect, there are studies on cells of the skin in humans which have shown greater effectiveness in protecting against ultraviolet rays, and thus preventing diseases such as melanoma .

It is proven by studies that raspberry oil is the most effective natural ingredient to take care of the inclement sun, that is why it is widely used and is in greater demand in the market, in addition to containing ideal carotenoids for the healing and healing process of the skin Strengthening and multiplying cells, regenerating tissues , it is a leading component of raspberry oil and vital for skin maintenance.

Brilliant source of vitamin E

The oil raspberry seed is rich in vitamin E, a vital natural antioxidant for good health of the skin , which acts regenerating the tissues, cleansing of free radicals, is soluble in the fatty acids present in raspberry seeds, they optimize the layers of the skin immediately, their use can be constant.

Keeps your skin moist

Phytosterols are a type of component present in raspberry seeds that allows the increase in moisture that the skin needs, it is a powerful moisturizer that nature gives us and we must take advantage of it for the well-being of our health, they are always present in our environment Variant pollutants such as changes in temperature, dust among others, which alter its normal balance.

One of the wonders of using this raspberry oil is that it helps to naturally maintain the moisture of the skin while revitalizing it, and reaffirms it constantly and in the long term you will see the miracles in your skin in a total way.

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Raspberry Oil for Acne

This skin condition called acne is the accumulation of impurities in the skin that manifests as pimples full of fat or sebum, some are inflamed, this in turn blocks the hairs of the skin, these in turn promote a healthy balance of the skin and hair, if there is greater production, it could generate bacteria responsible for the appearance of acne.

Many people consider that the aforementioned is unsightly , sometimes they can become infected and inflamed and even if proper hygiene is not maintained it can leave marks on the skin, raspberry oil is ideal to heal and heal these wounds, since it allows the Sebum comes out of the pores and fulfill its natural process which is cleaning the skin and expelling dead cells.

Raspberry oil is good for losing weight

To treat overweight , raspberry oil has an important role since it has a ketone called rheosmin , an inhibitor of the acceleration of metabolism in the body, so that the fat flows and does not remain accumulated, it is also very important to maintain a diet low in fat and in carbohydrates and constantly exercising, consuming a lot of water, vegetables and fruits, to adapt the body to a new lifestyle and eating habit.

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Ketogenic weight loss

There are good fats and others or as good, that is why raspberry oil among its components has a ketone called rheosmin , which can be a powerful metabolism accelerator, which is why those who go to take fat or oils such as raspberry In order to eliminate or flow the body fat they present, according to studies this is not proven in people, which if it is proven that the body when exposed to a low carbohydrate diet does everything possible to accumulate body fat.

Raspberry oil uses for cellulite

The so-called orange skin or cellulite is one of the conditions that most affects women above all, its appearance is due to multiple factors or bad habits that cause that appearance of holes that can be accumulated body fat, both men and women can have cellulite in some parts of the body, for example, in the legs, arms, abdomen, buttocks or other parts.

Although it is more common in women, almost 90% of them may suffer from it, its origin is unknown, but it is estimated that a sedentary lifestyle, hormones, sudden changes in weight, very tight clothes, bad smoking, coffee, fat consumption, lack of exercise, dehydration are some of the factors that affect it.

It should be noted that this condition is correctable, and we must learn how; Well, we tell you that the consumption of essential oils could help the mobilization of accumulated body fat, in addition to this, new habits must be formed for your well-being such as drinking enough water, quitting smoking, doing exercises that will help oxygenate cells and improve circulation of the blood, you have to move and change the eating pattern to achieve the main objective that is to eliminate annoying cellulite.

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Raspberry oil and pregnant women

Although raspberry leaf tea is used by some midwives to ease pain and labor, it should be consumed at the end of pregnancy as it generates many benefits for women, according to botanical records they gather information that this plant has been used since the 6th century. , to facilitate childbirth to avoid complications in it, below, we mention some of them:

  • It favors the labor of childbirth.
  • Strengthens the walls of the uterus.
  • Decreases bleeding after delivery
  • Relieves cramps contains magnesium, iron, calcium
  • It allows the muscles of the uterus to relax at the time of delivery.
  • Control heavy bleeding after delivery.
  • Normalizes the menstrual cycle.
  • Helps fight nausea in pregnancy.
  • Contains vitamins B1, vitamin B2, essential during pregnancy.
  • It is believed to have properties that promote fertility.
  • It is used to treat throat conditions.
  • It reduces the risk of having postpartum depression.
  • Increases the production of breast milk.
  • It has antidiarrheal properties.
  • Improves bleeding gums.
  • It favors the rapid expulsion of the placenta.
  • It is ideal for reducing fever

Can it be used while breastfeeding? Why?

According to herbal or botanical book records, this plant has many medicinal benefits, among them it favors the production and abundance of breast milk, which is why it is widely used by mothers after childbirth , in addition to helping reduce the risks of having the aforementioned depression. post partum.

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How to make a homemade sunscreen using raspberry oil?

The seed oil Raspberry for its natural components acts as a sunscreen, preventing ultraviolet rays penetrate the skin, since the applied quickly absorbed into the skin and begins to act internally through its natural filter , but that’s not Everything is also important to remember that if you are going to use it on a regular basis, not only raspberry oil is the only thing you should apply, a little later you can put on a sunscreen to help protect against the incidence of melanoma or skin cancer , is what we do not want because you must follow these recommendations step by step, in addition, raspberry oil is a powerful antioxidant that will further protect your skin’s texture and firmness..


  • 2 tablespoons of beeswax (30 g)
  • 1 teaspoon of raspberry essential oil (5 g)
  • 1 vitamin E capsule
  • ½ cup of wheat germ oil (100 g)
  • 2 tablespoons of shea butter (40 g)
  • 1 tablespoon of carrot essential oil (15 g)
  • 3 teaspoons of zinc oxide (15 g)

You should have the following Utensils on hand

  • A wooden or silicone spoon
  • A glass jar with a lid
  • A heat resistant container
  • For its Preparation

In a heat-resistant container you will add the ½ cup of wheat germ oil, and you will place it over low heat in a steam bath or a bain-marie . After this we are going to add the two tablespoons of beeswax and the two tablespoons of shea butter, and proceed to move with the wooden or silicone spoon until the ingredients are incorporated. Then you can turn off the heat and add the vitamin E capsule and the three teaspoons of the zinc oxide, all this while stirring, and soon add the raspberry oil and carrot oil before the mixture solidifies. Once the preparation is finished, it can be emptied into a glass container with a heat-resistant lid, it is important that it is kept in a dark and cool environment.

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Raspberry oil cosmetic properties

Considering its regenerative properties , this natural product can be used in its single presentation of raspberry oil or if you like mixed with a moisturizing cream that favors the strengthening of the epidermis, maintaining its active antioxidants, vital for the health of the skin. For its part, we have already raised the protection it has against ultraviolet rays, so in cosmetic industries they add raspberry oil to creams or sunscreens for better protection.

Raspberry oil and its medicinal properties

Helps fight cancer

Raspberries contain ellagic acid , which according to studies carried out in the United States is a component that contributes to the prevention of types of cancer such as lung, breast, esophagus and skin. The way to operate is considered according to its antioxidant and regenerative properties, which in turn destroys these cancer cells and thus prevents their spread, therefore ellagic acid is a fundamental component to stop cancer in the areas described above.

Regarding esophageal cancer, it has been determined that the cancer cells that produce it can suffer positive alterations, that is to say that they take them to their normal state, everything was concluded after some studies carried out using black raspberries, because their action was proven to favor of cancer treatment in this area of ​​the body.

Red raspberries are widely used to treat cancer in the colon and stomach since through studies carried out by American doctors they found that their active components reduce the size of these cells, thus providing a greater possibility of fighting cancer, it was also determined that cancer of The cervix can be fought, a great hope for those who are experiencing these diseases today.

Raspberries are alkaline and rich in ellagic acid , and antioxidants that in turn act as if it were chemotherapy against cancer, in such a way that not only red raspberries are used but also black ones, to fight oral cancer , thanks to All its components, according to tests carried out in American universities and laboratories, have verified the incidence of this wonderful fruit in cancer treatment due to the favorable results obtained, which act as an anti-inflammatory and a minimizer of cancer-causing cells and thus enhancing them return to their normal state, so that you can stabilize optimize people’s health.

Among the red fruits that have antioxidants such as blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, it has been proven that this last fruit has the highest antioxidant index, calculated at approximately 40%, ideal for the prevention of cancer , in various parts of the body, not only it it prevents but rather the propagation of the same or its cell growth is avoided.

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Maintain cardiovascular health

Raspberry is a red fruit rich in antyanines and fiber present both in the pulp of the fruit and in its leaves, this component is of great importance because it contributes to good cardiovascular health , it has been determined that not all foods have it, for what they recommend the frequent consumption of this miraculous fruit, to prevent heart diseases in ages between 30 and 45 when they go through the menopause stage , being also an incredible antioxidant, with components such as bioactive agents, and polyphenols, responsible of the prevention of coronary diseases.

However, anthocyanins strengthen the immune system, improve short-term memory, prevent the production of free radicals, protect against ultraviolet rays , help trap regenerative oxygen species, are antidiabetic, stabilize blood pressure levels, help fluid of blood in blood vessels, prevents the risk of thrombosis or stroke, is anticoagulant , preventing the formation of tumors, many of these discoveries are based on current Canadian studies.

Not forgetting that there are records of herbal books that confirm that since the eighteenth century, it is used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes , it should be noted that its consumption has caused the arteries to become wide, which facilitates the blood flow easily, that is why they are called cardioprotective due to their multiple benefits in favor of the well-being of the heart.

There is a substance or chemical component within this delicious fruit, its name is raspberry ketone , which normally increases a hormone with protein content called adiponectica, which has among its many benefits: the improvement of the body’s sensitivity to insulin. , that is to say, it is considered antidiabetic since this hormone has the capacity for the tissues to capture insulin, it reduces cardiovascular inflation, which is why it is said to contain cardioprotective and anti-inflammatory properties .

Adiponectics have the ability to increase muscles, helping carbohydrates work to promote much more energy, which leads to more speed and to exercise and burn fat, speeding up metabolism and reducing the sensation of appetite .

On the other hand, raspberries are very rich in vitamin C , which is also responsible for the prevention of heart disease, a natural antioxidant, prevents the formation of plaques, helps restore the flexibility of tissues, stimulates the production of collagen.

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Improves fertility and improves sexual health

Regarding fertility, this wonderful fruit is very effective, both in men and women in such a way that it has a high content of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and alkaloids, which is a plant molecule that strengthens the ideal uterus when you are. planning a pregnancy for the woman . We show you below how to drink raspberry leaf tea to achieve what we have mentioned:

It is easy and practical to make it, so you should have 2 leaves of the dried raspberry plant preferably, apart you must place a cup of water on the fire, once it is boiling add the leaves then turn off the fire, cover it and let it rest about 10 minutes.

For men we tell you that the high content of antioxidants that raspberry contains help to preserve the male reproductive cell such as sperm, taking care of them so that they do not oxidize so easily , at the same time increasing the production of testosterone, fertility in the man is assured with this rich fruit that can be consumed as many times as you want. It should be noted that it is also known that the consumption of raspberry not only increases fertility, but can protect the embryo thanks to the antioxidants present in the fruit, which favors its growth and prevents its abortion .

RECOMMENDATION: We always remind you that you should consult the doctor you trust before ingesting any treatment, it is best not to self-medicate.

On the other hand, it is known that Raspberries are considered aphrodisiac or sexual stimulants because they contain proanthocyanidins that soften blood vessels to facilitate blood flow, thus reaching the most sensitive areas of the body.

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Helps slow aging

To avoid the early oxidation of the tissues, the consumption of foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin C is recommended, essential nutrients to prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating our skin, so it is of great benefit, they also heal red or irritated skin, some of these foods are preferably red fruits such as blueberry, the latter being the highest content of these nutrients.

Ketones are rare in food, but the fruit that contains them the most is raspberries. They also contain tiliroside, which together with ketones intervene favorably to control body weight. Due to its antioxidant components, they allow the body to cleanse by expelling the toxins responsible for weight gain.

In the same way, tiliroside contributes in the cosmetic industry to be used as a remover of spots on the skin. It is known that this red and delicious fruit contains a component that prevents the production of melanin , therefore raspberry oil is one of the main ingredients used in the cosmetic industry for the production of sunscreens, due to its antioxidant and sunscreen UV- B rays.

Relieve arthritis

Strawberries and raspberries are berries, rich in antioxidants and contain anti-inflammatory properties as we have mentioned, essential nutrients for the treatment of arthritis , to take advantage of them it is recommended to consume them in juice with some tasty purple grapes and consume it regularly. Raspberries contribute to the rapid absorption of calcium in the bones, protect and strengthen cartilage, favoring the elimination of the painful processes of conditions such as arthritis thanks to the polyphenols present in raspberries.

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Helps fight eczema

Raspberry seed oil is highly composed of omega – 3, omega – 6 and essential fatty acids to treat skin diseases such as eczema, itching, irritation, psoriasis, acne, among others, which can cause discomfort, pain, itching , inflammation produced by bacteria , it is for them that doctors recommend the consumption of this rich fruit and the application of moisturizing creams mixed with a few drops of oil and apply to the affected areas after performing a proper cleaning, for best results.

Raspberry oil in aromatherapy

On the market there are many oils of vegetable origin but raspberry seed oil is best suited to cosmetic products, since being rich in omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 components that favor the regeneration of epidermal lipids that maintain the moisture in the tissues, together with carotenoids, vitamin C, magnesium that eliminate skin discomf

Contraindications and risks of raspberry oil

It is not common to find side effects in the consumption of raspberries, however it has been recorded that the dried or withered leaves of raspberries cause a toxic that is not serious but that could what can make people sick.

RECOMMENDATION It is important to recognize the flowering plant before removing its leaves for consumption.

The leaves of the raspberry plant are known to have antidiarrheal properties , but we must be careful not to extract the leaves contaminated by a gastrointestinal parasite called cyclospora , which could make us sick when consumed and instead of preventing diarrhea we could cause them and it is not what is desired.

Among other side effects are itching or irritation after consuming it, or inflammation of areas of the face such as lips, tongue or causing abdominal pain, nausea or dizziness. You should always be careful and do not forget to consult your doctor before any adverse symptoms.

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