Reasons To Take Your Little Ones Out To The Field

Today’s generations of urban children have completely lost contact with the environment . In fact, they are the generation that spends the least time outdoors. How many children think that the eggs come from the supermarket, that they have never seen a trout swim in the river, or that they have not discovered a hare while running around in the field?

These facts may seem like anecdotes, but they undoubtedly contribute to impoverishing the personal growth of the child. After all, the child needs to be in contact with the natural environment to complete its development, to understand the biological cycle and learn to respect the natural environment.

We can hardly educate you in the culture of respect for the environment and recycling if you do not know and learn to enjoy nature. In fact, there is much research that has determined that living isolated from nature has negative consequences for mental and physical health, and there are numerous experts who warn of the syndrome due to lack of nature , a disorder that children who have grown up in environments can suffer from. urban residents away from contact with nature and causing obesity, chronic fatigue, depression or stress, among other ills.

For this reason, it is essential that if you live in the city, you take a small excursion to the countryside or the mountains so that the child discovers the environment in which we live, and the true reality of the natural environment. You want to know more? Here are some reasons why you should take your child to the field .

1. Your children will enjoy the field like real dwarves

Children by nature feel a real fascination for animals, plants, and in general for the natural environment. Away from the city and their usual way of life, they will discover a new world that will thrill them step by step.

2. The child needs to discover what surrounds them

Today, children live in a bubble in cities, totally removed from the reality in which human beings have lived for centuries. Taking him on a field trip will help him discover an exciting new reality totally new to him

3. They will improve their physical form

Far from the corset of big cities, the natural environment is perfect for practicing outdoor games and improving physical fitness by playing and hiking. Thus, children will improve their motor skills and we will reduce diseases such as obesity. In addition, contact with the environment helps them release tension. Of course, remember that to walk in the field , they must be perfectly shoes to avoid accidents , and for this reason, at BodyCarre we bring you a fantastic selection of boots and footwear to go out to the mountains or to the field in complete safety.

4. They will develop curiosity for the environment that surrounds them.

Contact with nature will help them stimulate their senses, and they will be curious about everything they are seeing, discovering new things that will help them understand what the world we live in is like, favoring intellectual development and cognitive learning. In addition, it is proven that children who go on excursions to the mountains or the countryside are more observant.

5. They will have more positive feelings

We cannot steal from children a part of the world around them, and although we live in cities, the environment is a fundamental factor in the development and life of the child. According to various studies, children who are in contact with nature feel fewer negative emotions, and develop more positive feelings towards other people, as they are in greater harmony with the world around them.

6. They will respect the environment

There is no way to respect something that is not known, so if children are in contact with nature, they will develop empathy with it and learn to respect the natural environment for themselves.

7. They will have less stress

A walk in the mountains, or a simple walk in the country, will help children release their discomfort and have less stress by releasing tensions and getting out of their usual environment.

8. They will learn to enjoy the little pleasures in life.

In urban life we ​​do not usually appreciate the small pleasures that nature gives us every day. To appreciate them, in addition to having a minimum of sensitivity, you simply have to be an observer and be able to find them. If the child learns from a young age to enjoy things like the variety of colors of a sunset, the fluttering of a butterfly, or the smell of a flower, we assure you that they will be much happier.

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