Red Maca: Benefits, Contraindications, Properties And Uses

Knowing that macas stand out for their vitamin benefits for the body , specifically it has many advantages that I will explain in this article so, for all those interested in fertility, avoiding baldness, treating osteoporosis, among other things, this article will be very useful.

What is red maca really?

The red maca can grow in those regions where the red and yellow maca can also be cultivated, the difference between them is mainly due to their main characteristics such as the color, flavor and nutritional composition of the tuber.

He is a specialist in fighting aging because it eliminates free radicals that are found in the body and this is only one of the many advantages that it brings to the body, including avoiding premature diseases in the brain and bones.

Vitamin properties of red maca

Red maca stands out among tubers thanks to its rich source of vitamins that offer the body energy and well-being, it has a large amount of antioxidant elements such as carotene or niacin including other components such as vitamin C, zinc, iron and calcium. It specializes in providing vitamin B1 and b2, vitamin C and vitamin E.

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It is a great source of essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron, and tin.

Benefits of red maca for your health

If we focus on all those benefits that this great tuber brings to health, we begin by naming its efficiency regarding its high concentration of antioxidant compounds, it helps to counteract free radicals, causing it to slow down premature aging and reduce everything related to damage. in cells.

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Also an excellent source of amino acids in a way that helps shape the figure and increase muscle mass, as well as rebuild muscles after hypertrophy.

Main uses of red maca

The uses that can be given to red maca are very wide in terms of women, it is extremely effective in balancing hormones and alleviating symptoms of menopause including sleep disorder, hot flashes and lack of sexual appetite, it is also an excellent tool to prevent osteoporosis.

It is used a lot to increase fertility levels since it works as an aphrodisiac, leveling hormones appropriately according to menstrual cycles, in case of male infertility, it improves the quality and volume of sperm.

Red maca for osteoporosis

This tuber is an excellent weapon to combat osteoporosis, especially when it comes to prevention, since as women enter menopause they begin to grow in estrogen and the concentration of calcium that they may have in the bones decreases, for this reason it increases the risk of osteoporosis.

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To combat this disadvantage, you can consume this maca, which is responsible for regulating the Andean and thanks to these it helps to reduce the risk of suffering from this disease since it protects bone density in a natural way, making the bones of the body a little stronger.

Red maca for hair

Maca already contains many vitamins and minerals that contribute to good hair growth since it improves the functioning of the body in general, but it gives a specific contribution to the hair since it increases the number of mitoses in the matrix and protects the hair. of endogenous and exogenous stress.

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At the same time, the density of collagen in the underlying dermal tissue increases, thanks to which it can help to reinforce the adhesion of the hair to the scalp by stimulating the reproduction of the cells found in the epithelial sheath. It also stimulates long-term hair growth and prevents alopecia.

Red maca for menopause

Red maca has many uses and provides benefits to various parts of the body with special attention to its benefits for women when treating menopause, balancing hormones and alleviating its symptoms, since many women currently turn to red maca capsules to manage their imbalances especially during this period of their lives.

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The person responsible for these benefits is the adaptogenic effect of maca since it has been proven that its active compounds have the quality of correcting imbalances in the body in a way that ensures the best functioning of all systems

Red maca for baldness

Regarding the care of the scalp to prevent baldness, more specifically androgen hair loss in men, which is generally a type of alopecia which begins at the temples and then slowly begins to rise towards the top of the scalp.

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It is believed that this occurs due to genetic causes and therefore there is no treatment for it, however the regulatory and nutritional action of maca can help in cases of androgenetic alopecia.

Red maca for the prostate

Speaking of an enlarged prostate which is a common feature among older men, it really is something that over time causes painful urination, increasing the likelihood of getting urinary tract infections and lacerations to the bladder or kidneys. .

Red maca helps reduce inflammation of the prostate, which indicates that it can help treat a condition known as prostatic hyperplasia related to its high content of nutrients. Considered as substances with the power to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Red maca to improve fertility

Red maca is a highly sought after method to improve fertility in both sexes, as it promotes good reproductive health as its compounds not only adequately balance hormones and menstrual cycles, but are also an excellent aphrodisiac.

As regards male fertility, in addition to increasing the quality and volume of sperm, which are very important factors for fertility, it also increases the sperm count and improves their quality, not to mention that it is also an excellent natural treatment for erectile dysfunction .

Red maca for hypertension

One of the components that abound in maca is sodium and this increases the pressure, for this reason all hypertensive people should stay away from this plant for all their circulatory problems, it is best to always maintain a moderate consumption of this nutritional component .

However, for people who suffer from hypertension it is strictly forbidden to consume it

Differences between red maca and black maca

The truth is that the brands are plants known for their vitamin source and their richness in minerals, but no time, red maca is not the only brand that exists, as I mentioned earlier, it has two sisters who are closely related to it.

They differ in addition to the colors of their tubers also by their flavor, especially between red maca and black maca since black maca is more aggressive and has a bitter and intense flavor, while red maca is more pleasant for the palate with its softness and sweetness notes. All this including that both have different contributions that benefit the health of the body.

How to take red maca correctly?

Although this plant is known not everyone knows so it is not public knowledge as eating properly, here you’ll guide a little in this , the best thing is to take it in the morning at breakfast , so is It is better to feel the energy it provides, however it can also be consumed at any time of the day, preferably breakfast or lunch.

This plant can be mixed with your favorite vegetables, rice, oats, nuts, mixed with cereals or whatever you think is more appetizing

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Red maca flour

When they refer to maca, this can really be consumed in different presentations, even in its pure state , it can be added to creams, purees, cereals, vegetables, etc.

As for maca flour, this is a product that has made maca known around the world, it is obtained from ancestral processing that has passed from generation to generation among the peasants of the Peruvian Andes. The traditional way of processing it is based on letting the tubers dry in the sun for 40 days to crush them and make them a homogeneous powder ready for consumption.

Powdered red maca

Since red maca is an excellent method to increase strength, libido, endurance and sports performance, thus generating a feeling of general well-being in the body, it is important to take into account all its presentations.

This is one of the most famous presentations that red maca has since it can be diluted with different foods , either consumed alone with water and even mixed with vegetables, soup or broth. To take it daily, it is best to skip one day each week.

Gelatinized red maca

We can say that gelatinized maca can be obtained from the elimination of most of the starch contained in the roots, thus obtaining a concentrated powder than that of this tuber without having been processed, now it has been proven that most of these nutrients are They activate thanks to the heat and pressure with which it is required to obtain this compound.

We must bear in mind that the minimum doses to consume are around 1 to 3 tablespoons daily, always mix smoothies or natural juices with water because this is a sufficient amount to benefit our health. It is also important to note that due to the digestive process it is easier to consume and is considered the best option for people with a delicate stomach.

Red maca in capsules

Red maca in capsules is in high demand in the market and the most comfortable presentations were treated, most in demand for consumers since it has very important advantages for the body.

Starting with the fact that you can achieve the most exact dosage and they are easier to use in addition to transporting anywhere there is no need to feel the taste of maca to consume it, in terms of the dose it depends on the seller and the concentration of the capsule. for this reason, a range of 2 to 8 capsules per day is usually covered.

Red maca during pregnancy

Red maca is highly required by women seeking to get pregnant as it is an excellent tool for fertility providing many benefits for both men and women, at the time of getting pregnant, however, its actions during pregnancy are totally different .

This food can increase blood pressure, since it contains certain components that in addition to increasing blood pressure can cause a rise in heart rate and nervousness in the mother.

Dangers for the baby

During pregnancy, the increase in blood pressure, which is the force that the blood exerts against the walls of the arteries, can be extremely serious for the baby since this symptom can be triggered as gestational hypertension, chronic hypertension or pre-eclampsia, putting life at risk of the baby.

As for preeclampsia, which is an advance of high blood pressure, it could cause detachment of the placenta, poor growth of the fetus, premature delivery, damage to the kidneys, risk of heart disease, among other factors that affect the life of the patient. mother and baby

Recommended daily dose of red maca

The dose to be taken of red maca will always depend on who consumes it and in what presentation it is being consumed. Regarding the pulverized brand, between 1 and 3 teaspoons a day are recommended, the gelatinized has the same dose while the capsules vary between 2 and 8 capsules daily depending on who consumes them.

For children older than one year, consuming red maca is not a problem since in the Andes they take maca from an early age due to its richness in calcium and other minerals, it is simply given to the tip of the spoon to minimize the dose to the maximum they consume.

Does consuming red maca make you fat?

Focusing on a specific issue, if we are aware and we take care to consume only what is necessary or recommended accompanying a balanced diet, The Red maca slimline. We have to take it as if it were a supplement or include it in the daily diet without exceeding the recommended dose, it will not cause any imbalance in weight or in the metabolism of those who consume it.

Now we have to take into consideration that  maca is a very high source of carbohydrates and calories , so it means that if it is used in a way in which we abuse consumption, it can cause long-term weight gain and even more so if the person who consumes it is a person who has a sedentary lifestyle.

Nutritional information for red maca

  • Carbohydrates 70g
  • Dietary fiber 0g
  • Sugar 16g
  • Fat 1g
  • Saturated 0g
  • Polyunsaturated 0g
  • Monoinsaturados 0g
  • Trans 0g
  • Protein 14g
  • Sodium 0mg
  • Potassium 0mg
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Vitamin A 0%
  • Vitamin C 0%
  • Football 64%
  • Iron 55%

Contraindications of red maca

Even though I do not know, severe contraindications to its consumption are known, it has certain side effects, for example when providing energy it can cause insomnia, so it is preferable to consume it during the day

Also, when consumed in excess, it accelerates the digestive rhythm which leads to gas and diarrhea causing dehydration and in the period of gestation and breastfeeding, the consumption of this supplement may not be recommended since it may contain ingredients that contaminate the mother’s body, affecting the baby in a negative way.

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