Recipes With Red Quinoa

Grains are highly sought after for all recipes, as they can be combined with any ingredient . Specialists recommend them for any diet, as they provide many nutrients and benefits naturally. Such is the case of quinoa, in any of its presentations.

Red quinoa has become a trend as an ingredient in various recipes. It allows us to take advantage of its properties, provide us with multiple benefits and a range of exquisite flavors and textures . This product can be found in the market and easily purchased, as well as we can combine it with many other ingredients.

Precautions before cooking

Although, quinoa seeds are initially covered in soapy saponins , a compound that prevents birds or insects from eating them. This compound is often flushed out by companies for sale, but this is not always the case, and residue can sometimes remain. Which is why we advise you to wash and rinse them well yourself .

If you want to know better, there is nothing wrong with tasting some grains before cooking. If you notice a bitter taste, then they still contain the soapy saponin, if not it is free of this compound and you can proceed to cook it.

Other precautions that you should take into account is that quinoa has small amounts of oxalate, and if you need to avoid this compound, I do not recommend eating it. Generally, red quinoa is tolerated by everyone while eaten in moderation. For this reason, here we leave you the best recipes with red quinoa, starting with the basic ones.

Basic red quinoa recipes

Cooked red quinoa

The standard ingredients needed are red quinoa, water, and salt. A serving for 4 people needs 400 grams of red quinoa, they are placed in a cup, two cups of the same half of the same and salt (to taste). It will take approximately 15 minutes to 20 minutes to cook. Here are the steps for its preparation.

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We must first wash the quinoa, as we mentioned earlier. We recommend that you do it with filtered water and let it soak for 30 minutes beforehand. The only thing you need is a pot, put the water in it. As long as there is a space for the moment of boiling. Put the pot on the fire.

Just when it is boiling (it reaches the boiling point) add the salt (we remind you, to taste), proceed to add the washed red quinoa , cover the pot carefully and bring it back to the boil. Then, lower the heat to the minimum (slowly and constantly), cook in this way for between 15 minutes or 20 minutes. Until the water has evaporated and the cooking is perfect. Turn off the heat and remove, let it rest and ready to serve.

You can eat red quinoa in this simple and delicious way. If you wish, accompany it with another appetizer . The combinations that you can do are endless, we recommend you try to do some of them and here we leave you some to cheer you up. This recipe for pre-cooked red quinoa will help you later with other recipes.

Red quinoa flour

Here the standard ingredients needed are red quinoa and that’s it, it’s that easy. You can make the amount of flour you want, but if you are going to prepare it at home we will give you the standard amount, since you may not have all the industrial instruments, also here we tell you how to make it. For a maximum of kilo and a half.

In a large and wide saucepan place all the red quinoa, take it to toast over medium heat (no water, nothing else, just the red quinoa). Try to stir several times, when you are not stirring it make sure it is covered, keep it until it is completely browned. After it has cooled down, in a grinding machine (manual or automatic), grind all the grains.

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Salads with red quinoa

Who does not like to enjoy a salad, a typical dish on the table, easy to prepare and a delight to the palate . Recipes that can provide you with many nutrients and minerals, thanks to the red quinoa, vegetables and other added ingredients . We present you the basic and classic recipes.

Greek salad with red quinoa

An elegant, aphrodisiac salad that will give a different twist to the basic salad . We present you a classic and ideal recipe to share in meetings and parties; Prepare this dish in two simple parts in just 20 minutes and serve yourself as much as you like.


We will need: 1 cup of red quinoa (cooked), 1 cup of sliced ​​tomatoes, 1 cup of olives cut in half, sliced ​​red onion (or small squares), 1 small diced bell pepper, 1 sliced ​​cucumber (or small squares), 1 cup of lettuce, “feta” cheese cut into small squares.

In addition, we will need: half a cup of olive oil, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of dried oregano, salt and pepper (to taste), 4 tablespoons of lemon juice. By making sure you have all these ingredients, let’s move on to the preparation.


For the salad

In a large bowl place the red quinoa, tomatoes, olives, onion, paprika, cucumber, lettuce and a little olive oil, you must stir until everything is compact and then add the vinaigrette (we will give you the recipe below).

For the vinaigrette

In a blender place the honey, lemon juice, olive oil and oregano, you have to beat a few seconds and then bring to a cup. Add the salt and pepper (to taste) and add this mixture (vinaigrette) to the salad.

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Two-color salad with red quinoa, vegetables and chicken

A recipe that will provide you with the nutrients of vegetables, red quinoa, white quinoa and chicken . Yes, the chicken. It is not common to see this ingredient in salads because these are usually only for vegetarians, but here we leave you a recipe that combines it perfectly and you can make it in just 20 minutes.


We are going to need: 1 cup of red quinoa and one of white quinoa (both previously cooked), 2 sliced ​​tomatoes, 2 diced beets, 1 sliced ​​(red) onion, 1 sliced ​​cucumber, cilantro, salt, vinegar, vegetable oil and pepper and 2 chicken breasts.


In a large bowl add both cups of quinoa (red and white), tomatoes, beets, onion and cucumber, mix until everything is compacted. Shred one of the breasts and add to the bowl, the other cut into small squares and set aside.

Add coriander, salt, vinegar, vegetable oil, and pepper to bowl; we will stir until everything is compacted again. When everything is completed, sprinkle the breast squares and that’s it, to serve

Desserts with red quinoa

Desserts cannot be absent from a table at mealtime, they provide the sweet and long-awaited flavor . The properties that red quinoa offers us make it perfect to combine it in these sweet and long-awaited dishes . We present you some of the best recipes to make it and how to make them, with everything you need from the nutrients they provide.

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Brownies with red quinoa, with or without yogurt

It is the very common and most sought after brownies, a chocolate-based dessert. Although chocolate is one of the ingredients that provides nutrients such as proteins, fibers and natural fats , combining it with red quinoa is ideal. We present the recipe with its respective ingredients and preparation, you can get from 8 servings to 10 servings.

This recipe can be made in 1 hour and 15 minutes, but we present two ways to delight yourself with this dessert. The first is the typical recipe and in the second option you can combine it with a yogurt based on red quinoa as well, the recipe for this yogurt you will find later.


You should have in your kitchen: 1 cup of red quinoa (not cooked), 1 banana, 100 grams of butter, 100 grams of sugar (preferably brown), 20 grams of icing sugar (optional), 50 grams of cocoa (unsweetened, natural), 50 grams of almonds or walnuts.

Also, you should have: 2 eggs, 2 cups of milk or water (milk preferred), cinnamon (branch and powder), 1 tablespoon of orange zest, a teaspoon of salt and baking powder, vanilla, and proceed with the preparation.


In a pot we prepare the red quinoa, with the milk, vanilla and the cinnamon stick until it is at its cooking point. Place the butter and sugar in a pot, bring to the fire and heat for 2 minutes while stirring. Then, we add the eggs one by one, the banana (which we must crush beforehand) and the orange zest.

Mix continuously for 2 minutes, in a bowl place the cocoa, salt and baking powder, stir until compact, add this mixture from the bowl and the pre-cooked red quinoa to the pot, mix continuously for 2 minutes and finally add the almonds or nuts.

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Grease the mold (it can be the same as a cake) with butter or vegetable oil (in the market we find special kitchen paper for this task), preheat the oven for 5 minutes previously with 180 degrees, place the mixture in the mold, take in the oven and let cook for 30 minutes.

Remove and wait for it to cool, remove from the mold and let it rest, cut and place a layer of powdered cinnamon and icing sugar on top (optional). You will already have your recipe with red quinoa ready to enjoy as a family.

Yogurt with red quinoa and fruits

It is a yogurt that is ideal to decorate brownies, as well as you can eat it on its own. A recipe that provides the nutrients of the fruits that you decide to add (since you decide what to accompany it with). Here we leave you this incredible recipe.


We will only need a glass of red quinoa, already cooked, a glass of natural white yogurt, honey or white vanilla (to taste), pieces of strawberries and a chopped apple (combine two fruits of your choice), water, a tablespoon of white sugar , dried oat flakes or powdered oats


We will start by boiling the apple pieces in the water until they are soft, then you must place the natural yogurt, the oatmeal (in flakes or powder) and the honey (or white vanilla) in the blender, to beat it for a minute until compact well.

Then you have to add half a glass of the red quinoa and the tablespoon of white sugar, beat again, for approximately 4 minutes and place the contents of the mixer in a deep and wide bowl.

Almost to finish you must place the fruits and the remaining half glass of red quinoa in the blender, continue by adding this mixture also to the bowl and proceed to stir to taste. Clever.

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You can add this yogurt (which only takes from 10 minutes to 15 minutes) brownies with the cinnamon and icing sugar as a decoration, but if you want to eat it directly, I also recommend it. It is a delicious and healthy recipe , ideal for a light afternoon.

Red quinoa cookies with coconut and cinnamon

We found the delicious cookies for dessert, who does not like to eat once in a while, or maybe more. An ideal recipe to eat and share with your friends. We leave you the steps of a recipe that uses ingredients such as coconut, red quinoa and cinnamon, which you can prepare in just 40 minutes.


1 cup of red quinoa (400 grams), previously cooked or in flour (the recipe at the beginning tells you how to prepare it if you want it and cannot find it), half a cup of wheat flour (200 grams), half a cup of sugar (200 grams), glass preferably.

At the same time you will need; melted butter (250 grams), 2 large eggs, vanilla (white) and baking powder, coconut (grated and in pieces), cinnamon powder


In a large bowl place the butter and sugar, you begin to mix until a homogeneous mass is left, then, add the eggs, vanilla and the baking powder, while continuing to stir constantly

Place the wheat flour, the red quinoa (pre-cooked or in flour) and the grated coconut in a large cup and mix until everything is complemented, then take to the bowl, beat until the dough compacts (it will surely cost you, it is a thick and thick dough).

You must preheat the oven to 300 degrees 2 minutes beforehand is a very good idea, grease the tray (with butter, oil or another product you want to use), shape the cookies with your hands (as long as they are clean) or with a mold and place them on the tray, well separated from each other.

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Then place the cinnamon and coconut pieces in the form of decoration, take the tray to the oven, place the temperature at 250 degrees and leave on the fire for 15 minutes to 20 minutes (you decide how crunchy you want them). Finally, remove from the oven and after they cool remove them, time to eat cookies!

Traditional recipes in their presentation with red quinoa

There are an endless number of recipes that we can find (with or without red quinoa) and among our favorites there is more than one, that’s for sure. Many times we do not want to try a new dish, but we do want a new ingredient. Which is why we have found some of the most common recipes (in addition to some that have been exposed so far) and added the red quinoa to them.

Curried red quinoa

A super fast dish, easy to prepare and delicious. A very common and rich way to enjoy red quinoa. Ideal for those who do not spend much time in the kitchen because they do not have it. One nutrient-rich ingredient that we will use is avocado . In 30 minutes you can have two servings ready.


2 cups of red quinoa (uncooked), 6 cups of water, half an onion (white or red), half zucchini, half paprika, 2 artichokes, 1 avocado, 1 tablespoon of garlic powder, one of lemon juice, one of curry, two olive oil, salt (to taste).


Chop the onion, zucchini, pepper and avocado, in a pan we place the oil over medium heat, after preheating we add the onion, zucchini, artichokes and paprika, stir for 5 more minutes.

We add the red quinoa, the salt, the garlic powder and the curry, we put the water in a pot and bring it to the fire, we boil the red quinoa as usual (remember that the recipe is at the beginning) When it is ready we take it to the pan and stir until everything is compacted

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When it is complemented it is time to serve and add the chopped avocado and lemon juice in a scattered way, you will have finished this delicious recipe for red quinoa curry.

Chicken soup with red quinoa

When someone gets sick it is the first dish that is offered. There is no one who can resist a chicken soup. So we could not miss such a common and renewed recipe with red quinoa. We present the recipe with its respective ingredients and the detailed steps to prepare it, in a short time you can enjoy this simple and delicious dish.


Half a cup of red quinoa (unsewn), fourth cup of red quinoa (flour), 400 grams of chicken, 2 cups of water, salt, 4 large potatoes, 200 grams of squash, 4 large carrots, 1 celery and 1 yam, coriander, paprika, pepper and vegetable oil


With the flour, salt and water we knead (clean hands!) We create some small dumplings of dough and let it rest, in a pot the water with salt is boiled (bring to the boiling point), we peel and dice the potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, celery and yams.

We take all this to the pot together with the chicken and the red quinoa, fry the coriander, paprika and pepper in a pan with the vegetable oil, when they are half fried, the oil is drained and added to the pot, stir everything well. the contents of the pot.

We let everything come to a boil (boil), then lower the heat, add the previously made dough balls, let it finish cooking, remove from the kitchen and serve, the ideal is to eat hot.

In summary, among the different types of quinoa, the red one can be highlighted with innumerable nutrients and recipes that allow us to acquire them in a healthy way . If you had any doubts about using it, we hope they have been clear and you dare to experiment with this incredible grain. Red quinoa is rich, combinable, versatile, multifunctional and you must try it .

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