Reducer and Firming R + R By Redumodel, Analysis And Alternative

Redumodel’s reducing, firming and anti-cellulite cream uses the power of marine collagen to produce results in as little as 8 days. It promises to refine the contours of the body, tone and tighten the skin thus preventing stretch marks and visibly reducing cellulite.

Redumodel’s formula produces an almost immediate effect on skin tightening and tightening, according to users praising its highly effective formula. This is due to the combination of Seaweed and plant principles, together with collagen, elastin and caffeine, an infallible tandem in the fight against orange peel skin and the characteristic dimples of cellulite.

The result is smoother and smoother skin, more defined contours, and the disappearance of the signs of cellulite. It is a perfect cream for incipient cellulite, or hormonal cellulite. And it will also be a good ally to prevent stretch marks.

With all this information, we are going to analyze the R + R emulsion of Redumodel, and see what ingredients can help us improve the appearance of our skin. You have more anti-cellulite options and all the information you need to know about cellulite and how to combat it in this article with The Best Anti-Cellulite Creams that you can find right now.

Redumodel R + R Reducing and Firming Analysis

Summary analysis Reducer and firming R + R Redumodel

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The Redumodel formula begins with ingredients that do not provide anti-cellulite benefits to the skin, such as surfactants, emollients, petroleum jelly, alcohol, silicones, or even Menthol, an ingredient that generates a cooling sensation on the skin, but is sensitizing. The product does not start well.

Luckily it straightens up by providing active ingredients that are worthwhile, such as botanical active ingredients, collagen, elastin or caffeine, although we do not know if it is on time or has lost the possibility of doing something to eliminate cellulite.

In this case, the hop extract and the Fucus Vesiculosus seaweed extract act as anti-inflammatories and moisturizers, while the ivy extract is a good draining and soothing agent. Hydrolyzed collagen and elastin will enhance the reinforcement of the skin’s structure, and increase its elasticity, something that is always useful to treat cellulite.

Caffeine is in a low proportion, just like Methyl Nicotinate, two active ingredients that increase blood circulation, and that unfortunately, will have little effect on the formula. The rest of the ingredients are not very relevant, although they do have an effect, in this case, for the most part negative, since it is full of irritants, harmful preservatives, perfume, fragrances and chemical dyes.

The reducing and firming cream that Redumodel proposes is not the best way to get rid of the cellulite that worries you. It may help you improve the general condition of the skin, and these effects will be seen after 8 days, but it will be very difficult to treat the most stubborn cellulite.


In this case, a more effective option to treat cellulite is the Akento Cosmetics anti-cellulite gel , which acts on several levels. On the one hand, it improves blood circulation in the area, it also reduces fat cells, and finally increases hydration and elasticity of the skin.

The assets used for this are in better proportions, so its effect will be more powerful and visible in less time. Undoubtedly, both for what it has (anti-cellulite antivirals), for what it does not have (harmful ingredients and a very low number of preservatives), it is the best option that there is right now in this field.

You have the complete analysis of this product in the link that I have left above.

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