Top Repairing Hair Masks: What They Do?

You always hear that to maintain hair health you need to hydrate, right? But when it comes to hydration, there are many differences between using a hydrating and repairing mask .

The reconstructive mask is suitable for brittle, brittle and non-elastic hair, that is, when the hair needs to be rebuilt because there are missing parts in the hair structure.

So if you have very damaged hair, you do a hydration and you do not see improvements, it is because it is likely that you will have to do a hair repair of the hair .

Hair repair is a process of rebuilding the proteins, amino acids and minerals that are essential for the hydration of the physical structure of the hair. Treats the outer layers of the hair and adds shine, softness and natural balance to the locks.

You can see the results of hair repair in the first sessions : the hair shows signs of recovery in the texture, and it becomes stronger and more resistant . However, to guarantee the durability of the treatment carried out in the salon, it is necessary that you do a maintenance at home with products from the same line that was used in the hair repair, so that the reconstructive active ingredients remain in the hair and spread the benefits of it.

If you don’t want to do a hair reconstruction at the salon, you can use repair masks at home .

The 5 best Repair Masks for hair

The Best – Nezeni Cosmetics Hair Repair Mask

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Ideal for extremely damaged hair . Nezeni Cosmetics mask  rebuilds the hair fiber from the inside out, achieving a deep repair of the most severe damage.

It recovers hair that is too weakened by hot tools such as straighteners, hair dryers and chemical processes, and reduces the frizziness of unruly hair.

So if this is your case, don’t waste time looking for another one, because this is the best option.

Furthermore, Nezeni Cosmetics policy is to try to be as natural as possible. In the case of this product, irritants and harmful ingredients have been avoided , as it is formulated:

  • Without parabens
  • Sulfate Free
  • Without Silicones
  • Without colorants
  • Without Mit (Methylisothiazolinone)
  • Without salt
  • Minimum level of preservatives


  • Glycerin : Highly moisturizing, prevents dehydration and leaves the hair fibers softer and shinier.
  • Macadamia oil : Rich in fatty acids that nourish, soften and protect each hair.
  • Cranberry Water : Provides moisturizing, hydrating and nourishing properties to the hair.
  • Xiametertm Mem-0949 Emulsion : Conditions hair to make it shiny, smooth and frizz- free, without leaving a feeling of heaviness or accumulation of silicones. It also protects the color of each strand, and keeps it safe from heat.
  • Emollients : Soften and smooth detangling each strand.
  • Vitamin E : Antioxidant that protects hair from damage caused by sun exposure.

This product from a Spanish laboratory can only be purchased on Amazon and through its website

One of the best nourishing hair masks: Dalire Repair Mask

The Spanish brand of hair products, Dalire , is being the sensation of the year thanks to its products made locally. They started with a sulfate-free, paraben-free, and toxic-free shampoo that is becoming a favorite with dermatologists and hairdressers. They have now launched a nourishing hair mask to supplement and we can only say that we love it .

Dalire’s new product: The best nourishing hair mask when combined with Sulfate-free shampoo

Dalire’s nourishing repairing hair mask in cream form is a very high quality product , with a great value for money. With very little product you can achieve professional results when applied to wet hair. Thanks to the fact that it is a product without sulfates, without parabens, without salt, without toxins and without allergens, you will contribute to making the hair healthier and less damaged. You will avoid the irritation of traditional products. It also includes among its components some natural active ingredients that help repair and in-depth nutrition of the hair from the scalp and roots to the ends. It is a product that if you apply it together with your shampoo, you will ensure that you do not have toxins in your hair.Highly recommended for sensitive people or children .

The best active ingredients in hair cream are:

  • Coconut: Due to the proteins and fatty acids of Coconut, it provides great benefits to hair repair. Proteins protect and repair. Coconut oil consists of lauric acid triglycerides that penetrate to the deepest layers of the hair fibers.
  • Birch: Provides stimulation of the circulation of the scalp
  • Rosemary: Revitalizes hair
  • Wild thyme: Antioxidant properties in hair
  • Nettle: Helps condition hair
  • Horsetail: Elastic properties in the hair when applied
  • Tussilago: Helps condition hair
  • Yarrow: Purification and Itch Relief Properties

Resistance Therapiste by Kérastase

The Kérastase Resistance line promises to  save fragile and porous hair  thanks to its reconstructive active ingredients.

Get your hair back and make it stronger! However, its price is quite high, its smell is quite unpleasant, and it has the odd ingredient that is not recommended.

After bleaching my hair , I used this mask to see what results it gave, and although it seemed to work at first, after a couple of weeks it left my hair dry and dull that tangled easily.


  • Repairs the new fiber, very damaged and subject to many chemical processes.
  • Fiber-KAP:  It is a compound wheat protein technology and 6 other amino acids (arginine, serine, glutamic acid, glycine, proline, tyrosine). It rebuilds the internal connection of the fiber, leaving the hair stronger and avoiding cracks.
  • Resurrection Flower Sap:  Myrothamnus flabellifolia (resurrection flower) extract. With high antioxidant power, it accelerates hair recovery and repairs damage caused by chemicals.
  • Wheat proteins: They  repair hair scales, have a moisturizing action, give damaged hair shine and silkiness and promote softness.

Sebastian’s Penetraitt

Penetraitt works on all hair types, providing a film that strengthens and repairs from the inside. Ideal for hair that has just undergone progressive dyeing, bleaching and straightening , but is not as damaged. It’s great for maintaining hair on a daily basis!

Leaves hair like silk and restores all the mass lost during chemical processes. Leaves hair very shiny and makes it stronger with each application, however, its level of reconstruction is not even close to that of the Nezeni mask.


  • Its formula based on soy, silk and wheat protein restores and revitalizes hair .
  • Soy protein: Helps in the retention of moisture in the hairs, which prevents them from drying out and makes them stronger and more flexible.
  • Silk protein: Gives softness, shine and leaves hair smooth.
  • Wheat protein: Forms a film on the hair fiber that helps repair damaged keratin scales. Provides body, shine and softness to hair.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure BC Peptide Repair

Very recognized, very powerful, but it does not go well with all types of hair .

Many people complained that it leaves their hair thick. When we used it in the office, we left it only for the indicated time and the hair was not soft.

But Schwarzkopf reformulated the mask and introduced two new versions one for thick hair and one for fine hair! Since then, only praise.

We recommend this product for hair that is bleached and severely damaged by any chemical product. Another type of hair that should benefit from it is porous, since it penetrates deep into the cuticle of the strand.

Recover the nutrients lost in chemical processes!


  • mino Cell Rebuild: A compound of amino acids and panthenol that acts inside the hair. Rebuilds, hydrates and restores strength.
  • Proteolipids: A powerful combination of hydrolyzed keratin and lipids to restore and protect hair.
  • Perfecting Technology: Technology that fills in the gaps in damaged hair, restoring strength, softness and shine.

Inner Restore Intensive Senscience

One of the most famous for hair recovery, Senscience’s Inner Restore mask is loved by those looking for immediate results.

It’s a restorative treatment for thick hair, but it doesn’t work well on fine hair (like mine!). Reduces frizz and repairs severely damaged hair, leaving hair looking healthy, hydrated, shiny and nourished.

Softens and repairs cuticles, leaving a healthy shine on your hair. Use it once a week instead of conditioner if your hair is extremely damaged. 

It transforms hair and leaves it with incredible flexibility, avoiding any breakage!

Ideal for hair that is porous, hard and brittle due to chemicals.


  • Enriched with an exclusive blend of silicone emulsions from Shiseido Laboratories to restore hydration with essential acids and amino acids, which promote healthy hair.
  • Polymeric conditioners and moisturizers that provide exceptional softness, nourish the hair and balance the level of hydration.

These are the 5 repairing masks that give the best results and recover any type of damaged hair .

What is the function of repair masks?

Rebuild brittle hair and provide essential nutrients . Our hair is made of keratin, which is made up of 19 amino acids. The daily physical aggressions that we suffer (such as coloring, bleaching, progressive straightening, relaxing and drying) leave our hair fragile. Therefore, the keratin must be replaced.

All reconstruction has keratin in its formula, even if it is not explicit on the package.

The ingredients that are normally contained in the repair mask are: keratin (cysteine ​​and arginine), collagen , amino acids, wheat protein and creatine.

Keratin : protein with high molecular weight, capable of retaining moisture and restructuring hair throughout its length. More information about keratin for hair.

Amino Acid Complex : Combination that has an affinity for hair keratin, causing the spaces of damaged fibers to be attracted, filled in and then rebuilt.

Wheat protein : Forms a film on the hair fiber that helps repair damaged keratin scales. Provides body, shine and softness to hair.

To enhance the effect of a repairing mask, you can add liquid keratin to your cream.

When should the Repair Mask be used?

Each 15 days. Too much rebuilding is just as bad as not rebuilding, because too much keratin makes hair harder and easier to break. Avoid weekly use of this product.

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