Roacuán: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Roacutan is a drug widely used throughout Europe and America to treat skin conditions, which are related to severe and polycystic acne problems; whose positive effects are reflected in the first months, in patients who are subjected to treatment with Roacutan, likewise, it is used for treatments of different types of cancer.

If you want to know everything related to this excellent medicine, continue reading all the information that we have compiled in this post, especially for you.

What is Roacután?

It is a medicine in pills where the active principle is Isotretinoin, which is a component that comes from vitamin A , which is based on combating skin problems, especially severe acne or cystic acne; Roacutan already has a high power of effectiveness in patients with these severe skin conditions.

Cases have been studied where it definitively eradicates the problem, in other cases it is 38 percent effective and in a greater proportion it tends to improve the different types of acne, with a percentage of 80 percent , that is why it is a reference medicine for this type of disease affecting the skin.

Origin of Roacután

This is a drug which in the last 28 years has gained a lot of popularity, as it has good effects on severe acne. Although its use is also questioned because this type of drug like Roacutan is a systematic drug that not only attacks acne, but can cause problems throughout the body system and its adverse reactions are strong.

Its action against skin problems was discovered Isotretinoin (Roacuan) demonstrating its positive effect on the affected cells in the skin and also against resistant or severe acne. These studies of this discovery are attributed to the National Institute of Health of the United States and especially to the investigative work of G. Peck.

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This discovery of Isotretinoin and its favorable effect on the skin was as such patented in 1979 and launched on the United States pharmaceutical market 3 years later. In Europe 6 years after being patented.

And it should be noted that the Roche brand, which had the Roacutan patent expired in 2002, losing its rights to this drug and giving space for generics of this drug to be manufactured.

Additional names for Roacutan

The Roaccutane can be achieved with different names since losing the Roche patent can be found only by isotretinoin , by Flexresan, by Isoacné, by Accutane , for Roaccutane, by Isdiben, by Acnemin or Dercutane. It is necessary to emphasize that they all have the same medical action and their active principle varies only due to their presentation or other simple characteristics.

What are the ingredients of Roacutan?

As we mentioned before, its active principle is made up of Isotretinoin as another series of components : refined soybean oil as well as hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated soybean oil, as well as yellow beeswax, karion, gelatin, titanium dioxide, glycerol, refined of shellac , black iron (oxide) and cataxanthin.

The concentration of the active ingredient Isotretinoin of 10 mg or 20 mg and the presentation of Roacuan is through its soft capsules that have an oval shape among their characteristics , their color is an opaque shade of violet with a tendency to reddish and contains the amount of 30 capsules per box Roacutan

Where to buy Roacután?

Roacutan is a drug that is found throughout the pharmaceutical market due to its high percentage of effectiveness in terms of acne treatment, but it is very delicate and with a series of side effects that make it a drug that is obtained only with a prescription . This means that you can buy it only if it is indicated by your treating doctor.

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Does Roacutan Really Work?

Yes, since Roacutan is responsible for combating acne , where its action is aimed at correcting the sebaceous glands and therefore decreasing the production of sebum (fatty liquid), this favors its reduction and stop the growth of bacteria that take root in severe cases of acne and multiply causing strong inflammation in the skin.

Therefore, the size of the sebaceous glands is considerably reduced between a 35 percent to 58 percent improvement in terms of the reduction of the glands. In the same way, it reduces the fatty liquid secreted by the sebaceous glands with an 80 percent improvement in the acne problem.

It should be noted that sebum is the source and medium for the growth of acne-product bacteria and since this fatty liquid is greatly diminished, the proliferation of these bacteria also decreases proportionally.

Likewise, it slows down the process in which cells originate inside the pores, thus preventing the pores from clogging and causing greater damage to the epidermis. At the beginning of treatment, no improvement will be seen, since in most patients it tends to cause a not very positive reaction, approximately the first 30 days of treatment with Roacuan.

In the treatment of acne, Roacuan works in patients with 95 percent effectiveness in the complete or partial lightening of the type of acne that the patients present and if they comply with the tailored treatment.

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What are the adverse effects of Roacuan?

There is a lot of controversy regarding the adverse effects and benefits of Roacutan, since this drug acts in a systematic way, compromising the whole organism, which is why there are many adverse effects that it causes in the body, some patients undergoing treatment with Roacuan they can be sensitive and present more problems than others.

It has been shown that the use of Roacuan can cause adverse effects ranging from moderate to reversible symptoms, but as this is a delicate medicine; There are also proven cases where it causes significant damage to the body that can last a long time or can be very severe for the body .

And among the adverse effects that can be achieved the most in those who have followed a treatment with Roacuan and their cases that they present are the most common or have been subjected to studies due to their relationship with the use of Roacuan. We see the following cases of the adverse effects of severe acne treatment, which have more impact on the body, such as:

  • Dry skin: this is one of the most common cases that are perceived with the use of Roacutan, since there is a dryness in the skin and in many patients who use this medicine it can even produce scales due to the lack of moisture in the skin . In this case, the doctor will indicate the most effective method to reduce dryness.
  • Severe dry lips: this condition is also very normal in those who are under the treatment of Roacutan, since the symptoms of this condition appear from just a few weeks after starting the treatment. It can be counteracted by using a lip moisturizer in a preventive way when starting to ingest Roacutan.

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  • Dry nasal passages: this condition affects the entire nasal system, since there is no moisture in the entire area where it can cause in many cases constant nasal bleeding ; likewise, it does not provide moisture for the eyes. When using Roacuan, precautions should be taken for these cases, such as keeping the area moisturized and not touching the area of ​​the nose as it is very sensitive.
  • Changes in the skin: in the majority of patients who are taking Roacuan medication, it makes the skin more sensitive as a result of the constant regeneration of the skin that this drug produces, so skin care precautions should be taken, like wearing sunscreen and not using facial cleansing methods as it can cause more severe damage.
  • Joint pains: this condition can appear as of the fourth week after starting to take Roacuan, since it presents with pain in both the joints and the muscles. The pains can be from simple discomfort or become very strong. In these cases, the doctor may decrease the amount of Roacuan or indicate an anti-inflammatory.
  • Variation in blood chemistry: This type of treatment produces an alteration in normal blood values ​​such as an increase in triglycerides, cholesterol and transaminases, which should be taken as normal due to the effect of Roacutan and its effect is reversible. .
  • Difficulty in vision: this condition due to the adverse effects of Roacuan manifests itself only when under medical treatment , because it produces changes in the limitation of vision, especially at night. The manifestation of these symptoms is not very frequent, but it is recommended not to drive at night or do any other activity that requires visual attention at night .

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  • Pressure in the skull: this type of condition is one of the most severe effects of Roacutan, but if it is well treated it is reversible, so it should not be combined with other drugs that also raise intracranial pressure, such as use of antibiotics that have an antimicrobial action.
  • Depressive condition: this adverse reaction is not underestimated, but in itself it is not conclusive , it is no longer exclusively because of the treatment with Roacuan this effect because it is not precisely proven. It is essential to consider that the mood of a patient may depend on many factors that affect him, whether due to acne itself or others.

What I should know about Roacuán

There is the possibility of suffering a relapse with Roacuan, since there is an average of which for every 5 people who undergo Roacuan treatment, 1 of these people may have a relapse in the reappearance of acne, this in a long period of time after after completing your first treatment.

And to a large extent the recurrence of acne depends on the treatment that was carried out before the relapse of the appearance of acne. That is, it obeys the prescribed dose, therefore, those who receive a Roacuan treatment with an amount between 100 mg to 200 mg accumulated, their results are very optimal and they are less likely to have a recurrence of acne.

On the other hand, the patients whose treatments with Roacuan were of accumulated concentrations lower than the previous ones, their recurrence rate is higher. The treatment for severe or cystic acne is prescribed based on the weight of the patient and the amount of Roacuan to be ingested varies depending on the weight.

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In his recidivism may also be due to other circumstances that accelerate this process of recurrence of acne as it is the type of acne question is very severe, also men are more likely to relapse than women because they produce more androgen the which is an ally of acne.

Likewise, women can also have relapses due to polycystic ovarian disease because this condition is due to a hormonal disorder, and in both cases, either a man or a woman affects the reappearance of severe acne when the treatment of Roacutan it is ingested without a low-fat diet.

Before using Roacuan, what can I ask my doctor?

There are many questions that can arise before starting a treatment with Roacuan, so you must be precise and be clear about any concerns. It is necessary that you inform yourself well about Roacuan and its adverse effects since certain doubts may arise from there. Among the most frequent doubts are:

  • Be clear with your dermatologist about the highest limits that triglycerides, cholesterol and transaminase can register, that it does not compromise the functions of the organs and that it is not exposed later to suffer from other diseases, such as diabetes.
  • It is also necessary to be clear when it may be necessary to lower the dose of Roacuan treatment or when the treatment should be suspended due to a greater effect that may occur.
  • How long is the treatment with Roacuan.
  • All doubts regarding the change of mood that may arise during treatment with Roacuan and more if there is a family member with a psychiatric disorder in the medical history.
  • Medications or foods that you should not eat , which should be avoided when under treatment with Roacuan.

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  • In how much time is improvement seen with the Roacutan treatment.
  • If possible use other natural alternative treatments.
  • Check if you can drink alcohol and smoke during treatment with Roacuan.
  • After taking Roacutan what happens, among other series of questions that may arise depending on your case.

How is Roacutan ingested?

Roacuan treatment is taken orally as directed by the dermatologist. Roacuan softgels are generally taken 1 to 2 times a day during the ingestion of meals. Likewise, it should be taken with water (1 glass) , so that it goes directly to the digestive tract, you can neither chew it nor keep the capsule in your mouth for a long time.

It is important to note that the recommendations prescribed by your dermatologist and the instructions for the drug Roacutan must be followed to the letter. It is important to obtain the best results in terms of reducing and eliminating acne, so the Roacuan treatment should be taken as indicated.

Normally, this treatment is started with low doses so that according to its adverse effects the dose is maintained or can be increased. If you have any questions regarding the dosage of Roacutan to ingest, consult your dermatologist.

As Roacuan is a cumulative drug , that is, its full effects appear at the end of treatment, it is vitally important that you do not alter the dosage or exceed the treatment time of this drug because it is very delicate.

For this reason, it must be taken into account that in the first weeks the improvement of acne will not be noticed, it may even make the situation worse. Therefore, this should not worry you, as it is a condition that is prescribed. After finishing the treatment, some improvements are still observed.

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How to use Roacutan?

In general, the treatments in which Roacuan is administered are dosed according to weight , where the ratio would be 0.5 mg of Roacuan for each Kilogram of the patient and day, representing in this way (mg / kg / day).

According to the determination of the dermatologist and of course according to the evolution with the reaction to the adverse effects, the decision of the doctor and the patient to modify the dose can be made. Mostly the dosage is about (0.5 to 1.0) mg / kg / day.

Roacutan is not indicated for children , nor to treat any type of acne that occurs before adolescence (puberty) and its benefits and disadvantages have to be considered for people with severe acne who suffer from some type of serious disease.

It should be noted that normally the treatments with Roacutan have an average duration of 4 months to 6 continuous months of treatment, according to the acne in question and the dosage that has been prescribed. The improvements can be visualized 2 months after concluding the treatment, most patients do not need to start a second phase of Roacutan.

In case of missing a dose of Roacuan, what happens?

To obtain the best results, you should try as much as possible to comply with the Roacuan treatment as indicated, but if you have missed a dose at the prescribed time, you should take it as soon as you realize that you missed it, but if the Another dose is better not to take and wait for the time that is usually taken .

It is important to note that you cannot take two capsules of Roacutan to supply the body with the missed dose , as this can alter the treatment and cause harmful damage to the body as it is a very strong drug.

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In case of overdose with Roacuan, what should I do?

Should act as quickly as possible to receive medical attention and can make gastric lavage , it is essential to be in the early hours of eating overdose with Roaccutane, as among the damages that may result is a hypervitaminosis .

If I am taking Roacuan, what should I avoid?

The main factors to avoid when taking Roacutan in the first instance, try not to expose yourself to the sun’s rays and look for the best way to protect yourself from the damage that the sun’s rays can cause due to the state of the skin, remember that Roacutan makes the skin more sensitive by regenerating its layers.

Likewise, it is contraindicated to drink alcohol when you are under the Roacuan treatment, therefore, you should avoid it as much as possible, also avoid consuming excessive fats since they interact with the fat reduction process of the sebaceous glands.

In the same way, avoid natural treatments such as medicinal plants since it can affect Roacuan (Isotretinoin), and it is of utmost importance in women to avoid getting pregnant when taking Roacutan or months after finishing the treatment.

With which drugs does the use of Roacutan interact or are not recommended?

It is important to bear in mind that the use of Roacutan with other medications can generate adverse health reactions, such as the use of this medication together with vitamin supplements such as vitamin A, since Roacuan is a derivative of this vitamin and could cause hypervitaminosis A .

Likewise, with other medications such as the antibiotics tetracycline, minocycline, sulfonamides ; also thiazide diuretics or another class of drugs that are similar, in the same way the use of topical creams for acne since they complicate the improvement in the patient.

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Does Roacuan affect pregnant women?

Being pregnant and taking Roacuan considerably affects the fetus , since by the compounds of this medicine it can cause malformation in the fetus and also spontaneous abortions.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of yourself before starting the treatment and also months after having concluded it. The dermatologist has to ask for pregnancy tests before indicating Roacuan, since it is of vital importance that the woman understands the harmful effects that this medicine has on the fetus.

Likewise, the need to take care of a pregnancy through contraceptive methods, where the doctor will indicate that the contraceptive pills do not affect the treatment for acne and be more effective in this case.

Similarly, since birth control pills have a percentage of getting pregnant, another method that is more effective should be used in addition, such as the use of condoms to avoid a high-risk pregnancy.

Before using this treatment for acne in women of childbearing age, the treating physician must inform by means of a document the risks involved in the use of Roacutan and the commitment that is assumed by being aware of the consequences that this medication can generate in the fetus as malformation and an abortion.

What should you do if you are taking Roacutan and think you are pregnant?

If you are under Roacuan treatment and there is a high probability of being pregnant, it is best that you consult your dermatologist immediately regarding the situation. On the other hand, if you confirm the pregnancy on your own, proceed immediately to stop this acne drug and consult an obstetrician and your dermatologist.

Is it safe to breastfeed while using Roacuan?

It is not safe, because breastfeeding while taking Roacutan directly affects the baby, since Roacuan is present through breast milk, causing harm to the newborn and placing it at risk of developing a series of diseases resulting from this medicine.

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Precautions about taking Roacuan

It should be considered that months after taking the drug Roacutan, its components are still present in the body , which is why it is necessary that the patient who was treated for the acne problem continues to take care of both alcohol intake, avoid exposure in the sun, continue taking care of preventing pregnancy, avoiding alternative skin treatments, among others.

Likewise, while taking Roacutan or months after completing the medication , blood cannot be donated, since this endangers the health of other people, complicating their condition and in many cases affecting other pregnancies.

Roacuán benefits

There are many benefits that are seen in acneic skin, since a high percentage of the positive effects of this drug are reflected, it is estimated that Roacutan is 80 percent effective in patients under this treatment. Let’s see its other benefits:

  • Roacuan is one of the most effective in curing severe and polycystic acne.
  • This treatment is the least that leaves permanent scarring conditions on the skin caused by severe acne.
  • Out of 5 patients with the Roacuan treatment, only 1 may have a recurrence of acne problems again.
  • Many patients claim that its benefits outweigh the adverse effects.
  • As an improvement in the appearance of the skin is obtained, it provides the patient with a better quality of life and allowing them to increase their self-esteem.
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