Roc Anti-Cellulite Micro-Actif Progressive Action Concentrate, Analysis And Alternative

ROC Anti-Cellulite is a topical formulation to reduce the visibility of cellulite anywhere on the body. It uses a combination of powerful ingredients that burn oil, while hydrating and softening the skin.

How does Anti-Cellulite Micro-Actif work? It uses microdiffusion technology combined with ROC’s high-performance technology to obtain the best possible results. It is based on the draining power of caffeine, which removes excess water, and at the same time inhibits an enzyme crucial for lipolysis (fat burning).

The formulation also uses an active ingredient that offers a stronger lipolytic action than caffeine. This promotes the release of fat from adipocytes to reduce stored fat in certain parts of the body, and greatly reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Clinical tests have shown that it provides measurable results within 12 weeks of constant application, twice a day. In short, RoC Anti-Cellulite is a good skin care product to reduce problematic cellulite anywhere on the body, as it uses active ingredients that are backed by clinical data and its formulation is from a reputable brand.

But all this does not seem enough, and that is why we are going to analyze the INCI of the cream, and thus check if it is worth it, or is it just a waste of time and money. You can take a look at other analyzes we have carried out, until we find the Best Anti-Cellulite Cream on the market.

ROC Anti-Cellulite Micro-Active Progressive Action Concentrate Assay

Summary of ROC’s Anti-Cellulite Micro-Actif Progressive Action Concentrate

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Like so many other anti-cellulites, ROC starts its cream with lubricants, emollients, surfactants and silicones, but unlike most of them, it starts with the actives quickly. The first one is an active ingredient that increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin which, together with caffeine, is a good anti-cellulite tandem.

The caffeine you use is a special form of caffeine that can penetrate deep into the skin to enhance the lipolysis process. It is a common ingredient in anti-cellulite formulations, especially as it offers powerful anti-edematous benefits that can quickly reduce the severity of cellulite in certain parts of the body.

Carnitine follows closely behind, a lipolytic ingredient, which even topically promotes the burning of fatty acids that have been released due to the lipolysis process. And after some moisturizers and conditioners, you find two important assets, which are very similar. These are two compounds extracted from the roots of the butcher’s broom, a shrub that is widely used in cellulite treatments.

Rucogenin and Neoruscogenin offer draining and decongestant effects that help to quickly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Their vasoconstrictive properties make them a great anti-inflammatory and venotonic. Although we would like these two compounds to be in a higher concentration.

So far so good; however, while it might have been one of the best anti-cellulite creams on the market, the formula breaks down right at the end. This is due to the inclusion of parabens, and not one or two, but up to 3 we have found.

It is surprising that a brand with a history and reputation like ROC still continues to include parabens, when a significant majority of consumers try to avoid these preservatives because of their harmful side effects.

Yes, the cream may have good anti-cellulite active ingredients, and that it offers good results improving the appearance of cellulite, but this does not justify that we can put anything on our skin. And I personally am not going to use parabens that can be detrimental to my long-term health.


It is clear that we will never recommend a cream with parabens, which is why we like Akento Cosmetics anti-cellulite gel so much, since it has natural ingredients, and of course, it completely avoids parabens and other ingredients that are harmful to skin and health. .

It also has several of the active ingredients that ROC cream has, such as caffeine, carnitine and butcher’s broom extract, as well as other beneficial ingredients, so it is a more complete and efficient cream.

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