Roc Extra Comfort Micellar Lotion, Analysis And Alternative

RoC Extra Comfort cleansing lotion is specially formulated to remove makeup and cleanse the most sensitive and reactive skin. Its cleansing action provides a gentle but effective cleaning for optimal tolerance.

With a gentle tapping on the skin, it gently cleanses each remaining makeup, without drying the skin or leaving a greasy residue. Also valid for cleaning the eyes.

The skin is immediately fresh, smooth and perfectly toned to continue with the care routine.

Being a specialized product for the most sensitive skin, the ingredients are key to respect the health of this skin, so let’s see the ingredients that have been included. You have more analysis and more options in our main article with the best micellar waters on the market.

ROC Extra Comfort Micellar Lotion Analysis

ROC Extra Comfort Micellar Lotion analysis summary

It’s funny, because if you only read the INCI of the product, the first thing you think is that it is a cleanser for oily skin.

Ingredients such as copper gluconate or zinc gluconate, which are active ingredients widely used in cosmetic products to treat acne or fat, are present in the formula, providing healing, mattifying and oil-regulating properties.

Its presence is not fully understood in a micellar water for sensitive skin. I am not saying that they are not good ingredients, just that it is not their place.

Apart from these unexpected actives, it also includes emollients such as panthenol, or beneficial ingredients such as allantoin, which soothes, softens and heals.

However, of all the micellar make-up removers we’ve tried, ROC’s is undoubtedly the worst of all, and all due to the inclusion of a bunch of preservatives, and worst of all, parabens.

As other products prove, these ingredients are neither necessary nor essential in a formulation, and even more so designed for sensitive skin! So you spoil all the benefits you could have. It is not an option that I would recommend in any case and for any skin.


Without a doubt, any option without parabens is better than ROC micellar water, but given the choice, make it the best. And as number one we have chosen Nezeni Cosmetics water, which is an option that respects sensitive skin.

It cleans in depth, does not include any paraben, the preservatives are minimal, and it also adds hydration with glycerin and aloe vera. You can not ask for more.

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