Rosemary: Contraindications, Benefits, Uses And Properties

e of the most important contributions of nature have been of great variety, almost infinite, mainly plants. Each of them presents their respective qualities that make them stand out in different areas such as medicine, cosmetics and gastronomy. Such is the case of the very popular and widely used Rosemary .

In this article we will give you all the information about a plant that, in addition to having medicinal virtues, is also a good companion to various plants. Both are excellent ways to benefit from the wonderful qualities that rosemary possesses.


What is rosemary and where does it originate?

It is an aromatic plant , scientifically known as Rosmarinus officinalis , it is characterized by being a woody shrub with its respective leaves, usually small and can be pulverized. It commonly grows wild, that is, as thickets in any open space.

Originally it spreads in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea , where it was discovered. Its first appearances and uses correspond to the times of ancient Greece with purely medicinal purposes, used as a memory stimulant by its inhabitants.

It stands out as an aromatic plant, since it is one of the main characteristics by which it is recognized: its particular smell. Rosemary has a natural, fresh and relaxing aroma, quite similar to that of pins. This makes it easy to recognize, as well as by its leaves.

Throughout this article we will present these qualities and characteristics that position rosemary as one of the most used plants by various people, which has transcended generations and civilizations throughout the world. In addition to its use in different areas to extract from it the properties that we require.

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Properties and composition of Rosemary

For a plant like rosemary to have positioned itself among the best of a medicinal nature, it was necessary to study the benefits that these offered to its consumers and thanks to this the incredible elements that compose it were discovered.

Among the main properties that rosemary has is its antioxidant, anticancer and antimicrobial capacity . They are due to the compounds that are part of it, generally they are various oils, some direct derivatives of phenolic acid and phenolic diterpenes. Here we leave you all these compounds.

1,8-Cineol oil

Mostly known as eucalyptol, for being an oil abundant in eucalyptus. It gives it the particular mint aroma, which makes it refreshing and is widely used in the pharmacology and cosmetology market.

Alpha-pinene oil

It is an oil that gives it a strong presence and highlights, providing bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties of great benefit. Helping to inhibit cholinesterase, a characteristic that is widely used to promote memory.

Camphene oil

It is one of the most nutritious and sweet-smelling compounds . Widely used in the food industry, ideal for providing fragrance. It is also present in species such as cypress, orange and ginger. This oil makes rosemary stand out as a fragrant plant (in a pleasant way) and that usually attracts only by smell.

Alpha-terpineol oil

This essential oil stands out in rosemary for its incredible antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, thus acting as a powerful anti-infective agent. In addition, they are present in other components such as peno and lavender.

Rosmarinic acid, composed of rosemary

It is one of the essential acids that comes to life thanks to rosemary , in 1958 it was isolated for the first time from the plant for use in medicine, since it contains antioxidant properties and a great contribution to integral health. It is used mainly to protect the lungs, it is also found in plants such as basil, sage, mint and lemon balm.

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Carnosic acid, composed of rosemary

This essential acid is responsible for protecting the skin, thanks to its ideal antioxidant properties against exposure to ultraviolet radiation. It also has antimicrobial properties, especially for oral health and is also a component of other plants, such as sage.


It is a phenolic diterpene, notable for its powerful antioxidant qualities and ideal for protecting the liver, it can also be found in sage. All these compounds make rosemary a great ally in various areas and add popularity to lovers of good food and health.

The 19 benefits of rosemary, the most outstanding and impressive that will make you want to use it from now on

Before starting to consume or use rosemary, it is vital to know exactly what it is for and what are the benefits we can obtain by integrating it into our diet. As we saw previously, within rosemary there are different compounds that make it up and make it an excellent option to take home.

All these compounds that provide their properties and are present in rosemary provide us with great and varied benefits . In this article we will take care of highlighting the most important ones. In this way we hope to motivate you to use it for those little problems where rosemary is very useful.

Helps to improve the main brain functions, Rosemary is a natural relaxant par excellence

These benefits could be verified thanks to a study carried out using aromatherapy based on rosemary, the people tested managed to obtain improvements in working memory , especially in terms of performance, quality and with a great positive influence on alertness (which it is vital for both our brain and overall health).

In the elderly, that is, in grandparents, powdered rosemary was used. Thanks to this, it was possible to show a great improvement in terms of attention and speed to retrieve information from his memory. It should be noted that the doses should be low, so as not to cause adverse effects.

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Ideal to protect the brain

The carnosic acid that rosemary provides is found and is vital to protect the cells present in the brain and also in the neurons. It protects against problems such as overstimulation and the so-called oxidative stress , which is associated with the deterioration of cells, especially in cases of Alzheimer’s .

Helps protect the brain, reducing the formation of blood clots and brain inflammations. As well as to the middle cerebral artery, of damages or injuries caused by ischemia. If memory loss is a hereditary family case, we recommend it as a method of protection.

Due to its antimicrobial properties, Rosemary is a perfect antibacterial

This property is due to the fact that rosemary extracts have been shown to be a completely natural paralyzer in the growth of certain types of bacteria , whether they are Gram negative strains or Gram positive strains , resulting in the latter more effective than in the first.

In addition to the properties already mentioned, rosemary also has fungicidal and antiviral qualities, which make it ideal for these cases where the presence of bacteria is persistent.

Helps in the fight against cancer

In the treatments applied in the fight against various types of cancer it has proven to be effective . For example, in cancer of the prostate, pancreas, ovaries, lungs, blood, liver, bladder and colon. It is due to its active components, which are responsible for stopping the growth of certain diseased cells, they even managed to kill them in some cases.

Heterocyclic amines are a very intense and potentially carcinogenic type of compound, formed mainly in meats such as beef and pork, as well as in chicken and fish; occurs when they are subjected to high temperatures. The rosmarinic acid present and the rosemary extracts attack and eliminate them directly.

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Ideal to protect the skin from certain imperfections

The same microbial properties present in rosemary extracts are responsible for eliminating the bacteria that cause acne and protecting the skin from potentially harmful imperfections, reducing cell damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and spots caused by sunlight.

These qualities, in turn, help prevent skin cancer that is usually caused by exposure to these sun rays, as well as aging and deterioration of the skin. You can protect your skin and health just by eating a little of this plant.

For its anti-inflammatory properties, rosemary is a muscle relaxant

To reduce the emergence of inflammatory molecules, a very high dose of this plant is necessary, rosemary extracts directly influence COX – 1, Interleukin 1 beta, TNF alpha and iNOS, which are present in cells that they are healthy.

This compound has the ability to reduce certain components related to inflammation processes in the body, such as the production of nitric oxide and leukocytes, better known as white blood cells.

Helps prevent blood clots

Antithrombotic effects have been established in this plant , thereby reducing blood flow and helping to stop clotting. It is mainly due to the reduction of activity in platelets, which are the blood bodies or organisms primarily responsible for clotting.

It favors asthmatic people, rosemary as an ingredient in home remedies

A publication in the European Respiratory Journal reported great benefits of this plant in patients with asthmatic difficulties, reducing certain symptoms of this condition , which affects a large proportion of the population and is caused by various atmospheric agents.

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However, among the symptoms that the compounds of this plant managed to reduce are the expectoration of mucus and wheezing, constant chest pain, the generation of sputum and cough . Rosemary has also been shown to reduce the development of neutrophils, eosinophils, and other types of inflammatory cells, induced by asthma.

For its anti-ulcer properties

Its antioxidant properties give it the ability to reduce, although in a very low way, the anti-ulcer effects. Everything will depend on the dose of rosemary extract provided, in these cases the ideal is for a specialist to indicate it.

Helps control those extra kilos, Rosemary to lose weight

Most fear losing their appetite to lose those extra pounds and show off a slim figure, but it has been shown that with rosemary it is not necessary. Since the rosemary extract does not directly or indirectly induce food intake, but it does cause a considerable loss of fat .

Almost all of its compounds have antioxidant properties

This property is present in almost all its compounds and is responsible for other benefits that rosemary provides. The effects of this will depend on the extraction time and the processes used for this purpose.

Due to its properties it is a great protector of the liver

Studies have been conducted where rosemary turns out to give positive responses as a protector against liver damage. Exactly eliminating malondialdehyde , a compound mainly related to oxidative stress in these cells. It also acted in the protection of liver tissues against deformation and managed to prevent the depletion of liver glycogen.

Helps the gastrointestinal tract and renal system

A little rosemary will help you reduce gas, infections in the colon , regulate recharges in the bile and protect against some diseases in the intestines. It also helps to discharge urine, very beneficial for people suffering from thyroid.

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Ideal for improving mood

People often recognize this plant easily by its particular aroma and describe it as something fresh, and relaxing . Their participation in cases of stress was carried out through aromatherapy , resulting in experiences of satisfaction, comfort and reduction of anxiety.

For its analgesic properties

Traditional and colloquial medicine has used this plant to treat discomfort caused by painful menstruation or the well-known dysmenorrhea. Calming menstrual pains in the abdomen, which are the product of stomach cramps or kidney colic that usually arrive in this period and are due to the obstruction of urine between the kidneys and bladder.

Helps reduce spasms

Some people suffer from these involuntary movements in certain areas of the body, known as spasms. Compounds present in rosemary leaves such as antiepileptic drugs help to reduce, although very carefully, these involuntary spasms in the muscles of the body.

Ideal to promote hair growth, goodbye to baldness or fallen hair

A very common cosmetic problem is hair loss or also called baldness, trials have been carried out where people who have permanent baldness or scientifically known as androgenetic alopecia are tested, and the results have been few, but positive.

Due to its properties it can protect organs such as the lungs

The lungs are vital organs for any human being, we depend on them to breathe. Which is why it is essential to keep them protected, especially from the accumulation of fluids, some compounds present in rosemary have proven to be effective to prevent the accumulation of these and thus protect the lungs.

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Helps fight arthritis

Arthritis is a very annoying problem and must be confronted, evidence of rosemary has been found, which counteracts the progress where arthritis is generated; exactly by reducing the aforementioned oxidative damage, this time in the joints and tissues related to this annoying condition.

Rosemary uses

All these benefits, already mentioned, make rosemary a very advantageous and used plant . It has made its way between areas such as gastronomy, medicine and cosmetics, achieving incredible results in its various applications. People have evaluated it and consider it highly recommended, here we leave you the most popular uses of rosemary.

Use in gastronomy of Romero

Many gastronomy specialists recommend rosemary as it is a natural source of iron, calcium and vitamin B6 . In addition to providing a delicious flavor, the Council of Europe has listed it as a 100% natural food resource and entities such as the FDA have incorporated it as a component as a dietary supplement.

It is often used in so-called Mediterranean cuisine as a condiment, to accompany a diverse variety of foods. It should be used very sparingly, the dosed amount cannot be too much, since its fragrance is very strong and intense. The goal is to prevent its flavor from dominating the dish, just to add a touch of flavor.

Both fresh and dried leaves are used to flavor different meats and poultry. Highlighting its use and flavor in lamb meat. Ideal for seasoning classic soups, vegetable purees and accompanying sauces. A sprig of rosemary can combine very well in some dishes and salads, providing its flavor and decoration characteristics.

You can make a pasta cream to accompany this dish, although this is its name, it can also be served with other main dishes and desserts. Its antioxidant properties and benefits make it a widely used ingredient in the sausage industry for its preparation.

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To prepare a delicious drink (from which you can obtain health benefits), you will only need a cup of water, 25 grams of rosemary in any of its presentations (preferably dried leaves), 25 grams of basil, 10 grams of sugar and three mint leaves.

The first thing is to bring the water to the fire and let it boil, when it reaches the boiling point all the ingredients are added (rosemary, basil, sugar and mint leaves). Boil for a couple more minutes, remove from heat and filter. The resulting liquid is our precious tea.

We recommend you prepare this recipe as soon as you get up or before going to sleep , you will see how it is of great help for the body. You don’t have to prepare it every day, just two or three times a week will be enough to get good results.

Use in medicine of rosemary

You can find rosemary as an ingredient in some natural apnea medications , in turn in pharmacies or drugstores. It is often used a lot in cough syrups, so look for the precious rosemary among the ingredients of these drugs and do not hesitate to use it.

Another very effective, easier and more common way is natural aromatherapy . It consists of boiling the plant in water (you can accompany it with other spices such as eucalyptus) until it generates steam with a concentrated and fresh aroma. This smoke or vapor must be inhaled through the respiratory tract and serves as an effective treatment for asthma.

Use in rosemary cosmetics

These same properties can be obtained in cosmetic creams of natural origin , as an ingredient accompanied with other spices. Provides its fragrance and benefits, ideal for dry and blemished skin. We recommend using it at night, as it is also very refreshing.

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Side effects and contraindications of rosemary

The consumption of rosemary in drinks and meals is very little, that is, it is unlikely to obtain the benefits with reduced doses, as well as its contradictions. These are only seen when the extracts of this plant are highly concentrated and constant.

However, the use of this plant (although healthy) could cause several side effects and some contradictions , which will act directly on our body. These are usually terrible and rare, here we comment on the following.

Rosemary in women and men, reduces fertility

This plant affects both women and men, reducing the possibility of conceiving . It directly affects fertility, reducing the sperm count in men, both mobility and density. As for women, they register fetal losses. Beyond the dose consumed, this can affect negatively.

Rosemary can make the scalp itchy or itchy.

While this plant stimulates hair growth in people with baldness, there have also been numerous cases where it generates certain types of itching or itching on the scalp , you must be aware of these allergic reactions; before using it (a very common fungus generated is dandruff).

Rosemary can cause skin irritation

There are several cases that have been seen of skin irritation as a result of the use of rosemary. It can cause dermatitis or erythema, a reddening of the skin caused by increased blood flow. These negative effects generally occur in people with hypersensitive skin.

Rosemary can induces seizures

As we mentioned before, rosemary is beneficial to improve the main brain functions , however there are cases in which it induces seizures. In low doses it has anticonvulsant properties, while in much higher doses the camphor it contains can trigger seizures, similar to epilepsy.

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Rosemary can cause an increase in blood glucose

Although the experimental studies carried out were not carried out with humans, but with animals. An increase in the level of glucose was found hours after having consumed a supplement with rosemary to treat diabetes, which had previously been induced.

However, these negative effects are more likely to occur in those who consume a very high amount of rosemary. And the most obvious contraindications are during pregnancy and lactation, women on a treadmill should use it moderately, that is, very little. Since excessive consumption could cause an abortion.

In the case of women who are already mothers and are in the lactation stage, they should be very cautious or prudent with the use of rosemary and the dose consumed. Like people with diabetes or high sugar, since this plant raises the level of glucose in the blood.

Various presentations of Rosemary

You can find rosemary in different presentations on the market . The first is the natural plant, you can grow it or buy it in an apothecary , it can be both the fresh leaves or if you let them dehydrate the dry ones. You can also find the powder, which is the most used in the kitchen, along with the leaves.

At home, you can crush these leaves yourself with a hand pot or buy it directly like that, in powder, on the market. Another way is to get rosemary extract or rosemary essential oil, which you can buy or make. One last option that we present to you to take advantage of rosemary is through infusion.

Nothing better than a good time of relaxation, through this presentation (or also as an aromatherapy) of rosemary. Although, the presentations that this can have are different, but each one of them offers us different benefits (they are usually the same and many) that are not easy to obtain naturally.

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In summary, rosemary is a very beneficial plant and used in different industries . You can buy it in various pharmacies and even in commercial food markets, on the internet you have the option to find pages that are responsible for the sale and distribution. Remember to use it with caution and enjoy its contributions to health.

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