Rosemary Essential Oil: Contraindications, Benefits And For Hair Loss

Rosemary is a plant that emits a strong and pleasant smell. When in essential oil form , this herb has a number of therapeutic properties . In addition to helping with health, it is also excellent for skin and hair care.

Rosemary essential oil has a very citrus scent , and since its discovery it has been used in cooking and in natural medicine. Its name comes from the Latin word “ros marinus” which means sea dew.

It can be obtained thanks to its flowers and leaves , usually by steam distillation. It is one of the best options you have to prepare all kinds of natural medicines that can end any health problem that may be in the body.

Origin of rosemary essential oil

Rosemary oil has been used for many years, it is believed that it was popular with the Egyptians , and that in 500 BC it was part of the diet and use of the Romans and Greeks. Currently rosemary oil has several countries that are responsible for producing and exporting it.

The countries that have the most production of this oil are Morocco, France and Spain . However, in any temperate climate this plant can be grown, so it is normal to see it almost anywhere.

What are other names for rosemary essential oil?

There are a large number of names with which rosemary can be called, it is one of the plants with more types and forms that there are. These are some of them:

  • Blessed rosemary oil.
  • Romanian oil.
  • Rosmarin oil.
  • Sea rose oil.
  • White rosemary oil.
  • Common rosemary oil.
  • Rosemary coronary oil.
  • Romiru oil.
  • Royal rosemary oil.
  • Pilgrim rosemary oil.
  • Garden rosemary oil.
  • Rosemary oil.
  • Fine rosemary oil.
  • Male rosemary oil.
  • Rosemary oil female.

Therapeutic and medicinal properties of rosemary

  • It stimulates circulation , activates oxygenation throughout the body and raises blood pressure. Suitable for those who have low blood pressure, dizziness or weakness. It is also useful against drowsiness, lethargy and laziness. Stimulating the nervous system , revives the mind and helps relieve headaches and migraines. Rosemary oil improves memory, attention, and concentration, making it great for students. Clears the mind of confusion and doubts, fights mental fatigue. It acts as an anti stress and relaxes the nerves.
  • Antiseptic expectorant, relieves coughs, colds and flu.
  • Antispasmodic , helps relieve gas, bloating, constipation, colitis and stomach pain; it also stimulates the liver.
  • Mild pain reliever , can be a mild muscle relaxant, without sedative effects. Relieves general pain, sprains and arthritis.

Rosemary Essential Oil Chromatography (Rosmarinus officinalis)

  • Alpha-pinene – 22.0%,
  • Camphene – 7.60%
  • Beta-pinene – 5.20%,
  • Myrcene – 2.60%
  • Limonene – 2.90%
  • 1.8 cineole – 19.00%
  • V-cimeno – 2.20%
  • Camphor – 23.90%

The essential oils are considered the “soul” of the plant and are the main biochemical components of therapeutic action of aromatic and medicinal plants. You can incorporate them into your day to day, bringing many benefits to your physical, mental and emotional health.

Rosemary Essential Oil Utilities

Some of the main uses of rosemary essential oil are related to its stimulating action to improve memory, concentration and relieve headaches . On the skin, this product helps relieve acne and cellulite symptoms . On the scalp, the properties of rosemary help fight dandruff and promote hair growth.

As an alternative treatment, the oil may be helpful for those who suffer from migraines , low blood pressure, fluid retention, and discomfort in the respiratory tract. On the other hand, massages with this oil help improve circulation, and have a calming and diuretic effect.

Like the tea made from this plant, rosemary oil also has calming properties , which help in cases of emotional distress. As it stimulates the adrenal cortex, this product is able to alleviate the symptoms of depression and nervous exhaustion.

How should Rosemary Essential Oil be used?

Never use the pure essential oil on the skin. For massages, always use a carrier oil. For inhalation, you can boil water in a cup, drop a few drops, and take a deep breath. Another option is to use an air freshener (available in special stores).

For more information on essential oils and how to use them, see Aromatherapy: The Power of Essential Oils . Some ways to use rosemary oil are:

  • Circulatory system: baths and massages.
  • Hepatic system: local applications, baths and massages.
  • Nervous system: inhalations, baths and massages.
  • Digestive system: local application, compresses, baths and massages.
  • Muscles and joints: compresses, massages and baths.

Benefits and properties of rosemary essential oil

There are a large number of benefits that this plant can have and that can be used both to improve health and to use it based on a beauty product.

What are the benefits for skin and stretch marks?

Rosemary oil has a refreshing and moisturizing effect on the skin, it has a high concentration of fatty acids. This helps the cell membranes to retain water much better, in this way the skin stays much more hydrated, eliminating the possibility of stretch marks on the skin.

In the case of acne on the skin, applying a little oil on the area will activate its antiseptic property to eliminate grease and spots that may appear in the affected area. Rosemary oil contains anti-fungal properties. , anti-inflammatory and antiallergic that can soothe any type of irritation that is on the skin.

Rosemary essential oil is good for weight loss

Rosemary oil does not have many calories , and it comes with a good amount of fiber that helps digestion, it also does not have any type of cholesterol which favors health and prevents weight gain.

It has great components that favor weight reduction and that improve certain organs, facilitating the digestion process and helping so that calories do not affect the body and weight is not a problem in the body.

Hair properties

One of the things that rosemary oil normally has is that it has great properties that can help improve hair in many possible ways, these are the great benefits that rosemary oil can bring to hair:

  1. Stimulates the follicles: this can stimulate the hair follicles, making the hair grow much more easily and quickly.
  2. Darkens the hair: hair can be dyed naturally by applying rosemary oil to the hair, unlike a dye this will be done gradually as it is applied from time to time.
  3. Combat dandruff: applying rosemary oil to the hair and doing circular massages helps to combat and eliminate dandruff. At the same time it can help fight premature baldness. If combined with basil or tree oil it can be a much more effective result.
  4. Natural Conditioner: Rosemary makes hair much softer and more manageable. It can be applied after shampooing and a small massage can be done for a few minutes. Then it should be rinsed with plenty of water.

How is it used for scars?

Applying rosemary oil on the skin can help it to regenerate and in this way you can eliminate all kinds of scars that may be on the skin. The oil can very carefully treat all skin that has damaged tissue.

It should be applied to the affected area and let this oil act, with a small massage allowing the oil to absorb into the skin. Repeating this a few times a week can make the scars disappear easily.

To reduce wrinkles

One of the great qualities that rosemary oil has is that it is an excellent antioxidant , it can help stop and delay any aging effect on the skin.

It allows the skin that is loose to become smooth again, restoring the elasticity that over time and years has lost. Thanks to its biological activity, it is possible that there is great cell growth so that wrinkles and any expression lines disappear at the time of use.

Pregnancy and rosemary essential oil

Despite being a great help to the human body, it is not recommended to use rosemary oil while the woman is in a pregnancy stage . It is considered that it should be discussed in advance with a doctor before self-medicating or making the decision to use this product in any way.

The reason is that there is a high probability that using rosemary oil may cause problems during delivery, or with the development of the baby. Even the consumption of it can cause great consequences, such as abortion .

Can it be used while breastfeeding? Why?

While breastfeeding, women should avoid consuming rosemary oil , since in high doses, frequent consumption can cause epilepsy or Parkinson’s. This can happen in the same way in the baby.

Rosemary when taken as an infusion activates a substance called camphor, this in high quantities can produce convulsive effects , both in the mother and in the little one that feeds on her breast.

How does rosemary essential oil help children?

It is not recommended to use it in a baby that is so small, it is better to consult your pediatrician before using it. However, one of the best ways in which this oil can be used with a baby is through a diffuser.

By placing a few drops of oil and a little water, the diffuser will activate all the properties of rosemary, which can be good for the baby and his lungs. If the baby is over 30 months old, you can use a small handkerchief and add just a drop of the oil.

The child must breathe this cloth in case of congestion , little by little it will decongest easily and naturally.

Rosemary for hair loss

Rosemary essential oil can be a good adjunct treatment for baldness .

We know that hair loss can be caused by several factors, but one is related to the exposure of our body to free radicals, which accelerates the aging of cells and, therefore, causes the degeneration of the hair follicle.

Rosemary is extremely rich in antioxidants , which fight free radicals and is therefore a good option to combat this problem.

We can say that rosemary is good for both regrowing hair, treating its loss and stimulating its growth.

Another important cause of baldness is the excess sebum present on the scalp , as well as the presence of DHT (the hormone responsible for hair loss, especially in men). It is true that rosemary has anti-seborrheic properties and several international studies have shown that it can also decrease the action of the DHT hormone.

How to use Rosemary Essential Oil on Hair?

Make a strong infusion of rosemary leaves . Use a small amount (100 ml). You can use dried leaves, if you use the leaves that are still green, leave them in the infusion until their color turns yellow and they look dehydrated (to guarantee that the properties are extracted).

Put the tea in a spray container and add 10 drops of rosemary essential oil. Mix and sprinkle along the scalp. Do a massage so that the product penetrates. You can do it on dry or wet hair. Avoid applying it to the length of the hair, only to the scalp .

Get this rosemary massage 3 times a week. Extend the treatment for 6 months to see a noticeable difference.

Another example of how to use rosemary essential oil is in a hair tonic lotion. For the full recipe, see the homemade hair tonic article .

Cosmetic properties of rosemary essential oil

Rosemary is usually considered one of the great natural antioxidants that exist. This is due to the phenolic diterpenes that it contains in its compound, which can help to prevent lipid peroxidation, this helps the skin to remain healthy and with a good appearance.

It also contains rosmarinic acid that can end skin inflammations, and which can usually end with acne problems or minor allergies that can manifest in certain areas of the body.

It has properties that are energetic and invigorating , it can also help as a cosmetic of the hair, since it eliminates dandruff and makes it less greasy and much stronger. It has antiseptic properties thanks to the good amounts of pinene, camphene and cinnamon it contains.

Rosemary essential oil and its therapeutic properties

Rosemary essential oil is special because it has great benefits for the body, it is an antioxidant, depurative, that can cleanse and oxygenate the blood , it can help treat malnutrition and anemia, and also soothe ailments that may be muscular caused by accidents or episodes of stress.

These are other benefits that can be obtained thanks to the properties of this oil:

  • Indigestion: it can serve to stimulate the appetite, detoxify the liver, and can also regulate the creation of bile, which is really important for the digestive process. It has the ability to combat flatulence, constipation and certain stomach pains.
  • Stress relief: using aromatherapy with rosemary essential oil can reduce cortisol levels in the body. This is a hormone that is released when the person is at a certain level of stress. Inhaling this oil for about five minutes can relieve stress by reducing cortisol little by little.
  • Pains: by massaging the affected area with a little of this essential oil, different pains can be eliminated, such as headaches, muscle aches, sprains and joint pain. It is recommended to be used normally to treat rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Strengthens the immune system: just as it lowers cortisol levels, rosemary essential oil can increase the uptake of free radicals, increasing the protection of the immune system, after a small massage with this oil.

For burns, how does it help?

Since it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties , it is very good for burns that can be had on the skin, it will eliminate possible bacteria that can infect the delicate area, and it will regenerate the skin at the same time that it will protect the exposed area.

In the same way, this oil can cure problems such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema, reducing swelling, itching and inflammation of the skin, this oil should only be applied to the affected area constantly while it takes effect.

Against skin blemishes

Rosemary essential oil has a large number of astringent properties , this allows many nutrients to be released when it comes into contact with the skin. Calcium, vitamins, antioxidants, and iron are many of those that run through the skin once it comes into contact.

In this way, the spots on the skin caused by acne or by the sun’s rays can disappear little by little , regardless of whether it is used only with oil, with soap or with rosemary masks and creams.

Contraindications of rosemary essential oil

Consuming rosemary oil can be quite delicate, since consuming it frequently or in large quantities can activate different hallucinogenic effects in the body. That is why it is not recommended to apply it to children, pregnant women or people with neuronal ailments.

People with high blood pressure are prohibited from this type of oil since the only thing that its use does is increase said tension. It is not recommended to use before sleeping as it can cause insomnia. It is not yet proven that this oil can help to strengthen memory.

Despite its many therapeutic properties, the use of rosemary essential oil is contraindicated in pregnancy, in children under seven years of age, epileptic and hypertensive.

How to prepare homemade rosemary essential oil?

Preparing rosemary essential oil from home is quite simple since its basic preparation consists of only two ingredients .


  • Olive oil.


  • Wash the rosemary and then let it dry.
  • Place it in a container without removing anything.
  • Once the container is full, add the olive oil until it covers all the rosemary.
  • Cover the container and store it in a place where it does not receive any type of light.
  • Let it rest for a month.
  • After this time the oil is strained and transferred to a new container.

Nutritional value of rosemary essential oil

Thyme essential oil has several chemical components such as pinene, borneol, camphor, bornyl acetate, camphene, cine, and limonene.

Culinary uses of rosemary essential oil

Rosemary oil is used to dress all kinds of salads , apply on toast and to cook any type of meat. It is also widely used in Italian gastronomy, especially in focaccine, pizza, crostini and many other dishes.

If you cook on a stone and rub it with oil, you can obtain a unique flavor that will improve the tasting of anything that is cooked on it.

Where to buy Rosemary Essential Oil?

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