Rosewood Oil: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

Rosewood, its scientific name is ” Aspidosperma polyneuron” , it is characterized by being a tree with sweet properties similar to honey (melliferous), its wood is pink in color on the inside and the bark is ash-colored, with a strong and very resistant; In principle, wood was used only for making handicrafts, furniture and musical instruments, but thanks to its pleasant taste and aroma, it began to be used for medicinal purposes and for skin care.

Product of these flavors and smells, the elaboration of rosewood oil emerges and it is highly recommended for skin care, which is why it is widely used for natural cosmetic purposes.

It is referred to as an essential oil, since it is obtained from a vegetable raw substance, present in flowers, trees, leaves, woods, tree roots, or in the bark of fruits; they are distilled either with water or steam, through physical means. They are very aromatic and volatile, it cannot be diluted with water but with vegetable oils, alcohol, waxes or fats.

What is rosewood oil?

Essential oils are extracted from various plant compounds; In the past, essential oils were referred to as the ” soul of plants “, because according to their properties, they provide healing benefits to the human body, in fact, their main use was medicinal, and over the years, they She was experimenting and researching on the different uses, and they have been implemented in the area of ​​therapeutics as a cosmetologist.

Depending on the plant from which these oils are extracted, their particular use will be determined; Such is the case of rosewood oil, which, due to the benefits it brings to the health of the human body, is characterized as an excellent restorative and regenerator of skin cells, which is why it is widely used in the dermatological area; in addition to providing relaxing and calming effects, relieving tension and mood swings.

It has anti-inflammatory effects, which is why it is widely used to soothe muscle pain in the joints, without causing any side effects.

Additionally, it is used in aromatherapy; collaborates with the digestive system, prevents the growth of bacteria and infections in the immune system; it is antiviral and antibacterial; Rosewood oil is sometimes considered an aphrodisiac because it is stabilizing and calming, through intimate massages.

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Origin of rosewood oil

Rosewood oil, comes from Latin America, can be found in Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana, Venezuela, Peru and Suriname; Because it is in a tropical area, the tree can be up to 40 meters high; It is a flowering plant and belongs to the Lauraceae family.

Its essence is found in the wood and the bark of the tree, and it is obtained through the distillation of its components (shavings); Those who discovered its healing benefits were the Indians of the Amazon, and over time it has been used in aromatherapy.

Rosewood oil, has a high content of linalol (a molecule present in all oils due to its fresh and floral touch), it is transformed into different derivatives used to fix fragrances in perfumes, soaps, color solutions and flavorings. , for cosmetic use; It is precisely in the European countries where this activity began, spreading to the rest of the countries.

What other names is rosewood oil known by?

Because it is a natural substance, rosewood oil is known by the scientific name of ” Aniba rosaedora” or also by the name “palorrosa”, it belongs to the family of flowering plants called Lauraceae.

Another name by which rosewood is known is ” Perobá” , to refer to the species of trees that develop in South America, located in subtropical areas.

Currently, they are in danger of extinction, since their habitat is being used for construction. Because of its location it is unique and exclusive to Peru, Brazil, Venezuela or Ecuador.

Benefits and properties of rosewood oil

When it speaks of benefits, it refers to the good that it contributes or is received from something; and primarily it is projected to the subject of the health of the human body.

Therefore, thanks to the different components that rosewood has, when extracting rosewood oil provides certain benefits that will help balance and maintain the mental, physical and emotional health of the individual, among which we can mention:

Decrease in mood swings generated by menopause, stress, depression; neutralizes feelings of anxiety and frustration, that is, it regulates emotions, helping to create a more relaxed vision of things, rescuing the good in things.

Strengthens the immune system, helping against colds, flu and infections; in the digestive system, it reduces headaches, nausea due to an upset stomach; for the skin, it reduces the appearance of dermatitis and acne.

Yes, they refer to the properties that rosewood oil possesses, they are:

  • Physical: antiseptic, bactericidal, insecticidal; calms fatigue caused by asthma, fibromyalgia, muscle aches, inflammation, rheumatism.
  • Cosmetics: hydration for sensitive and dry skin, regenerates, rejuvenates the skin, as well as excellent for treating acne, pinkish chapped lips, burns, stretch marks and wrinkles.

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What are the benefits for the skin?

The skin is considered one of the largest organs of the human being, among the functions it has is to protect against light, heat, cold, injuries and infections; for such it must be very well cared for.

Among the different benefits that rosewood oil provides are related to the skin, because it has regenerative, anti-infective and healing properties, it can be used on all types of skin, especially those that have suffered great damage and that, in turn, they are sensitive skins.

It helps to eliminate and control the appearance of acne, blackheads, boils and dermatitis, since it controls the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands; attenuation of wrinkles and stretch marks, as it is a cellular restorative, causing the skin to rejuvenate; It is an excellent healing, firming the skin tissues.

It is not a very aggressive oil, so it can be used in conjunction with other vegetable oils, which will provide excellent results in the health of the skin.

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Is rosewood oil good for weight loss?

In female aesthetics, women are always looking to maintain a good figure and when they see excess weight, they start looking for different treatments that help them lose weight, sometimes drastically (through surgery) or, naturally , exercising and using miracle creams and oils.

Although it is true that among the properties and benefits that rosewood oil provides, they are directly derived from the emotional, dermatological, immunological, intestinal part, it is not directly linked to help lose weight.

In what can benefit the use of this oil in the process of losing weight, is to balance and stimulate the emotions at the time of exercising, as well as control the discomforts from fever and colds that prevent attending the gym, in the event that the person is attending there.

Hair properties

Hair is an important part of the human body, it is one of the most visible body areas and is exposed to different agents exposed in the environment, so that it has an excellent and healthy appearance, the sebaceous glands that produce sebum are the responsible for providing balance in the natural fat of hair.

Rosewood oil has beneficial properties for the health of the body; Therefore, it can be used as a hair treatment, it will help to hydrate it and give it shine, improving the appearance to make it look healthy.

Small drops of this rosewood oil are applied in the shampoo and the hair is washed normally; or it can be applied as a hair mask, wrapped with a plastic cap to evaporate the oils and have the desired moisturizing effect.

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How is rosewood oil used for scars?

The scars are an alteration of the normal appearance of the skin, product of a wound, cut, surgery; It can be said that they are unsightly and in the case of women, they tend to be unpleasant, depending on where the scar is.

There are natural remedies that help to minimize these imperfections, the most indicated for this is rosewood oil, its main function is to regenerate the skin, providing toning and improving its appearance.

For best results, the way to use rosewood oil for scars is very simple: it can be applied directly to the affected area, combined with another oil that complements the benefits, giving gentle massages, allowing it to penetrate deeply and skin absorbs it.

Another way to use it is to apply a few drops to the creams that are used for the skin, it will allow the skin to also take advantage of the benefits of rosewood oil for scars, regenerating the tissues and cells, allowing the scar to disappear little by little. little; These treatments must be used regularly to give the required results.

Rosewood oil and pregnant women

Pregnancy is one of the stages that women go through, in this process they can present very strong emotional charges and constant change of mind, they can present episodes of stress and depression, which at some point can become very recurrent.

A very favorable technique to help them channel their emotions, creating a state of tranquility and relaxation, is through infusions in the environment of rosewood oil; In a dispenser place a few drops diluted with warm water, it will perfume the environment in the room helping to improve the person’s mood.

It can also be used as a therapeutic bath, approximately 10 drops of rosewood oil are poured together with almond oil, in the bathtub, so that when you take the bath it will favor you, providing you with serenity and emotional well-being.

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For babies, how does it benefit them?

Babies require the greatest possible attention, especially from the mother, sometimes they tend to feel agitated, restless, that even the mother may not know how to help them; It is normal because it is part of the baby’s development, a technique that is currently used, and which has given good results, is aromatherapy with essential oils.

Although it is true, because they are in the first months of life, they do not need fragrances or perfumes with strong odors, because it can create an allergic reaction, if it is advisable, set the baby rest room with rosewood oil, diluted With lukewarm water or together with calendula oil, it will help to create an environment of tranquility that will allow the baby to rest happily, as well as keeping the environment clean of any bacteria or viruses that may affect its health.

Can it be used while breastfeeding? Why?

In some research, it is recommended that the use of essential oils should not be used in certain stages of women, such as pregnancy and lactation, because it is not known for sure what direct benefits their use or intake produces.

According to various opinions, it is not recommended to ingest rosewood oil while breastfeeding, because it can cause health contraindications for the baby; However, it is recommended to use it as an infusion in the environment, to create a state of peace and relaxation.

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How to make homemade rosewood oil?

To make homemade rosewood oil, the following must be done:

Locate the wood of the bark of the tree and the leaves, place it in a container over steam, so that it releases the volatile properties and remains the essence of the wood (for approximately 2 hours), having this essence, it should be placed in a glass container with a lid, it should be left in a cool place away from sunlight; after resting it can be used according to the taste of the person.

Cosmetic properties of rosewood oil

One of the main properties of rosewood oil is to regenerate the skin and is an excellent cellular restorative, which is why it is widely used in the preparation of creams, masks, perfumes, bath salts; as well as special treatments for acne and scars, wrinkles, stretch marks.

Being moisturizing and antiseptic, it helps to improve the appearance of dry and damaged skin, through creams or lotions, of continuous use, which will restore good health and natural elasticity to the skin.

In addition to offering protection, stimulating and naturally perfuming the skin treated with rosewood oil, considered the green gold of the jungle.

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Contraindications of rosewood oil

According to research carried out, the use of rosewood oil does not present any type of contraindications, unless the person is allergic to any of its components; otherwise it can be used for the benefit of physical, emotional health.

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