Royal Jelly For Children, Learn All Its Incredible Properties And Benefits

Eating habits in children are almost always difficult, changing their lifestyle towards a diet that avoids vegetables, greens and other essential foods for humans. The need to supplement the diet of children is vital for their healthy development and this can be achieved by including royal jelly in the foods children eat.

Royal jelly is the best kept secret of the honeycomb, it can be called a superfood, with a composition based on enzymes, pollen and nectar. The combination of these components produces great properties that can be used by the body in different ways. The composition of royal jelly varies depending on some factors, including the age of the bees and the diet they have received.

Its extensive health properties have made this food a highly coveted commercial product. Each person wants to incorporate it into their diet and enjoy its benefits, being able to benefit both adults and the little ones in the house.

Because children are in a constant stage of growth and development, a balanced and nutritious diet plays an important role. Royal jelly can be an excellent complement to your diet, a natural food that provides energy with restorative properties.

The amount of benefits it has makes it perfect for the motor and psychic development of children since it is a cerebral oxygenator that at the same time promotes metabolic development.

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What really is royal jelly?

It is a dense substance that bees produce and that they often use as food. Royal jelly is also known as honey, with a great flavor and aroma, used in cooking as a natural sweetener or as part of the ingredients in some meals.

The royal jelly is a super – concentrated nutrient and energy food, making important contributions to our body. This food, which comes largely from pollen and water, is produced to feed bees, including the queen bee, which must be in good condition for at least 4 years of life.

The larvae of bees from hatching feed on this precious substance, in which their development is accelerated. This characteristic has made its application in the cure and treatment of diseases studied, discovering that the superfood of bees is also for us and especially in children.

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Vitamin properties of royal jelly for children

This substance is a food that has important nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, certain trace elements such as calcium and magnesium. It is a source of B vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. It also has a number of vitamins, among which we can mention folic acid, vitamins A, C and E. It is a very complete food that contains many minor components belonging to the most diverse chemical structures.

Among the main properties of royal jelly we have to:

  • It is a natural antibiotic, very useful to fight infections of any kind. Its antimicrobial properties give it this task, which also allows it to be used as a cream to heal affected areas on the skin.
  • Among its properties is to prevent mild colds frequently suffered in children with fragile health. Jelly increases your defenses and prevents these types of common diseases in children.
  • It helps to activate the immune system, stimulates the body’s natural defenses, which is why it is important to use when faced with a cold or flu in children. It would also serve to prevent conditions caused by climatic changes that make the child sick.

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  • A child who is underweight for his height puts his good development and growth at risk. Royal jelly helps it grow, nurturing it in every aspect it needs.
  • It is ideal when children do not have a good appetite or when you want to introduce a new food to their diet.
  • It increases hemoglobin and favors the proliferation of red blood cells due to its folic acid content. The defenses are benefited with this property, also influencing the nervous system.
  • In its composition it is also possible to find several important compounds such as the hormones estradiol, testosterone and progesterone, regulating the endocrine system.
  • It contains in its structure more than 20 essential amino acids, that is, we are not capable of producing it ourselves and we need to take them from the food we eat. These amino acids are responsible for building different proteins, which, among other functions, form muscles, something essential in the growth and development of children.

Royal jelly in the diet offers nutritional, preventive and even healing benefits. It can be advisable in the treatment of certain ailments or reduction of the symptoms of any disease.

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What are the benefits of royal jelly for children?

This food can bring many benefits to children, who need it during their growth stage with high demand for nutrients and energy. There are many health benefits that children know how to take advantage of better than adults.

Royal jelly is a fantastic food that will provide your children with that extra energy, so necessary for children and adolescents to carry out their school activities, especially in times of exams and sports competition. In this area, honey helps your child by improving his level of concentration, causing him to stand out or even increasing his performance in the tasks he usually performs.

Stimulates growth in children during any stage of their development. Honey is good for treating children’s coughs, the components found in honey are recognized for their therapeutic properties, being able to kill microbes and being able to act as antiseptics and antioxidants.

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It reduces sadness, improves children’s emotional state, gives them energy and strengthens their nervous system, making it possible to combat stress and anxiety. By observing apathy in our children when doing their daily activities, you can give them royal jelly more often to boost their spirits, as well as help improve mental skills in children who are behind in their normal cognitive development.

Royal jelly, without a doubt, is a dietary supplement to keep children healthy due to its great nutritional wealth, as long as it is used in the right dose and with the right foods.

Benefits of royal jelly for the health of children

Children are generally very hyperactive, they lack to develop attention by being restless. Now, with royal jelly, your brain can focus and stay focused, in addition to promoting memory, stimulating the brain and the entire central nervous system.

It is normal for children to get colds frequently, royal jelly will help them overcome the annoying sore throats that cause a poor diet due to not wanting to swallow food. This is linked to the immune system, which is also strengthened, reducing the risk of diseases and the ability to fight them successfully.

A teaspoon of royal jelly every morning or before meals increases the appetite in children, motivating them to consume the right foods that they include in their diet. The jelly works as a nutritional supplement, to cover the deficiencies of nutrients that are not being consumed.

Children also fall frequently, leaving scratches and bumps on the skin as a result. It is necessary to always have on hand a little royal jelly or any cosmetic product that contains it among its components. If you smear a little of this product on the affected skin, the recovery will be much faster.

Some episodes of stress that may occur, it is possible to control them if you take advantage of the nutrients provided by food, in general they help reduce possible episodes of stress in children, control their nerves and help them overcome stages that are difficult for them, without suffering from anxiety. Vitamin B is responsible for these effects, along with other vitamins in that group.

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How to consume royal jelly correctly?

There are many recommendations that agree to consume it every morning while still fasting. Jelly can be taken in its purest form, but it will depend on your taste, you may prefer a diluted form or accompanying meals as a sweetener. Try diluting it in water, juice or milk, taking it in cycles of one month, including breaks.

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If you prefer it pure, take advantage of the greater absorption by placing it under the tongue for a few minutes, in this way you encourage capillary absorption, which would be much faster. The best way to remove it from the jar is using a wooden or plastic utensil, do not use metal utensils to avoid chemical reactions that could occur.

Other ways to take it are through capsules or ampoules, which in turn can come in its pure state or enriched with other compounds, generally vitamins and minerals. The doses depend on the age of the consumer, although a dose of one third of the adult dose is recommended for children, without exceeding 1000mg per day.

Its intense and sometimes somewhat acidic flavor is also commonly rejected by children. One way to include it in your diet is to use it as a sweetener, in your drinks, desserts and include it in some of your most processed foods. Over time they will end up getting used to its flavor and will surely ask for more.

Royal jelly for children 18 months

If royal jelly is not as recommended while you are pregnant, it will much less be for such young children. A child of just over a year does not require high doses of energy, much less so many nutrients. Doctors who approve of natural medicine may recommend it if the baby has respiratory conditions and can take it as an expectorant, otherwise as a food it is not highly recommended for children of such a young age.

To avoid complications, try to introduce it in the consumption of royal jelly, regulating its glucose and metabolism, in small amounts or with several days of distance between consumption. If it is proven that royal jelly prevents children from developing diabetes, but by eating a healthy diet, this possibility of suffering from this disease is also very reduced.

The consumption of royal salea is not recommended for children under 2 years of age, the ideal age would be from 2 years to start the consumption of royal jelly, the pediatrician would have to evaluate the case. Today you can find pediatric royal jelly syrups, especially for coughs or flu, but pure royal jelly is not recommended for such a young child.

Royal jelly for two-year-olds

It is the ideal age to start consuming royal jelly, depending on age and body weight, the dose to be administered is adjusted. The best thing would be to take it fresh first thing in the morning when you have not eaten anything yet, that way it would be absorbed faster. Royal jelly is good for the little ones in the house, it helps to stimulate the defenses in a natural way, it reinforces the daily needs of energy, vitamins and minerals.

One idea would be to mix it with your breakfast juice, to avoid rejection of how sweet it can be to eat honey so early in the morning. Use it as a sweetener and it will be much easier to control its consumption.

What is the proper amount of royal jelly for a child to consume?

For children the dose is normally one teaspoon, especially for children with a lot of physical activity, it is a great enhancer of the immune system. We have to make sure that their eating habits are correct, they have to follow a diet as varied as possible, rich in fruits and vegetables.

Eliminate unhealthy products as much as possible, this will make the body well nourished and maintain its health in perfect condition. There are different types of royal jelly on the market integrated with products such as yogurt or defatted cocoa that children love because it is delicious.

Offer honey to your child every day in between, thus ensuring that you are not exceeding the recommended daily dose that could cause eventual damage to health. It uses small amounts to sweeten your drinks, includes a little in your meals and from time to time lets you taste it in its natural state, it has a very pleasant taste.

The risk is in consuming it constantly and without stopping its consumption for a long continuous time. The ideal is to take breaks for about 15 days each month that the indicated dose is consumed daily. In children it will always be better to visit the doctor to assess their nutritional status and based on that make the medical recommendations of the food to take.

Nutritional value of royal jelly for children

For every 100gr of fresh royal jelly product there are 100kcal, 40g of protein along with other amino acids that contribute to energy and the formation of other essential proteins for the body such as enzymes.

Contains at least 20g of carbohydrates and 18g of calcium. The mixture is also complemented with iron, phosphorus and potassium in smaller quantities, but enough to supply the daily requirements of our body.

The composition of royal jelly is highly studied, since a series of compounds are found in it that are essential for the body and therefore vital for the human being. It is a very complete food that deserves to be included to complement a healthy and balanced diet.

Contraindications of royal jelly for children

Doctors recommend that honey should not be offered to children of 2 or 3 years of age, because it can damage their teeth and their digestive system that are not yet fully mature.

It is not recommended for children with asthma or those with pollen allergies. Its use without a doctor’s prescription should be restricted so as not to exceed the consumption and exceed the daily limits of royal jelly. It is advisable to be cautious, because irresponsible consumption can cause headaches or an increase in blood sugar.

It would be irresponsible to say that nothing will happen if you freely consume royal jelly, as long as it is not consumed in excess and is complemented with healthy foods and there is no incompatibility, it can be used, taking advantage of all its properties and benefits.

I had already mentioned that in the case of children under one year of age, its use is not recommended. Due to the production process and sometimes freeze – drying of honey to be commercialized, it is heated to prevent it from crystallizing and fermenting by yeasts, however, this is not enough to eliminate all the impurities and microorganisms it contains.

Each child is different and may have different reactions when consuming royal jelly. It is vitally important that it is supervised by an adult who could observe any symptoms such as hives or difficulty breathing since there are some children who are more sensitive to suffering from allergies and even heart problems. Even if they are small doses, you have to give little by little until you see that it does not harm the child.

You will not find a better food in nature than royal jelly, it is a thick substance produced by bees, capable of providing many properties and health benefits.

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