Learn the Sensory Processes of Children to Understand Them

An important part of parenting is learning to understand your children, finding out what they like, what they don’t, and how their little head works in general so that you can help them and better understand their way of being. Sometimes a little empathy is enough, although occasionally the help of a professional is necessary. In this post on BodyCarre.com we will tell you about it!

Children, like adults, have unique personalities and each of them handles stress, positively or negatively, in a different way.

A good example would be a child with an introverted nature but with two extroverted parents. This child would possibly be forced to attend birthday parties and events with other children… Something that for the parents would not be a problem but that the child may find to be a very difficult situation.

The fact forcing the child to make this effort not only helps to change its nature, but can cause trauma severe : not only feel like “a freak” in the environment, but the total lack of understanding of their Parents, the people you love the most in the world, will hurt you deeply and will make you hide even more your true way of being… Reinforcing your insecurity and lowering your self-esteem.

We must remember that we are all different and we have a different way of relating to the world, which is not bad: it is part of the human being!

What are sensory processes and how do they affect the child?

Sensory processes are the way in which our body receives and regulates information from the world around us: what we see, hear, smell and taste is just the beginning of a more complex task.

Your child’s behavior changes his daily life through every little decision, every move, and every phrase he says. Virtually all children have some challenging behavior, sensory needs, and concerns that need to be named in order to know how to deal with them.

The problem comes when the child’s behavior negatively affects his life: for example, a child who is unable to make friends even though he strongly desires it due to a particularly withdrawn, very violent or very nervous behavior.

How can understanding the child’s sensory processes help parents?

Being able to understand the sensory processes will change the way you see your child, since you will understand him in a much deeper way and it will open your eyes to many mysteries about your little one.

It is possible that there are little ones who have difficulty with things that are not important to others , such as tying laces, staining their shirt … Learning how the little one processes information, what it means to him and how he deals with it will be the fastest way to be able to help the child to manage in the day to day and learn about the world that surrounds him.

And, of course, if we do not know how to help our little ones to manage the strongest emotions they feel, or to understand their way of expressing and communicating them effectively, it is best to go to an expert in the field.

Have you had problems of any kind with the sensory processes of your little ones? How have you managed to solve the problems that may have arisen?

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