Estryses Sesderma Stretch Mark Cream, Analysis And Alternative

It is a cream that prevents, fights and eliminates stretch marks caused by pregnancy, lactation, obesity, weight loss, sports, rapid growth during puberty, etc.

The cream works in three stages. First, as a preventive, preventing them from occurring. Second, it produces a vascularization associated with the intensification of collagen synthesis, the oxygenation of the connective tissue and the hydration of the skin. Third, it regenerates the skin (in the case of deep stretch marks).

The product contains a complex of ingredients (Centella asiatica, Shea butter, Cocoa butter and pumpkin seed extract) that acts on stretch marks, strongly hydrates the skin, increases its strength and elasticity, combats sagging and stimulates the synthesis of collagen.

If you care about the appearance of your skin, and you want to prevent or reduce stretch marks, don’t miss this article with the Best Anti- Stretch Mark Creams on the market, always chosen for their ingredients.

Stress Analysis Sesderma Stretch Mark Cream

Summary analysis of Estryses Sesderma Stretch Mark Cream

It is by far the longest INCI on the list, but its content leaves much to be desired. The first ingredients are not active, in fact it starts with an irritating and sensitizing ingredient.

The first quarter of the list is primarily based on moisturizing ingredients. The second is the one that contains the most active ingredients, such as gotu kola, collagen, peptides, or shea butter. They’re great anti-stretch ingredients, but they could be in a higher proportion.

In the last part there are hardly any active ingredients, and that is when preservatives, PEGs, and fragrances begin to appear, although the worst is the 4 parabens it includes.

I do not think it is a recommended anti-stretch mark cream for pregnant women, as it contains retinol (which is toxic and can cause defects in the fetus in large quantities) and parabens, highly harmful preservatives.

Due to its ingredients, it is a totally discarded formula.


If you want a much better alternative, it is the anti-stretch mark cream from Akento Cosmetics. A more natural formula, without parabens, without retinol, without PEGs, and without so many preservatives.

The active ingredients are present in higher concentrations, and therefore, it is a cream that will have more anti-stretch marks.

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