Shiseido Men’s Total Revitalizer Eye: Analysis And Alternative

The Shiseido brand is one of the most respected and highly valued of cosmetic products, and there is no doubt that its packaging, slogans and prices suggest such a thing.

This contour for men is inspired by hyaluronic acid injections, and (always depending on the brand) provides multiple benefits for the eyes, treating specific problems in the area around the eyes: wrinkles, dryness, sagging, bags and dark circles.

So I want to analyze your INCI, to see if you can really deliver on these promises with the ingredients in the formula.

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Shiseido Men’s INCI Total Revitalizer Eye Analysis

Shiseido Men’s Total Revitalizer Eye Summary

A silicone is what we find as soon as we start reading the INCI; and it seems that the thing does not improve when advancing.

The fourth ingredient is dipropylene glycol, a compound that is not toxic or sensitizing at low concentrations, but here it is in fourth place, so that would be of concern.
And unfortunately it is not the only ingredient on the list that can cause toxicity, irritation or sensitization.

Actually, there is no active ingredient at the top of the list, there are simply emollients, conditioners and lubricants, which, although they are very good to hydrate the area of ​​the dark circles, do not add anything to the wrinkles present, or to the bags.

Already in the lower part, vitamin E and C begin to come to light; as well as some antioxidants, but their ratio is too low for the product to do anything.

And the aluminum compound is also worrying, especially when taking into account the cocktail effect of the cream.


No silicone, no irritating, sensitizing or toxic ingredients; and of course, with various anti-aging active ingredients. This is how I want an eye contour. That is why I choose the Nezeni Cosmetics eye contour.

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