Moisturizing Emulsion For Men By Shiseido Men, Analysis And Alternative

An emulsion adapted for men’s skin, both to intensely hydrate it and to soothe irritation after shaving.

What it does is minimize the loss of hydration, blur fine lines and reinforce the skin’s protective barrier. So it tackles all skin problems a bit. To do this, it uses Damage Defense Complex, a complex that does not specify what; and thiotaurine, an amino acid.

To see clearly if the cream is worth it, I am going to analyze the INCI, and then you can compare it with the other men’s creams that are analyzed in the article on the Best Moisturizing Creams for Men .

Shiseido Men Moisturizing Emulsion for Men Review

Shiseido Men’s Moisturizing Emulsion for Men review summary

The first 5 ingredients are not very flattering, since an alcohol and an irritating ingredient are present, in addition to there being no active ingredient.

Later there are a couple of moisturizers, an emollient, several silicones, and already at the bottom of the list a soothing and lightening ingredient, and the amino acid that they mention in the description.

There is no more moisturizing ingredient, nor any active ingredient that treats another skin problem. And those that exist are in a very low proportion. On the other hand, there are more irritating ingredients, a paraben, sensitizing perfumes and fragrances, and a preservative that is not highly recommended.

As a general assessment, I think that the cons outweigh the pros, and the cream will do more harm than good to our skin. So I do not recommend it for any skin type, and less for after shaving.


With many more pros than cons is Nezeni Cosmetics Collagen cream. It has several moisturizing actives in high proportion, such as Hydrolyzed Collagen or Sunflower oil; in addition to other beneficial ingredients to treat aging.

And to avoid irritating or damaging the skin, it avoids ingredients that are sensitizing and irritating, alcohol and harmful preservatives.

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