Skinceuticals Age Interrupter, Analysis And Alternative

SkinCeuticals proposes a very ambitious advanced anti-aging treatment, which will help us correct the signs of intrinsic skin aging and loss of firmness.

To do this, he uses cranberry extract, Proxylane and phytosphingosine, ingredients that I already know from other formulas.

As it is not a cream suitable for all pockets, no matter how much a dermatologist recommends it, what I am going to do is analyze your INCI to see if it is effective before buying it.

If you would like to learn more about the creams most used by dermatologists, and the ingredients that they should and should not include, after this reading I advise you to read this Analysis of the Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams Recommended by Dermatologists .

SkinCeuticals AGE Interrupter Analysis

SkinCeuticals AGE Interrupter Analysis Summary

SkinCeuticals is a brand that belongs to L’Oreal (something I didn’t know), because of the active cosmetics division; and that shows in its ingredients. Why do I say it?

It is enough to read the first and second ingredients (an irritant, a sensitizer and a silicone) to know a little where the shots are going to go.

In third place is ProXylane, an ingredient developed by the brand that supposedly stimulates the production of glycoaminoglycans (GAGs), molecules responsible for the skin’s defense against water loss. Although everything indicated is biased.

The other two active ingredients that were indicated in the cream (cranberry extract and phytosphingosine), if they can help reduce wrinkles, improve texture and lighten the skin, but their concentration is not very high.

There is not a single other active ingredient in INCI.

And finally, it is full of silicones, irritating, sensitizing, allergenic, skin-damaging and toxic ingredients. And if that weren’t enough, there are two parabens.


Little better has to be a cream to be a better alternative than the SkinCeuticals option. But since I am not satisfied with just anyone, I want the best, and right now I recommend Nezeni Cosmetics Antiage cream.

So you already have two recommendations, the one from the dermatologist and mine. Mine is knowingly, that I have tried it (in fact it is the one I am using in my facial care routine) and the results could not be better.

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