Somatoline Cosmetic Cream 15 Days Anticellulite Treatment, Analysis And Alternative

This treatment to combat the signs of cellulite receives rave reviews for its effective formula that promises to visibly improve cellulite in just 15 days, offering clinically proven results. Perfect for all those women with marked cellulite and unruly orange skin, who need immediate results.

The cream has been named “the best anti-cellulite cream” by various beauty editors, which is always a positive recognition for any product, but it is also one of the highest rated options, which gives it recognition as one of the best creams. for cellulite.

Caffeine (5%) is combined with carnitine, ginger extract, and quinoa extract to work by smoothing orange peel and bumps, removing excess fluids, and firming the skin. This formula also contains moisturizers and emollients, so that the skin is perfectly soft and hydrated.

Of course, this popular anti-cellulite cream had to be among our highest rated options in the article The Best Anti – Cellulite Creams on the market, in which you will also find alternatives to this cream if you are not convinced.

Analysis Anti-Cellulite Treatment Cream 15 days of Somatoline Cosmetic

Analysis summary Anti-Cellulite Treatment Cream 15 days of Somatoline Cosmetic

This Somatoline Cosmetic anti-cellulite treatment is one of the few options that has a high concentration of caffeine, specifically 5%, in its composition. Remember that caffeine is one of the most valued assets to treat cellulite, as it can improve blood flow and eliminate retained fluids. This is a point in your favor.

Other ingredients that are also in a high concentration are silicones, moisturizers and emollients, which will ensure that the skin is intensely hydrated. And hydrated skin is healthy skin.

In a lower concentration we find aescin, a known anti-inflammatory that is usually present in cellulite creams. And also to carnitine, which this time we see it accompanied by hydroxycitric acid. The union of these two compounds will help to break down the accumulated fat in the adipocytes, and therefore, will reduce the appearance of the dimples of the skin.

Quinoa extract is one of the assets that the brand names in the product description, however, it is too low on the list to hydrate or regenerate, two of the things that this seed does best.

And as the last beneficial ingredients we find Ethyl Nicotinate, which helps increase blood circulation, although it is also in a very low concentration to exert a significant effect on the skin.

Somatoline Cosmetic cream has good things, but it also has weak points that can make you wonder whether to buy it or not. It has Perfume, although the vast majority of anti-cellulite creams have it; in addition to Menthol, an ingredient that offers a refreshing sensation, but is usually sensitizing, especially in sensitive skin.

By its ingredients, we can say that Somatoline Cosmetic Anti-Cellulite Treatment can help above all to improve the appearance of cellulite and the condition of the skin, not so much to reduce fat cells.


Although we like Somatoline cream a lot, if you are looking for a more comprehensive and more effective action, we recommend that you try the option proposed by Akento Cosmetics. It is our favorite option, as it has more active ingredients that focus on all aspects to fight against orange peel skin and cellulite.

It acts as a lipolytic, breaking down fat deposits, it is anti-inflammatory, draining, moisturizing, increases circulation and promotes collagen production. A joint action that achieves clearly visible results in a very short time. You can see his full analysis at this link .

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