How to Spy on Your Children’s Conversations on Facebook

Facebook is a social network as big as it is dangerous for the little ones at home. So much so, that it prevents access to people who do not reach a certain age, although it is something that can be circumvented too easily. The fact that children increasingly have it easier to connect to this social network, and that they also have mobile phones that give them total freedom to do so and publish or communicate with anyone or whatever, is something that has triggered parental concern.

In fact, the result of this concern is the need to spy on children’s conversations on Facebook . A situation that increasingly triggers more unknowns due to the interest it arouses, and that we are going to address fully here. We are going to explain to you if it can be done, as well as what are the methods that there are and the most effective proposals. If you are interested in seeing what your offspring do on FB, we are going to make it quite easy for you.

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Can you spy on Facebook conversations?

It may seem that getting it is the fruit of powerful hacking work and computer skills, but the reality is quite different. Anyone can spy on conversations on Facebook , and that applies to parents who want to see the activity of their children in the chats of this social network. Before proceeding, it is convenient to point out that FB prohibits minors under 14 years of age from registering on its platform, so they should not appear on it. However, we all know that falsifying the age data when creating an account on this and any other portal is extremely easy.

And it is also extremely easy to spy on Facebook conversations of children or anyone else. So much so that it is even surprising. Here we are going to see the methods you can follow, but first, we are going to clarify several essential aspects about what it means and when it can, or rather should, be done. It should be remembered that we have a very strict law regarding the protection of personal data and privacy, and that this implies being very careful when viewing, spying on or monitoring any third party activity on smart devices or the internet.

So what about my kids’ Facebook chats?

The chats Facebook of your children can be perfectly accessible to you if you follow the methods we will explain later. Returning to what the law says, it establishes two necessary conditions to be able to carry out this type of act: the person must give their consent to be monitored or spied on, the person must be under the legal guardianship of whoever is going to carry out the monitoring. Meeting either of these two conditions is enough to proceed, and that makes things very easy for parents.

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For legal purposes, a child is always under the legal guardianship of his parents , until he reaches the age of majority or they cannot act as guardians. In addition to that, in general, the phones of minors are usually owned by their parents, so, for practical purposes, these are the owners of the terminal and, therefore, have the right to monitor and follow it with total freedom. This type of situation is what allows parents to see their children’s Facebook chats without problems, although it remains to be seen what it means in the relationship with the child, the trust between both parties and a long etcetera.

And when can you go to the extreme of having to spy on these conversations? The truth is that there can be many reasons, but the main one is always the suspicion that the minor is a victim of cyberbullying . In these times, bullying between children within social networks is getting worse, causing situations that can be really painful for families as a whole and leaving an indelible mark on the personality of the victims. Sometimes, although it is not a welcome measure, taking a look at the chats in search of some strange or dangerous situation is more than advisable. It may be the remedy before the problem worsens.

How to spy on your children’s conversations on Facebook

Now that you know you can do it, it remains to know how to do it . Fortunately, there are many tools available to parents that, in addition, do not require to be a computer science teacher to be able to take advantage of them. Best of all, you have two ways to achieve it: using free methods or paid programs. Each path has its advantages and disadvantages, although both share access to chats and the need to take the child’s mobile, tablet or computer to be able to access their Facebook account for the first time.

This point is insurmountable, but, for everything else, what we are going to tell you next are not only the easiest and most effective techniques to spy on chats , but also the safest and most competent. Whichever option you choose, we guarantee that you will be able to see the FB conversations, and without putting any device at risk. Believe it or not, this terrain is quite swampy on the internet, with great danger for users who have little knowledge of the matter.

Spy on FB chats with paid programs

Using paid programs to spy on your children’s Facebook chats is as simple as it is safe and effective. Tools of this type also tend to incorporate many functions that go beyond monitoring conversations, providing full access to the device and many of the functions available on it. Of course, they work through monthly installments, although in many cases it is a payment rather than amortized.

Knowing this, as well as that paid apps tend to have a hidden way to be invisible on the target device, and that they have a fairly similar method of installation and use, let’s proceed. We are going to explain to you the general method to spy on Facebook conversations of your children with paid software. The steps, below:

  1. Enter the website of the payment tool.
  2. Within it, register with a new user account. Remember your login details.
  3. Now, go to the prices section and choose the plan that best suits your needs.
  4. Take your kid’s phone and install the app. You will have in the email of the user account created a document with data and installation details. Follow the prompts.
  5. With the app installed, log in with the account you created.
  6. Now, take your phone or even your computer, and also install the spy app.
  7. Also log in with your account.
  8. Within the program, access the social networks or Facebook section. There you can see conversations, messages and much more.

Since all tools tend to follow the same pattern , you don’t have to stray far from these steps. There may be exceptions and punctualities, but they always send an email with a complete guide that, in addition, is quite easy to follow and understand.

The downside of this procedure is that it sometimes forces you to apply Android Root or JailBreak on iOS . Some programs need it to be able to use all their tools, and others even to activate the stealth mode to make themselves invisible. For the rest, all are comforts and facilities, as well as many tools at your complete disposal if you want to do more than watch Facebook chats.

Spy on FB chats with free methods

We have talked about the paid solutions, but we cannot ignore one of the most interesting points: the free solutions. In this sense, you should not get carried away by the free programs that you see on the internet . Most are scams that only seek to steal your information or infect your devices with viruses. The best thing you can do is put them aside and stick to the explanations that we are going to give you here. Our method is safe, reliable, and is also provided by Facebook itself.

Indeed, you can use one of the functions of this social network to spy on your children’s FB chats for free . How? With the option to remember the password, one designed to recover the password in case of not remembering it, as well as to find out if you do not know it and have some ingenuity. We are going to explain the steps you have to follow to apply this method below:

  1. Picking up your child’s phone, tablet or PC, enter their Facebook account. You can use the app or the web.
  2. You will be logged in, so close it.
  3. On the login screen, click on “Have you forgotten your account details?”
  4. Now, on the next screen, click on the option “Have you forgotten your password?”
  5. Once this is done, you will see a form that asks for a phone number or an email. Enter either of the two, but always being your child’s.
  6. After doing so, you will need to access your child’s email.
  7. Check your inbox and you will see an email from Facebook. Open it.
  8. Enter the link to create a new password. You must remember it.
  9. Delete the email from Facebook to leave no trace of the password creation.
  10. Log into your child’s terminal with their Facebook account and the new password. Check the option for the device to remember this information.
  11. You can now see the chats from your pc, your tablet or your smartphone.

As you can see, this method poses more than one drawback . It is very simple and easy to follow, but if your child is going to connect to FB on a different device and sees that his password does not work, he will change it again and you will not be able to connect until you repeat the steps. It is a temporary solution, but it does not work forever. In fact, it also requires that you have access to the user’s email, and that is not always possible.

What are the most recommended programs to spy on my children on Facebook

After having seen that there is a payment option, the one that we recommend the most if you really want to see the chats and much more without problems, it is time to take another step in that direction to dive fully into it. Since you have to pay monthly fees, it is very important to see which are the most recommended programs to spy on children’s Facebook chats . The range is immense, and there are proposals that are more or less effective depending on the device and what you want to do.

Let’s see what are the 3 best paid programs to watch Facebook conversations . If you are going to opt for the payment option because you are looking for something complete and professional, you just have to keep reading.


YouPy is a very good monitoring program. In fact, many experts consider it the best there is today. It has several types of fees, ranging from the basic plan to the professional. Although we recommend the intermediate one, with a monthly payment of just over 7 euros if an annual plan is adopted, the advanced one also adds some interesting functions. On the other hand, the most basic one does not allow you to view Facebook conversations, so we do not recommend it.

This monitoring tool is only compatible with Android , but instead offers a very attractive range of functions. Using it you can not only see your children’s chats on Facebook, you can also see private messages, shared content, friends made and much more. Apart from that, it allows you to access the cameras and the microphone, view contacts, view files, view the location in real time and see much more about the device. It is a complete program and very easy to use, although it may be excessive with so much function, especially if you only want to see the activity on that social network.


Spyzie is also known enough spy tool. This app, compatible with both Android and iOS, offers many options to those who want to monitor a device, be it a mobile or a tablet. It has quite adjusted prices, also established in different plans that go from less to more in terms of possibilities. With this tool, you can see the most used app on the phone to the location on a detailed map, through options such as taking screenshots, blocking an application or, of course, monitoring activity on social networks.

All of that includes, of course, Facebook chat monitoring . With this social network, you can also view private messages and multimedia content, just like you do with messaging apps like WhatsApp or other RRSS like Instagram, LINE, etc. It is very wide in terms of possibilities, perhaps much more than you would want if you are going to stick with FB.


The latest in this trio of paid programs is FlexiSpy . This tool does not fail as a monitoring software, much less when it comes to viewing your children’s chats on Facebook. In fact, it is capable of monitoring any conversation, be it written or spoken, on the device. It is compatible with both iOS and Android, so it does not present any type of problem when installing and using it.

It has a free demo for a limited time, and even a built-in remote installation feature. In addition to all that, it claims to be the program with the most monitoring functions on the market. The problem then? In addition to having the highest installment prices of all we’ve seen, it also offers too much for anyone who just wants to watch FB conversations and control their kids a bit. If you are looking for something more complete and do not mind paying more, it is the most suitable for you.

Any of these 3 paid programs is more than enough for you to see your children’s chats on FB. You can choose them or the free method that we have explained to you, but always taking into account the indications of the law to avoid any problem. As you may have seen, in reality, all this is much simpler than it seems.

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