Stability With Older Siblings And The New Baby

The arrival of a new baby is always a joy, but it is natural that maladjustments arise in the family and there are moments of stress with older siblings. In this article we leave you some tips to achieve stability as a family.

The transition period after giving birth to a new baby can become very emotional for all family members in many ways. Routines change, attention is divided, there is more lack of sleep and everything will take a little time for a new balance to emerge and return to “normal” .

Although older siblings may be delighted to have a new baby brother, there can be some tough times. To avoid them, we leave you some tips to handle difficult situations that can generate more stress due to the baby. We started!

Seek an outside perspective

If older siblings are more upset than usual, think about what else could be happening to them apart from having a new baby brother: that they are hungry, that they are tired, that they need to go to the bathroom, etc. These are things that have been overlooked a bit because of the attention paid to the baby.

It must be borne in mind that older siblings, even though they are now “older”, in many cases are still very young and that sometimes the simplest solution to their discomfort is to remember to pay them due attention, especially to their basic needs.

Simple activities plan

If you are used to preparing games and activities with your little ones, with the arrival of the baby you should not stop doing it … But you should do it in a simpler way to avoid laziness and cancel. Something simple like playing with soap bubbles or making constructions is something easy to prepare and does not need exhaustive planning … And the little ones will thank you!

Supports the elderly to entertain themselves independently

For those moments when your attention must be exclusively focused on the baby, such as giving him a bath, changing him, feeding him, etc. But that you also have to be aware of the other children, prepare something so that the older siblings can be entertained by themselves for a little while.

You can make a small collection of books, comics and toys that is only available at those times, which will make the older ones pay more attention and give them a few minutes of rest.

Find time to relax

The crying of a newborn is something that can be exhausting for everyone in the family – make time for everyone to relax! You can use music to change the mood of the house, better if it is happy and relaxed, and you can take the opportunity to talk or do some quiet activity.

Lower your expectations

This is one more trick for the mother and father, which is basically not being so perfectionist with themselves or with the state of the house … At least while you are adjusting to the new situation.

Surely increase the laundry, the house is not as clean as it should, etc., but remember that little ones always appreciate a happy mother more than a gleaming kitchen. Thus, without getting into laziness, focus on connecting with your little ones as a priority.

What other tricks do you know to maintain family stability and reduce stress with the little ones with the arrival of a new baby? Share them!

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