Field Guide: BEST Tips for Straight Hair Care

If you have straight hair, you should know that your hair needs special attention because it has to be impeccable to be able to show it off. It cannot be burned, broken or with split ends. It should be hydrated, shiny and without frizz (frizz).

How to keep straight hair beautiful and healthy

  • Always hydrate the hair. The more hydrated your hair is, the longer it will look shiny and smooth. For this reason, it is advisable to drink plenty of water and regularly use moisturizing products such as conditioners and masks.
  • Comb carefully. Choose wide-bristle and wooden combs as this material removes static electricity from the hair, preventing frizz.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Hair is made up of keratin , a protein produced by the body. Consuming pork, vegetables and fruits provide essential amino acids for hair formation.
  • Choose the right products. Use shampoo without salt or sulfates . In addition to keeping hair hydrated, these products nourish the hair fiber and cleanse the scalp.
  • Use anti frizz products. Anti- frizz products help keep hair disciplined and smooth throughout the day.
  • Avoid applying moisturizing products to the roots of the hair. Straight hair is generally oilier than curly hair, and the scalp tends to produce more sebum when it comes in contact with moisturizers. When using them, try to apply them at least a finger or two away from the scalp and spread through the hairs to the ends.
  • Keep hair clean. Straight hair tends to be oilier, so good daily hygiene is essential to maintaining a healthy scalp .

Unnatural straight hair care

Who does not have naturally ready hair, usually uses chemicals to straighten it. More than a trend, for many people having straight hair is a lifestyle .

The market is filled with products to achieve as the progressive relaxers and intelligent and plates . Women of different ages and social classes opt for practices and treatments to straighten their hair.

Straight hair looks easy to maintain as it always looks well groomed. However, they need special care because despite having greater resistance, they have less flexibility .

Therefore, the main concern is not to break the hair. Hydration is essential and once every two weeks use a deep cleansing shampoo to remove residue that can leave hair heavy.

After being straightened, a cauterization and neutralization treatment is important . These procedures are almost mandatory and complementary. Not to mention, of course, the use of special shampoos and conditioners for straightened hair .

A good homemade recipe to restore hair shine is to mix a tablespoon of white vinegar with a tablespoon of mask, apply and leave for five minutes. The effect is shiny and healthy hair.

Soft and unruly

The best way to avoid frizz is by hydrating it. When washing it, you should use a good conditioner to seal the hair and prevent it from splitting . Leave-in styling creams and silicones also help.

Straight hair products

The right products help to control volume, avoid frizz and keep hair hydrated and protected from daily aggressions. The ideal is to apply non-rinsing masks from the middle to the ends to avoid the appearance of oil since the scalp keeps the roots moisturized with its natural oils.

Apply the mask to the still damp strands to comb, distributing the product between your hands and a comb so that the cosmetic is not concentrated in a single area. Let the hair dry naturally or with the help of a brush, because excessive use of the dryer can leave it heavy and dirty.

We advise you to check this article to find out how and what type of hair mask to choose.

Products with keratin and thermal protectors

Intense processes such as straightening and excessive use of a dryer and iron can remove the natural keratin from the hair . The lack of this protein makes hair brittle, dull, porous and almost impossible to untangle. Products that contain keratin in their formula help repair hair day by day, making it easier to style and keeping it smooth and hydrated. Look at the importance of Keratin for Hair.

Women who use the dryer and the iron often to achieve straight hair must be even more careful since it is essential to first apply thermal protectors, which create a film on the hair and protect it from heat.

Tips and suggestions of products to buy to care for straight hair

  • Smooth Effect Reconstructor (Recovery after straightening damage) – REFILL CHOCOLATE STRATTI 150 ml
  • Gliss – Anti Frizz Serum 50 ml
  • PANTENE Soft and Smooth mask 300 ml
  • Tresemme – Keratin Heat Protective Spray
  • Smoothing cream franck provost expert smooth professional finish 750ml
  • Tresemmé – Smooth Keratin Oil 75 ml
  • Schwarzkopf Gliss – Asian Smooth Conditioner – for unruly or difficult to straighten hair – 200 ml
  • Euph 2 in 1 hair straightening brush. Ionic hair straightener. Anion hair stylizer with instant silky smooth finish. Anti burn and anti static electricity. Ceramic Heater with Integrated Heat Resistance (Black)
  • Kealive Straightening Brush Temperature Controlled Electronic LCD Digital Anion Heating Ceramic Hair Straightener Anti-Static Anti-Scald (Pink)

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