Strivectin Tl Advanced Toning Face And Neck Cream, Analysis And Alternative

Strivectin’s TL Advanced cream is one of the best-known and best-selling products the brand has under its belt. This face and neck cream has been designed to provide an instant tightening effect, as well as a marked improvement in the appearance of the skin over time.

According to the brand, it is important to have a firming cream also for the neck, because the skin of the neck and the décolleté has less fatty tissue and collagen, so this area tends to show the signs of age first.

The key ingredients in this formula include a variety of peptides, a blend of ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and three ingredient complexes that are unique to Strivectin products.

NIA-114 is the best known of the three, as it is found predominantly in several of the brand’s most popular products. This complex works to strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier to create a healthier, more youthful appearance.

The other two complexes also help to brighten the skin as well as to firm and tone it, to create a more radiant appearance.

The result is that this rich toning cream nourishes the skin and replenishes moisture from the outside in for a firmer, more contoured appearance. It is intensely hydrating and produces a tightening effect that increases the elasticity, firmness and density of the skin.

At the moment it looks good, although to ensure its effectiveness we are going to analyze its INCI, to see what concentration all these assets have.

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Analysis StriVectin TL Advanced Toning Cream for Face and Neck

Review summary StriVectin TL Advanced toning cream for face and neck

As you can see, the formula is quite extensive, which means that the first ingredients are the ones that will have the most impact on the overall composition.

First of all, we find shea butter, a great moisturizing and nourishing ingredient for any anti-aging cream. Some lubricants and emollients follow; And another nice addition is myristyl nicotinate, an active that strengthens the barrier and increases skin renewal and DNA repair.

These are the compounds that will most influence the effectiveness of the formula. They are not bad, but they could be more specific to achieve the end purpose: to reaffirm.

The rest of the formula has a bit of everything, there are moisturizers, surfactants (cleaning agents), ingredients necessary to maintain the cream (such as emulsifiers, binders, etc.), conditioners, and other beneficial assets.

A striking ingredient is the juice from the sorghum stalks,
which is a compound that creates an elastic film, immediately tightening the skin. It is an effect visible at the moment, but not long-lasting, so it does not solve the real problem of flaccidity.

It also contains peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and muscle relaxants, all of them great beneficial assets to improve elasticity, increase firmness and reduce wrinkles, which is what a firming cream is all about.

It has a good amount of botanical ingredients that work as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, depigmenting, moisturizing, and tightening. There is also an AHA, lactic acid, which is a good moisturizer, brightener and regenerator of the skin.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of these actives are in concentrations too low to produce any benefit.

At the bottom of the list are mostly preservatives, a couple of them toxic and irritating; along with other ingredients needed to thicken the formula, regulate the pH, etc.

In general, there are more good ingredients than bad ingredients, although most of them could be in a higher proportion to achieve greater benefit and effectiveness.
It is a good cream, but there are better formulations.


An example is the Antiage cream from Nezeni Cosmetics, which has hyaluronic acid, Cobiolift, Dragon’s Blood (a botanical extract that increases collagen, among other things), and vitamin E; but with a higher concentration of assets, that is why it is more efficient.

If you look at its INCI (you can see it in the link I left above), the assets are totally natural, they are very concentrated and the preservatives are very low, so it is a better firming and anti-wrinkle cream.

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