Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sulfate-Free Shampoos

Do sulfate-free shampoos have only benefits? Is it possible that somehow they may not be recommended for our hair? Undoubtedly these are the currently fashionable shampoos, so we are now talking about it and reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of sulfate-free shampoos .

Advantages of sulfate-free shampoos

Many seem to be the advantages that the best sulfate-free shampoos have for our hair , so we can review them all one by one to verify that they are really effective not only to leave our hair clean, but also to take care of it.

Reduce the chances of developing irritation or inflammation of the scalp

Sulfates are well known to have irritating properties. They are even used in clinical trials to irritate the skin and test the calming properties of different compounds. Is your scalp sensitive, easily itchy, or does it tend to develop dandruff? Try a sulfate-free shampoo to limit inflammation and restore your scalp’s pH balance. Also, take a good look because there are specific formulas that are also anti-dandruff.

Increase the retention of natural oils in the hair

Sulfates are used in personal care products for their detergent and drying qualities. Therefore, the sulfates in the shampoo remove sebum from the hair, giving a “clean clean” feeling. But often the scalp makes up for this by producing more sebum, which can lead to a vicious cycle of having to wash your hair more often, only for the hair to get greasy faster.

By contrast, sulfate-free shampoos are mild and leave some of the natural oils in the hair, leaving it soft and shiny . It’s good for all hair types, but especially curly and wavy hair, which needs to be well hydrated to look its best.

Increases moisture retention in hair

The natural cleansing agents that make up the formula of sulfate-free shampoos gently cleanse strands without stripping moisture, helping to reduce breakage and hair loss . Using sulfate shampoos only weakens my hair over time, in addition to dehydrating me. If we wash the hair with a shampoo that is organic and sulfate-free, we guarantee that much-needed hydration so that the hair looks beautiful and shiny and also, alive.

 They are gentle on the eyes

We all know what it’s like to put some shampoo in your eye just to experience a burning sensation. Do you know that this unpleasant experience is the direct result of sulfates? They especially irritate the sensitive tissues of the eyes. Many users find that their eyes no longer feel burning in the shower after switching to sulfate-free shampoos.

They help colored hair to maintain its color for longer

Sulfate’s strong detergent action not only removes natural oils from hair, but also removes pigment in hair color , making color vibrancy fade faster. So being sulfate-free can mean having to dye your hair less.

Also think that as soon as you dye, your hair will be a little dry . Therefore, it will be good to use a sulfate-free shampoo that, by treating the hair more gently and also by restoring the natural oils, allows the hair follicles to be hydrated and thus the hair, even if dyed, looks shiny and full of life.

They allow you to avoid long-term exposure to possibly toxic chemicals

Studies from the Georgia University of Medicine showed that sulfates can be permanently lodged in body tissues such as the eyes, brain, liver, and heart . While there is no definitive proof that these substances are toxic, one may prefer to avoid exposure to them. Additionally, sulfates leave cells more porous, potentially leaving them more susceptible to other environmental pollutants. So why take a chance on your health when natural alternatives are available?

Reduces hair loss

According to the National Foundation for Toxic Encephalopathy, a poor rinse with sulfate shampoos leaves deposits of SLS in the hair follicles and these deposits penetrate the scalp and corrode the hair follicle, causing hair loss.

Protect the environment

Not only will you love your hair more without the sulfates, but Mother Nature will love you too. Sulfate-free shampoos are more environmentally friendly compared to those with harsh cleaning agents and synthetic additives. In addition, many of those that we can find in the market are currently sold in containers that are recyclable. And let’s not forget, there are also organic and sulfate-free shampoos that are also sold in pill form , so that we can even avoid having to use a container.

Reduce gray hair

There are no studies to confirm this, but there is a belief that those who treat their hair with sulfate-free shampoos from a young age can reduce the appearance of graying over time . Gray hair appears as we age when the hair follicle dies, but it is possible that by washing the hair with a shampoo that respects our natural oils, which keeps the hair hydrated and does not dry it out, we can get the hair follicles, live longer.

Disadvantages of sulfate-free shampoos

We have already seen the advantages of sulfate-free shampoos and it is clear to us that there are many, but are there not disadvantages to this type of shampoo? Although they are not real inconveniences for us, we do tell you some things you should know before switching to a sulfate-free shampoo.

They make hair less shiny

When you start using a sulfate-free shampoo, you will notice that the hair, although it is recovering from the fragility caused by sulfates, may also be noticed that it shines less than when we have just washed it with a sulfate shampoo. This is just a temporary thing . As soon as you begin to restore the sebum to your scalp, you will notice that the hair not only recovers, but it will look progressively softer and shinier.

They make less foam

And this can be a bit strange for those who are used to filling their hair with foam with sulfate shampoos. Sulfate-free shampoo makes less lather, so it can give us the feeling that we are not cleaning our hair deeply even if it is not true. In addition, some sulfate-free shampoos are already beginning to make formulas that generate more foam while maintaining all their properties.

They’re more expensive

If you are looking to spend 3 or 4 euros on a sulfate-free shampoo, since this is what sulfate shampoos cost, you will generally find that it is not possible. Its formula is more natural and that is why they are more expensive than sulfate shampoos. Although it is something that in the long run is worth it.

What are the effects of sulfate on hair

Removes oils and natural sebum from the hair

The sulfates in the hair are actually quite effective . The sebum produced by our scalp can not only make the hair look excessively greasy, but it also makes the dirt adhere better to the hair, so we need a shampoo that allows us to clean the hair in depth. This is where sulfates come into play, which are still surfactant surfactants, that is, they react when mixed with water and thus form the foam with which we can deeply cleanse the hair.

Without the protection of these natural oils and sebum (which, although it provides fat, it is still necessary), our hair ends up suffering the consequences and it looks as we say, dry, lifeless and dull . Luckily we have sulfate-free shampoos that will help us regain the quality and ultimately the health of our hair. It would also be important to know how to use a sulfate-free shampoo , since depending on how we apply it we can have more benefits.

Eliminates hair proteins

Along with the oils and sebum in our hair, sulfates are also responsible for gradually eliminating the proteins from our hair. Although we do not think about it many times, or do not remember it, our hair has life and also proteins , but in the face of the loss of the oils that protect the hair follicles, they lose proteins and with this, what happens to us that we are going to comment on in the next point.

Weakens the hair

There may be people who are used to using a sulfate shampoo and have not noticed that their hair suffers any harmful effects, but the truth is that over time and due to the above commenting, our hair weakens to the point of causing that it is less and less resistant, for example to low temperatures in winter, to the sun’s rays in summer or to the heat of the dryer or iron. With increasingly fragile hair, it is normal for some people to even suffer from hair loss due to sulfates.

Causes scalp irritation

Another effect that sulfate can have on hair is irritation to the scalp. Those people who suffer from sensitive skin or who even have allergies, will be more likely to be affected by a shampoo containing sulfates. In fact, the irritation does not usually settle only on the scalp, which will also suffer from intense itching, but it is also possible that the eyes become excessively irritated if they get the foam of the shampoo or that they feel itchy on the neck and the back . In the most serious cases of allergy, a problem of dermatitis can even be generated or also, that the person suffers acne in the back.

Causes frizz and tangles in the hair

With the aforementioned loss of natural oils that our scalp produces, the hair follicles remain open, so that the hair not only weakens but one of the first things we notice about the effects of sulfate on the hair is that it is looks much more frizzy than usual. That uncontrollable “frizz” will increase if we continue to wash our hair with the same sulfate shampoo, but not only that, but in the long run, we will notice how each time we wash our heads, our hair ends up more and more tangled.

Makes curly hair harder to control

On the other hand, those people with curly hair will notice the effect of sulfate on their hair quite a bit. By unprotecting the scalp from sebum, it will not be able to provide the curls with the natural oils they need to stay thick and alive. In short, you will notice that your curls look dull, even without volume and it will be very difficult for you to style them as you want.

Eliminates the color of the dye

It is also true that sulfate, being a powerful degreaser, can not only remove the dirt accumulated in the hair, but also possibly eliminate any dye that you have applied to your hair . Also, think that when we dye our hair, it tends to dry out a bit, if we add the action of sulfates to that, we can end up with hair that looks dull, no matter how much we have dyed it a color to make it stand out. .

Eliminates straightening keratin in hair

The same can happen with any keratin (or keratin) straightening treatment that you do on your hair. The straightening substance must penetrate the hair, but if it is weakened by sulfates, we may notice that it hardly works or that it lasts less than expected.

May cause hair loss

Finally we have to talk about the hair loss that some people suffer from the sulfate in shampoo. It is not something generalized or that happens frequently, but if you wash your hair regularly with this type of shampoo, you will get the hair follicles to open or much worse, to break and if that happens, then it will be impossible for the hair to stay and it will end for falling.

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