Sweet Orange Essential Oil: Contraindications, Benefits And Uses

We are perhaps the beings most benefited by nature, when we need food she provides it to us, these in turn have properties or other compounds that protect us from contracting some diseases. Although there are many forms in which they are presented, a very particular one is the sweet orange or sweet orange.

It is a delicious and citrus fruit, which we can eat or drink. But from it we can also extract a particular compound, sweet orange essential oil. It is an oil with transcendent properties in medicine and cosmetics, where it has stood out for helping in various health problems and has become known worldwide.

Without being aware, many of us have been in contact with this oil , albeit in small quantities. When peeling or grating an orange to obtain its pulp, we come across this essential oil, only to obtain it as such the process is a little more complex . There are many benefits it brings us and it is being used more and more in various products.

If you’ve used any orange scented soap or cleanser, it is very likely that they have traces of this oil . However, it is not saved from presenting some adverse effects as well . In this article we hope to provide you with all the essential information about this compound, so that you know the benefits and contraindications if you want to use it.


What is sweet orange essential oil?

It is an essential oil that comes from the fruit of a tree called Citrus Sinensi, extracted from the peels exactly . It is a tree that produces oranges or sweet oranges , which is why this oil also receives that name . It has a yellow-orange color, with a very soft, sweet and fresh smell, like all sweet fruits.

This smell makes it distinguishable from the very similar essential oil of bitter orange. It has also been characterized by its incredible properties that have made a great contribution to solving many problems, benefiting many people through its use. To know what it is, you need to know the characteristics of its composition and here we leave them for you.

Biochemical characteristics

A serving of oil must contain at least some biochemical components such as Limonene (from 89% to 97%) and Myrcene (less or exactly 5%), alpha pinene, mircenolinalol, citral, farnesol and geraniol.

Physical characteristics

These characteristics are more detailed in terms of their presentation . A density of 20, the refractive index also at 20, the rotary power at 20 and the flash point at more than 48.

Organoleptic characteristics

The appearance that any portion of sweet orange essential oil should look like is liquid (which can become cloudy in very low temperatures), the usual yellow-orange color and the common sweet and tasty aroma.

Origin of sweet orange essential oil

It is believed that orange trees (be they sweet or bitter) have their origin in China , which is why the appearance of their essential oils in this region is also merited. Originally from Southeast Asia, it is believed to be the fruit of the graft between a grapefruit and a tangerine.

With the passage of time these trees appeared in other areas and are now cultivated even in Mediterranean countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Spain, France and Algeria. Where this sweet orange tree is grown in abundance, the precious sweet orange essential oil is also extracted and marketed to the rest of the world .

What is sweet orange essential oil good for?

The uses that have been given to this oil are different, but surely you wonder , is it useful for everything that people use it? What exactly is this sweet orange essential oil for? In this chapter we hope to answer both questions by providing you with a list of the conditions it does treat.

  • Reducer of muscular problems.
  • Natural relaxant, against stress, nerves and anxiety.
  • Treat digestive problems.
  • To treat spasms.
  • Skin problems, such as aging (wrinkles).
  • Fight some (cancerous) tumors.
  • Increase circulation.
  • Kill bacteria (or pathogens).
  • Improve the tone of the complexion.
  • Reduce hypertension.

Now that you know exactly what this essential oil is for, you might want to try it. If you have some of these conditions, be sure that it will help , if you have been told that it is used to treat others and you cannot find them here, it will be better to investigate more and make sure of it before consuming it.

Properties of sweet orange essential oil

Why is this essential oil used to treat so many things? It is because it has a wide range of properties that allow it . These are responsible for alleviating and helping various problems and who have made this oil popular for use. In this chapter we leave you the main properties it offers.

  • Antiseptics
  • Aphrodisiacs
  • Soothing
  • Nerve sedatives
  • Tonic
  • Digestive
  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti – infectious
  • Bactericides
  • Carminatives
  • Choleretic
  • Fungicides
  • Colagogas
  • Hypotensive
  • Digestive stimulants
  • Lymphatic stimulants
  • Stomach
  • Antispasmodic
  • Moisturizers
  • Vitamins (highlighting the C)
  • Nutritional
  • Therapeutics

How do you get sweet orange essential oil?

Extracting this oil is a fairly simple process, but which in turn requires a lot of care . In industry, this extraction is carried out through two different processes. The first, with the steam expansion of the water from the scraping of the leaves (shells) , is done at low pressure mainly.

The second way, through the pressure (this time mechanical) of the same parts of the tree . Both processes guarantee the integrity and quality of a 100% natural sweet orange essential oil and ready to use. Also, but uncommon is cold extraction from the skin of the fruit.

Sweet orange essential oil benefits

The properties that we have seen of this oil provide us with great benefits. It is because this essential oil is presented as a natural method to treat various problems and improve symptoms. From the Mediterranean, India and the girl we have been benefited by this oil for hundreds of years.

The greatest benefits have been provided in the area of ​​medicine , which have made it one of the most recommended in the world to treat conditions. In this chapter we leave you the benefits that you can obtain, just by using a small amount of this oil and you will be able to evaluate how much it would contribute to you according to your condition.

D-limonene is a monoterpene that helps in the fight against breast, skin, lung, liver, stomach and liver cancer. Since it has a strong chemo-preventive activity, which is responsible for reducing these tumors naturally (proven in animal studies). This ability results from carcinogenic detoxification.

Apart from this limonene component, the phytochemical it contains is also beneficial. Which helps protect DNA and damaging cells (cancer cells) including polymethoxyflavones (an antioxidant found in this sweet orange essential oil).

Anti-inflammatory benefits

It is because it mainly provides quick and effective relief to treat various types of inflammation, these can be both internal and external, regardless of the origin (whether it is a consequence of fever, excessive intake, some infection of a bacterium, gases, side effect of taking antibiotics, consumption of toxic substances or narcotics, among others).

Antidepressant benefits

Can something as simple treat a problem like depression? Well yes, you will be surprised to know that only its aroma can help you . This sweet orange essential oil has the ability to bring pleasant, sweet, harmonious and happy thoughts into the mix .

The most common way to use it is in aromatherapy, where you can marvel at its aroma. In this way, it not only calms the mind, but also the body. Creating a feeling of happiness and relaxation, which serves to elevate the mood. Perfect for stress, depression or anxiety.

Antispasmodic benefits

Spasms are a very annoying condition. They can cause various problems such as irritation and in more serious cases a continuous cough (very annoying and strong), seizures, muscle cramps and chronic (extreme) diarrhea.

These spasmodic problems must be treated in time (as soon as they appear) or at least completely prevented. This is where sweet orange essential oil is presented with its benefits, since it relaxes these spasms (be they muscular or nervous), regardless of their origin.

Aphrodisiac benefits

It is very difficult for men to accept that they need help, even more so when their “manhood” is at stake. You should know that this essential oil brings benefits for these little problems that can be embarrassing , acting naturally and simply . Ideal for curing problems such as frigidity, erection, decreased libido and loss of interest in sex.

Antiseptic benefits

The fight against infections is constant, nobody wants to suffer one of these . Here, sweet orange essential oil is presented with multiple benefits, since it helps to avoid any type of infection (mainly those that inhibit microbial growth) and acts as a disinfectant for wounds (usually open).

Carminative benefits

Gas For whom is gas not a nuisance? Those trapped airs that prevent us from doing our activities with complete tranquility. Exactly they are formed in the intestines and are pushing upwards (which causes a lot of discomfort), since it also pushes against internal organs and this causes chest pains (indigestion or general malaise).

Other consequences that can appear with the presence of gases are an increase in blood pressure, acute stomach pains and heart conditions. Sweet orange essential oil can treat this problem and its consequences .

It is mainly due to the fact that it relaxes the abdominal muscles (which by the way is great for abdominal problems caused by the menstrual cycle) favoring the expulsion of trapped gases (eliminating the excess in the intestines) and that also does not leave a form of another gas further.

Diuretic benefits

Against toxins that are harmful to our body, sweet orange essential oil works effectively by eliminating all of them (toxins) from our body, that is, as an antitoxin compound.

This oil promotes the elimination of liquids, which in turn is responsible for eliminating toxins . These can be such as uric acid, bile, excess of some salts in the body, pollutants and excess water in the body.

Tonic benefits

This oil is responsible for toning each system, which works and acts correctly on the entire body . Specifically, it maintains the metabolic system in adequate form. Especially contributing to strength and increasing immunity.

Sedative benefits

The antidepressant and sedative benefits are very similar and go hand in hand . To treat those problems of stress, anxiety, anger and various types of depression. Sweet orange essential oil is presented as an option to treat these problems, as well as acting as a sedative against certain body inflammations.

Cholagogue benefits

Some women may have problems promoting secretions from some glands (including exocrine and endocrine), this is where this oil can act and benefit you. Ideal to promote menstruation (start the menstrual cycle), lactation, digestive juices, the appearance of hormones, the appearance of enzymes and bile.

Contraindications and side effects of sweet orange essential oil

The benefits that this essential oil gives us are many, as well as the conditions for which it serves. Unfortunately all that glitters is not gold. Sweet orange essential oil can cause some contraindications and side effects (which are usually negative).

It is due at first to its incredible power, since its direct use can cause serious reactions (internal or external) in the skin . Other effects are presented by the interaction with the rays of light (UV) from the sun. It is a good ideal to avoid sunlight when you are consuming this oil.

Our body can develop some condition in front of the product . One way to test the possible reaction (that you are allergic or inflamed) or to see if the treatment is suitable for your body, we recommend two ways in which you can do it.

  1. Direct application on the skin (recommended on the forearm) Place a small portion (two or three drops) on the back of the hand and apply with gentle movements on the skin, if you notice any reaction (such as itching, redness or inflammation) you are allergic, do not use the product any more.
  2. Carry out a kind of “trial period” or “practice period”. You should only start taking a small amount (instead of a normal dose) preferably agreed with a doctor. If you have redness, swelling or hives, stop the treatment and do not use it again.


Before using this product you must make sure that it is the natural sweet orange essential oil , not a synthesized oil. If you buy a product that is based on this oil, you should check that this and other compounds (that it may have) are natural.


It is not necessary to have a prescription from a scholar to apply it (whether it is a test or as a treatment), but we advise you to seek it in power, especially if you are asthmatic. You should also do if you consume another type of remedy (medicine) such as those for epilepsy, remember that seizures are a risk with this oil and if you are prone more.


This essential oil is extremely irritable (in direct contact with the skin). We recommend diluting it to 20%. In what? It can be in another oil (preferably vegetable oil) or body cream. Exposure to the sun is completely prohibited, you must have read about irritable, the sun’s rays can be lethal if you apply it to the skin and go out to sunbathe, so do not expose yourself.


Kidney stones are very dangerous and you should avoid this oil if you have them. We recommend not using it at all (or for a very long time) if you have functional kidney failure.


It is better to try before using and we already mentioned two ways to do it. But surely you wonder why would I be allergic? It is due to the presence of certain compounds that usually cause allergies and here we tell you what they are.

  • Limonene itself (which benefits so much)
  • Linalool (even if its proportion is less than 1%)
  • Citral (which occurs even less)
  • Geraniol (with only 0.1% presence)
  • Fame

If you are allergic to any of these mentioned compounds, don’t even try this oil. It is common for products or drug presentations to bring with them indications, precautions and recommendations. Look for them because this ensures the source of what you consume for sweet orange essential oil. Here we leave you an example for checks.

Precautions: The product can cause inflammation, irritation to the skin and eyes, sensitization in the area of ​​the skin where it is applied and can damage the environment.

Recommendations: Keep away from fire or areas with a high temperature, use gloves for direct application, in case of falling into the eyes or skin wash immediately with plenty of water, if the condition continues and there are no changes you should see a doctor. Vote both the product and the container where it has been placed. Eat a varied and balanced diet.

Sweet orange essential oil as a natural treatment

It is an originally natural essential oil , for this reason it is said that each treatment based on this oil is natural too . It acts on conditions quickly and painlessly, a feature that makes it ideal as a medicine. Here we leave you a list of problems that it solves naturally.

  • In the field of aromatherapy, as an essential oil for massages and muscle relaxant
  • As a product in gastronomy, the very oil in fried foods
  • As a moisturizer, both of the skin and the body

Sweet orange essential oil uses

Sweet orange essential oil has been used since its discovery to treat medical and cosmetic conditions . Industries have used it in the development of products to take advantage of its benefits. Here we leave you the most common uses that we can find of this oil.

As an immune system enhancer

As we have mentioned, this oil contains limonene (a mono terpene – mono cyclic) that represents a powerful aid in defense against oxidative problems (stress). It has been used and recommended by people suffering from cancer as it acts as a natural chemo treater.

As a natural antibacterial

The different essential oils that come from some citrus fruit have antibacterial properties (natural antimicrobials), which are used in food safety.

E. coli is a type of bacteria or dangerous agent that is present in (contaminated) food such as some vegetables and other meats. What happens if it is swallowed? When ingested, it can cause serious reactions such as kidney failure and even death. This oil is used to protect these foods as it can prevent the proliferation of this bacteria.

A specific type of bacteria that this oil is able to inhibit in its spread is salmonella. Thanks to its compounds with antimicrobial properties such as terpenes. That is, it is used to prevent the symptoms of this bacterium that includes fever and gastrointestinal reactions.

As a kitchen cleaner

Yes, you read that right. As a kitchen cleaner. Its particular citrus smell (fresh, natural and sweet) will give your kitchen a pleasant clean aroma . When the sweet orange essential oil is diluted, it allows us to clean countertops, cutting boards (vegetables and meats) or kitchen tools; This work is usually done with bleach or large aggressive and chemical thinners.

There are many cleaning product factories that use this compound in their products (as flavorings or for its properties), you can easily find them in the market. If you can’t afford it, add a few drops of this essential oil to your traditional spray bottle (maybe a little bergamot oil) and shake it well. It will not damage your surfaces.

As a medicine to improve circulation

This oil is capable of treating some of the major factors that cause heart disease such as high blood pressure and improving blood flow (fighting hypertension).

This essential oil is used to improve low libido and reduce headaches. As well as many of the symptoms that come with the menstrual cycle. How does it work? You just have to apply a few drops to the affected area (usually the abdomen) and rub it in. This will improve blood flow.

As an anti-inflammatory

These effects have been heavily researched. Since it has been proven that using it helps fight pain, infection and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease . When compared to other oils such as lemon oil, pine oil, or eucalyptus oil, it has been shown to be better at reducing inflammation.

As a pain reliever

You can use this oil to treat certain types of pain such as muscle or bone pain . If you suffer from any of these, sweet orange essential oil will help you calm the inflammatory responses (which these provoke) and which in turn increase the inflammation of the tissues. Which makes it the best remedy to use.

There are medicines that have this component in their formula, which also promotes a much more pleasant mood and this helps to increase tolerance to pain. As it also makes you have a more pleasant sleep, which is ideal for sleeping and resting (which helps with pain and inflammation).

As a drug to improve mood

As we told you before , this oil helps improve mood. You can put in a diffuser a little and spread it over the environment of your house or in your lotion. Inhale the aroma deeply and achieve a state of calm, relaxation and patience. It is due to the direct effect that it has on the olfactory system of the brain.

It balances hormones naturally, as it helps to turn off the reactions that these hormones have against stress. It calms the nerves, controls breathing, avoids stress (mental and emotional), relaxes the body and helps reduce bulges in the muscles.

As a protector on the skin

Citrus fruits are widely used for the incredible properties they provide at the level of vitamin C that helps heal and protect the skin . Sweet oranges and their components are certified as one of the fruits with the highest contributions of vitamin C.

It is used to benefit the skin in the fight against the signs of aging (such as wrinkles and dark spots) by promoting the production of collagen considerably. Protects from toxins produced by the sun’s UV rays, but cannot be used while receiving direct sunlight.

You can apply it directly as a sunscreen. But the cosmetic industry has been in charge of developing products based on sweet orange essential oil such as creams (anti-wrinkle, anti-cellulite, anti-blemish, moisturizing and rejuvenating), different sunscreens (pure and colored), in bases, compact powders and bases. anti – dark circles.

As a treatment to fight acne

This oil is ideal and widely used to fight inflammatory bacteria that cause acne. There are not many products that use it in their formula, those that are usually night creams, soaps or ointments.

If you want to use it but cannot find a product that contains it, add a little of this essential oil on a cotton ball and use it on your face (affected area), with gentle movements (you can combine it with coconut oil for greater effects). We recommend using it with other oils and not with anti – acne products.

As a medicine to improve digestion

For the same anti-inflammatory, protective and relaxing properties it is used to improve digestion, relieve cramps and prevent constipation . It works both as a cream on the affected area or with directly ingesting the oil.

Increases the production and expulsion of urine, as well as prevents bloating. Reason why it has been widely used to stimulate the liver, kidneys and bladder; by extracting toxins, excess sodium and waste found in the digestive tract.

As a natural mouthwash and gum protector

The same property against microbial agents helps to protect teeth and gums themselves. Many people use it to relieve sore throats (gargling with water, two drops of oil, and salt). It is recommended to use to reduce cold sores and ulcers that occur in the mouth. Some rinses contain extract of this oil.

It is used in the manufacture of lotions, shampoos, anti – acne creams, mouthwash, antibacterial hand washes (liquids), spray to clean different surfaces and other products.

Risks for pregnant women of sweet orange essential oil

When you are pregnant, you are afraid of the risks that come with using a new product . In the case of sweet orange essential oil, you can use it. The risks will depend on the way you use it. Since it serves to alleviate problems that arise with pregnancy, but exceeding the dose is dangerous.

First, make sure that you are not allergic to this essential oil. How to do it? In the chapter on Contraindications and side effects of sweet orange essential oil you have this information. After you make sure you are not allergic you can use it.

Ideally, you should go to the doctor and be he who prescribes a dose, so you do not have an allergic reaction . Since pregnancy is a very delicate state and you must be very careful. What problems does it help to combat? Those of inflammation and circulation, it is very common for these problems to appear after five months of pregnancy.

One use that you can give without a prescription is without ingesting . Use it to take a bath, add 5 drops to warm water (preferably in a bathtub), this will help with circulation and as a protector against possible stretch marks. You can apply it on the skin if you mix it with other oils (such as coconut or almond) or with creams.

Use it in a diffuser , we recommend it 100%, the recommended dose is 6 drops with a little water. Put it on with pauses in between (10 seconds on and 10 seconds on pause), because it can be overwhelming. Do not exceed the dose or ingest without medical consent, the risks can be from irritation to the loss of the little one.

Sweet orange essential oil for children or babies

Don’t be surprised, children can use this essential oil. As long as you take the necessary precautions . Usually it is recommended that it be in a slow diffuser (not continuous). We recommend placing it in the child’s room or rest area, especially before going to sleep .

Place 2 to 3 drops with a good amount of water, remember to program the pauses (40 seconds between every 20 seconds). This amount guarantees the positive effects it can bring and does not overwhelm the child’s nose. How does this sweet orange essential oil benefit children? Here we tell you two benefits that you will love.

Stimulate the appetite of the little ones

It is the most terrifying thing for a parent, the child does not want to eat (that way it will not be healthy, it will not develop and it will not grow strong). These digestive disorders are very common and believe it or not it is easy to treat them.

Sweet orange essential oil tones the stomach, that is, it makes digestion better. And this tells the brain “hey is ready to receive new foods.” Yes, it stimulates the appetite in this way, it is ideal for those children who are bad – eating.

For troubled kids

Children are not “saints” and that is not a secret. However, there are some children who are even turbulent, that is, very agitated. It’s hard to calm them down and make them see reason.

Why this essential oil is helpful, well the molecules it presents (of terpenes) provide relaxation when they act in the regulation of heart palpitations, thus calming agitation. Perfect, you don’t think so. Goodbye troubled kids.

Does sweet orange essential oil expire?

You must keep this oil in a glass jar and refrigerated, or it will damage faster . Products made from this compound usually have an expiration indication, check that they have it when you buy them . If not, you must doubt its origin and we do not recommend buying it.

This date is not exact, it is more an estimate made by statistical tests to which the product has been subjected, there lies the importance of containing it. So yes, bitter orange essential oil is damaged or expired at some point.

Homemade Sweet Orange Essential Oil Preparation

Can I make this oil from home? Yes How do I prepare it? In this chapter we will provide you with the necessary tools to do so, a step by step through the homemade preparation of sweet orange essential oil .


Sweet oranges (preferably from organic farming), pure vodka (yes, you read that right), a glass jar (crystal), a colander, a mortar, a pair of latex gloves.


The first and essential thing, put on a pair of latex gloves before doing any other step, then the sweet oranges (large) must be washed very well and peeled, until you get all the peels of each one, add them to the glass jar, for each sweet orange (peels) you will add 100 ml of vodka.

Then depending on the amount of sweet oranges you use, you are going to also use in vodka, cover the bottle, shake it well, until everything is well compacted. Make sure they are well mixed.

We will let the bottle rest in a safe place (out of the reach of children), every day we will shake it for 5 minutes, it should be 2 or 3 times a day, when two weeks have passed (with this constant task) it is time to obtain our oil, we place the strainer (or a cloth that serves to take advantage of all the oil possible).

With the mortar you will extract this oil from the glass bottle (all the liquid), the sweet and pleasant smell, as well as the yellow-orange color. It is left resting in an area with air (so that it loses the last traces of alcohol).

After several days (when the smell of alcohol disappears completely) we can transfer it to the bottle (previously washed). Cover and voila, we have sweet orange essential oil for 2 years

Sweet Orange Essential Oil to Relieve Joint Pain

As we mentioned earlier, this essential oil is used for pain, especially if you suffer from joint pain These are uncomfortable and disturbing, they do not allow us to carry out our daily activities at ease (they are the worst) and they affect anyone at any time.

The oil can help calm these, which are the product of inflammations, for this reason we recommend it as a natural remedy for joint pain. For its incredible anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial in the fight against these pains. Try it and see the results yourself, if this pain is one of your complaints.

Other therapeutic uses sweet orange essential oil

Although, the uses that have been given to this essential oil are many. But we need to highlight the therapeutics in particular , we take this chapter to do it because problems of a “therapeutic” nature are very common, annoying and we must try to know what to treat them with. Here we leave you some of the problems it solves.

  • Used in circulatory problems such as palpitations, fluid retention and other heart problems.
  • Used in skin problems such as oily skin, dull complexion and mouth ulcers.
  • Used in digestive system problems such as dyspepsia and constipation spasms.
  • Used in problems of the respiratory system such as bronchitis or colds.
  • Used in problems in the immune system such as infections.
  • Used in problems in the nervous system such as fatigue and nervousness, worth the redundancy.

Home remedies with sweet orange essential oil

There are some recipes that you can make at home, easily and simply . An easy home remedy is direct application. One way is to use a few drops, plus or minus 6, on a burner. In this way you will set the room with its aroma.

A natural way to take advantage of its benefits and that they serve as a remedy is to combine it with cinnamon, basil, sage, pepper, eucalyptus, incense, ginger, sandalwood, cloves or jasmine. Here we leave you some of the recipes, I hope you are ready to prepare them.

Homemade shampoo recipe with honey and sweet orange essential oil

It is a very good recipe for hair, based on honey and sweet orange essential oil. A product that you need on your shelf, which helps balance the hair’s pH naturally, kills bacteria and fungi (such as dandruff), restores moisture and hydration, does not extract natural oils and provides vitality.

In just 2 minutes you can have a portion that you can use 20 to 30 times. Here are the respective ingredients and steps for their preparation.


5 drops of sweet orange essential oil, 5 drops of lemon essential oil, 1 cup of water (preferably warm), 5 tablespoons of raw honey, 1 glass bottle with dispenser.


Place all the ingredients in a large bowl, mix well, until all are compacted and transfer to the glass bottle, where you will keep it.


We recommend that you use this product in each wash and mix well before using it.

Homemade acne treatment recipe with honey, coconut and sweet orange essential oil

A natural remedy that will help you in the tough fight against acne. It will not leave your skin dry, flaky or red. Instead it will help you reduce spots (acne product), pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. In turn they benefit in the fight against infections, bacteria and swelling.

In just 2 minutes, yeah, you heard right. You will have a portion that will serve you up to 30 applications.


20 drops of original sweet orange essential oil, 3 tablespoons of raw honey, 1 tablespoon of pure coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 2 capsules of live probiotics and 1 glass bottle.


In a blender, add all the liquid ingredients, beat until everything is compacted, pour into the glass bottle and store in a cool place.


Apply it every night before sleeping and remove in the morning with plenty of water

Some simpler recipes


In a diffuser add a few drops with water. Place 7 or 8 drops in a spray bottle with water and spray cushions, pillows and corners of the house. Ideal for discomfort in the mind.


The ideal is to dilute this essential oil in coconut oil. For a small portion you need 3 drops of each oil. Another way is in a bath with almond oil, 6 drops of each oil dissolved in warm water. Ideal for discomfort in the body.


It is recommended that it be under medical supervision. You can add it in drinks or fruit smoothies, along with a little honey or oatmeal. This is an ideal recipe to reduce bloating and is used for detoxification.

Alternative uses for sweet orange essential oil

There are many uses that we have mentioned so far and there are many that we can continue to mention , one of them is as a knowledge enhancer in drinks (with orange flavor), such as citrus fruit juices or sodas. We can also use this oil as an ingredient for natural drinks.

To waste (stain) the dishes is ideal. Place 1 cup of lemon juice (if it is freshly squeezed better) and 6 drops of sweet orange essential oil, mix it and add on the surfaces that you want to remove stains.

Another way to use flavoring is by placing water, lemon zest, cloves, cinnamon and 10 drops of sweet orange essential oil in a pot, cook over low heat. The steam will have a sweet and citrus scent, ideal for relaxing the atmosphere.

Where to buy sweet orange essential oil?

After knowing so much about this oil, even more about its benefits, it is very likely that you want to add it to your diet (or buy a product that has it). You can find it in pharmacies or natural apothecaries, thanks to its medicinal properties , you should make sure of the local regulations before requesting it, since some ask for a medical prescription.

It is a 100% organic, pure and natural essential oil. Do not be fooled and request that it be the original. You can also buy it online , the web is a good option to search (all these places work with shipments or personal deliveries. Verify that it is a reliable page and with quality products.

This oil usually comes in an opaque glass bottle. You must bring a sheet with you with the technical data (composition, use and precautions). So you know where to go and if you don’t have time, order it online.

Sweet orange essential oil another additional fact

An additional and interesting fact is that the tree (the sweet orange) from which the fruit comes (the sweet orange) can measure up to 10 meters in height . Surprising. And in this case of the sweet orange we tell you that its scientific name is  Citrus Sinensis .

This oil is very confused with its “brother” the bitter orange essential oil , but you should know that each use has its respective properties and benefits. Although they look a bit alike, they are not the same , not even the name (colloquial or scientific).

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