Tangerine Oil: Contraindications, Benefits And Uses

What is Mandarin Oil?

The essential oil is the obtaining of the volatile material present in the fruits and herbs; tangerine oil is the result of the extraction of the peel of the tangerine fruit; It is obtained by selecting the peel, the proper preservation by cold mechanisms or by maceration, although also if other parts of the fruit are used such as the leaves, an essential oil will be obtained through steam distillation and maceration to obtain an oil. pure and take advantage of the multiple properties and benefits that it gives to our body.

Origin of Mandarin Oil

Mandarin oil is native to Asia; It is said that it originated in the South of China, its cultivation is abundant since through its culture and traditions in the use of essences for the maintenance of health in all areas, internal, external and environmental led to experiment with this type of fruits which was a boom for the story.

It is an essence of frequent use since its freshness and relaxation power is very high, compared to other essences in the same category (citrus).

Mandarin oil is very popular in its use in the East, in India; giving this region fame for its quantity and variety of this fruit.

He came to the west in 1805; specifically in England; then years later in 1850 this variety is known in Italy, as well as in California, Florida and its surroundings.

History of Mandarin Oil

Since ancient times, essential oils were commonly used in rituals, in traditional medicines, when embalming mummies for their preservation.

Apparently its name comes from the color of the costumes worn by the mandarins, rulers of ancient China.

The plants were used in their natural state without modifications until the Persian culture introduced the distillation process, providing the possibility of obtaining the essences that until now thousands of years later, are obtained in the market.

It is believed that long before the Persians began the distillation process, they had done it in Pakistan; but there is no veracity of this information.

It is in the sixteenth and seventeenth century that essences began to be massively industrialized for their properties and great health benefits; Then, in the 19th century, it declined due to the entry of medicines, but the cosmetic and aromatherapy part reappeared in a significant way, whose main element was the extract or essence of oils.

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Characteristics of Mandarin Oil

Mandarin oil is yellow in color , although it can also be golden or olive green, depending on which part of the fruit is used to obtain it (peel, leaves, flower).

The aroma is citric, so it generates freshness and in turn is slightly spicy, and volatile (property of all essential oils).

There are four varieties of mandarin that are, hybrids, clemntines, satsumas, clemenvillas. Each occurs at various stages of the mandarin seasons in its country of origin.

Scientific name of Tangerine Oil

Scientific name: Citrus Reticulata

Chemical composition of Tangerine Oil

Tangerine oil being citrus in nature, most of it is made up of terpenes; which give it the viscosity or body of the oil, as well as being volatile substances, it also gives it the orange color.

 The unique aroma is given by organic compounds of which are found in small quantities , but which in turn are very important since they balance the final result of a pure and unique oil in its aroma and composition that generates countless properties and uses. for the use of the needs of the body.

The main components are isoprene, lemon, terpinene, carvone, neryl acetate, myrcene, one-pinene, citronellal; among others.

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How to extract Mandarin Oil

The extraction of tangerine oil depends on the plant or shrub used for this purpose and the method chosen for its extraction.

In this sense, it is necessary to extract essential oil from the tangerine peel both by steam distillation and by cold mechanical action , that is to say; rub the peel with a certain force, this releases its fragrance and essence of oily content and with a yellow or golden color.

If the leaves, stems or flowers are chosen to obtain its essence, the most recommended method is steam distillation.

All the mechanisms by which this oil is extracted in an industrial way are accompanied by the maceration and conservation process to guarantee a unique state of purity and preserve each of its properties and fresh aroma.

Active ingredient of Mandarin Oil

The main active principle is oily in nature and they are compounds or terpenes that are accompanied by organic substances to balance the mixture and be denoted as an essential oil.

Recommended Dosage of Mandarin Oil

The dose will always depend on the deficiency or disease that you want to treat or improve; It is always recommended to be used in small amounts (drops) together with a vegetable oil that serves as a vehicle to obtain the properties of the tangerine essence.

If it is for oral consumption, you can mix one or a maximum of 10 drops of mandarin essence with honey and take two to three times a day.

For the application on the skin, it is recommended that precautions be taken when exposing the area of ​​application of the essence to the sun since it is photosensitive; as well as the golden rule of all essences, to be mixed with a base vegetable oil so as not to cause irritability or allergic reactions (toxic) for the organism.

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Uses and benefits of Mandarin Oil

The essences have a great diversity of uses and are generally beneficial for health in general, ranging from prevention, physical, mental and environmental healing of the individual .

Among the uses of mandarin oil we have that it is an excellent natural painkiller as it provides relaxation and this promotes good rest.

It is the choice when it comes to the skin, since it is a powerful antiseptic and improves diseases such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, and prevents their reappearance by giving the skin essential vitamins and minerals to keep it healthy.

It is antispasmodic, therefore it helps to improve intestinal transit , prevents the appearance of flatulence and recovers and increases appetite.

Citrus essences have a high degree of vitamin C ; which provides the body with an increase in the immune system and makes it resistant to viruses and bacterial and fungal infections.

In other words, mandarin oil can be used for topical applications, aromatic baths, as a complement in the preparation of recipes, as an air freshener with a diffuser for environments, it can be used as an antiseptic on wounds and many other uses at home; since they call it the essence of happiness and prosperity.

What are the benefits of Tangerine Oil for skin and stretch marks?

It is one of the most used essences in cosmetology due to the vitamin properties it confers on the skin; as vitamin E and C, which provides a healthy and shiny appearance produced by hydration and protection against free radicals in the environment.

In the same way, the antioxidant property that provides it with the ability to eliminate harmful toxins for the regeneration of skin tissue is significant.

It activates the release of collagen and elastin in the skin to maintain adequate elasticity and prevent the breakdown of fine skin fibers or stretch marks.

This type of essence can also be used when the breakdown of these fibers is already established, leaving scars (stretch marks); since its application with a massage in the area activates blood circulation which favors the elimination of stretch marks.

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Is tangerine oil good for weight loss?

Mandarin oil is an excellent option when it comes to losing weight , since its antispasmodic action gives the body the ability to get rid of waste that accumulates in the intestine; which generates a significant loss of weight.

This essence helps to activate the metabolism which generates the proper functioning of the digestive system and the absorption of nutrients necessary for the body.

Used topically for reducing massages, it is ideal , as it prevents the appearance of orange peel or cellulite, helping the lymphatic system to eliminate excess toxins and accumulated fat.

Does Tangerine Oil have many properties for hair?

The essence of mandarin is rich in Vitamin C; what offers the body the production of collagen, which gives life, shine, and fortification to the hair; it also hydrates and protects it against harmful agents in the environment.

It has vitamins E and B12 that are essential for the skin and hair, since it helps maintenance (reduces hair loss); growth and prevents the early appearance of gray hair.

Tangerine Oil and Pregnant Women

All essences must be used with caution and supervision in pregnant women since the metabolic, endocrine (hormonal) system; Digestive and circulatory undergo significant changes and this generates an increase in the organism’s susceptibility to any substance that is in contact with the skin, the respiratory tract, and the internal organs of the woman.

However; Studies carried out have made it clear that one of the most harmless essences at this stage of a woman’s life is the essence of mandarin ; since its use generates more benefits than contraindications.

In this sense, greater immunity is acquired since the high content of vitamin C helps the immune system to activate against harmful agents such as viruses, bacterial and fungal infections.

Provides a high percentage of vitamins E and B12 and activates the production of collagen and elastin that are essential for good skin health for the prevention of stretch marks in the areas of greatest risk due to pregnancy such as the breasts, buttocks or hips and the belly mainly, using it topically together with a base oil of vegetable origin.

It gives in those days of anxiety and hormonal changes an environment of relaxation and well-being when used with diffusers in rooms or in bathrooms with this type of essences.

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Can tangerine oil be used while breastfeeding? Why?

During the lactation period, the mother is still in close relationship with the baby, therefore care must be continued in the choice of essential oils to be applied and their risks.

During the first three months of the baby’s life, the direct use of any essential oil is not recommended.

Although mandarin oil is one of the permitted essences, its use must be regulated very well; If used, it should be done after three months of the baby and topically mixed with a vegetable oil base.

It can give the baby improvements in their rest and sleep and in the digestive system avoiding the accumulation of flatulence and favoring fecal elimination.

It should not be administered orally; since it could cause allergic or toxic reactions, since the baby’s metabolism is not yet suitable to metabolize this type of substances and take advantage of its properties.

Children and Mandarin Oil

In children older than twelve months of age, tangerine essence can be used without any contraindication; since the benefits that it grants to the organism are innumerable.

its use is of great help in cases of diseases such as viruses; digestive tract problems, increase appetite, is a powerful antiseptic and improves wound healing.

In case of children presenting agitation and sleep disorders, it can be applied with a diffuser in the room to provide relaxation and release those states of anxiety.

Great care must be taken when applying substances to children, even if their use is allowed; since, there are organisms more sensitive than others and can in minimal doses produce fatal allergic reactions.

That is why it is recommended that this type of essences should be used individually and specifically for each case.

There is a general rule for the use of essential oils in children that consists of applying a drop of essence in the crease of the elbow, waiting a certain time (approximately 15 minutes); if there is no skin reaction it is safe for use.

Doses in children range from three to six months with one drop diluted in twenty milliliters of a vegetable oil; which has the particularity of being only the vehicle since it does not change the properties or the aroma of the essential oil; up to five drops in five milliliters of vegetable oil in children 10 years and older.

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Tangerine Oil for Massages

The essence of mandarin is used topically mixed with other essences and with base oils to produce different benefits which, just by increasing the blood flow to the area, is already producing improvement.

Massages and the use of this essence can achieve states of relaxation and rest.

As well as; can be used in aesthetic massages (reducers); since with its high content of vitamin C it helps the dilution of fat deposits and their elimination by the lymphatic system.

In therapeutic massages such as those applied in the abdominal area to improve intestinal transit and relieve pain, tangerine oil is also of choice for its antispasmodic action.

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How do you make homemade Tangerine Oil?

Mandarin oil is frequently used in various culinary preparations , and it is easy to prepare, so it does not bring any complications to have this type of preparation at home, which provides so many benefits for health in general.

To prepare these types of oils, the tangerine peels must be collected, cleaned very well and extracted from the inner white part of the shell.

You should have a preferably glass container where the already prepared mandarin shells (peeled and clean) will be placed and on top of them white liquor is added, in case its use is for the preparation of meals; or you can apply baby oil if its use will be for application to the skin.

Having the mixture in the bottle closes hermetically and shakes well; It is a preparation that deserves to be done well in advance since it must be macerated for at least 21 days.

During those 21 days, the mixture is stirred weekly. This mixture should be placed away from heat and humidity, in a place where light does not reach it directly.

After 21 days, if necessary, add more liquor or oil (depending on the case) and leave it again for 21 more days, repeating the scheme, to make a more concentrated oil. But really with the first 21 days of maceration it is enough for its use.

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Tangerine Oil and Diabetes

Mandarin oil is used as a cleanser, cleansing the blood of toxins that are harmful to health.

It reduces the release of insulin from the pancreas favoring its proper functioning, since instead of storing carbohydrates and converting them into fatty acids (triglycerides and cholesterol), what it does is that it helps the body to use these reserves as fuel and generate a considerable loss of weight and marked improvements in people with diabetes mellitus.

Tangerine Oil and Cancer

It is scientifically proven that mandarin oil helps prevent liver cancer, due to its high content of vitamin A and lemon tree, which in combination induce this anti-liver cancer effect, as well as in the prevention of breast cancer.

It helps in the elimination of free radicals and purification of the blood, if this condition did not occur, there would be a cellular malfunction; so it can lead to the appearance of diseases such as cancer.

Cosmetic Properties of Tangerine Oil

The main cosmetic property that makes its use one of the most widely chosen oils for cosmetology is its fresh and pleasant aroma.

After this there are the benefits of its use that the cosmetic industry takes full advantage of.

They can be made from soaps to moisturizers and shampoo; as well as fragrances (perfumes).

Despite being an oil, that is; an oily substance, it provides balance to the skin, which is why it is used in facial toners to tone the skin and promote a healthy and youthful appearance.

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Tangerine Oil and its Properties in Medicine

Since ancient times, the first use that was given to this type of essences was for its medicinal properties; they were the first choice when it came to curing an ailment.

Tangerine oil has the peculiarity that it is not considered toxic nor does it have any marked contraindications, which makes it a very popular oil in its therapeutic use.

In medicine it is used as the first option in the digestive system; for its antispasmodic property.

It is one of the best cleansers that exist; removes uric acid (toxic to the body); increases the absorption of oxygen by the red blood cells, giving the cells a better supply of it and therefore an optimal functioning.

It stimulates the elimination through sweat, urine and feces of substances not necessary for our organism; waste.

It is an antiseptic oil that can be used directly on wounds to prevent infection and improve healing.

Provides nutrients, vitamins, minerals to the skin with its topical use, preventing infections such as dermatitis, psoriasis, rashes, among others.

Its high content of Vitamin C; It gives it the property of considerably increasing the immune system, thus protecting against infections of any etiology.

It helps the circulatory system to maintain blood pressure levels within normal ranges, as it provides the body with potassium, essential for this purpose.

Prevents premature aging , the early appearance of gray hair, and the loss of skin elasticity; keeping it smooth and soft and providing the hair with shine and silkiness, avoiding diseases such as alopecia and promoting its growth.

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Tangerine Oil and AromatherapyAromatherapy is a science that studies the effect of the properties of essential oils in the body .

It is for this reason that the quality of the essences used must be one hundred percent (100%); pure.

The essential oil of mandarin is of great use in aromatherapy for its anti-stress property; a property that no other essence surpasses.

This type of oil is of great use for its rich properties both in the aroma, conferring relaxation, sedation, improving rest and sleep.

As well as in therapeutics; since it provides the organism with its direct use disinfection and wound healing, improvement of the digestive, endocrine, metabolic, circulatory systems, among others; namely; It contains the properties required to belong to the group of oils used in aromatherapy that exist today.

Contraindications and Risks of the Use of Mandarin Oil

Its use is very safe; that is why there are no major contraindications .

However, its use is not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy and the first three months of a baby’s life; since the state of susceptibility to any type of essences increases and can cause significant damage to both the mother and the baby.

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Tangerine Oil Toxicity

The care that stands out the most when using this type of oil is its photosensitive condition ; It is recommended that when using this essence, people should not be exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun naturally or artificially (tanning beds) since it can generate serious burns and stains on the skin since it contains chemicals that react with light solar and cause it to become toxic to the skin.

Tangerine Oil Technical Data Sheet

  • Scientific name: Citrus Reticulata Peel Oil
  • Common name: Tangerine Oil.
  • Active Principle: Isoprene.
  • Aroma: citrus, sweet, fresh.
  • Part of the Plant used: Tangerine peel.

Almost all essential oils

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