Thalgo’s Creme Collagene, Analysis And Alternative

Thalgo cream aims to fight the first signs of aging, hydrating, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, and deeply regenerating the skin.

For this, it uses Native Marine collagen, from glycopeptides, plants and Palmaria palmata algae that, together with soy extract, favors the synthesis of collagen in the skin.

The skin is smoother, smoother and firmer, and more luminous. Perfect for women looking for a treatment cream that hydrates the skin while fighting the first signs of aging.

But since I don’t like to stay with what the brands of their products say, we are going to analyze the INCI to see what we find.

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Thalgo Creme Collagen Analysis

Thalgo Creme Collagene analysis summary

The brand is not lying when saying that it has soluble collagen, and also in a good proportion, although it is the only anti-wrinkle active in the entire formula.

This addition is complemented with hydrolyzed soy fiber, an asset that increases collagen synthesis, which is why collagen is added, while promoting its natural creation by the body.

In addition to emollients, moisturizers and other hydrating agents (present in the former, there are no more ingredients that help rejuvenate the skin, either by firming wrinkles, unifying the tone or brightening the skin.

The problem I see with this formula is that it is packed with highly undesirable ingredients, such as irritating and toxic preservatives, allergenic perfumes and fragrances, and other ingredients that can cause irritation, or allergic reactions.

For this reason I would not choose the cream, although I am not saying that it will not work. In this case the cons outweigh the pros.


A kinder and more skin-friendly option is Nezeni Cosmetics Collagen cream, which in addition to having hydrolyzed collagen, has Organic Silicon to hydrate and nourish the skin in its entirety.

Also, something I like the most about this cream is that it doesn’t have as many harmful ingredients as Thalgo’s. Avoid harmful preservatives, irritating fragrances, and other ingredients that can cause various unwanted side effects.

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