Thermal Water: Contraindications And Benefits For The Skin

Thermal water is water in a natural state which is rich in minerals from the earth, it is said that 54% of the water that exists on earth is thermal water, or water free of contamination, the most common minerals in thermal waters They are magnesium , which is an excellent antioxidant and also promotes cell renewal in the layers of the skin, they also contain copper.

This mineral is beneficial for human beings since it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, in the same way the thermal waters can contain high levels of iron and calcium that facilitate brain oxygenation and the strengthening of bones.

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Beneficial properties of thermal water

Consuming or using hot springs is a very good option for the care of our organism, if it is consumed it is necessary to look for any presentation that the large advertising campaigns promote daily, in the same way they have also been implemented in the area of ​​cosmetic science .

Washing the skin with thermal waters after waxing will hydrate and soften the skin, as well as generating that refreshing effect that the skin needs after waxing.

One of the most important properties of the use or consumption of this vital liquid is that they fight and prevent the formation of free radicals that can be due to continued stress or any stressful agent, this prevents premature aging of the skin.

When used through sprays at the face level, it becomes a powerful natural makeup remover that does not cause side effects, it also works quickly, relieving irritations and itching on the skin.

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How to use thermal water to treat the skin?

Currently, there are a wide variety of cosmetic products that are made with hot springs, you can find moisturizers, make-up removers, soaps, lipsticks and any product designed to preserve the skin.

It can be used to refresh skin that has been directly exposed to the sun’s rays, it can be applied by dampening a clean piece of cloth and gently rubbing the affected skin, then supplemented with the application of a moisturizer.

In general, there are many possibilities of using thermal waters for cosmetic purposes, you should seek information and guidance from specialists in the area, since it is important that you bear in mind that thermal waters contain many minerals that when they enter the body in large quantities amounts can cause minor and serious damage.

In the same way, it can be consumed daily as natural water , currently the market is widely endowed with brands that offer different presentations of hot springs and have become the main option for those who are concerned about consuming everything that guarantees better quality. of life.

Homemade recipe for diaper rash with thermal water

For example, to treat diaper rash or irritation in children 0 to 3 years of age, you will only need to make a cream that should contain:

The propolis and oil must be mixed, brought to a temperature of 45 ºC or until bubbles are seen on the surface, then in a container the thermal water is added and all the ingredients are mixed very well until the cream has a thick consistency.

It is recommended to apply it to the affected areas every time the diaper is changed, positive results are quickly evident, the skin hydrates and recovers the affected cell tissue.

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Necessary care after using thermal water for the skin

Skin care after the use of thermal waters will depend on the treatment or product used, for example if it is used as a daily routine, that is, it is a habit to wash the facial skin with thermal water every day, it should not vary the daily routine of activities.

On the contrary, if high-impact cosmetic treatments are applied, such as hydrotherapies, vaporizations and / or application of exfoliating creams , the person must take the necessary measures to avoid causing damage to the skin by the sun or by performing any activity everyday.

The important thing is that you go to a specialized center with trained personnel to obtain guaranteed results.

Contraindications of hot springs

Thermal waters are considered in today’s world as the new wonder in cosmetic science, although a healthy balance must always be maintained, since no excess is good and less to preserve the proper functioning of our body.

At this time there is no proven evidence of damage or injury from the use or consumption of this vital liquid, although it must be considered that it is mineral-rich water, so a person with kidney problems should not consume it because the minerals do not They are absorbed, favoring the formation of grit and kidney stones.

Regarding the use of creams and cosmetic treatments that are made with thermal waters, it should always be borne in mind that they must be applied under the supervision and guidance of dermatologists to prevent major skin damage.

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