Things That A Newborn Needs The Most

Apart from all the wonderful things that can be acquired for the little ones, from adorable little things to others that solve problems or that are simply fun, there are some that are what a little newborn really needs.

We leave you some of the little things that a newborn really needs, in no particular order:

1. A safe place to sleep

This is one of the essential components for the baby to grow up feeling safe and happy. This place can differ according to the parents, being both their bed that they share and the baby as an appropriate crib. The best thing is to have at least a couple of spare sheets of sheets , in case one gets stained, to be able to have another on hand.

2. An adequate diet for the newborn

Both exclusive breastfeeding (recommended according to the WHO up to the sixth month) and bottle feeding, both are valid options for feeding the newborn , and that will depend on the mother’s choice according to her own circumstances and assessments .

In both cases, a series of care must be taken, in the case of breastfeeding making it the best possible for the little one or, in the case of artificial feeding, several items will be needed such as bottles, breast pumps, formula milk, baby bottles …

3. Blankets and muslin for the baby

Both to play on the floor and to cradle, wrap and clean the little one, a series of blankets or muslin will be necessary : for example, the Aden + Anais brand , which some of you have known thanks to your Nonabox, are a good multipurpose option.

4. Car seat for the baby

To make any trip by car with a baby it is necessary to have a seat that has both its safety and its quality regulated, since in the event of an accident it is extremely dangerous for children to be carried in their arms … And there may be a sudden stop or something! worse when we least expect it!

There are some seats for newborns that can be removed like a carrycot to take them out of the car: in this way, if the little one is asleep, if it is done carefully, he will not wake up. It is important to compare well and look a lot before buying, but we repeat the importance of this device for the safety it gives to any trip with the baby .

5. Everything that has to do with… Diapers!

It is always a good idea to have a good arsenal of diapers ready for when the baby is born : you can read more about this in our article on diapers. Add to that wipes, a place for dirty diapers, etc.

6. Baby clothes

Of course, you do not have to leave the little one as it has arrived in the world … There are also many stores with precious clothes for newborns, even for premature babies and toddlers! In addition to having a small size, it is advisable to have things of a larger size from the beginning: if the baby is larger than expected at birth it can save your life, and if not … In a few weeks it will be perfect with a size! more!

7. Baby bag

This article will undoubtedly become the best friend of mom and dad for many months … It is good that it has several pockets and that it is comfortable to wear, as well as being a good size.

8. Baby needs a mild detergent

The baby’s skin needs special care … To wash your little one’s clothes, try to use a softer detergent than normal, there are even those who make their own at home!

9. Ergonomic baby backpack

Although mom and dad’s arms are both a good seat and a crib, sometimes parents need to have their hands free to eat, to carry laundry, etc. In these cases it is very practical to have a backpack to carry the little one from one place to another.

The ergonomic backpacks are distinguished by being blanditas securely hold the baby and keeping your knees higher than the culete. It is best to go to a specialized site to get a suitable one ; It will be a very practical accessory both to be at home and for walks!

10. You!

Indeed, you are what your baby needs the most . Whether you are mom, dad, grandmother … What the baby needs the most is the affection and closeness of his family. Obviously that the little ones are well cared for and fed is very important, but there is no object in the world that can replace the affection and love that they give, and that needs as much as breathing to be a happy baby.

Taking care of yourself is also a good way to be a better father or mother : feeling good both inside and out and having healthy habits are little things that have a direct impact on the baby, and that is that any baby needs a happy family!

Does your baby have all these little things? What would you add to this list? We listen to you

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