Tips to keep in mind when visiting a local salon for haircut

A bad haircut is one of the most traumatic beauty experiences you can have. It is something that almost everyone in the world has suffered at some time, whether you are in a Barcelona hairdresser or in Beijing, we all have a story of a terrible haircut to share.

And while over time it may be funny to remember it, the reality is that spending your hard-earned money to get a haircut you hate is not in the best interest of you or the salon.

So how can you make sure you avoid a salon disaster? To make the most of your time at the hairdresser – and to avoid any strange situations – use these tips to ensure that your next haircut is the one you want.

Research first

Not all hairdressers are the same. Instead of just getting into the first salon you see, and the one you’ve never heard of, doing a little research beforehand can go a long way toward avoiding an unwanted haircut.

One of the simplest but most effective tips is to look for people with a hair type similar to the one you have, and ask them for the details of their hairdresser (and the name of the stylist). This way you can also see how well the haircut stays when it has not been professionally dried.

Social media can also help you. Many hairdressers have their own profiles in which they share photos of their work, offering their particular aesthetic or specialty.

Choose the most suitable level of stylist

One decision many people get stuck in is which level of stylist to choose: younger staff who charge less , or more expensive but more experienced senior stylists . Ultimately, it all depends on how drastic the makeover you want is.

If you have unruly hair that has been subjected to a lot of abuse in the past – be it color or cut – and you are thinking about a big change of style, then it is essential to choose someone with experience, as they will know what is suitable. for you and your hair type.

However, for more routine appointments, such as tip cutting and tint touch-ups, a junior staff member should be more than adequate.

And of course there are some very talented young men out there, so if you find one who is brilliant, there is no reason not to trust him for a radical hair makeover.

Let the stylist see and touch your hair before washing it

Although the washing stage can be the most relaxing, don’t rush. If someone from the salon offers to wash your hair before your stylist sees you, ask them to wait.

It is important for the stylist to see how your hair currently looks, how you style it now, and to check your hair growth patterns before they start cutting.

You can’t just look at your wet hair and know how it falls naturally, how you normally style it, or its shape when it dries completely.

If you can, request a prior consultation with your stylist before the big day, as he will give you a general idea of ​​whether you like it and his suggestions for your hair.

Use the correct jargon and don’t be afraid to speak

A few adjectives could mean the difference between the best cut of your life, or several months with a hat, so be specific about what you want – your stylist won’t mind if it takes you a few tries to explain what you really want.

This is especially useful when you get into dangerous territory like bangs. Use descriptive words to explain what you want: smooth, straight cut, no harsh lines, etc.

Make sure to talk about the back, the sides, and the front of your hair. Be specific about your questions and answers; For example, if you like to have your hair more layered in one place and longer in another, tell the stylist.

Take a photo

Do you remember all those photos of celebrities that you have looked at and thought: I wish I had that hair? Bring some to your next salon appointment.

The visual references are often the easiest way to share the look you want , since it is impossible to know if the color you’re imagining in your head is exactly the same as the hairdresser.

Photographs are an excellent starting point when language is not enough, so it is advisable to bring images that relate to the texture, colors or shape of the hair that you want.

Even photos of haircuts or colors you don’t like are useful reference points for your stylist, further enhancing her understanding of your personal tastes.

Be realistic about your hair type

It is possible that your ideal hairstyle, the one that looks so good on the famous woman on duty, will not work on your hair; And a good stylist will not try to do the impossible, which could result in a less sexy hairstyle.

They will tell you the steps that can be taken to achieve that style or perhaps why your hair type will not work for the style.

When it comes to dyes, some requests are impossible . Certain colors cannot be achieved in one visit to the salon, or at all if the hair is not in good condition. Your hairdresser spends years learning the science of this, so trust them.

Speak in terms of problems and not solutions

Make a list of the problems you had with your last haircut and also all the styling problems you have with your hair. Make a list of color or chemical problems as well.

This is a very effective way to solve all your hair problems at the same time, instead of something like asking for more layers because you need more volume or a darker color because your color is fading.

Be careful when you use the word “short”

Your short version could be very different from your hairdresser. To avoid wasting too much time, ask your stylist to show you exactly how short the cut is going to be .

Ask any questions you need to ease your mind. Remember that color and cuts are not a tattoo, and you can always change direction if you feel uncomfortable.

Develop a relationship of trust

In an age when special offers and last minute appointments are the bread and butter, good old fashioned loyalty between hairdresser and client is losing ground.

However, it is without a doubt the best way to ensure that you always leave the salon happy. When you find a stylist whose work you value, establish a relationship based on honesty and mutual trust.

Set a budget and how much time you can spend on your new hairstyle, and let your stylist choose a look with the right level of maintenance.

Once you’ve found it, any transformation becomes a lot less scary as you can work together to achieve your goals.

What to do if you don’t like it later

Sometimes it is after you leave the salon that you realize that you are not happy with your hair. To do? First of all, don’t panic, almost any mess is salvageable, be it cut or color.

Call the salon and tell them that you are unhappy with your haircut or color, politely explaining how it differs from what you initially explained. This must be done within two weeks of the appointment. In most cases, the salon will offer a free troubleshooting session .

Most companies prefer to have a customer come back and have the problem fixed, rather than leaving them dissatisfied and losing them.

If you think the problem is the stylist, then you can ask someone different or more experienced. You’ll have to smile and endure the discomfort if you’re at the salon during your visit, but it’s better than putting up with a haircut you hate.

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