Tomatoes: Types, Side Effects, Benefits And Recipes

The tomato is originally a fruit from a plant which is known under the name of tomato , which is native to the American continent. These fruits are like berries of deep red color and their internal texture is pulpy and contains several seeds.

Tomatoes are spherical in shape and their diameter is approximately eight centimeters, before the tomatoes are ripe they have a greenish external color, while when they are ripe they obtain their characteristic red color.

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What are other names for tomatoes?

The tomato can be obtained under different names, in the same way there are also different tomato species which are obtained with different names , the most common names of the tomato are: leaf tomato, strawberry tomato, milpero tomato, green tomato, tomatillo, miltomate or in any case red tomato. There is also a type of tomato that is known under the name of tomato.

Origin of tomatoes

Tomato today can be found in all parts of the world, in its various species and typologies. However, the tomato is original from the American continent , it arrived in Europe only after the conquest. The tomato began to be cultivated in the low Andes and was also cultivated by the Aztec community in Mexico.

Tomatoes characteristics

The tomato is characterized by having a flavor that ranges from sweet to acid, this is because it has organic acids and simple sugar acids. Tomato, due to its shape, texture and flavor, can be consumed in many ways, that is, it is a very versatile food.

The way tomato is most consumed is raw , used in salads, since it only has to be washed and seasoned a little, and voila, it can be eaten instantly. However, the tomato can also be used to make juices and sauces when it is in its freshest state. Finally, there are ways to get the tomato also in jams, purees and tomato pulp preserved in containers to be preserved for a longer time.

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Are they fruits or vegetables?

The tomato is a fruit, since it comes from a plant and contains seeds , for this reason in the world of botany it is known as such. Although the tomato cannot be a dessert, it is still a fruit due to the fact that it is the final result of the ovary of a flower, which comes from a plant known as “tomato”.

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Benefits and properties of tomatoes

Tomatoes have a large number of benefits, among the most important are the improvement for the health of the eyes, improves the state of the intestines, is a good treatment for low blood pressure, improves diabetes, greatly benefits the skin and also prevents urine infections .

Tomato is a great ingredient for the kitchen, since it provides good flavor to all kinds of food, it can also benefit us health in a large amount , because tomatoes contain a large amount of antioxidants, which work to combat free radicals and thus prevent cancer.

In addition to that, tomatoes contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals , which exerts a reinforcing effect on the body, strengthens our defenses and systems, therefore we avoid both cardiovascular and other diseases.

In detail, the benefits of tomato are as follows:

  • It is a great source of antioxidants
  • Lowers cholesterol level
  • Prevents heart disease
  • Contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, A, and K, and minerals such as potassium and iron
  • Counteracts problems caused by smoking
  • Improves our intestinal function
  • Reduces at high pressure
  • Improves the condition of diabetes
  • Improves the condition of the skin
  • Heals burns
  • Prevents infections in the urine
  • Its properties can be taken advantage of from the tomato as such, in the same way that we derive from the fruit such as puree and juice in food.

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Helps control cholesterol and triglycerides

Tomato has great power capable of fighting the problem of cholesterol and high triglycerides, since it contains antioxidants known as lycopenes that prevent the accumulation of harmful substances such as bad cholesterol, also known as LDL, and also the amount of triglycerides.

It can affect during pregnancy

The tomato cannot negatively affect the body during pregnancy, since it has very beneficial properties such as antioxidants, it can protect the organs of our body, such as the reproductive organs. It has been confirmed that this property of tomato also provides that it improves fertility in men.

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How does it help with uric acid?

When a person suffers from uric acid and they have it very high, they should avoid foods that are rich in purines , which contain a substance that when decomposed tends to make uric acid develop in the blood.

Purines are a substance that we can find in thousands of foods in our daily diet, which are the main influencing factor in the process of generating uric acid. However, tomato has nothing to do with purines , so it doesn’t affect uric acid at all.

Types of Tomatoes

There is a great variety of tomatoes , there are many species, they come in different shapes and sizes, and the taste also changes. The most popular types of tomatoes are the following:

Tree tomatoes


Tree tomatoes are a fruit that is little known and also little consumed, since few people like to consume this fruit. This type of tomato is native to South America, so it can be found in many places in wild crops. The tree tomato is medium in size, similar to the normal tomato, it is smooth in texture and its color is bright. When this tomato reaches its point of maturity it can obtain a somewhat sweet flavor.


  • The tree tomato contains great nutritional properties. It is rich in fiber and also vitamins such as vitamin B complex, C, K and vitamin A. It contains many minerals, among which iron and calcium stand out.
  • It is very suitable for making jams and juices, more than salads, so its commercialization is very good.
  • It improves brain processes, strengthens the brain and benefits memory function.
  • It can lower cholesterol.
  • It can prevent migraine and headache.
  • It helps with blood circulation.
  • It can be used as an oil and heal skin diseases, as well as scars.
  • Decreases hypertension.
  • It is highly recommended for children and pregnant women, as well as athletes.

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Cherry tomatoes


Cherry tomatoes are a type of tomato, which are very small in size , notably less than the rest of the tomato types. Its shape can range from spherical to oval. This type of tomato is excellent as a snack at a social gathering or an entrance to a meal, they also serve as a filling for other meals.


It should be noted that cherry tomatoes are a good source of vitamin C , as well as antioxidants, such as lycopene, which helps prevent various types of cancer, such as lung, prostate and stomach. In the same way, this tomato can improve the health of other organs such as the liver and prevents the development of diseases such as appendicitis.

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Dried or dried tomatoes


Dried tomato is a type of tomato that is obtained through a drying process, or rather dehydration , where a ripe tomato is taken and its internal moisture is eliminated until it is completely dry. In this way the tomato loses an amount of weight that can be up to ninety percent of its original weight. With this tomato you can make condiments and dressings, since the flavor of the tomato is intensified in its composition.


  • Dried tomato can help lower the pressure in our arteries.
  • Half a cup of dried tomatoes can serve as a full cup of greens, as they contain the same amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
  • It is low in sodium and high in potassium, which is ideal for diets.
  • Prevents diseases that affect the brain system.
  • Prevents kidney diseases.
  • Improves hemoglobin in the blood due to its iron content.
  • It contains a lot of vitamin C.
  • Improves heart health.
  • It levels bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • They are not rich in saturated fat.

Marine tomatoes


Marine tomatoes are actually sea anemones , which are known under the common name of marine tomato, as well as European anemones or red sea anemones. These anemones have tentacles that can be retracted, so when they are completely collected they resemble the shape of a tomato, they are also of this characteristic bright red color.


In Mexico, in health food stores, you can get “marine tomatoes”, which must be bought in pairs , since one is considered to be female and sometimes male, since when placed in water one one tends to sink and the other tends to float.

These sea tomatoes are used in your pocket and are said to be curative for blood circulation disorders as well as hemorrhoids. There are those who also choose to drink the water of these marine tomatoes to take advantage of its benefits in the body.

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Organic tomatoes


We all know that in today’s large crops, chemicals are used to improve production or quality of the product, which does not exclude tomatoes. Therefore, an organic tomato is considered to be one that was grown in a completely natural way , without using insecticides or any type of chemical substance.


Because organic tomatoes do not suffer the effect of any chemical process, or any alteration, the benefits that we can find there are that this is a better product , they are healthier and without any exogenous substance that can cause us some kind of damage to the organism, as well as an allergic or unfavorable reaction within us.

Green tomatoes


The so-called green tomatoes are not a different type of tomato, but rather they are tomatoes that have been harvested at a point prior to their complete maturity , this can be done intentionally as well as it may be an accidental action. The flavor of these tomatoes is a bit acidic, which is why it is used in sausages and also in a well-known recipe which is “fried tomatoes”.


Green tomatoes contain properties very similar to those of red tomatoes despite not being at the point of their absolute maturity. As well, they have a large amount of vitamin C, which greatly favors our immune system, since it strengthens it and thus common conditions such as colds and infections can be avoided. In the same way, vitamin C can also strengthen our teeth, bones and also improves the skin.

Another detail to highlight is the amount of fiber that these tomatoes contain , this can help us improve our digestion, avoid constipation and colon diseases, and also improve circulation so we prevent heart disease.

Finally, vitamin A is a great influencing factor in the health of our eyes and the tomato contains a large amount of this vitamin, as well as vitamin K, and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and iron.

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Roma tomatoes

WHAT ARE THEY?Roma tomatoes are a tomato that is classified as a puree type tomato , because they are normally used for the preparation of sauces, tomato paste or tomato purees. These tomatoes are characterized because during their cultivation, they all tend to ripen at the same time, so the harvest is more profitable and easier.


Roma tomatoes contain a large amount of antioxidants , which is why it is verified that they are used to fight a large number of diseases, especially those related to cancer, since these antioxidants fight free radicals and can prevent the development of cancer cells. In this same way, these tomatoes contribute to the improvement of sight, avoid hypertension and prevent infections in the urinary tract.

A single roma tomato contains approximately 40% of the daily portion of vitamin C that a person should consume, which greatly improves our immune system, as well as our gums, bones, teeth and other factors in our body, which it is very beneficial to maintain good health.

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Benefit or harm people with diabetes

Tomato has a very low glycemic index , so it does not have a greater effect on blood glucose, thus it can be very conducive to the diet of a person with diabetes. In addition, it can provide additional benefits to your health due to its other components.

Recipes with tomatoes

Tomato salad

Tomato salad is a very simple recipe to make, so we can use it in our daily diet without any problem and it will be an excellent companion for our meals. All you have to do is the following:


  • 2 large red tomatoes
  • ¼ onion
  • Dressing
  • Oregano, salt and oil


Cut the tomato into thin slices, in the same way cut the onion into rings or julienne. In a tray or container, place the tomato slices on top, place the onion. Sprinkle your salad with the oregano powder, the salt and add the dressing and the oil to your liking. After this, it will be ready to serve and enjoy.

Baked stuffed tomatoes

This is a very healthy and delicious recipe for your diet, you can make it as a starter or also as a sandwich for a family meal . Here is the complete recipe:

Ingredients :

  • 2 very large tomatoes (one per person will be used, if you have more guests you must use the necessary amount)
  • 2 medium or large eggs
  • 1 spring onion
  • Half zucchini
  • 2 strips of bacon, bacon or ham
  • 100 grams of the cheese of your preference
  • 2 slices of bread
  • Chopped parsley
  • Olive oil
  • Salt


  • The first thing you should do is heat the oven to 180 °
  • Chop the onion into thin slices, place it in a pan with a little oil and fry it
  • Peel the zucchini and cut it into small squares, then add it to the pan along with the onion and add salt.
  • Cut the upper part of the tomatoes and with a spoon remove the filling from these, being careful not to break the skin of the tomato. What you take out of the inside of the tomato can be added to the mixture in the pan.
  • Put the tomatoes in the oven for ten minutes so that they cook just a little, put a little oil on the surface of each tomato.
  • Beat the eggs in a bowl and add salt, when the vegetables in the pan are cooked add the eggs and mix.
  • Add the cheese cut into small squares to the pan.
  • When the skillet mixture is done, take a little and stuff it inside each tomato. Then, put these back in the oven to cook for about ten more minutes. In this step you can place the top of the tomatoes as a lid on them, this will prevent the filling from overcooking.
  • Meanwhile cook the bacon or ham of your choice.
  • Toast the bread.
  • When the tomatoes are ready, remove the lid, add the bacon or ham, add the parsley on top and accompany the plate of the food with the toasted bread, this can be cut into small squares.

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Tomato nutritional information

The tomato contains the following nutritional information:

  • Most of it is made up of water, exactly 94% of it.
  • Contains only 3% carbohydrates.
  • As for proteins, it has 1% protein.
  • It is low in fat, it is only composed of 0.3% lipids.

For every one hundred grams of tomato it contains:

  • Up to 258 mg of potassium.
  • Only 3mg of sodium.
  • Of calcium the tomato has 10 mg.
  • Contains 0.6 mg of iron.
  • 24 mg of phosphorus.
  • 26 mg of vitamin C.
  • 207 mg of vitamin A.
  • 0.04 mg of vitamin B2.
  • 0.06 mg of vitamin B1.
  • 28 mg of vitamin B3

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Glycemic index

Tomato is a food that contains a very low glycemic index , so its digestion and absorption is carried out in a slower way, compared to foods with a higher index. Thus, eating tomato can be a good option for those who need a diet with a low glycemic index, as well as a person who is prone to diabetes or a person with a type of diabetes already diagnosed, in the same way it can also be considered by people who need to maintain control over their body weight, since this food will not cause the body to accumulate fat, retain fluids, and avoid digestive problems, constipation and improve circulation, which results in a complete benefit for our body.

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