Trichomoniasis: Contraindications, Properties And Benefits

A disease called Trichomoniasis is so common in today’s world, since we live in a society where active sexuality is promoted, under many concepts and from different means . This has become a great social and moral impact, even on an economic level; most industries promote it and make it totally commercial or enjoyable, where they forget to promote the most important thing: responsibility and conscience .

This, compared to previous decades. It has been estimated that a large number of adolescents have symptoms of diseases that they contracted from having sex without any precaution; And this is not only due to age, a significant number of adults also suffer from the also known STDs and on certain occasions they are not aware of it.

In order to prevent all this and people are affected the rest of their lives thanks to the pleasure obtained in a single night; many foundations, laboratories, condom companies have been aware of this, they began to raise awareness about the subject: ways to avoid getting infected and psychological studies that promote healthy sexual activity for all involved.

Including, the invention of specific tests that help any individual to find out about the suffering or not of a sexually transmitted disease, even when the symptoms of the disease are not present. Experts on the subject recommend that people with an active and non-monogamous sexual life take routine tests and studies.

Likewise, the same recommendation applies in cases where the relationship is open and both the person and their partner can be infected externally and then infect each other; since this is a subject of two. When you get to bed with someone, you also sleep with their previous relationships, so protection and control are vital.

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Likewise, as already said, there are individuals who suffer from an STD but are unaware that they suffer from it, since there are conditions that can present asymptomatically in the patient, although they do not currently feel anything, that does not mean that they do not suffer from the disease and many of those cases are seen in Trichomoniasis.

What is Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis or also known as TRIC, is a disease caused by the transmission of an infection originating from the protozoan parasite that responds to the name of Trichomonas vaginalis. This type of infection has a wide variety of symptoms that can be noticed and on other occasions are not noticed, which means that there is no instant recognition of the disease.

Being, in turn, one of the most common currently, it does not have a characteristic suffering either, which makes it difficult to verify the condition. Reason why the doctor is consulted, who is in charge of reading the entire history of the patient and proceeds to order the test to give certainty in the final result of his evaluation.

Regardless of gender, it is found essentially in intimate fluids , such as: seminal and pre-seminal fluid, as well as vaginal fluids . Although it seems incredible, it can also be suffered by animals, affecting the organs that make up the uretic and genital apparatus, which causes discomfort when performing certain common activities on a day-to-day basis.

Therefore, a person can become infected by coming into contact with their genitals with the fluids mentioned above. Obviously, if a person has unprotected intercourse, that is, without using a condom with someone infected with the parasite, they have a high probability of contracting the infection.

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How can I get Trichomoniasis?

It is the contact with secretions of infected people that causes the transmission of the parasite in someone who is healthy and has never suffered from Trichomoniasis or any other STD; This is irrelevant, what is relevant is that said connection with the fluids can be carried out in any way.

That is, you do not necessarily have to have male-female relationships to be able to get Tric, different cases may arise: if you are a woman and have relationships with another woman who is infected, the contact between two vulvas and the exchange of fluids present, also transmits the infection.

The contagion of Trichomoniasis naturally has an incubation period of 5 to 21 days, this is distributed in two phases, where the parasite begins to integrate into the body and begins to wreak havoc throughout the body.

In the first phase, the protozoan settles in the body, it is the part where it decides to settle or not, since not all people exposed to infected secretions of Trichomoniasis are infected, although the number of these is really low. Normally, it is a period where it is integrated, no noticeable symptoms appear in the individual.

It is in the second phase, where the already integrated parasite, so to speak, begins to develop and affect the infected person. In this phase, the typical symptoms of the infection begin to appear, starting the development of the disease.

ICD10 code of Trichomoniasis

Like some sexually transmitted diseases, it can be cured if treated under healthy and efficient conditions that block the continued development of the parasite; but it is necessary to be constant in the care and necessary studies that certify the absolute cure of the individual from this infection. The first step is to go to the doctor.

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What are the symptoms of Trichomoniasis?

Generally, a large number of infected people do not have symptoms , they do not even know if they are suffering from it or not. Cases have been seen, where those infected have learned of their condition thanks to routine studies that present altered results and lead to other tests, which, in turn, reveal the existence of Trichomonas vaginalis in the body.

There is clear evidence that the symptoms are more noticeable or appear mainly in women, this does not mean that men do not suffer from symptoms, but that the female part usually witness the ravages coming from the infection, since their internal organism is finds it more exposed than that of men.

Similarly, the most general signs range from mild irritation to severe inflammation. In women, conditions very similar to those present in vaginitis can be seen, such as vaginal discharge of different shades , whether green , yellow , translucent or whitish ; but the characteristic of the condition are bubbles that can appear.

In addition to an unpleasant and quite annoying smell accompanied by said discharge , these symptoms may also appear: itching, irritation, inflammation, pain, burning in the areas of the vagina and vulva, as well as redness accompanied by discomfort when urinating, washing or any interaction in the vaginal area, including intercourse.

Likewise, men can suffer the same discomfort when urinating and having intercourse , since the affected parts for them are: the urethra, the penis (this includes the internal parts of it), and the prostate. Other symptoms that they may suffer are: discharge that is not at all normal, irritation, itching, pain and burning on the inside of the penis.

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It is necessary to re-emphasize the varieties of presence that the symptoms of Trichomoniasis may have, as well as the absolute absence of these. In addition, you should know that presenting any of the symptoms described and then not suffering them again, does not ensure that you have overcome the infection. That is why it is necessary to give importance to such symptoms, even if they have disappeared.

Is Trichomoniasis really very common?

Trichomoniasis is itself the most common sexually transmitted disease that exists , according to revealed statistics. A large number of people, both men and women suffer from Trichomoniasis today; In countries like the United States, the number of affected reaches 3.7 million and that is only an approximate.

The statistics also reveal that of that number, the majority are women who are around adolescence and also the new adults of the millennium, that is, that a majority of young women have been found infected by the parasite , it is said that this is it owes to the aftermath of a really active sex life.

Myths about Trichomoniasis

As in many other topics related to sexuality, myths are presented or rather, insecurities transmitted to the masses , based on erroneous data originating from thoughts without any kind of foundations to protect them. Just like it happened when AIDS started to become more common in society.

At that time, people said that kissing someone with AIDS could infect the recipient, thanks to the origins of saliva and its relationship with blood; even when experts in the field of medicine assured that this was not the way in which it could be infected and it was very unlikely. This also happens with Trichomoniasis, which is surrounded by myths that we will reveal shortly.

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  • First rumor: the infection of the protozoan parasite can be transmitted by lending or exchanging intimate toys with other people, that is totally true , if said object has infected liquids and is used by someone else, the person is at high risk of being infected.
  • Second rumor: this disease can be spread through the exchange of food between two people or kisses. This is a very erroneous and false information .
  • Third rumor: the symptoms of Trichomoniasis can be seen in parts of the body such as the mouth and rectum, that is a bit distorted data since it generally is not like that, that is not a symptom and it does not appear with them. Unless you start to get another related disease or infection that affects those areas, so Trichomoniasis doesn’t really affect that way.
  • Fourth rumor: Trichomoniasis can be spread by contact with my own genitals with infected secretions on my hand, it is totally true. As we have said before, any genital joint with contaminated intimate fluids can transmit the infection, no matter how it happened.
  • Fifth and final rumor: Trichomoniasis can be spread through sneezing, hugging, holding another person’s hand, through mucus, or sitting on a toilet, all of which is completely false.

Although according to the logic of some people, it can happen if the toilet seat has semen or other fluid from an infected person and you sit down; we must affirm that it is unlikely to happen. For that reason, you need to be sure about it. Each of these myths have been obtained by means of experts in the area, it should be noted.

How can I be sure if I have Trichomoniasis?

Due to the instability of the symptoms and their appearances throughout the duration of the disease, the best way to be sure if you suffer from the infection or not is to attend a medical specialist who will evaluate and diagnose us.

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Any general practitioner who is authorized to provide medical care can proceed to carry out an evaluation and recommend the test to be sure of the existence of the parasite in our body. Therefore, the most important thing if we have doubts about it is to visit the doctor and rule out this health problem.

At what point should I go to the doctor?

The same moment that we have a suspicion of suffering from this infection, it is necessary to resort to proper medical assistance to help us get out of all suspicion quickly, either because we find out that our current or previous partner has Trichomoniasis, or we begin to have signs in our own body, however slight.

What should I tell the doctor?

It is relevant at the time of the consultation with the doctor, that the patient is aware of the symptoms they may have, a description of them and the moment they began to have them. It is also necessary that you provide your doctor with your history, in case you have suffered from any other STDs in the past.

Another thing that should be said to the specialist and that some people are ashamed to report, is the number of relationships that the patient has had with different individuals in a period of time close to the last three years; it is important that the patient is honest about this detail, as it can help with the diagnosis.

What should I expect from the consultation if I am a woman?

In the case of being a woman and you want to rule out the possibility of having Trichomoniasis, the doctor who treats you can proceed to perform a pelvic check and study the state of the vagina ; to see if there is irritation, inflammation, or any other symptoms that can be observed.

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After having done this, if you consider it necessary, you can order the test or simply take a sample of the vaginal discharge, using a swab to be able to analyze it under the lens of a microscope. Sometimes, the existence of the infection can be seen with a Pap smear, something very common in sexually active women with regular gynecological monitoring.

What should I expect if I am a man?

As in women, the doctor should perform a general check-up of the penis , looking for signs that can be seen externally; then, if it is necessary from the specialist’s perspective, they suggest performing the test to make sure of the diagnosis. You can also take a sample of any secretion that the man may present from the penis.

Similarly, a simple urine test may be ordered to rule out the presence of the protozoan parasite Occasionally, but not impossible, cases of Trichomoniasis in men have been detected through the tact, a study where the doctor or medical assistant inserts a finger rectally to feel a singularity in the prostate, such as, for example: an inflammation.

The Trichomoniasis Test

It is a laboratory method by means of which the possible presence of the protozoa in the individual’s body can be analyzed, it analyzes the levels of antigen and other relevant factors that are affected when the infection is found. Previously, this presence could be detected thanks to cultures ordered by the doctor, but with technological improvements, there is currently a specific test.

What does it consist of?

Like the other tests, this test should be considered a routine test that every mature and sexually active person should take, regardless of age. Generally, a health care manager, such as doctors or nurses, uses a cotton swab to gently rub the person’s genitals.

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And in that way, have samples of the penis or vagina, depending on the case; The samples are then analyzed at a microscopic level. Likewise, the test can be performed with the analysis of the urine supplied by the patient, with this test the results of other infections can also be known due to the similarities of Trichomoniasis with them.

Is it the same in men as in women?

Essentially yes, what can be differentiated is that in men it does not matter if the sample is taken with the hypoid and normally a urine test is ordered , since it can present more certainties in their case; while in women it turns out to be the opposite, and the Trichomoniasis test is usually more effective.

This is due to the very different anatomical structures that both genders have, since vaginal flows have better access than that of men, which in the absence of abnormal secretion is more complex to achieve.

What should I keep in mind when taking the test?

Mainly, before proceeding with the Trichomoniasis test, the individual, regardless of gender, must have sexual abstinence ; To prevent such an encounter from interfering with the results of the encounter, and if you do, use condoms.

In the same way, it is requested that you avoid the use of any product whose purpose is genital hygiene, as well as deodorants in aerosol presentation and powders in these parts of the body; since they have compounds that can have disruptive effects and prevent the signs present from being seen, at least at least twenty-four hours before the test.

If you are a woman, you are asked to refrain from the use of vaginal baths, also twenty-four hours in advance, (although it is really not recommended to use them very frequently), since they eliminate the secretions necessary for the test. Calculate that your appointment does not match your menstrual cycle; if this happens, it cannot be done.

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Where can I get tested for Trichomoniasis?

The performance of the test for Trichomoniasis as well as for different sexually transmitted diseases, can be done in the same doctor’s office, if he is conditioned to do it, also in clinical laboratories or municipal health clinics. In some places, there are Planned Parenthood health centers where they do the test.

A foundation that manages health centers, in which campaigns are carried out for the prevention of STDs, there are doctors treating it and other diseases such as cancer. They also run support groups for people who have suffered from some of the aforementioned situations and provide physical and psychological help for those affected.

How should I proceed if I have Trichomoniasis?

First, if you are sure of suffering from this infection, you should go to a doctor to raise the situation and you can start receiving treatment as soon as possible, also study about the subject and obtain relevant knowledge for the situation you are experiencing. It is also necessary to put into practice the necessary preventions.

What complications can occur?

As in many other diseases, Trichomoniasis, despite not being an infection that causes very serious or permanent damage to the body , can have complications that do not help; obviously, to the affected person and their path to complete removal of the protozoan.

One of the main complications can be seen if the person is pregnant. In this case, if it is suspected or suspected, or you intend to have a baby, it is necessary that you go to a specialist doctor to indicate the steps to follow, as well as the specific care you should have, since the fetus be affected by the infection.

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Another complication that may exist is that suffering from Trichomoniasis can increase the chances of contracting other sexually transmitted diseases, similar or not to Trichomoniasis. Not only this, it also makes it easier to transmit distant STDs that have been contracted, this can happen through intimate encounters with or without protection in between.

Therefore, obtaining medical assistance begins to gain more importance, before a person can be affected and also the people who make up their social-sexual cycle, where not only can Trichomoniasis spread; but diseases like AIDS, aggravating the panorama even more, the last thing is to raise awareness about sexual responsibility.

Treatment for Trichomoniasis

Essentially, the treatment to cure Trichomoniasis, unlike for other STDs, is simpler, which is based largely on the intake of antibiotics that counteract the infection from the root, this treatment is also seen when it comes to lower-grade infections , without any kind of relationship with sexuality.

What is the treatment to follow?

The drugs, specifically antibiotics prescribed by specialists are metronidazole, also known under the trade name Flegyl, like Tinidazole, commercially called Tindamax. There are indications that should be given by the specialist, such as making the infection known to your partner, both parties should be treated equally.

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The presentation under which it is generally prescribed is in pills, thus being taken orally. It is necessary to know that since it is an antibiotic, certain care must be taken about what it can or cannot ingest, and the discomfort that can be caused in view of the fact that this class of drugs tend to be a bit strong for the stomach if they are ingested by several days.

Is it an optional treatment?

All treatment is optional , the doctor indicates it according to what he considers necessary for the diagnosis that he could obtain of the patient’s condition, but he can never be forced to take it if he does not want to. Of course, the consequences of this action is only the responsibility of the patient, remember that it is your decision to take the drug.

It is relevant to mention that in certain cases (not so common), men who suffer from Trichomoniasis, half of them have the possibility of expelling the parasite from the body without any treatment. It should be noted that it has only been seen in men, there are no registered cases of women who will eliminate the protozoan from their system without ingesting the medication.

Another important fact is that without taking drugs to treat the infection, it can last for months to years, with the parasite developing more and more, so it is more advisable to undergo treatment that the doctor indicates. for your health.

What should I keep in mind if I am in treatment?

Certain data should always be taken into account so that the goal of treatment is achieved without many or none, if possible. When being treated for Trichomoniasis, you should take all the doses prescribed by the doctor , even when the symptoms have stopped, this to avoid the return of the infection due to incomplete treatment.

The intake of alcohol while taking antibiotics is not recommended and can have unwanted side effects, it is also requested not to share the medication with anyone; as well as finding out if the couple or couples are under treatment for the same condition and comply with it anyway.

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In any case, it is not recommended to have intercourse for at  least one week after having completed the treatment completely, since seven days is the period that the elimination of the protozoa lasts from the system. So calling the doctor and asking about when we can return to our active sex life is the best thing to do.

How to prevent Trichomoniasis?

Like all STDs, Trichomoniasis can be a cycle, where the only thing that can break it is the awareness of responsibility. That voice that tells us how we should handle our sexuality and the activity that comes with it with full caution and protection , but that we don’t usually hear.

Currently, with all the campaigns and sexual advertising, their care, including, some sectors of the sex industry seek to promote prevention in our lives and in intimate encounters, the consequence of lacking said precaution is known by almost all of society without any excuse.

Even so, we live in a society, which has the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, abortions in history, some sexually active people do not find out they have these diseases until it is too late. Everything is a chain in which we ourselves are responsible.

What can I do to avoid getting infected?

If you have an active sexual life, without a permanent partner and you do not plan to leave it, the best thing you can do is use condoms that avoid genital contact with the secretions during the act, in the different existing ways, such contact should be avoided if not there is security, as well as to carry out periodic tests.

Unfortunately, these condoms or condoms only reduce the risks of becoming infected , they do not completely avoid them , since they cannot cover all areas, so there is a probability of getting infected even using one. That is why specialists recommend a safer and more monogamous activity.

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Some experts reveal that it is healthy for monogamous couples to be tested for STDs as a precaution. Yes, we know that it can be strange and distrustful that you ask your partner to get tested every year, but psychologists say that healthy relationships, where well-being is important, and it is open-minded there should be no problems with this.

The most important thing is that there is a security of sexuality, regardless of the type of sexual life you carry out, where prevention and health are priorities under all circumstances.

How can I avoid spreading it to others if I have Trichomoniasis?

The first thing you should do is not panic and stay calm, it is not a highly risky disease, and it can be completely cured, you should only seek medical attention and follow the instructions that can be given to the letter.

It is required, despite the shame that may exist, inform current and former intimate partners that you have this infection, so that they can have the necessary attention and instructions. It is also indicated that you avoid excessively not having encounters of a sexual nature , absolutely with no one until you are sure that you are completely cured.

When returning to sexual activity, it is important that the couples with whom you are going to be involved, have been treated equally and finished their full treatment with all the indications included, even if it is only the two.

After having lived an experience like this, not at all pleasant; safer dating practice should be vital in every day and in every relationship you may have. If your life ended very out of control due to everything that happened, you can go in search of support groups; Even talking to the treating doctor, no one should be there to judge you but to be of help.

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What if I am pregnant and have Trichomoniasis?

It is common knowledge that women in tape should not be treated in the same way as other women who are not, since the delicacy and special care required to have a healthy pregnancy are many. Due to the vulnerability in which both the mother and the developing fetus are involved.

For this reason, if you are pregnant or have suspicions and suffer from Trichomoniasis, it is very important that you have the knowledge of the related complications, of suffering this or another condition and being pregnant. The fetus could be born prematurely and be underweight according to experts, more conditions may be seen.

How I should proceed?

The most essential thing is to turn to the gynecologist or your treating doctor to discuss the situation and how delicate it is. To carry out the different tests and studies that may be needed to be sure of the health of both the baby and the mother, for any possible risk.

It is relevant to know that, for women on a treadmill for a period of three months, the intake of medications to treat Trichomoniasis is not recommended, since it can have sequelae in the fetus and its development. If the doctor considers it very necessary, he will prescribe the required treatment, but not before the first trimester of pregnancy.

After being treated, can you suffer from Trichomoniasis again?

It is common that, on certain occasions, Trichomoniasis can reappear , even if the person was treated previously, it is possible that the indications have not been followed and the necessary precautions have been taken , the first time it was suffered.

Not having taken all the doses recommended by the doctor, having intercourse before the time the parasite was expelled, and encounters with people who suffer from Trichomoniasis or have not finished their treatment, can result in the return of the disease.

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It is almost normal for this to happen, it has been confirmed that five out of ten people relapse to the infection in the first months after treatment or, specifically, the first three months, since perhaps the protozoan was not completely eliminated from the body and simply was temporarily controlled.

In short, each and every one of us is responsible for our sexuality when we make the decision to activate our sexual life, this responsibility carries the consequences, the advantages, as well as the disadvantages.

It is important that we have this very clear when we start to explore our intimate encounters with complete freedom, since the preventions or the lack of these are our decision; as well as the unwanted results that may come with all that. When it comes to prevention in the sexual sphere, there are no excuses.

Thus, they reveal that the lack of commitment and sexual maturity are the main causes for the cycle of mass transmitted STDs, and this can be seen with greater roots in people aged between 15 and 29 years . Something completely unusual if you consider the society in which we live, with all the media and technological advances.

Another fact is that people who suffer from sexually transmitted diseases like Tric, still live under myths and baseless stories, are judged and sometimes treated as social outcasts. Today there are individuals who fear approaching a person with HIV positive for fear of becoming infected, as well as other diseases.

It does not seem to be accepted that most people with an STD can continue to live a mostly normal life, with its precautions clear. They can go out to work every day, they study and have fun, they walk down the street with us and they deserve the same respectful treatment, as human and intelligent beings that they are.

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Unfortunately, the accusations can turn out to be a lot, and the presence of an STD such as Trichomoniasis can be a scandal accompanied by other social factors, there has been evidence that a varied number of people lie about their condition or have committed suicide and fallen in the underworld for suffering from diseases like these.

Therefore, an open mind is very important in this whole process and you should always be positive , maintain hope and see life from a different lens, try to surround yourself with people who help you and make you feel good in situations like this. You can also talk about your experience and thus help others who have been living the same situation.

We are all human beings, we must constantly remember that . Trichomoniasis is not a severe disease and has the advantage of being able to be completely cured, but to overcome it, four clear principles must be had as with any other STD: acceptance, honesty, strength and prevention are vital in situations of this type, not forget it.

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