Hydra Mag C + From Vichy Homme: Analysis And Alternative

The Vichy Homme contour is postulated as the first anti-fatigue moisturizing treatment for the face and eyes. Specially designed for sensitive male skin with signs of fatigue: dehydrated skin, dull tone, tightness, bags and dark circles.

Its effectiveness will be demonstrated by its ingredients, which we will analyze one by one. But from the name I can deduce that it includes some form of vitamin C. Let’s see in what proportion it is found.

If you are interested in the ingredients of the cosmetics that we normally use, I recommend this article with the analysis of the Best Eye Contours for Men . So you can know exactly what you are putting on your face.

Hydra Mag C + analysis from Vichy Homme

Vichy Homme Hydra Mag C + Summary and Analysis

In the first 5 ingredients we already have an alcohol (not advisable for sensitive skin), an irritant ingredient and a silicone. And the worst thing is that things do not improve as they continue to advance.

Colors, sensitizing ingredients and even toxic ones, such as triethanolamine, which is an ingredient designed for short, discontinuous use, followed by a complete rinse, not to be worn on the face every day.

As active principles, we only find two forms of vitamin C, and two anti-inflammatories, but unfortunately they are too low on the list to be able to have any effect.


I propose a much better option to the contour of Vichy Homme. Nezeni Cosmetics Contour is free of alcohol, silicone, or irritating or toxic ingredients. On the other hand, if it has a good proportion of active ingredients to fight against wrinkles, dark circles, and bags.

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