Vitamin C: Discover Everything It Does For You !!!

Vitamin C has a powerful antioxidant function , this means that it works by reducing oxidative stress.

Vitamin C is also important as an enzyme cofactor for the biosynthesis of many important biochemical processes.

Do you know what the daily recommendation for vitamin C is?

It was always believed by both doctors and nutritionists that the recommended amount of vitamin C in the body was around 75 to 90 mg of vitamin per day. However, new research has shown that the optimal daily amount is 200 mg.

Scientists from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in the United States launched a review of 29 studies in which they evaluated the daily vitamin C intake of volunteers. In that review they found that the average intake of 200 milligrams of the substance was associated with a significant decrease in the blood pressure of the participants.

There are two main hypotheses to explain the effect. “Vitamin C appears to have a diuretic action,” says the researcher, therefore it helps the body expel the sodium compound that is known to be responsible for bringing up blood pressure, and the second theory is that the substance dilates the arteries. Both motors have a direct impact on the grip affecting the blood vessels and putting the heart and brain in danger.

Lack and deficiency of vitamin C

Without vitamin C, the synthesized collagen is too unstable to perform its function producing scurvy , which causes the formation of skin wounds, bleeding gums and mucous membranes. The wounds are more abundant in the thighs and legs and in the advanced stage of scurvy there are open purulent wounds, loss of teeth and in extreme cases it causes death.

Vitamin C in food

Amount in mg food
42 mg of vitamin C 1 natural grape juice
63 mg of vitamin C 4 units of strawberry
27 mg of vitamin C 1 slice of pineapple
67 mg of vitamin C 1 plate of steamed cabbage
21 mg of vitamin C banana
146 mg of vitamin C orange juice
46 mg of vitamin C. 2 boiled potatoes
200 mg of vitamin C 2 cashews
84 mg of vitamin C 1 mango
67 mg of vitamin C 1 guava
28 mg of vitamin C 1 kiwi

Myth or truth? Is vitamin C good for preventing colds and flu?

Truth : The main function of vitamin C is to strengthen the immune system , thus increasing resistance to infections, colds and flu as well as promoting the absorption of iron, which helps prevent anemia.

Vitamin C eliminates problems in the respiratory tract because it stimulates the formation of macrophages, which include bacteria that are responsible for eliminating those that are harmful to the body. Sometimes the nutrient can be included on purpose, to allow an activation of the immune system.

There are studies that say the opposite, that vitamin C does not prevent colds. Even looking at these very contradictory reports, it can be said that although vitamin C does not directly prevent the cold, we can say that it indirectly helps, since it makes the immune system more resistant.

Is it necessary to supplement vitamin C?

The amount of vitamin C necessary to have all these benefits is easily achieved through the daily intake of fruits and vegetables, since they have the necessary nutrients, check our article with the ranking of the 50 foods with the most Vitamin C

However, there are situations in which along with a diet rich in vegetables it is necessary to take supplements, especially in cases of sportsmen, professionals with intense physical activity, chronically ill, people who have recurrent colds or flu, smokers, regulars to drink that they eat little or live in highly polluted places.

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