Wasabi: Contraindications, Conservation, Benefits And Uses

The culinary world is so vast, that it seems that we will never finish discovering the wide variety of condiments and sauces that give color, life and flavor to our kitchen. And… how good it is, because a good palate is always ready to savor new sensations.

This time we want to pay particular attention to “Wasabi”, a condiment that has earned applause at Japanese tables. And not only for that special touch that it can add to food, but also for its properties that provide benefits to our health . Put on your kimono and join us to learn more about Wasabi.

Origin and history of Wasabi

Wasabi comes from the legendary Japan, in the islands of Sakhalin. And what is it about that special place to give rise to such a distinguished condiment? Apparently, the climatic conditions and the mineral properties of the soil are ideal for its cultivation . The Wasabi is very pretentious, because it does not occur anywhere, it demands the ideal conditions for the very conceited.

How good, that all over the world we can enjoy, that touch to the palate that Wasabi gives to our meals, thanks to its great exportation.

It is true that in the market we can come across Wasabi paste that is sold in a tube, but do not be fooled, it is not the original Wasabi, although the truth is that this type of Wasabi is easier to get and its flavor is very similar.

What is Wasabi really?

Wasabi is a tuber or root, let’s say the famous distant cousin of radish and turnip. And boy, he has gained fame!, Because his presence has almost become like the cultural representation of Japanese gastronomy. So when we see a Wasabi preparation, the emblematic Geisha comes to mind, just as it happens when we see Sushi.

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Wasabi paste is achieved when we grate the root. This tuber has a pungent aroma and a spicy flavor that fades instantly . That is why it is so popular for seasoning and seasoning, because it adds a special touch to meals, ummm! … and our mouths water.

Nutritional properties of Wasabi

This wonderful stem reaches a high content of calcium, potassium and vitamins . Of course, we are not going to have a bowl of Wasabi soup. Remember that this sauce is a dressing or condiment, and as such, it is consumed in small quantities. It is for this reason that it is not taken into account as a base of great nutritional contribution.

To get an idea of ​​its nutritional value, we can say that 100gr of Wasabi contains 23gr of carbohydrates, 16mg of sodium, 5gr of protein and the rest in water. It does not add cholesterol to the silhouette of our wonderful body and gives us the magnificent benefit of vitamins A, B9 and C.

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If we take a look at the table of nutritional values ​​of Wasabi, we can have a more general view of all its benefits, let’s see:


Calories or energy 109 kcal

Carbohydrates 23.5 gr

Protein 4.80 gr

Sodium 17 mg

Food fiber 7.8 gr

Sugar 0.0 gr

Iron 1.03 mg

Calcium 128 mg

Phosphorus 80 mg

Magnesium 69 mg

Potassium 568 mg

Wasabi benefits for your health

As we mentioned at the beginning, Wasabi is not only a rich sauce that gives a special touch to meals, it also provides us with certain components that improve our health.

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Its consumption provides antimicrobial properties, is a good anti-inflammatory and is even anticancer . This tuber is a marvel, as long as we are talking about the original Wasabi.

Medicinal uses of Wasabi

We can list some of the health benefits of super-Wasabi.

  • It serves as a decongestant, clearing the airways as well as reducing the feeling of cold. What a good use for relieving flu symptoms.
  • The antibacterial and antiseptic action is ideal for preventing wound infections. We can also use it as a pain reliever for tooth pain caused by cavities.
  • Due to its high content of vitamin C, it strengthens our immune system very well, so that we are not affected by those sudden downpours, which sometimes surprise us on the street and we come home like wet chicks with a safe cold.
  • Before a tantrum or binge at mealtime, Wasabi helps us in digestion, thanks to it accelerates the metabolism.
  • It protects our heart, but not from a love disappointment, no sir, we are talking about its effects on blood circulation, which prevents us from heart attacks.
  • As a cleanser, it helps us expel toxins from the body, which strengthens our liver. It is an antioxidant, which also allows us to look with youthful vigor. Who is going to mind feeling and seeing oneself a couple of years younger.
  • It is of great benefit to the nervous system and reliefs us from rheumatism caused by arthritis
  • It helps us fight anemia problems thanks to its great contribution of iron.
  • Our intestines will appreciate the excellent deworming work attributed to the consumption of Wasabi.

Having reviewed so many contributions to benefit our health from this almost magical tuber, perhaps we would say that we have found the elixir of eternal youth and eternal life. Well it is not so bad, but the truth is that it is undeniable how much we can benefit from it .

Wasabi for cancer

Wasabi is anticancer due to its chemical composition that greatly benefits the liver. Its effect is similar to that of other foods such as broccoli and cabbage.

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Among its elements, Wasabi stores isothiocyanates that blocks the enzymes that promote the formation of cancer cells in our body. How do you accomplish this? Well, our liver under the nutritional effects of Wasabi manages to neutralize the toxins in our body without any inconvenience , thus avoiding the formation of malignant tumors.

Scientific studies indicate that the consumption of Wasabi is very helpful in the prevention of lung, stomach and esophageal cancer.

Wasabi for leukemia

According to a study carried out for the year 2002, certain results were obtained that indicated that isothiocyanates favor the inhibition of the development of cancer cells that produce leukemia, this being one of the cancer with the highest mortality rate in the world.

Wasabi for food poisoning

It is highly recognized that the wonderful Wasabi is a digestive par excellence . That is why there are those who recommend it as an excellent way to avoid poisoning. And to show a button, We all know that eating raw fish (Sushi) is a risk that our belly runs, and this is the reason that justifies the presence of Wasabi next to Sushi.

Wasabi for osteoporosis

The study of the healing properties of Wasabi has revealed that it deflates the joints and can even mitigate the unpleasant effects of arthritis caused by osteoporosis. Not only does it alleviate the symptoms of this terrible disease, laboratory tests have shown that Wasabi preserves bones, reducing the risk of suffering from it.

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Wasabi for blood stones

Because the consumption of Wasabi directly influences good circulation, thus helping to prevent blood clotting. For this reason again, our super-Wasabi will protect us from suffering heart attacks, thrombosis or any condition due to obstruction of the bloodstream.

Cosmetic uses of Wasabi

If you thought that up to that point you couldn’t get more out of Wasabi, let me tell you that you are wrong. The benefits of this root with almost heavenly properties continue to rain. Now let’s analyze from the cosmetic point of view, how we can continue to extract the juice from Wasabi.

Another wonderful element that makes up Wasabi is isosaponarin, which is responsible for increasing collagen production. And when we listen to collagen, our mind blows with countless applications on the subject of skin care.

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Let’s focus its usefulness on at least these 3 fields: lips, skin and our beloved hair.

Wasabi for lips

The application of Wasabi as an instrument to increase the volume of the lips has been endorsed and acclaimed in the world of fashion and beauty. And it is that the network abounds with testimonies of girls; among them famous, who assert the effectiveness of this technique. So it is worth trying this method.

Their catchphrase is “instantly voluminous lips.” Being a condiment considered by some to be one of the strongest spicy, the reaction to the touch with your lips is immediate.

To apply it, you must rotate a little Wasabi paste until it completely covers your lips , then let it begin to do the effect, at least for a minute before finally cleaning yourself with a damp cloth and ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Step aside Angelina Jolie, now you will have beautiful full lips that turn soft and pink.

Of course, dear friend, remember that the effect of spice on your lips can leave it a little sensitive. It is worth applying a lip cream, such as the cocoa Lip Tips.

But beware! Before rushing out to buy your Wasabi to apply the fabulous technique, consider several things to consider. First, remember that the Wasabi that are commonly sold in stores, come mixed with other elements that can give undesirable results.

If you are one of those girls who does not agree with the motto “to be beautiful you have to see stars” then consider it well, because when applying the Wasabi, you will feel for a few moments a burning sensation. Anyway, if you want to experiment, what if you try a little nothing else and try little by little to see how it works.

Lastly, keep in mind that the technique is great for a photoshoot or some recording for your channel, but don’t expect the effect to last all day. The effect only lasts a few minutes.

Wasabi for skin

Due to its high content of vitamin C and antioxidant properties, Wasabi manages to slow down the aging of the skin , which allows it to be better hydrated. The dead cells of our skin are renewed more quickly, which gives us a smooth feeling when in contact with the skin and an appearance of youthful vigor.

We can also use Wasabi to make those hateful pimples disappear from the skin . Just apply a little of the paste for 30 seconds on the area and then clean with a cotton ball. You will notice that the skin was left with a reddish tone, this means that it had the desired effect. By the next day, the granite will have disappeared as if by magic.

Wasabi for hair

According to Kinin, which is one of the largest producers of Wasabi, ensures that a gentle and constant massage on the scalp with a puree of this root, guarantees you not to go bald. Due to the action of isosaponarin, the dermal papillae are stimulated, which are responsible for hair growth.

Once again we warn you, do not trust too much in the Wasabi that are commercialized in the market. The real benefit comes from the original Wasabi. Now, by ironies of life, how rare that the Japanese are the ones who suffer the most from premature baldness. So let’s practice what they preach!

How to preserve Wasabi properly?

As such, there are no direct and specific instructions on how to preserve Wasabi, more common than any other sauce, namely, to keep it refrigerated in the fridge . Let’s remember that, because of its preservative properties, rather, it is perfect for other perishable foods to last longer.

Taste of Wasabi vs other western spicy

The flavor of Wasabi is strong and that sensation is complemented by its pungent smell. Upon contact in our mouth, we immediately feel the spicy taste that resembles the mixture of mustard, mint and radish.

It also directly affects our nose, as we feel that it rises through our nostrils and makes us water and our eyes get wet, which distinguishes it from other western hot spices, as in the case of hot chili, chili and pepper.

Popular recipes made with Wasabi

There are many applications that we can give Wasabi in the kitchen, from a dressing to accompany it, to ice cream! Next, we can see the names of some dishes that can be prepared with this peculiar ingredient.

  • Chicken wings in Wasabi sauce
  • Avocados stuffed with Tuna with Wasabi sauce.
  • Wasabi Ice Cream
  • Zucchini and Wasabi cream
  • Wasabi and lemon dressing
  • Sesame Salt and Wasabi
  • Saffron rice and Wasabi mayonnaise

Wasabi with beef and other meats

You can prepare the veal according to your taste. We may be one of those who are attracted to grilled meat or on the other hand we are more lovers of stews. No matter how we prepare the meat, the important thing is how to season it with our Wasabi.

The following Wasabi sauce preparation is ideal to accompany it with meats:

We take a saucepan and over low heat we melt the butter and when it is already like an oil we add wheat flour and mix well for 5 minutes. At this point, we proceed to add a little meat broth and stir until we achieve the consistency we want the sauce to have.

Remove from the heat and sprinkle salt to taste and the Wasabi . Take note! Add the Wasabi when the saucepan is free from the heat, otherwise you will lose many of the properties of the tuber. Now our sauce is ready to dress our roast meat, on the grill, medium, as you want. Enjoy your meal!

Sushi with Wasabi

Preparing the Wasabi pasta or sauce to garnish the Sushi has nothing to write home about , so drop that backpack that we’re not going to Wasabi University.

We just have to take the root and grate it on a special grater called Oroshigane that is original to Japanese cuisine.

It does not have holes like the cheese graters we are used to, but, rather, they have very fine teeth that simulate the skin of a stingray. As the root passes over and over again, it turns into a thick green paste.

Having the Wasabi paste ready, we only have to prepare the Sushi. We prepare the rice with a little more water than usual, also adding a bit of vinegar and sugar to taste.

Having the rice ready and prepared, we cut the fish into strips. According to our taste we can include pieces of cucumber or avocado that cover the size of the strips. On the strips, a rice ball is placed in the middle and we are spreading along the strip.

Finally, we apply certain Wasabi applications on the rice and add the pieces of vegetables that we want, and then we roll the entire mixture while we keep pressed in the center until we close the strip.

We can now present our homemade Sushi with Wasabi, where we can also put a small plate with more sauce for those who want to add a little more of the sauce.

Consumption of Wasabi during pregnancy and possible dangers for the baby

A wise proverb says that “Insurance kills trust.” It is speculated out there that the consumption of Wasabi in pregnancy increases the risk of anticipating contractions and the child may be born prematurely. But the truth is that so far there is no study that affirms or denies this theory.

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The same happens with the effects that it could cause in the child inside the mother’s womb. We are simply in gray territory where uncertainty and tales abound. The healthiest thing is to be prevent and avoid its consumption.

How to grow Wasabi correctly?

Having so many benefits, it was logical to conclude that it would not be easy to obtain it. As they say, it was too beautiful to be true, well … yes, but difficult to access.

To grow Wasabi, it is necessary to have specific conditions so that the tuber can develop. There are at least 17 experienced growers, each with their own strategies and methods, depending on the areas where they are grown.

Wasabi can be grown in 2 ways : In fields submerged in water and on dry soil. However, for these two methods, they are generally grown by stems that are growing from the mother plant. From the moment of planting to harvest it can last up to 5 years.

Contraindications of the consumption of Wasabi

Although we have detailed a lot of properties that provide a great benefit in every way, this wonderful tuber should be consumed in moderation. All extremes are bad , a saying goes, and with Wasabi it applies too. Also, not everyone can consume it. Everything will depend on our circumstances.

Because it is a powerful spice, eating it in large portions can cause serious hemorrhoid problems . We do not want it to bite when entering and leaving, no no no …

Hypertensive people should not consume Wasabi , as well as those who suffer from gastric problems. Those with cardiovascular problems would do well to limit their intake.

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