How to Wash Your Hair Effectively: Steps, Methods, And All

To maintain beautiful hair and healthy scalp, cleanliness is essential. Insufficient washing removes the vitality of the hairs , and causes breakage and dryness.

The frequency of washing for each type of hair

Follow the cleaning recommendations for each type of hair:

  • Oily hair: daily
  • Normal hair: alternate days
  • Dry hair: three times a week

Any type of hair can be washed daily without problems. To avoid drying out, choose products for daily use.

See our article to know the types of hair and how to care for them .


The pre-shampoo has the function of cleaning the hair and leaves it fully prepared for the shampoo to act on the fiber by depositing essential nutrients for its health.

Strengthens the action of conventional shampoo . For this reason, it does not work alone and should always be used before the usual shampoo. There are some that have micro particles that act as scrubs for the scalp.



The use of a suitable shampoo ensures soft, flexible and shiny hair. The basic function of a shampoo is to remove dirt from the hair shaft and scalp . The pH of the scalp is between 3.8 and 5.6, and the optimal pH for a shampoo for daily use is between 5 and 7.

If the pH is higher than 7, the cuticle will open more than usual. This is the case of anti-residue shampoos, which eliminate sebum in greater depth, keratin residues , dust and cosmetics deposited on the hair. In the case ofchemically treated or damaged hair , the pH of the shampoo should be acidic (pH less than 7).

Anti-residual shampoo

If you usually use leave-in creams, the ideal is to use an anti-water shampoo once a week , as the product removes excess impurities from the scalp and opens the hair scales to clean thoroughly.

If you are not in the habit of using leave-in creams, you can opt for anti-hydrates every 15 or 30 days, especially before a hydration session.

For more information, don’t miss our special article on anti-residue shampoos.


All hair – even greasy ones – should be conditioned after shampooing, especially after using an anti-residue. The conditioner closes the scales of the hair (opened by the shampoo) to prevent it from losing its nutrients and drying out.

Apply the product throughout the hair, away from the roots and the scalp. Let it sit for three minutes and rinse well, preferably with slightly cold water to help close the scales.

Tips for washing hair

Tips for washing hair

  • Before applying the shampoo, you should moisten your hair well with warm water.
  • Never apply the shampoo directly to the hair . Spread it through your hands first and then through your hair.
  • Use your fingers to distribute the product at the root of the hair, gently. Don’t use your nails.
  • To wash the lengths , slide your hands together, distributing the shampoo from top to bottom, strand by strand, without rubbing, this will prevent breakage .
  • For the ends of the hair, only use the foam that comes from the roots. These are the most delicate parts and deserve special attention. If you have split ends, check which tip repairer you need .
  • The shampoo can be used three times to ensure the elimination of residues and increase the effect of the product. The first wash removes dirt and sebum from the scalp. The second wash removes traces of dirt that have not been removed in the first wash. In the third wash, with the hair already clean, the shampoo penetrates the fiber more easily, enhancing its effect.
  • After cleansing, use a conditioner to close the cuticles .
  • Before applying the conditioner, use a towel to remove excess water. Thus, the conditioner will penetrate the hair better, further enhancing its effect.

How often do you need to apply shampoo?

Well, you have already noticed that one of the previous suggestions is to wash 3 times , but there are those who do not agree, but we like to do it although we have to be careful with the removal of sebum.

We like to feel the scalp quite clean , and we have found that the effect of the shampoo is more efficient that way. However, there are no better or worse situations, apply what suits you best. Here at BodyCarre we always give suggestions.

Why is it important to keep the scalp clean?

Why is it important to keep the scalp clean?

For your well-being, wash your hair with good products and do not let the scalp become a deposit of creams or oils. Keeping the scalp clean will help prevent suffocation of hair follicles.

A clean scalp helps keep hairs healthy, as it maintains oil regulation, unclogs the pores of the scalp, removes dead cells, prevents hair loss and strengthens hairs.

In our article on the scalp you will learn everything important to keep it in perfect condition.

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