What is Hair Blister: Benefits and Types

Next, we present a detailed description of what are the Ampoules for hair / Ampoules for hair loss, how you should use them. Try to keep your eyes open to the benefits that these blisters bring to you and especially how to use them to your advantage.

Today’s woman has among her priorities always being as perfect as possible, that includes having an enviable body, dressing well and of course having silky and shiny hair , with the help of hair blisters. So taking care of hair has become a relevant activity.

There is a wide variety of hair treatments where blisters continue to stand out for their practicality and immediate results. Among the treatments for hair is the one applied for hair loss , which is one of the most common problems that occurs in both men and women.

This problem is usually due to anemia due to lack of iron, capillary disorders , which must be fought with a specific product, blisters are usually an effective response to this disease. There are many types of blisters which provide a series of benefits for our hair.

What is a hair blister?

They correspond to a hair treatment of one dose per presentation , whose components will vary according to the objective of the treatment, which can be applied both at home and by a professional in a hairdresser.

What is sought is that ampoule that stimulates the growth and strengthening of hair , mainly for those with the problem of hair loss . For any woman, her priority is to have hair full of vitality and a healthy appearance.

In the market there are different brands and costs which are not very high , in fact they are more accessible than other types of treatments. Similarly, today there are entire lines designed to improve the appearance of hair.

According to the type of ampoule there are some manufactured for a single application , others that you will have to apply for days and even months, it all depends on the reason for which you are applying the treatment.

It is easy to recognize capillary blisters, they are found in small glass or plastic bottles , filled with liquid whose quantity can vary between 6mL and 15mL, some with a very fluid one, others are creamy; it depends on the nutrients, minerals, vitamins and supplements from which it is made.

There are both natural and synthetic treatments. They stand out for being topical and very easy to absorb.

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Types of hair blisters

As we have mentioned previously, there is currently a wide variety of hair ampoules, among which the following functions stand out:

Hair loss

These ampoules are sold in a quantity of 6 to 15 mL, it all depends on the brand. Their function is to rehabilitate the hair follicles that make up our scalp when they begin to fail, resulting in hair loss.


If you suffer from scalp weakness to such a degree that the hair falls out, applying this ampoule may be relevant to the health of your scalp, since the liquid inside it reacts when it comes into contact with the damaged follicle, helping in the formation of a healthier structure and greater thickening in it.

Hair hydration

If our hair is dry, we can use a blister for moisturizing purposes, this kind of blister is not removed after being applied and is placed while the hair is wet after being washed.


The way it acts on the hair completely changes the way it looks, since it gives it a much healthier appearance, as well as changes in its texture.

Restoration of hair structure, treatment of split ends

These normally have in their composition flax seeds that strengthen and restructure the ends of the hair, those that are so damaged by continuous exposure to heat. So do people who have greasy and weak hair.

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This blister is part of the treatment after having mistreated our hair, when the structure has already been damaged and begins to have a brittle appearance. The way it transforms hair after so much damage is what makes it important and one of the most used ampoules today.

Hair Growth and Hair Strengthening

This action is due to a strengthening in the formation of the hair follicle and a protective layer created to improve the thickness and structure of the strands that make up our hair, also stimulating growth throughout the entire formation of a strand. Generally, it has vitamin E in its composition.


For people with brittle and lifeless hair, it is very important to place this ampoule, since it not only promotes growth but also offers vitality so that while it grows, the strand is not sensitive to possible damage.

Friz reduction and volume increase

These ampoules have the property of flattening the hair, making it smoother without removing its volume, on the contrary, it stimulates the latter to gain the appearance of abundant hair, even when it is not.


This ampoule softens the hair’s texture and avoids that tousled look that can occur after washing, as well as giving it that voluptuousness so desired by all.

There are many others, only the above are the most common in the market, it all depends on the brand, the cost of the product and its presentation , even finding colored blisters.

How to choose the ampoule for your hair?

To choose the ideal ampoule for your hair, you must be clear about the objective you are looking for, identifying the problem or problems you want to treat, according to that you must apply a treatment or several. We will show you some options according to the problems you want to deal with.

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Sheep placenta

These ampoules have many functions, but they are frequently used to restructure, revitalize and hydrate the hair , in addition to protecting it from dandruff . They should be applied to damp hair and it is not necessary to rinse it off.

Restructuring Lotion

Designed to revitalize and strengthen the ends of the hair , especially that which is very brittle. Among the extracts used for its preparation are flax seeds. Additionally they give volume that is to say body to the hair , in addition to that you will obtain a shiny hair. Ideal for people with greasy hair.

Smooth and Shine

This type of blister is ideal for those who have straightened their hair . It is normally applied to damp hair without rinsing. It is usually used on ironed hair because it hydrates and conditions it to strengthen it.

Tone and hydrate

This type of ampoule should be applied to all the hair after washing it, for this you must leave the hair a little damp, it is not necessary to rinse, they are ideal for straightening the hair and of course hydrating it.


Provides shine and softness to those dull and rough hair , it is used as an oil bath to be applied after the conditioner, you must massage for 10 to 15 minutes, and this type of ampoule must be rinsed off. Use it while you bathe.

After color

This ampoule has been designed to be applied after coloring your hair , in a way that provides hydration, rehabilitates it and gives it shine.

Dyed Hair

They differ from the after colors because they are designed to be used frequently since they work as a hair protector to maintain the color for much longer. Contains more powerful antioxidants than vitamin E.

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Last but not least, regenerators could not be absent since these are responsible for preventing and reducing hair loss , most of them are manufactured from plant extracts.

Nettle and Rosemary Ampoules

Often used for weak, greasy hair with a tendency to fall, rosemary has been shown to have properties to strengthen the roots of the hair, which is key to preventing hair loss.

Vitamin C Ampoules

They work as an exfoliator for your scalp since it allows a greater oxygenation of the hair, which causes it to grow with greater resistance, additionally this type of blisters hydrates the tips with a dry appearance, reversing that damage.

Ampoules with Vitamin A

They are widely used for weak hair with lack of growth. You must apply it at the root so that it acts directly on the scalp, in this way you will nourish the hair and provide elasticity to the strands.

Hair loss in women

More and more women suffer from this problem, but how does this happen? Each hair has a hair follicle that when it works properly the hair grows naturally, the problem arises when the follicle fails, which happens when fat accumulates that it ends up hampering their work.

A relationship has also been found between the malfunction of the follicle with a poor diet and the use of other hair products such as coloring dyes, excessive application of iron and dryer . Since the hair is weakened by thinning until it disappears or falls out. Aggressions by the weather such as sun rays, humidity are also a significant factor.

It is sought with the treatment is to strengthen the hair follicles to obtain stronger roots and thus avoid hair loss, this is achieved when the components of the blisters react and activate a chain reaction to stimulate the work of the damaged follicle.

Little by little the follicle recovers its thickness and changes its structure, which helps it begin to fall less and less. If you have noticed that your hair falls out more than usual, it is time to apply a treatment and avoid any alopecia problem. Remember that each brand is different since they have a different active ingredient and this will be responsible for hair recovery.

The quality of the ingredients gives the product efficiency, now that you know how the ampoules work, it is time to know which ones are the best for your hair?

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What are the best blisters for hair loss?

As we have already seen, there are many types of blisters for each type of hair or problem, now, below we bring you some more outstanding options of blisters for hair loss.

Martiderm Hair System ampoules

They contain an advanced formula with 3 growth factors, increasing hair growth, volume and strength. Effective for androgenic alopecia, one of the most common types of hair loss.

Revicap Bulbs

They are one of the most effective for hair loss, made up of a lotion that stimulates blood circulation on the scalp . In this way, it is possible to increase the penetration of nutrients in the hair bulb in a more efficient way. Designed for any type of fall , whether due to external aggression or hormonal imbalance.

Tricobell Elite Ampoules

Its formula is designed for the treatment of androgenic alopecia , generated by excess internal seborrhea. The components of the blister prevent fat from accumulating around the hair bulb and clogging it. Additionally, they reduce the excess of external seborrhea. Achieving fortified, healthy hair without falls. Additionally they contain Vitamins and Ginseng.


It has a line dedicated to the treatment of hair loss, its active ingredient is macadamia oil and other natural components. They help hair fall, thicken it, and also revitalize and hydrate from the roots.


This product was designed for hair loss, strengthens the follicle and in 15 days you will see positive results, strong, abundant and silky hair.

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Ampoules with Stem Cells

With regard to stem cells, it has been disclosed that after being subjected to different evaluations, their components have properties that can be used to generate treatments applied in different areas of health.

One of them is related to hair care, for which there are products that incorporate the benefits of stem cells in their ingredients in order to reduce hair loss and thus prevent the spread of baldness.

Once the treatment has started, applying the product to the scalp gradually, it will be possible to notice how hair loss is minimized thanks to the repairing and regenerating effect that the stem cells exert as it stimulates its growth.

All these products, in addition to stem cells, are made up of ingredients made from natural extracts whose effect together brings vigor to the hair while eradicating pathologies that can affect the scalp such as dermatitis, allergies and dandruff.

Benefits of hair ampoules

  • They are rich in vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients for the health of the hair, which are combined with substances that improve the absorption and penetration of the product for topical use on the hair.
  • Being easily absorbed, the results obtained are usually better and greater than those of other treatments such as hair masks or hair creams, it is all a matter of comparing.
  • The concentrations of vitamins and nutrients is such that it allows to reduce and eliminate problems such as brittle, dry, greasy hair, reduce hair loss, rough hair, frizzy hair, hair loss, dandruff.
  • The most observed long-term results are : shiny hair, easy to handle, silky, hydrated, better volume, reduction of hair loss, growth. In other words, these blisters usually do miracles in our hair.

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How to apply hair ampoules?

The first thing you should do is wash your hair well as you do daily, then dry your hair with a towel to remove the excess water, when you notice that it is almost completely dry you can apply the blister.

In case it is in a glass container, very carefully part the upper area that is like a spout, many come with a line on the neck of the bottle that indicates where you should do it. For those that come in a plastic container, you just have to remove the cap.

Separate your hair into strands so that you proceed to evenly place the blister over the entire area , always leaving two fingers of the root without application, this is done in this way to prevent the pores of your scalp from clogging.

By using blisters very often if you let them fall on the root of the hair, there is a long-term probability that you will suffer from problems such as excess oil production, dandruff and you can even develop a scalp dermatitis.

Spread all the liquid throughout the hair, from top to bottom ensuring that all hair is damp from the blister. In most ampoule treatments it is not necessary to rinse it , in the same way we recommend that you read the instructions in case the label says that rinsing is required.

For people with abundant hair, you can apply two ampoules at once, remembering to always leave two fingers at the root without adding the liquid. You can also combine several ampoules for a single application, you can even use a hair cream as a base and thus it will yield you for several applications, this type of combination is usually called cocktails.

Depending on the conditions of the hair, especially if it is damaged or dry, you can apply blisters once or twice a week , as you see the improvement, you can do it every one or two weeks.

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Tips that you should take into account when using hair ampoules

When choosing to apply blisters to our hair, it is necessary that we have certain clear aspects, in such a way that we avoid the risk of suffering adverse reactions due to misuse, only excessive. There are different types of hair, as well as different damages can occur in them.

For this reason, there is a great variety of ampoules according to our hair class, condition and the ingredients of each one, which we consider best for our use, from the most natural to those composed only of chemicals. It is necessary that before placing them, we know which one we are going to use, we have already named them previously and also described throughout the article.

Apply the vial on the hair after washing it

The proper way to apply a vial is after shampooing your hair, because right then the scalp is free of dirt and impurities. Ideally, your hair should be damp enough, if you wet it a lot, the effect may be diminished.

Professional stylists begin by placing the liquid from the ends to a few inches before the roots. In addition, they perform a small and strong massage on the strands while they are putting the liquid in order that it is well absorbed in the hair cuticles.

Avoid placing it at the root

Do not place the blisters on the root of your hair , leave at least two fingers apart. This is because the liquids that make up the ampoules are concentrates of chemicals that help improve the condition of your hair, but there are certain types that contain a large proportion of hair activators, which when placed incorrectly generate adverse effects.

The overproduction of fat, dandruff and seborrhea, accompanied by some types of dermatitis and even hair loss are usually the side effects that your hair could experience if you do not apply an application with the proper technique.

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Just one per week

Hair professionals recommend applying the treatment once a week to avoid overstimulating the hair follicles. When observing the improvement, you must reduce the lapses of application between one and the other.

The idea is to repair and show off shiny, soft and healthy hair, for this we must take the greatest possible care not to overdo the products we apply, remembering that the ampoules have high concentrations of much stronger chemicals than other products.

Let the blister work

There are ampoules in which it is necessary to rinse just a few minutes after placement, but there are others that are designed to let them act for longer on your hair.

A trick carried out by hair care specialists, some actresses and models, is to put a little blister on your hair during the night, you can leave it to sleep through the night.

This is because at night there is better blood circulation because our body is completely relaxed, in this way the chemicals in the vials achieve better absorption. Of course, when you get up you must take a bath and remove all product remains.

Results = Patience

To better observe the effects of the blisters you must have a lot of patience since according to the depth of the damage you will require a longer treatment time, that is, a frequency of up to months of application, so if you expect quick results you should look for other options.

Injectable blisters in the hair? Serving?

Some people do not even know of the existence of these or believe that they are just a myth, but it is not like that, they exist and have good benefits for our hair, as well as being highly effective in it. Contrary to normal ampoules, it is considered a trick that is used by both sexes as a method of applying vitamins to the most superficial layers of our scalp .

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Like the others, they are classified according to the type of hair and the different needs present. If we have dry hair with almost no strength, we can choose to use injectable ampoules based on vitamins A and / or E, to give our hair a better appearance. Although vitamin C are used in extreme cases of dryness.

On the other hand, if our hair is brittle with a disheveled appearance, we can inject the ampoules with vitamin B5, which helps to revitalize it from the roots, to achieve better results. Some people prefer injectables to ordinary ones, arguing that they have greater benefits and work faster .

Currently these blisters are being very popularized in the world of aesthetics, the need to solve all the damage that can be suffered by our hair is the main reason. It is something that has been appreciated over the years, each new decade that comes, presents more products and new fashions, above all.

These new trends, like ironing hair, new colors to paint it, bring with them procedures that can give a cute, elegant appearance or whatever, but they have the great defect of wreaking havoc when done regularly.

That is why blisters have become known as a treatment to care for our hair, since it is a safer way to follow fashion and show off the new ones that everyone wants without having to question the safety of our hair and damage it. permanent way.

However, we must bear in mind that blisters help to improve the condition of our hair and also to reverse the damage caused by so much activity, but they do not work miracles! So if you want to maintain healthy and spectacular hair, you should ask a professional about the effects that what you want to do can bring.

As well as the best time to apply the blisters and what will be in case of deciding to undergo the treatment. In this way, we will be aware of the consequences and the limits that the benefits of each ampoule have for your hair.

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