What is Homemade Microdermabrasion: Functions and types

Since ancient times, the female figure has been in the incessant search for mechanisms to maintain and enhance its physical beauty. At present, society does not escape from it. In the world of aesthetics there are various treatments to maintain, care for and improve the appearance of the skin and one of the most requested is microdermabrasion, which is why many times people wonder if there is also home microdermabrasion .

As the years go by, the body loses collagen, elastin and glycosaminaglycans , and more and more rapidly. It is at that moment when we notice that the dreaded wrinkles and spots begin to appear and that, in addition, the firmness of the skin gradually decreases, which suggests an early and timely action that allows repairing or at least covering the damage caused by aging or neglect of the skin.

What is Microdermabrasion?

The microdermabrasion is a modern noninvasive technique is very similar to the peeling, but much less aggressive and abrasive but also penetrates the skin and fulfills its function in surface and middle layers (epidermis and dermis).

This is done using small crystals to exfoliate the skin , including certain appliances that include a diamond tip in many cases. Chemicals are not used in this technique.

What is the function of Microdermabrasion?

As previously stated, humans (especially women) have sought methods over time to keep their skin looking youthful and smooth and striking in the eyes of many and these are just some of the benefits that microdermabrasion, since a neat and clean skin is synonymous with hygiene and good personal hygiene. Many other people resort to this technique since, as we well know, the face is the cover letter in many cases, such as in the world of sales and business.

Microdermabrasion is a technique used to exfoliate the skin by removing dead cells found in the most superficial layers of the body. It is widely used in turn to act on wrinkles and skin blemishes, as well as to recover its elasticity and firmness, always with the purpose of maintaining the beauty and youth of our skin.

Other benefits of microdermabrasion is that it has the ability to eliminate dead cells and give way to new cells that will perform their functions such as protecting the skin from external agents such as solar radiation, various temperatures (high temperatures and low) and of course provide and maintain the hydrolipidic mantle or epicutaneous emulsion on the skin, which is nothing more than the union of two substances: sebum and sweat, which together provide natural hydration to the skin.

This aesthetic treatment is highly sought after by thousands of women around the world and incredibly by men as well, although to a lesser extent since regardless of the way it is performed, microdermabrasion offers extraordinary results in a relatively short period or, in other words , short term.

Is there a traditional or home method to perform microdermabrasion?

Yes! You can not only perform microdermabrasion in an aesthetic or beauty salon, but you can also do it from the comfort of your home and it will only take a few minutes.

Many people resort to home microdermabrasion since the costs in sites dedicated to it are very high and not everyone can afford it and if you have a way to do it at home, why not resort to it?

Recommendations before performing a home microdermabrasion

Before performing a home microdermabrasion, not only must you have the necessary materials, but you must also bear in mind that you cannot do it if in a period of less than fifteen (15) days you have undergone any other aesthetic treatment, be it abrasive or have compromised the area where you will work.

In the same way, you should perform this technique on a day where you do not plan to carry excess sun (beach, pool, mountain, camp, outdoor physical activity, among others) and preferably that the next day you will not do it, since there are several mixtures that can contain lemon and this tends to stain instead of clear when it is exposed to the sun.

Types of home microdermabrasion

There are several ways to perform a homemade microdermabrasion and the best thing is that many of the ingredients that will be mentioned later you should have at home or you can buy them at the supermarket for a very low price. Among them: baking soda, honey, lemon juice, olive oil, almond oil, sugar , among others.

Here are some masks that you can do:

Homemade microdermabrasion: baking soda and olive oil

Throughout history it has been heard that the benefits of baking soda are multiple, which is why it is one of the ingredients that appears in many skin treatments. Sodium bicarbonate is useful for renewing, cleaning, and improving the appearance of the skin, as well as useful for removing and eliminating dead cells, since it acts as an exfoliator, achieving a smooth, fresh and clearer skin.

On the other hand, the acidity level of the bicarbonate will help to lighten spots on the skin and especially those that are or were the product of acne (either hormonal or emotional). In the case of olive oil, since its discovery about 5,000 years ago, it is one of the most beneficial products in the area of ​​aesthetics due to its high nutritional value, it has excellent regenerative properties of cells and tissues, it favors the moisturization of the skin, this in turn being a powerful antioxidant.

Both ingredients mixed together provide a powerful tool to beautify the face.

Steps to enhance treatment

For this homemade microdermabrasion you will need to mix (with a spatula) for each tablespoon of bicarbonate half a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, forming a kind of paste with which you will cover the face. You must take into consideration that the exact consistency will be determined by you, it should not be so thick or so liquid, a middle ground.

You will apply this on the face (you can also apply it on elbows, knees, buttocks, neck, among others, but never in humid areas), spreading it over the entire area to be treated and in turn making circular movements of low-medium intensity with the help of a cotton, although if it seems more comfortable you can spread it with your fingers. Later you should let it work for approximately 7 minutes and after time you should remove it with warm water and with the help of cottons or facial sponge.

Remove the mask and follow the following recommendations

Immediately removed the mask you will be able to notice the difference on the face, feeling much softer and visually pleasing to the touch. You should later apply a moisturizing cream and if you are going to wear the sun, put on sunscreen.

This homemade microdermabrasion technique can be performed every 15 days (less than those days is not recommended) and after a couple of sessions you will notice a considerable difference on your face. It is a practical and guaranteed technique.

It is advisable to carry out this technique at night as this completely avoids the light of the sun’s rays and reduces the risks of developing a spot. If you do it before sleeping much better since your skin will rest and can enhance the effect of microdermabrasion.

Homemade microdermabrasion: baking soda and lemon

The benefits of baking soda were mentioned above, but what about lemon? Why include it in a microdermabrasion? Is it really good for the skin? The answer is yes! Lemon manages to enhance this mask .

Lemons have been used since ancient times for human health, so much so that many of these “recipes” are still being put into practice today. This citrus fruit is a powerful astringent, very effective for acne treatments since it is loaded with Vitamin C. Lemon has enormous power when it comes to treating spots , it is very effective, but you must have a lot of patience, as well as it eliminates the excess oil from the skin.

Steps to follow and recommendations in the preparation of homemade microdermabrasion with lemon

To perform this homemade microdermabrasion you must mix for each tablespoon of bicarbonate half a teaspoon of lemon juice (the amount of each of the ingredients will depend in turn on the extension of the area to be treated) and proceed to place or spread it on the face with the help of a cotton ball or with your fingers if it is easier for you, rubbing gently in a circular way.

This mask should be left for at least 8 minutes approximately and then proceed to remove it with warm water without leaving a small portion of the product since the lemon despite having the condition of being a bleach can “stain” if it is exposed to rays of the sun.

Using this technique, rhinestones carry out two processes simultaneously: exfoliating the skin and in turn lightening the spots in the area.

Whenever you perform this microdermabrasion you should keep in mind to put sunscreen on the treated areas (the higher level of protection the better still), since not doing it would increase the damage to the skin and instead of enhancing your face you would be receding aesthetic process.

This treatment could be done every fifteen (15) days, everything will depend on the type of skin that is being worked on.

Homemade microdermabrasion: baking soda, almond oil and honey

To make this mixture you must add 2 teaspoons of baking soda, half a teaspoon of pure almond oil and half a teaspoon of honey. In the same way, you will place this mask or spread it on the face with the help of a cotton ball or your fingers and you will let it act for approximately 10 minutes. It is recommended that before placing it you proceed to moisten the area to be treated a little and then if you place the mask.

When you remove it, you should do it with warm water and dry (without dragging the towel over your face). Whenever a microdermabrasion is performed, you should consider putting sunscreen in case you need to go out.

There are many ways to perform home microdermabrasion, either with homemade products or using appliances (the Rio Beauty brand has the RIO Dermabrasion Crystal Renew model, which is a microdermabrasion device that is easy to transport and super simple to handle) that you can easily have At home, there are many products of this type on the market, only that, unlike these devices, homemade products are more accessible (economically speaking) and due to the purity of the ingredients their effect is even greater.

Common sensations on the skin when applying the treatment

It is normal that while you have the mixture on your face you may feel some itching , but do not panic! that means that the product is working, what is not normal is that you feel burning, pain or a burning sensation. If that is the case, you should immediately remove the product from your face and rinse with plenty of cold water.

The homemade microdermabrasion, you can also apply it on the hands, to eliminate spots and wrinkles caused by the sun and age. As well as in the neck, which is one of the most neglected places and one of the most sincere to know or approximate the age of people.

If your skin is sensitive, it is recommended that you perform a sensitivity test before in some area of ​​the body such as the forearms (inner portion). There you can place a small portion of the microdermabrasion mixture for a few minutes and observe if any unfavorable change occurs in the skin, that is, to know if this mixture is tolerable for your skin or on the contrary you are allergic or allergic to any of the components.

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