Wheat Germ: Contraindications, Benefits, Recipes And Home Remedies

Incredible food that you may be missing; because your knowledge can go as far as wheat as such, and you know that it gives rise to the flours that you generally use in baking, or that the label of your baby’s cereal says that it contains wheat germ; However, there is a part that I want to talk to you about, the living part of the wheat grain, the one that has the true nutrients, is in the part of the seed where a new plant is going to originate, the wheat germ.

It has many benefits for you, as well as for adolescents and children at home, it stands out for its content in proteins, minerals and vitamins that will favor you in so many things; such as: hair, skin, cholesterol, constipation, growth and development of children, diabetes and hypertension, fertility and stretch marks, among many other benefits. You cannot miss this article full of information, which your body will appreciate once you start to introduce this food into your daily diet.

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What is wheat germ?

This is a part of the grain, it is the one that gives rise to a new plant, to put it in some metaphorical way, it is the seed of the wheat grain, which when grinding it separates them into bran, endosperm and wheat germ, this The latter has the highest concentration of nutrients necessary for the perfect functioning of the body.

It contains proteins and carbohydrates that make it ideal to be consumed by people of any age, adults and children, because mainly it will fill you with energy, it will favor your muscles, it will improve your physical and mental performance .

In addition to all this, you must add the great contribution of nutrients, it has vitamin F or what is known as linoleic acid, responsible for balancing the body , intervening with the processes of assimilation of fats, in the assimilation of sugars and in that of proteins. Besides, it contains vitamins such as E and group B, such as B1, B2, and B6 and it will also provide you with different minerals such as zinc; making it the perfect one to keep you beautiful, the best for your nails, skin and hair.

And not only that, but the wheat germ will also regulate your cholesterol thanks to phospholipids, it benefits you in pregnancy and is excellent if you have diabetes. Its intake is the best alternative to stay healthy, and it is at your fingertips like other foods and cereals; but you can find it in herbalists or specialized stores, in the form of powders, pills, oils, and you can consume it in salads, in yogurts, in fruit juices and in many other forms.

Next you will delve a little more about its properties and benefits, and some recipes with this wonderful nutritional supplement, so you don’t miss out on its benefits; continue reading and informing yourself so that you find out how much you can consume per day.

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Is it known by other names?

It really does not have other names, although there are those who call it cereal germ , because wheat itself is a very popular cereal, one of the first on the list of cereals with the highest nutritional contributions.

Where are you from?

It has its origin in Mexico, by the 1520s it was brought by the Spanish conquerors, speaking of wheat as such, when it was introduced in America; but it has its origins centuries ago in ancient Mesopotamia, confirmed by archaeological evidence from approximately eight millennia ago, they found traces of grains in baked clay in Jarmo dating from 6700 BC

It was in the 19th century, when the steam mill appeared, which represented a radical change, because the cultivation of wheat increased; and this, allowed to take advantage of the grain, the bran and the wheat germ separately, and in this way, they discovered that what gave life to new plants was the greatest container source of nutrients.

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How much can be consumed per day?

When consuming wheat germ you should be careful with excess, since many people are prone to excess; because you could use a little in yogurt, a little in flour, a little in soup or juice ; Perhaps you are the one who thinks that “The more I consume, the more benefits I will obtain” and although consuming it benefited your health, you could also have consequences for excess; for every 100 grs. you get about 350 calories.

You will find in wheat germ a balance between carbohydrates, fats and proteins, however I recommend that you limit its consumption to ¼ cup (28 grams) daily ; And pay attention to the flavor of this, it is slightly sweet, but if you feel it bitter do not even think about consuming it because this means that it is rancid . To keep it better and for a longer time, store it in the refrigerator in a container with a lid.

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Properties and benefits of wheat germ

If at the beginning I mentioned its properties and benefits in a fleeting way, at this moment I will show you everything that wheat germ has for you. Starting with the group of B vitamins, B1, B2 and B6 , which will cover your folic acid requirements, the best to avoid fetal malformations, and also work together to metabolize food, and transform it into energy. It contains iron, which will keep your blood oxygenated and phosphorus that will keep your bone health in the best state.

Minerals such as zinc will help you heal wounds, and selenium will protect cells from oxidation, this will keep you young and beautiful. On the other hand, its fiber content improves bowel movements and relieves constipation, the fibers also help you keep cholesterol levels low. And other benefits that wheat germ will bring you is to lose weight; among others.

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Used for weight loss

If your desire is to lose weight with this food, or you want to speed up the process, you should include wheat germ in your diet, and help you with exercises. Use it as a dietary supplement that will eliminate your body fat, and in return it will give you the nutrients you require so that you do not feel without energy while trying to lose weight.

The antioxidants that are part of the properties of wheat germ improve the obtaining of energy that results in the combustion of adipose tissue, the fibers help you purify the body, the phytosterols favor you in the absorption of fats, and have the advantage make you feel satiated or full ; if you add a little wheat germ to your food.

I recommend that you dissolve two tablespoons of wheat germ in a glass of water, three times a day, and do not forget to exercise and eat a healthy diet so that you can achieve your perfect size more efficiently and quickly.

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It has benefits for the hair

In addition to the many benefits that you have discovered so far, wheat germ is very popular in hair products; Helps you fight dandruff and adds shine and vigor to your hair.

As you already know, wheat germ contains zinc, and this is common in products for damaged, dry and brittle hair . And vitamin E along with fatty acids and some proteins protect you from free radicals, which will also benefit you, not only on your hair, but on your skin, and your nails.

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Used to control cholesterol

It contains phospholipids, which will help you prevent cholesterol that accumulates in the arteries, it also reduces triglycerides, as well as the fibers that will purify your body as I mentioned earlier.

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Is it safe to consume it during pregnancy?

Thanks to the group of B vitamins they contain, it is safe and conducive to consume it during pregnancy. Vitamin B1 prevents or controls depression and stress; Vitamin B2, relieves migraines, and favors the health of your skin and your sight, it is also called riboflavin, responsible for calming you down and relieving insomnia and anxiety that pregnancy is causing you , especially if you are a mother First time, you should consume wheat germ.

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Folic acid is indicated before and during pregnancy, but if you do not like to take pills all the time, and daily then use wheat germ in your meals and you will not notice it but you will be obtaining the requirements of folic acid and iron.

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Nutritious for children

Wheat germ provides vitamins, proteins, minerals, fiber and fatty acids that children require for their growth and development. To stay healthy and full of energy, wheat germ contains what is necessary, including minerals that will improve the cognitive development of the little ones and will make them grow without health problems.

This supplement contains carbohydrates, which provides energy to the body, they are slowly absorbed, which means that the body will receive energy gradually, and thus ensure that children carry out their activities such as: playing, studying, and do sport; without feeling tired or down.

You must include wheat germ in your child’s daily food, in juices, in porridges, or make him delicious cookies with this secret ingredient for his mental and physical health.

It is good for hypertensive and diabetics

Linoleic acid and magnesium reduce blood sugar levels, which makes wheat germ ideal for diabetics, helps them regulate this disease, facilitating the assimilation of fats and sugars, balancing the body.

Its fatty acid content protects the cardiovascular system, reduces blood pressure and makes it the ideal supplement for hypertensive patients.

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It is used for constipation

If you have a low fiber diet, you could have constipation, since this is one of the main causes, however, consuming wheat germ will help you prevent it naturally.

Fiber is not digested by the body, which will aid in digestive health. Soluble fiber is the one found in wheat germ, it does not absorb water in the digestive tract, which makes the stool softer and allows its exit more easily.

Wheat germ contraindications

Wheat germ is contraindicated for people who cannot consume gluten , and this has it so avoiding gluten is avoiding wheat germ because consuming this protein will cause your immune system to attack your gastrointestinal tract, and worse, you will have as consequently poor absorption and malnutrition.

How can the wheat germ be eaten?

As a nutritional supplement, its consumption can be done in different ways, such as acquiring it in pills, in oils or in powders so that you can accompany it with your baking recipes, such as cakes, cookies and biscuits, you must replace only part of the flour, too you can bread with it, but use half bread and half wheat germ.

Because of its nutty flavor, you can sprinkle it on gratin pasta and desserts. And I recommend that if you are going to use the oil, do not use it to fry because it will lose its properties and benefits, rather use it to always season raw. You can also consume it in juices, with fruits, in yogurt, soups, tortillas, and as a substitute for granola.

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How do you get the wheat germ?

The wheat germ is obtained from the grinding of the wheat grain, which makes it separate and keep it pure, without altering its natural composition, it is not found in refined white flour because it is high in fatty acids, and it is not in whole wheat flour.

Commercial uses of wheat germ

Wheat germ is used to make oils, soaps, shampoos and it is also presented in tablets.These are the best known commercial uses of wheat germ and below you will learn a little more about these products:

Wheat Germ Oil

The vegetable oil that is extracted from the wheat germ stands out for its orange color and its aroma; It is obtained from cold pressing, it is extracted at low temperatures, and its coloration is golden, with this cold pressing technique the levels of vitamin E are preserved.

It can also be obtained with another technique: an extraction system and subsequent refinement carried out at high temperatures, with this technique several properties are lost, it differs from the first one due to the color and flavor that are lighter.

  • Virgin Wheat Germ – 100% Pure Cold Pressed Vegetable Oil – 100ml
  • Wheat germ oil (500 ml)
  • Virgin Wheat Germ – 100% Pure Cold Pressed Vegetable Oil – 250ml
  • Virgin Wheat Germ – 100% Pure Cold Pressed Vegetable Oil – 1 Liter
  • Organic wheat germ oil – Alto Segala – 50 ml

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The oil has fatty acids such as omega 6, which is an excellent anti-inflammatory, the body produces substances called prostaglandin capable of relieving pain.

It also contains vitamin E, which benefits your skin for its antioxidant effects , and eliminates stretch marks of pregnancy . This vegetable oil is used for fertility and constipation, among other things.

For hair and skin

For your skin and your hair, the best option is natural, and this oil, as I have already mentioned, has vitamin E, which will help you to be more beautiful, and you will fight dandruff , your hair will be hydrated and will become shiny and silky. Using the oil as a conditioner after using your regular shampoo will make it grow, thanks to the B vitamin that stimulates cell growth. And using it to massage your hands and body will benefit you greatly because it will hydrate your skin and the antioxidants they contain will rejuvenate you.

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To reduce and prevent stretch marks

The same vitamin E with its antioxidant action, is a renegade of collagen fibers which will keep your skin elastic and flexible, and will prevent dryness, this in turn will prevent the appearance of stretch marks. It will also help you on scars for the same regenerating function.

Used for fertility

The oil helps you balance the production of hormones and keeps the vaginal mucous membranes in good condition, which combats infertility that is caused mostly by low levels of vitamin E. The oil makes the state of the ovules is the ideal to conceive more easily. Only one large spoonful a day is enough.

Used for face creams

Facial creams with wheat germ are the most recommended to hydrate the skin , and for wrinkles, that is, it will help you to delay the appearance of these, you can use the oil directly or add a little to your night cream, although the second It is not recommended because they contain chemicals and it is better to use natural products.

Wheat germ oil pills

The tablets are made with wheat germ oil and gelatin. They are usually 500 grams and they are recommended for diets but you want to consume it in other ways this is the best alternative, a pill after each meal.

  • Wheat Germ Oil, 1,130 mg, 100 Tablets – Now Foods


They are recommended in cases of mental and physical fatigue or exhaustion, also in digestive disorders, or for cholesterol, for pregnant women, to prevent hypertension and diabetes diseases, to accelerate the growth of your nails and hair. Among others.

Wheat germ and honey soap

This soap is widely used by people with extra dry skin, also to wash wounds due to its antiseptic and healing properties.

  • Bifemme Wheat germ soap – 100 gr


It has antioxidants and vitamin E, plus honey, which has antiseptic properties; make this soap the perfect option for sensitive skin, with blemishes, scars, wrinkles and to hydrate them.

Differences between wheat germ, flaxseed and oats

All three are cereals, or derived from cereal such as wheat germ, but oats have more calories, and they also have a slightly higher glycemic index than wheat germ.

Flaxseed is the seed of the flax plant, it is just as healthy as wheat germ because both contain a high amount of fiber and omega 3 and omega 9 . All three have similar proteins in composition, and all three are a good alternative to take them into account in the daily diet. They have carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and fibers.

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Brewer’s yeast vs wheat germ

Yeast is a fungus that ferments malt and does not contain sugar, the wheat germ you know is the embryo of the wheat grain, it contains gluten, while yeast is gluten free.

Both provide vitamins of group B , equally both brewer’s yeast and wheat germ regulate cholesterol, and both have the same benefits in conclusion. But if it were a competition, who would win? The answer is in you, although if you can not consume anything with gluten then for you brewer’s yeast would win.

Home remedies with wheat germ

  • For Vitiligo characterized by white or light pink patches on the skin; You can soak cotton wool with wheat germ oil, you apply it to the affected area and sunbathe it for five minutes, repeat this home remedy daily.
  • For hemorrhoids: you must mix ten grams of chamomile, two rose petals, a tablespoon of honey in wheat germ oil, let it cool and then place it on the area affected by hemorrhoids.
  • For the Boils: Mix wheat germ with a grated and raw onion, apply it on the boil.
  • For scars: with dried calendula flowers, wheat germ oil, you can make a cream for acne and scars.
  • For dry skin: grind two boiled carrots and add four tablespoons of wheat germ, spread this mask on your very clean skin.

Recipes with Wheat Germ

Wheat germ is very good in your recipes when baking, substitute only part of the flour for wheat germ. Here I present two rich and simple recipes with this supplement that you should not miss for its great contributions that you have already known.

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Wheat germ and oatmeal cookies

Have on hand one hundred grams of whole wheat flour, vanilla, liquid butter, oats, sugar, an egg, yeast, and thirty grams of wheat germ. Mix all the ingredients, do not worry if it is lumpy, it is ideal for this preparation.

Shape the cookies with a spoon or by hand, place them on a tray and bake them at about two hundred degrees Celsius for twenty minutes, or until you see the cookies golden.

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Wheat germ bread

You are going to work with wheat germ, water, wheat flour, and yeast. It is easy and practical, join the ingredients, knead for twenty-five minutes, when it is smooth you must let it rest for an hour for the yeast to ferment, then form the loaves, once they double in volume, bake them at 200 ° degrees until they are golden brown.

Nutritional information

Contribution per serving of 100 grams
Energy [Kcal] 355.00
Protein [g] 28.60
Carbohydrates [g] 30.60
Fiber [g] 17.70
Total fat [g] 9.20
AGS [g] 1.20
AGM [g] 1.16
AGP [g] 4.01
AGP / AGS 3.34
(AGP + AGM) / AGS 4.31
Water [g] 13.90
Calcium [mg] 49.00
Iron [mg] 8.50
Iodine [mg] 10.00
Magnesium [mg] 285.00
Zinc [mg] 17.00
Selenium [µg] 3.00
Sodium [mg] 5.00
Potassium [mg] 993.00
Phosphorus [mg] 140.00
Vit. B1 Thiamine [mg] 2.00
Vit. B2 Riboflavin [mg] 0.72
Eq. niacin [mg] 9.23
Vit. B6 Pyridoxine [mg] 0.49
Ac. Folic [µg] 520.00
Carotenoids 62.00
Vit. A Eq. Retinol [µg] 10.33
Fatty acids
Myristic C14: 0 [g]
Palmitic C16: 0 [g] 1.17
Stearic C18: 0 [g] 0.03
Palmitoleic C16: 1 [g] 0.05
Oleic C18: 1 [g] 1.11
Linoleic C18: 2 [g] 3.67
Linolenic C18: 3 [g] 0.34
Amino acids
Alanine [mg] 1,843.00
Arginine [mg] 1,990.00
BC aspartic [mg] 239.00
Ac. glutamic [mg] 4,522.00
Cystine [mg] 396.00
Phenylalanine [mg] 1,016.00
Glycine [mg] 1,861.00
Histidine [mg] 724.00
Isoleucine [mg] 1,137.00
Leucine [mg] 1,869.00
Lysine [mg] 1,637.00
Methionine [mg] 482.00
Proline [mg] 1,473.00
Serine [mg] 1,309.00
Tyrosine [mg] 870.00
Threonine [mg] 1,335.00
Tryptophan [mg] 284.00
Valine [mg] 1,447.00
Simple Carbohydrates
Glucose [g] 0.70
Fructose [g] 0.50
Sucrose [g] 14.00

Glycemic index

Its effect on blood sugar levels is low, it is acceptable for diabetics, it is 15.

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