White Clay Or Kaolin: Side Effects, Toxicity, Benefits And Properties

White clay is a therapeutic substance that can function as a disinfectant, revitalizer, remineralizer, or as a painkiller. It has great excellent benefits for the skin and great properties that allow to end many health problems.

It is characterized by its white color and its fineness , very similar to talc and flour, it is one of the most popular clays on the market due to all the benefits that it can provide for the health of the body, both internally and for the external one

Origin of white clay

White clay is originally from China , on a hill called Kaoling, although it is currently known and produced around the world, such as Spain, which already has natural deposits of white clay.

It is believed that formerly it was used by women for their common beauty treatments, as well as to treat certain diseases of the body. As well as to create beautiful pieces of high quality porcelain.

What are other names for white clay?

Because it is native to the Kaoling hill, white clay is also known as kaolin or kaolinite , although it is normally called white clay, in China its country of origin is called more by its other two names before mentioned.

Composition of white clay

Normally this clay is compared to green clay , with the difference that it is much richer in aluminum. However, in terms of trace elements, it is usually much poorer, since it does not contain phosphorus, chlorine, or zinc. This clay is washed by rainwater and its dragging, for that reason its characteristic white color emerges.

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Characteristics of white clay

White clay or kaolin is characterized by its great whiteness , and compared to other clays it is usually much finer, this is due to the washing process it goes through. Although it is very low in iron, it has a high content of aluminum silicate. It is a very pure clay and its texture makes it manageable for whatever use.

There are several types of white clay , some are processed for regular consumption, through different presentations, either in normal powder, or as capsules for gastric protection. In the same way, they can be applied to the skin and ends with various problems that may appear on it.

Benefits and properties of white clay

There are a large number of benefits of white clay on the skin, due to its great properties, including serving as a natural deodorant to treat all types of bad odor and excessive sweating, as well as to give luminosity to the skin and that this one does not look so dry.

Helps fight constipation as it has a dragging effect, sores or sore throats can be treated by using it to rinse or gargle with it. It has a high detoxifying power, and can help regulate intestinal pH.

It has a vasoconstrictor property, which is recommended to relax legs that are tired , and swollen, excellent for pregnant women or with fluid retention in the legs.

What are the benefits for skin and stretch marks?

White clay can end cellulite and stretch marks , all this applied on the affected area and letting it rest, it is wrapped with a transparent paper (normally used in the kitchen) for a few minutes, then it must be rinsed with warm water.

This clay has anti-inflammatory and cell regeneration properties, this allows to fight stretch marks on the skin. It also removes impurities and gives it a much healthier appearance.

Not only does it regenerate it being that it also softens it , it can help treat oily skin thanks to its astringent power, it also helps the skin to be much smoother, eliminating the flaccidity that occurs over time.

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White clay is good for weight loss

Currently there is a belief that has joined the world of diets, and that is to drink white clay. It is believed that drinking a glass of water with this clay has the ability to drag toxins out of the body, cleaning it completely.

Another of the new revolutions that white clay brings is to create bandages based on this clay combined with other ingredients, which will allow some sizes to be lowered as it is used , however this has not been fully demonstrated. It is best to consult a doctor about its effectiveness.

Hair properties

White clay can serve as a shampoo to treat the scalp, it should only be mixed with a little chamomile and a little tea oil. Once applied, it will absorb the accumulated sebum and eliminate impurities from the hair.

All this will make the hair look less greasy , allowing the scalp to breathe and have the opportunity to become stronger, preventing hair loss and making it grow much more easily.

How is white clay used for the digestive system?

White clay has the ability to clean the body , removing heavy metals that may be in it. Once it enters the body, it can drag and absorb all kinds of bacteria, viruses, fats and toxins with it, thus eliminating swelling and preventing any type of intoxication.

It works as a gastric protector , this because it can regulate acidity and PH. It is very useful for treating heartburn and ulcers, thanks to its healing effect it can protect the mucous membranes of the stomach walls.

Before consuming it, it is good to consult a doctor so that he or she indicates the amount and the way in which this type of clay should be consumed.

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Pregnancy and white clay

In pregnant women it is great to prevent stretch marks that normally occur in the breasts, buttocks and belly area, you just have to mix a little white clay with argan oil and massage the desired area.

At the topical level it does not produce any type of allergy or stinging, that is why it is quite good on the skin of these delicate mothers, on the contrary it will help them to regenerate the skin while it is in its gestation stage.

What are the benefits for babies?

Due to its fineness and its properties, white clay can be used in babies as a kind of talcum powder , since it is very pure, it will not cause any type of allergy in the skin of children.

Normally it is recommended that it be used in the genital area to prevent any type of diaper rash or dermatitis that is usually seen in this area, it should be mixed with chamomile, calendula, and lavender essential oil to achieve an ideal mixture.

The neck area is also a place where small rashes usually appear from time to time on the skin of children, applying a little white clay along with some talcum powder or pure can help the acne to recede, as well as the irritations or stains that allergies normally produce.

Can it be used while breastfeeding? Why?

There is no problem in using white clay during breastfeeding, all this because it has no bioavailability, which prevents it from being absorbed through the intestines. This means that the clay will not be excreted in breast milk and will not reach the infant.

This is even recommended to use if you have very cracked nipples , since it can provide a softness that will make it easier to breastfeed the little one. Of course, it should be applied while the little one is not about to eat, so that it does not have direct contact with said product.

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White clay for teeth whitening

White clay works as one of the best natural substitutes for regular toothpastes . It can be used as a powdered toothpaste, applying on the teeth and using normally as if it were the usual toothpaste.

This will not only protect the teeth , but will also restore the whiteness that you want so much to obtain. It can be applied even in children over 4 years old, brushing them with this natural product will make their teeth much stronger.

Cosmetic properties of white clay

White clay has a large number of cosmetic properties, which are helpful in improving certain skin problems . Here are some of them:

  • It can clean and disinfect the skin, removing impurities and dead cells that are in it.
  • Regenerates new cells that prevent wrinkles and fine lines that can appear with time and age.
  • You can exfoliate on any side that you apply it, from the first moment you use it you will notice great changes in the skin.
  • It nourishes thanks to the presence of various minerals it contains.
  • If combined with other oils it can make it even more powerful to treat skin conditions or leg pain, coconut oil, lavender and aloe vera are the best to combine with this clay.

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White clay mask for acne

Eliminate acne with a white clay mask can be something quite easy and simple, it should be taken into account that it cannot be prepared in a metal container as this causes it to lose its properties.

In the same way, do not use tap or tap water , it contains chlorine and does not help with the properties of the clay. These are the steps to follow to prepare and apply the mask:

  1. Add two parts of water to one of clay and mix very well.
  2. It is applied to the face and allowed to rest for about twenty minutes.
  3. It is removed with a soft sponge and with the help of plenty of water, either cold or warm.
  4. Apply this mask once a week.

If you have very sensitive skin, add wheat, calendula and almond oil, the result will be the same but it will protect the skin from any irritation.

It is necessary that the clay does not dry completely, it must have a type of humidity before being removed, if it dries completely it can absorb all the moisture and ends up dehydrating the skin. If before the end of twenty minutes it seems that it is about to dry, it is best to remove it and repeat the operation twice a week to guarantee good results.

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Where to buy the best white clay or kaolin

We know that it is not always easy to find all the products in stores close to home or we cannot trust what they sell in large supermarkets, so that is why I recommend buying directly from the seller through amazon for example, here I put the best white clay markings :

  • Naissance White Clay (Kaolin BP) – 100% Pure Natural Ingredient – 500g (2 x 250g)
  • Kaolin White Clay 200 gr. of Terpenic Evo
  • A.Vogel White Clay – 400 gr
  • Premium White Kaolin Clay – 250g (- External Use Facial Healing Clay
  • White Clay Kaolin French Powder 500G – 100% Pure And Natural – Ecological Packaging In White Kraft Paper

Is white clay toxic?

It is not considered to be toxic , since in reality it is usually quite pure due to the few elements it contains, in case it is consumed in large quantities there may be a problem, since this despite the fact that it usually brings many benefits, has not been entirely proven to be good. That is why it is recommended to consult a doctor beforehand before using it.

If it is to be ingested, it is recommended that a doctor be consulted so that he may indicate the certified clay. Not all white clays can be ingested , that is why the clay or white clay capsules that can be consumed should be obtained in verified stores.

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Side effects of white clay

There are no major side effects , the most serious can be irritation , which can be soothed with moisturizers and other skin products, this usually occurs in skin that is extremely sensitive.

In the case of children, it is recommended to consult a pediatrician , and if it is already used, avoid it having any contact with the eyes or mucous membranes of infants.

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