White Discharge In Pregnancy: Causes, Consequences, Symptoms And Cases

Vaginal fluids during pregnancy are necessary since the glands of the vagina and cervix produce them to be able to carry dead cells and bacteria; in this way, your private parts are kept clean and with a pH at the correct level. This flow will be more abundant in some women and others will have a smaller discharge, you should not worry if in your case you are secreting a lot or a little, each woman is different, some may spend it with a lot of moisture on the vulva, while others will be drier.

However, the color and texture as well as the amount, in addition to varying in each woman, also varies depending on the moment, that is, if you are in your menstrual cycle, after your period is gone, when you are ovulating and in the Case of which I will talk to you in this article, the white discharge in pregnancy, it may be that in each case , in each stage that you find the color, and the consistency are different from transparent and watery to whitish and a little thick . You ask yourself then: is it normal to have these variations in vaginal discharge? And here I will give you that answer, you just have to continue reading.

Pregnancy is a very special stage of your life, and it is understandable that you are worried about everything, because what you want is for your baby to come safe and sound without any complications, and for this it is better to take care of yourself from the least, and of course , always consulting with the doctor for any news you notice, especially if it is a change in your discharge not so much in color (although if it turns brown if you must call it immediately) but in smell, because if your discharge begins to emanate an unpleasant smell you may be suffering from a terrible vaginal infection. The normal odor is very mild, almost imperceptible or sometimes musky-like.

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If you are pregnant or you are planning to get pregnant, I comment that if there will be a change in your vaginal discharge, because pregnant women experience an increase in this fluid during this stage and it turns whitish and creamy , so if you are presenting this change at this time, it may be the first sign that you are pregnant, but if you already know it, then apart from congratulating you on your pregnancy I want to alert you, you must be very careful that this flow does not change its appearance and does not cause other symptoms such as itching or abdominal pain.

Once you confirm your pregnancy, what you will do after going to your first gynecological consultation is to sit at the computer and look for all kinds of information, in case you are a new mother, or if you already have a child but did not present the same symptoms, what will make you feel relieved is knowing everything you need about your pregnancy; and I plan to inform you about this white vaginal discharge in pregnancy.

In the first trimester your body begins to produce more estrogen, the blood flow to the vagina increases after the fertilized egg has been implanted ; So in a single day you will produce so much estrogen that if compared to that produced by a woman when she is not pregnant it will be the equivalent of three years, that is, in one day you will have produced the estrogen that you produced in three years when you were not pregnant .

This significant hormonal change causes the cervical fluid to increase considerably since it will form what is known as a mucous plug or mucus plug that will protect the uterus from possible infections and which will be expelled when you are ready to give birth. Meanwhile you will have these vaginal discharge of white discharge during this

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What is white discharge in pregnancy?

It is a flow that occurs during pregnancy, and also during lactation and menopause; that in medical terms it is called leucorrhoea and is a sticky and creamy vaginal discharge usually white in color; It originates from the walls of the vagina and is made up of normal bacteria that do not harm you . With this amount of flow, the mucous plug also called the protective barrier will be created since its only function is to protect the uterus and therefore the fetus from infections.

If this leukorrhea is accompanied by other really unbearable symptoms such as itching in the vaginal area and redness, as well as pain and even fever, it could be an infection, pregnancy is not ruled out but if you are pregnant and with an infection such as candidiasis should be treated immediately.

Vaginal discharge in pregnancy increases due to the production of hormones necessary to carry out the entire process of this wonderful stage; At first you may think that it is because you are ovulating, or you are close to your menstrual period, but if your menstruation does not drop, but you have an abundant discharge of this white fluid, it is better that you save the sanitary pads and look for wipes so that absorb the vaginal discharge that you will have a few more months due to your pregnancy.

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Causes and consequences of white discharge in pregnancy

When it comes to a white and odorless vaginal discharge, its purpose is to moisturize your vaginal area and also clean it to prevent and also fight infections . However, having heavy vaginal discharge could also be due to a sexually transmitted disease or a yeast or fungal infection that causes this discharge in pregnancy because you cannot just believe that it is due to a normal vaginal fluid discharge.

It is also due to an imbalance of the vaginal flora caused by the increase in hormones, or simply to factors such as stress , which, believe it or not, also influences this increase in vaginal discharge, or tension problems since they weaken your immune system ; Another cause is poor personal hygiene , or an excess of it, since some pregnant women or not, use chemical products of intimate washing that also eliminate the “good” bacteria and this causes a change in the flow that not only becomes more abundant but may also turn yellowish.

And finally, another cause of white discharge in pregnancy may be due to a prolonged use of antibiotics , perhaps you took them before becoming pregnant, or the doctor prescribed them for you while pregnant; Due to an infection you will secrete a whitish discharge due to a yeast infection as well as obesity and diabetes also cause this discharge in pregnancy.

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Symptoms of white discharge in pregnancy

As you can see, the factors that cause the appearance of this white discharge in pregnancy are different and therefore it is spoken in medical terms of normal leucorrhoea and abnormal leucorrhea, the first does not present any symptoms accompanying the vaginal discharge, however the second, that is, abnormal leucorrhea if it usually has symptoms in addition to this vaginal fluid and they are the following:

When you have abnormal leucorrhea during pregnancy, instead of being whitish, odorless and somewhat sticky, the discharge may be a little yellowish or with traces of blood that you will easily notice in your underwear, and it is most likely that it is accompanied of itching, burning, irritation and pain in the vaginal area . When you have all these symptoms then it is very, very likely that you have an infection and you should consult your doctor and tell him about these symptoms.

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Why is the discharge white in pregnancy?

This milky vaginal discharge is considered the first sign of pregnancy, however there are women who do not experience it due to multiple causes, the main one is that not all women have the same organism obviously, their organism works differently in each woman, as well as the production and increased hormones, when you are pregnant this may affect you in the sense of generating abundant vaginal discharge to be able to create the mucous plug.

If you still do not know if you are pregnant because you do not have abundant vaginal discharge, but if you have a delay in your menstrual period accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting or nausea, then you should in the same way take the pregnancy test because, as I told you, not all have the discharge vaginal white in the same amount, some only have a minimal discharge that you don’t even notice.

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The important thing is to know that this white discharge in pregnancy has that color because it is the one that indicates that everything is going well , you have to worry when it is yellowish or brown; And it occurs because your vagina must be kept clean, it is a physiological process in order to prevent infections, it is also perfectly normal if it is transparent or whitish without presenting any type of strong or unpleasant smell , this smell should be soft almost that you do not feel it.

This white vaginal discharge is a symptom of pregnancy since the hormones begin to prepare your body to be conducive to your baby and one of these functions of the hormones is to protect the uterus, especially the embryo, from the germs and bacteria that cause infections through a mucus plug that you will expel when you are ready to bring your baby into this world.

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When does the white discharge start?

The vaginal discharge before getting pregnant had a very important function (and when you get pregnant it continues to have it but with an additional function) which is to help keep your vagina clean, free of bacteria and microbes, it is a defense mechanism, that is a vaginal self-cleaning completely necessary to keep you infection free.

By the time you get pregnant your hormones increase considerably as I mentioned at the beginning, remember that I told you that in one day you will produce the hormones that you previously produced in three years; And this hormonal increase will cause you to have an abundant flow from the beginning of pregnancy making you feel constantly wet and possibly causing you discomfort but this is one of the ways in which the hormonal change you are going through manifests itself.

This white vaginal discharge can be present from the beginning of pregnancy until your baby is born , from the beginning to the end and it will be abundant to the point that the best thing for you will be some panty liners, absorbent wipes without odor so that you do not have to Soiling your underwear so often because the production of estrogen increases the blood flow to your parts and the flow will surely increase when you are pregnant.

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First term

During the first trimester of pregnancy you will notice that the normal flow that you had, transparent and scarce, will turn into a somewhat thick and whitish flow, in terms of its smell, it may change slightly, however it will not be unpleasant but you will perceive it, when before you didn’t perceive it a bit. What will attract your attention the most in this first trimester is abundance, because you will segregate much more than you were used to.

This, as I have already mentioned, is due to the high levels of estrogen and the greater blood supply in that vaginal area; For this reason, in the first and subsequent trimesters it is normal, even if it is a little brown at the beginning, as long as it does not present a bad smell, this coloration is due to the fact that at the time of implantation there was slight damage to the walls of the uterus and due to This white discharge stains a bit but should not last long.

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second trimester

During the second trimester of your pregnancy you will continue to present leucorrhoea, that is to say this white discharge in abundance and to avoid possible infections in this important stage of embryonic development you should avoid vaginal washing because what you will achieve with this is that your bacterial flora becomes unbalanced and you will worsen discharge flow rather than fix it.

Likewise, in this second trimester you should always attend to any change in appearance in your vaginal discharge, mainly in color and smell , because if it turns yellowish and with an unpleasant smell then you will be facing the possibility of having an infection or transmission disease sexual and you should not self-medicate, let alone follow the advice of the grandmother because you are pregnant and it will not only be about you, but about your baby.

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You should also not use tampons because you increase the risk of infections, or products with strong odors, such as toilet soaps, simply have a hygiene that remains within normal, without exaggerating, because it is not very clean to the point of eliminating bacteria that fight infection, or alter your bacterial flora but keep you free of dirt, debris, and sweat.

Do not worry if even in the third trimester you present this white discharge, it is your body that is working perfectly, and the vaginal area is being kept clean through these discharges , since at this stage your body is very vulnerable and you can easily contract infections such as candida and bacterial vaginosis so it is best not to try to eliminate leucorrhea just because you want to stay dry. Use the panty liners and case solved.

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Third quarter

By the time you enter the third and last trimester of pregnancy you will experience this same creamy white discharge and by the time the baby is born this discharge will be more watery but elastic , your vulva will then be sticky, you can confuse this third trimester discharge with streams of urine when making some slight effort, even when you laugh, it is normal until it presents a bad smell, if it does not become like that then you should not worry

When your baby is ready to be born, in the last weeks of your pregnancy you will have to go through the expulsion of the mucous plug that I told you about at the beginning, that protective barrier that was in charge of keeping your baby well protected free from infections; When the time comes, your flow will start to be darker, brown because it is mixed with a little blood but do not be alarmed, take it easy, when this happens it means that your body is preparing for a near birth , it may occurs in the next few hours or maybe a few weeks later.

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Thick white discharge in pregnancy

White discharge in pregnancy as I have been telling you is completely normal, however when its consistency becomes very thick it could be due to a sexually transmitted disease but it must be accompanied by other symptoms such as itching or burning in your vulva, and it will also present a significant change in its smell.

Fungal infections tend to cause a discharge with this white and thick appearance , but also other sexually transmitted diseases, and for this reason it is careful since in your condition any infection that may affect you and you must be treated very quickly. to the fetus; That is why you should go to your gynecologist to analyze a sample of this thick white discharge to rule out the possibility that it is a sexually transmitted disease, and if so, he will indicate the treatment you must comply with.

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White discharge after intercourse during pregnancy

Many women believe that they cause harm to the baby when having sex during pregnancy, but this is not the case, even when the pregnancy is advanced you can have relations with your partner in a responsible way, that is, with great care and delicacy, until your doctor tell you otherwise.

If you experience an abundant white discharge just after having sexual intercourse, it may be due to the normal flow that you are secreting due to the increased blood flow to the uterus, which will guarantee the development of the baby in optimal conditions, plus a little semen, so when Mixing these fluids will make you notice it even more when you have sex but it is not due to anything alarming so you can rest easy.

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White discharge pathologies in pregnancy

If your pregnancy is normal and until now you have secreted an abundant white discharge without odor, it means that everything is going well and that there is nothing to worry about, however, when this vaginal discharge has a considerable change in its normal appearance, which I have already described you throughout the article, that is to say something thick and whitish, if it begins to change color and be unpleasant because its smell is similar to that of fish then you may be presenting different pathologies that I will describe below.

You should worry and turn on the alert alarm when the flow becomes thicker than what you have already been presenting since you are pregnant, something like curd, in addition to this it is sparkling and with a yellow or green color, or on the contrary , very watery and gray in color but with a putrid odor, since these are clear symptoms of an advanced infection that will also cause itching and burning.

You may be having bacterial vaginosis , or vaginal yeast infection, or it may be an indication of a sexually transmitted disease that is a little stronger but just as treatable such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, or trichomoniasis , which should be treated as soon as possible so that they do not there are any complications in the pregnancy.

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If your vaginal discharge is viscous and occurs in the last trimester of pregnancy, it is a sure sign that you are about to expel the mucous plug and the vaginal discharge is viscous two or three days before this happens, however if it is accompanied by a unpleasant smell you may have contracted an infection and it does not matter if it is the first or last trimester, you should attend it without waiting because any infection could affect the baby although the protective barrier does everything possible to avoid it, since if you have a childbirth having a STDs can also be passed to your baby.

Smelling and odorless

If it has an odor as I mentioned before, it is a sign that something is being altered for some reason there in your vaginal area, it can be harmless such as the use of intimate baths whose components irritate the mucosa and alter the bacterial flora causing an increase in pH, but if this bad smell is also causing you unbearable itching, there is a considerable increase in the bacteria that are normally found in the vagina and it may be causing the diseases that I mentioned above such as: the very common bacterial vaginosis in the pregnant women, or vaginitis, as well as trichomoniasis and yeast and fungal infections.

When you have an odorless vaginal discharge then there is no sign of any disease , so the amount of white discharge while it is alone, and odorless, I mean alone, in the sense that it is not accompanied by a burning, or pain in your area vaginal or itchy redness or swelling; it will be a normal creamy discharge with vaginal cells mixed with other substances such as sweat and cervical mucus that are there to protect you and not harm you so do not worry about eliminating it.

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In case your vaginal discharge is white but grainy with or without another symptom such as itching, you may be presenting an infection known as vaginal yeast infection, it is when your discharge becomes similar to cut milk, that is, similar to ricotta cheese. , but it is treatable and you do not have to worry so much, you simply have to go to your doctor to indicate the special treatment to calm the symptoms and eliminate the disease.

Fungal infections are very frequent in pregnant women since the balance of these organisms is disturbed and therefore the excessive growth of the yeast fungus is increased , 75% of pregnant women come to suffer from this disease but with antifungals it is perfectly treatable.

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The main diseases that cause the change in vaginal discharge, which in itself, when pregnant, has already undergone a change, are the following:

  • An inflammatory disease known as cervicitis, alters the vaginal discharge since at the same time the protective barrier is being altered since the bacteria that want to give way to an infection or sexually transmitted disease have increased, you may feel itching and burning as well.
  • The bacterial vaginosis also causes changes in vaginal discharge, when you have this disease there is an overgrowth of normal bacteria in your vagina and in conjunction with the flow change will experience an unpleasant odor.
  • The chlamydia also change your vaginal discharge when they are pregnant and this is caused by a bacterium known as Chlamydia trachomatis and is generally transmitted to the sex with the carrier, the symptoms of this disease are burning with urination , and also when you have sex, and flow it is abundant causing burning or itching in the vaginal area.
  • Another cause of alteration and change in the appearance of vaginal discharge in a pregnant woman is Trichomoniasis and what causes it is a parasite known as Trichomonasvaginalis which spreads when you have sexual intercourse; With this disease, in addition to presenting a change in vaginal discharge, you will also experience pain during sexual intercourse, and also when urinating you will feel a burning sensation, the discharge may become unpleasant with a strong smell.
  • And while you are pregnant there are other causes such as vulvovaginitis, yeast infections, antibiotics .

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Does white discharge occur after giving birth?

When giving birth and breastfeeding you will have abundant vaginal discharge discharges without exceeding 1 ml of clear daily, this is because the flow called lochia is made up of white blood cells and also by the cells of the walls of the uterus that you will eliminate from your body for at least six weeks, initially it will be blood, then it will be brown, when it clears it will turn pink and finally white.

This vaginal discharge after delivery has blood at the beginning, also mucus and the rest of the placenta, it will be similar to your menstruation and by the time it is white it should not smell like anything nor should it be yellow , much less should you present pain, or itching or burning because then they will be clear symptoms of infection that your gynecologist must analyze to know which medication to prescribe.

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Treatments and home remedies

If you try to eliminate the white vaginal discharge right now that you are pregnant I tell you in advance that you should not do it; Because as you have been able to understand so far everything that I explained to you, this white discharge is normal and necessary, however you can do the following to avoid an infection:

  • Do not use tampons while you are pregnant.
  • Wear only loose , cotton underwear.
  • Don’t wear clothes like jeans or synthetic clothes.
  • When you urinate, it is important that you dry from front to back and not the other way around.
  • Avoid using bubble baths.
  • Don’t use vaginal hygiene products
  • Keep your vaginal area clean but do it externally not internally.
  • Have a good diet rich in yogurts and fruits.

If you insist on a home remedy, you can choose to use white vinegar , pour only two tablespoons into a liter of water and wash your private parts for a week and you will see that the discharge of vaginal discharge will improve just in case you have yeast infection, one of the most common diseases in pregnant women, in case you just want to get rid of a little flow since it is very abundant, try to use panty liners as recommended before.

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