Xensium Serum Vitamin C From Laboratorios Rueda Farma, Analysis And Alternative

It is one of the cheapest vitamin C serums that I have found, although you already know that the price does not mean anything in a cosmetic. I have found very good cheap products, and vice versa.

The fact is that I did not know about this serum, but I have seen that it is widely available in many perfumery and cosmetic stores, and of course, on Amazon.

Phrases like “concentrated treatment”, “promotes collagen synthesis” or “flash effect” appear on the package, something that we will see by analyzing the list of ingredients.

As I see that you like to take care of yourself, I recommend you read this other article with The Best Serums with Vitamin C for Men , with everything you need to know about serums for men.

XENSIUM Vitamin C Serum Analysis from Laboratorios Rueda Farma

Summary analysis of XENSIUM Serum Vitamin C of Laboratorios Rueda Farma

As soon as we start, in the second ingredient, we find vitamin C, in this case a derivative that consists of ascorbic acid with an ethyl group attached to the third carbon position. A more stable form of vitamin C.

However, it is the only asset that we will see in the INCI, there are none more.

What there is is a good amount of irritating, sensitizing, alcohol, toxic ingredients and an ingredient that can produce benzene with vitamin C. The other ingredients in the formula are preservatives, perfumes and colorants.

In this serum, only vitamin C is saved, the others are to be discarded. On this occasion, the low price is synonymous with poor quality, which can cause harm to our skin and health.


Since we can choose, I choose a better option, like Nezeni Cosmetics serum. Its formula is much more beneficial for our skin and health, and it also has several active ingredients that, combined, act as a powerful aging formula.

You have the analysis of this product in the article The Best Serums with Vitamin C for Men that I recommend you read above.

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