Yellow Flow: Causes, Consequences, Symptoms And Cases

There are so many ways in which a woman takes care of herself; take care of her image by fixing her hair and nails, wearing cute clothes and combined with shoes, purse and belts; He also takes care of his figure by eating well and exercising; maintains her good health with all these cares that are partly external, you can see a radiant woman, beautiful hair, and with a good body, however you will not know how she is at all, since you do not know if at that moment you saw her Within herself, she was fighting a battle in which she resisted touching her intimate parts that could be burning or stinging her at that moment, the reason? A possible infection, how do you know if you have an infection? You should check the color of your vaginal discharge.

The vaginal discharge is the one that secretes the glands of the cervix and the vagina which fulfills the function of keeping that area lubricated and protected against infections that compromise the health of the intimate area in the short and long term; This can vary in quantity, color and texture depending on the stage you are going through, it may be puberty, or you may be ovulating, or if you are pregnant, or in lactation, it is even different in menopause, however there are very significant changes or variations that you should attend to when accompanied by symptoms such as: bad smell, inflammation, redness, pain, burning, stinging and itching , among other discomforts.

If you feel or notice that your vaginal discharge has changed, perhaps from one day to the next its color and appearance are different, and you also feel some of the symptoms that I just mentioned, then you should go to your gynecologist because all these symptoms could be due to to some type of infection that you should treat as soon as possible so that it does not get worse and is not the cause of depriving you of enjoying life.

To avoid going through all this, or so that you know what to do if you already have a different vaginal discharge, I want to explain what it is, and what caused the color change in this discharge, so that you do not be alarmed you have to know that there are many the colors in which the flow varies, today I will talk to you about the yellow flow, so that you know what you are going through and what you should do with it ; You are not alone, it is something that many women go through so take it easy and read this article to the end.

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What is yellow flow?

This yellow discharge is a fluid that descends through the vagina, which turns yellowish when there is some alteration, possibly due to an inflammatory process or a vaginosis-type infection or caused by a sexually transmitted disease, however mild or What is serious will indicate the exact tone and if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as itching and burning.

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Causes and consequences of yellow discharge

It is important to know the causes and of course the consequences of having the yellow discharge, among these causes I will mention the most common such as some sexually transmitted diseases, venereal diseases cause multiple symptoms and among them you will find the sudden change in color of your vaginal discharge and for this reason I will mention them below so that you are attentive because you could be suffering from one of the following diseases.


When you do not have proper hygiene, you could suffer from vulvovaginitis, that is, an inflammation of the vagina and also of the vulva, something that occurs a lot is in young women because they still do not know how to maintain proper hygiene and they use feminine products that promise take care of your intimate area but that contain chemicals that cause this damage.

When you have vulvovaginitis, bacteria and viruses, especially fungi, will cause irritation in the external genitalia, and this irritation will cause this yellow vaginal discharge to go down and often accompanied by an unpleasant smell, which later will cause swelling and annoying itching in that area that is affected with this disease that sometimes must be treated with antibiotics and antifungals and other medications to treat inflammation.

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On the other hand, trichomoniasis that also causes the yellowish discharge is an infection caused by a protozoan parasite Trichomonasvaginalis which remains without symptoms for a long time and when it manifests affects the intimate areas such as the vagina, bladder and urethra causing the Normal discharge is a discharge with a very bad appearance, foamy yellow in color and with a very bad smell , there may also be a discharge of another color such as grayish or green, in addition to this, itching symptoms accompany it and you will notice redness in the vagina, with a discomfort or pain when having sexual intercourse and also when urinating.

This infection must be treated together with your partner with antibiotics because even if your partner does not have symptoms, he is infected and if only you heal yourself, when you have sex again, you will contract trichomoniasis again and you will secrete the yellow discharge through your vagina, and they will repeat. the itching in your area that the truth is that you will not want to go through that again, so be careful, you should always tell your gynecologist that you have a partner, be it permanent or occasional, but if you plan to have relations with that same person again then you should tell him that take medications too.


Another sexually transmitted disease that causes yellow discharge among its symptoms is Gonorrhea, which is caused by a bacterium known as Neisseriagonorrhoeae, and that apart from the thick and yellow vaginal discharge also causes increased urination, pain both when urinating and having intercourse. , also bleeding between periods, pain in the lower abdomen and even pain in the throat.

These symptoms can be confused with another disease or venereal infection so you should consult your gynecologist as quickly as possible since if it is gonorrhea you can spread this disease since it is easily contagious when having unprotected sex, the doctor will treat you with antibiotics of so that the bacteria can be killed and all symptoms disappear.

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Chlamydia is also a sexually transmitted disease, and in this case the one who causes it is the bacterium known as Chlamydia trachomatis , and its symptoms usually appear after five days or ten after contracting you, however there are many women who even being Infected do not present any of the following symptoms: the first thing they will notice is that your discharge is yellowish in color and emits an unpleasant smell , it is also accompanied by burning and pain when you urinate and when you have sex, bleeding may even occur between periods when you have chlamydia

In addition to the symptoms that I have described, as you can see they are very similar to the symptoms of other diseases such as gonorrhea, you can also present strong abdominal pain, and present inflammation in the rectum with a little pain around the anus and inside the vagina. To avoid this type of transmission it is necessary that you protect yourself, and the safe and unique protection is through the use of condoms.

If you have noticed these symptoms, it is best to consult with the gynecologist, I will always give you this recommendation since it is he who will tell you exactly what you have and will prescribe the appropriate treatment to eliminate the bacteria and prevent future health and reproductive problems. However, when the discharge is yellow and is not accompanied by other symptoms, you can treat it with some home remedies that I will talk about later.

Cervicitis, inflammation that can cause yellow discharge

When you have any of these diseases such as trichomoniasis, gonorrhea or chlamydia, your discharge changes its normal appearance and becomes a yellow or grayish vaginal discharge, also thicker and with a bad smell; This is due to cervicitis, an inflammation of the cervix that occurs when you have one of these diseases that I already mentioned and also due to genital herpes, and the human papillomavirus or HPV , even cervicitis is caused by the use of the diaphragm, or any allergies to latex and spermicide.

Treatment for cervicitis is based on what is causing it, which ranges from antibiotics and antivirals to take with the partner , such as creams and eggs that relieve symptoms such as burning and itching; however, you may also need electrocautery, laser therapy or cryosurgery, all of these necessary procedures in case the disease is very advanced.

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Cervical polyps, neoplasms that cause yellow vaginal discharge

The change in the color of the vaginal discharge and also the smell of this can be caused in addition to the previous diseases that I have mentioned, by cervical polyps, they are neoplasms in the cervix which can be consequences of a response to the increase in estrogens, or perhaps a chronic inflammation or perhaps a blockage of the blood vessels.

These cervical polyps may cause you some symptoms, but you may also have none at all ; But if your periods are abundant, or if you bleed after having sexual intercourse, between periods and after menopause, you may have cervical polyps, also if you notice a change in your vaginal discharge that turns yellow or white, as this alters the flow normal vaginal . Treatment for small polyps is through simple removal, but if they are large then you may need electrocautery.

Other possible causes of yellow discharge

Among the other possible causes of yellow discharge are apart from the infections already mentioned; There could be some hormonal alterations , also oral contraceptives, stress and nervousness, and at the end of a sexual act you could present some flow clots; However, in these cases, even though it is yellow in color, it generally does not present fetid odors and it is not so thick or foamy. It is important that you maintain good hygiene, but not so exaggerated because when you use products intended for vaginal baths, these could cause an alteration in the vaginal discharge as well.

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Odorless yellow flow

When you have vaginal discharge in small amounts it means that the intravaginal glands are moistening the area to keep it clean and lubricated and thus avoid and prevent infections , for this reason intimate baths are not highly recommended, those products designed to wash the vagina , because it alters this vaginal secretion, and also when irritated it causes a change in color and texture in the discharge.

However, when you are in your menstrual cycle, there is a change in hormonal levels that cause your flow to alter a little in terms of color and texture but without altering the smell ; on the other hand, when it comes to infection and sexually transmitted diseases as I have already told you. The appearance and smell of this discharge will change noticeably, and it will cause other annoying symptoms.

The important thing is that you are always attentive to any change that occurs in your vaginal discharge, whether with odor or without, because this is an indicator of some alteration, be it hormonal, or due to an infection, but it is better to be safe than sorry; Since one of the things that makes you happy as a woman is being able to be completely healthy and this includes your intimate area.

The flow is considered normal when it is transparent, clear or whitish, but when it turns yellowish something may not go well inside you , although if it is a light yellow tone it can be considered normal, so you do not have to be alarmed, just You have to pay attention that these characteristics remain within normal limits and do not present other signs.

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The first thing you should pay attention to is the smell , it is something that is noticeable because your smell is unique and distinctive, but when it has variation then you will know that something is different, especially when you are ovulating, but no matter how much it changes, when it is still normal This variation in scent should be soft like musk , so if you are having discharge with a slight odor, you don’t have to worry.

On the contrary, if you feel that your discharge has an almost rotten smell, or something similar to the smell of fish, it is necessary that you go to your gynecologist as soon as possible, since it is very likely that you are suffering from a strong infection and require medical treatment as a matter of urgency, because you already know that a serious sexually transmitted disease could be causing this flow.

Although you do not have to worry if the color is light yellow, or if your vaginal discharge has a mild smell, there is another characteristic that you must attend to and that is the density, since it is normally somewhat watery, and sticky ; But when it is very thick it can be a warning sign or simply a sign that you are going through a regular hormonal change in your menstrual cycle which will not present an odor and will last for a few days, but if you see that it extends for many days and goes away getting fetid, then that is where you should worry and go to the doctor.

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Yellow discharge with odor

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As I already mentioned , your vaginal discharge should be pleasant in appearance, with a pale white or transparent color, somewhat creamy and elastic, sometimes a little thick ; and you saw that it is normal or within normal that it presents a light yellow color but without odor, because when it is a yellow discharge with an acid smell this is a clear sign that something is happening , the pH protects that area against threats from bacteria and viruses; and when it is invaded then the discharge will be yellow with a strong fishy smell.

Fish smell

The smell of fish is the closest comparison to the smell of the yellow discharge when there is an infection, although sometimes this lends itself to derision, it really is something serious for you as a woman, so if you hear that they joke about the smell of fish and you find yourself going through this, don’t take it as a game.

Maybe you feel sorry to tell someone that your vagina smells like fish but this is serious and also intimate, the only one who needs to know is your gynecologist, you do not have to tell anyone even if these people joke with this, you can go along with them But do not take it as a game because it is about your health, and you may be suffering from a disease such as vaginosis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, a postoperative pelvic infection, trichomoniasis, candidiasis, or worse cancer of the cervix.

Just as you could have a pelvic inflammatory disease, or vaginal atrophy, or less severe irritation around the vagina . Any of these diseases could get worse if you do not treat them in time, this is why the fishy smell in your discharge is indicative that something is wrong inside your vagina, from something mild to something serious and only your doctor will confirm it.

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How to cure smelly yellow discharge?

When you have a yellow vaginal discharge and it has the smell that I told you about, there is no way to cure it yourself, because it is best to have your doctor evaluate you; He will perform the corresponding exam to determine what is the cause of your yellow and odorous discharge; Once the evaluation is done, he will indicate a treatment with antibiotics and vaginal ovules that will alleviate the symptoms that accompany the disease that you may be suffering from.

However, although this yellow discharge with a smell cannot be cured yourself, you can take the following precautions to alleviate the discomfort while you are taking the treatment as it will take a few days before the treatment takes effect.

  • You should avoid vaginal douches as well as lotions and soaps with a lot of perfume, although you think that with this you will be able to counteract the smell that you have, you will really be aggravating it, because it is enough with the itching caused by the disease, and when trying to wash To get rid of the unpleasant smell, you will become irritated and secrete even more vaginal discharge.
  • You should also avoid tight underwear, it is best to be cotton and loose; Likewise, do not wear pants that tighten your pelvic area, like underwear, try to wear overalls, or panties that are made of cotton, if you are to be in pajamas, do not worry, the important thing is that you feel good.
  • Lastly, I recommend that you refrain from having sex ; But if you could not resist the temptation one day, then you should practice good hygiene after the act to avoid complications; However, the safest thing is that the doctor recommends that you do not have sex for at least three days.

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Symptoms of yellow discharge

The yellow vaginal discharge itself is a symptom , which is always accompanied by a bad smell, itching and burning, also redness and discomfort; And these symptoms can get worse depending on the infection you have, from trichomociasis to more serious infections like gonorrhea and HPV.

Just by noticing that the color of your vaginal discharge has changed its hue, even a little, you can follow it up without embarrassing yourself, you should always check that it does not get an unpleasant smell; and that it is not causing you itchiness, it really is one of the most unbearable symptoms.

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Is the yellow discharge yeast infection? True or false? Why?

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The first thing I want you to be clear about is that candidiasis is not a sexually transmitted infection, since this disease is caused by fungi that reproduce in humid environments and that the consumption of antibiotics or steroids makes them appear, also if you use very tight clothes. Therefore, and in view of all the information that I have mentioned so far, you should know that the yellow discharge is not candidiasis, but it is a symptom of this disease and of others that I already told you about.

So it is totally false that candidiasis is the same as yellow discharge, because this discharge is a symptom that indicates that you may be suffering from this disease or any other, knowing that candidiasis is transmitted to us sexually but that if you have yellow discharge, yes it may be caused by an STD.

Candidiasis has clear symptoms of intense itching both inside the vagina and on the lips, and emits a yellow discharge . This disease is treated with antifungal medicine such as ketoconazole or miconazole to eliminate the fungus and thus eliminate the incredibly annoying symptoms; So if you think or have that belief that having yellow discharge is because you have yeast infection, you couldn’t be more wrong, because just as it can be yeast infection, it can also be herpes or chlamydia and it is your doctor who will tell you.

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Yellow discharge after colposcopy

When the doctor should perform a colposcopy, it means that he previously performed a Pap test or a Pap smear; and in these there were abnormal cells in the cervix, so the colposcopy will rule out or confirm that these cells are precancerous or tumorous , that is, with this analysis you will rule out a possible cervical cancer.

Then with the colposcopy your doctor will evaluate if you have cervicitis, benign tumors, will verify how it went after having complied with some treatment, and a colposcopy is also necessary in case you feel severe pain with menstruation and other symptoms that will require this exam; That said, colposcopy will not cause yellow discharge, and if you have profuse bleeding you should go back to your doctor because you could have a hemorrhage.

The yellow discharge may be causing the diseases that I mentioned, in this case, at the time of the colposcopy it may be due to the presence of the cells that the study will analyze to rule out that they are malignant , so if you have yellow discharge with an odor unpleasant clearly it is an infection.

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Yellow discharge after sexual intercourse, why?

Your vagina produces fluids before, during and after sexual intercourse , and this is an indication that your sexual organs are in good working order, but when there is an infection, this fluid may turn a yellowish color and it is necessary that you consult a doctor in case it is accompanied by an itch that does not allow you to enjoy the sexual act with your partner.

However, if the discharge appears after or immediately after intercourse and not at another time, it may be a normal postcoital vaginal discharge , it may be fluid that you secrete to lubricate , or cervical mucus, and it can also be treated of your own ejaculation .

It could also be semen from your partner if it was not protected with a condom during the act and that plus your fluids could lead to a yellowish discharge, it could also be an alteration of the pH level in your vagina produced perhaps by menopause if you you are in that stage, and this causes a yellowish coloration in your discharge that you will notice after intercourse.

Other reasons why you have yellow discharge after sexual intercourse could be due to an allergy that alters the bacterial flora of your vagina and therefore you will secrete this yellow discharge after intercourse since a greater amount is produced during the act And you almost always notice it after finishing the sexual relationship; and finally the cause of this yellowish discharge after having intercourse could be due to an infection such as candidiasis or sexually transmitted diseases but when it comes to this you will know it since I have mentioned that it is usually accompanied by discomfort that includes burning, redness , itching, and bad smell.

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Is the yellow discharge a urinary infection? Why?

When I talk about normal flow it is when your flow is light white, it may turn yellow in your underwear when it dries in it, however if you notice that there is an increase in flow, a change in appearance in terms of texture, smell and color then it is clear that it is due to an infection, and even more so if you have itching inside the vagina and you are not calm because really having a urinary infection is exasperating.

Whether it is a urinary infection or not will be determined by the doctor through an examination or those that are needed to determine the exact cause that you have yellow vaginal discharge, he will closely see this discharge inside your vagina, he will take a sample with the help of the speculum and then it will analyze it and determine what type of infection you have.

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Yellow discharge before and after menstruation

It is normal that as a premenstrual symptom you have yellow discharge , what is not normal is that it is with a strong odor; since the yellowish discharge tries to warn you that at any moment you begin to bleed; Although if you have the yellowish discharge, and it continues like this during the days when your period should start but does not start then wait ten days and take a pregnancy test if you had intercourse on your fertile days.

Also after menstruation it may be that when the brown discharge disappears, which still has the presence of blood, the yellow discharge may appear due to the cleaning of the vagina itself, but which should become normal, that is, white or transparent when after a few days. So don’t worry, yellow discharge can be a perfectly normal symptom before and after menstruation, just make sure it doesn’t persist for many days, and doesn’t have an unpleasant odor.

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Treatments, what can I take to eliminate yellow discharge?

To eliminate the yellow discharge, the treatment is not a specific one, since the cause of this must first be determined ; And as it can be due to several different causes, the treatment will be different, that is, it can be from antifungals to antibiotics ; or from estrogen creams to vaginal ovules ; You really can’t self-medicate , because if you do, you could get worse, since instead of eliminating the yellow discharge and the other symptoms, they could be more intense in case of candidiasis, which needs an antifungal and not an antibiotic, so it is better than the doctor will indicate the appropriate treatment.

However, when the vaginal discharge appears yellow but without any other symptoms , that is, without unpleasant odor, without burning or itching, and without redness, then you can try the following to see if the discharge returns to its normal transparent color:

  • Wear loose, cotton clothing .
  • Use neutral soaps for your intimate area.
  • Maintain good hygiene before and after each sexual act.

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If you are absolutely sure that the yellow discharge is caused by a yeast infection then you can do the following:

  • Keep your genital area always dry and clean without using products with a strong aroma but a mild soap, and rinse with warm water.
  • Do not use intimate baths (douche products) since they tend to eliminate bacteria that benefit you and therefore you will become more susceptible to fungal infections.
  • Do not wear synthetic clothing and the towel with which you dry your parts should be made of cotton.
  • Eat a lot of fruits and drink a lot of water, this will eliminate toxins from your body and also when eating fruits there will be no triggers for fungal infections since this can occur when consuming sugary, oily foods and also foods with spicy and acids.
  • If your yellow discharge persists for many days then go to the gynecologist.

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Odorless yellow flow home remedy

When you have yellow discharge without odor; I repeat, without odor, then you can do some home remedies so that the color of your vaginal discharge returns to normal; for example: water with apple cider vinegar and a couple of garlic cloves together you must apply it to your intimate parts and rinse; do this until the flow returns to its normal pitch. You can also consume plain yogurt and buttermilk since when the yellow discharge is caused by yeast infection consuming this can quickly improve it.

Smelling yellow discharge home remedy

In case your discharge is odorous, you could get rid of that unpleasant vaginal odor with tea tree oil , since it is a natural antiseptic that eliminates bacteria and germs. You should use it by mixing a few drops with water, since if you use it directly it could cause irritation and a burning sensation.

In the tub you can add four to five drops of this tea tree oil to the water, you sit in that water for a space of half an hour and then you rinse with water and dry yourself, you will repeat it at least two or three times a day but you cannot use any type of soap to wash in your genital area while you are using this natural treatment.

You can also soak a tampon with a few drops of tea tree and water , then insert it into your vagina and leave it there for at least five minutes, do it for a consecutive week, an hour before going to bathe and you will see how the bad smell from your vagina it will disappear; however if the stench persists please go to the gynecologist.

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Tips for preventing yellow vaginal discharge

When you get to this final part of the article that I have prepared for you on yellow flow, you must have already taken some important notes, however, to say goodbye I plan to leave you some useful advice; that I may have mentioned before but that are of the utmost importance to prevent the appearance of the yellow flow, and that is why I will mention them again but here they are all grouped together so that you follow them and do not have to go through this.

The first thing you should do is always maintain good personal hygiene ; It is not that you get up late to go to work and then you take a shower but you forget to wash your private parts; that should be the first thing you should wash; of course without abusing and without using soaps with strong smells; the best thing is that the soap you use on your private parts is neutral; You should also rinse well so that no residue remains.

If you took a shower, then took a long walk, or sweated a lot because you were in motion, whether on a bike or vehicle, but your parts are sweaty, then you should take a shower again, not necessarily with soap, just try to keep that area cool , and in addition to being clean and fresh make sure it is always dry.

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When you have sex, apart from maintaining hygiene before and after the act, it is best to protect yourself, tell your partner to use condoms , that way you will both be protected from diseases that cause you yellow discharge and itching among others symptoms, these diseases, as you must remember, are mostly sexually transmitted.

When you wear synthetic clothing, your vaginal area does not breathe, and this will contribute to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, it is for this reason that you should wear soft clothing preferably made of cotton that is breathable so that the air flow enters, and thus remains fresh and do not harbor bad odors.

It is important that when you go to urinate you always dry your vagina from front to back since if you do it the other way around, bacteria from the anus can reach your vagina and there you will become infected. This advice and the previous ones will make you have your private parts always healthy and your flow will always be of the normal color; do not forget that before any change you should consult your gynecologist , do not heal yourself if the yellow discharge has an unpleasant smell and also causes irritation and burning apart from itching.

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