Benefits of Yoga In the Short And Long Term

Yoga is an Indian discipline that provides physical, emotional and spiritual well-being . Not only does it have benefits for the body, but it seeks a path to a deeper meaning in life that unites the physical with the spiritual.

This means bringing the person to a state of harmony, peace and serenity through self-knowledge and perfect integration with the outside world.

In a single practice session it is possible to feel the general well-being. In three months, the benefits start to manifest very strongly and clearly , but after a year we start to make some more lasting and highly visible achievements.

Today, both adults and children are being subjected to a stressful routine ; The result is that they end up eating and sleeping poorly, living in a permanent state of tension that leaves the body more vulnerable to a series of diseases. Physical and mental limits are exceeded, often causing irreparable losses.

In this article we teach you to identify and solve the different types of stress.

Benefits of yoga

Benefits of yoga

What is yoga like?

Yoga involves some specific exercise techniques, which are:

  • Slow physical exercises ;
  • Breathing : the art of learning to breathe better and achieve proper oxygenation of the lungs and brain;
  • Relaxation exercises : they are an important source of energy in the human being. They can have great healing power and prevent various diseases.
  • Concentration : the art of staying with the mind fixed on a single object, thought or mantra. Excellent for all people.

Why should we do yoga?

  1. Strong muscles : Many believe that yoga is just a relaxation and stretching technique, but the reality is that every part of the body moves. Its great attraction is that it serves to strengthen and stretch the muscles, benefiting the body as a whole (something that usually does not happen in sports such as bodybuilding, where the muscles are usually worked in isolation).

Strong muscles

  1. Well-being : One of the goals of yoga is to stop the continuous flow of thoughts that makes us lose focus of what is really important. When this state is reached, an indescribable feeling of happiness can be felt for a few seconds.
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  2. Increasing awareness of the body : Yoga is capable of increasing awareness of the body, a situation that extends beyond the moment in which it is practiced. Over time, the yoga practitioner is able to detect the most obvious signs of muscle tension and is therefore able to better control stressful situations. The person begins to more easily become aware of their postural vices, such as sitting or walking forward projecting the abdomen.
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  3. Improves menopause : Yoga therapy has been used with great success to alleviate the discomfort of this stage of life, in which a woman faces frequent hot flashes and loss of libido. The postures work mainly on the ovaries, the pituitary gland, the thyroid and the adrenal glands. The stimulation increases the levels of estrogen, a hormone that decreases significantly with the suspension of menstruation.
  4. Long life : For those who practice yoga, the passage of time is not measured in years but in the number of inhalations and exhalations that the person has in life. The higher a person’s breathing capacity, the smaller the number of breaths he takes per minute. This means that between one breath and another the air is being tested and is being properly absorbed. Therefore, breathing exercises are just as important as postures and meditation.
  5. Calms the mind : During meditation, the brain slows down and the noise caused by thoughts becomes subtle. Constant agitation causes emotional instability and weakens the immune system. When there is a space between one thought and another, stillness comes. It is as if the mind is calm and the inner silence becomes food for the soul.
  6. Relieves stress : Keeping a good mood on days of great excitement is not easy. Mastering the irritation at a time when you only think about escaping the map is too difficult. Although the practice of yoga does not make your life a bed of roses, it is very effective in dealing with difficult times.

It is very important that people know their own body and learn about the mechanisms that can help them to find a better balance. Yoga allows self-knowledge, that is, the individual learns to know and take responsibility for his body. At the same time, self-reliance is encouraged, because it teaches that your well-being depends on yourself and not on others.

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